Welcome to my Bloopers and Nit-picks page. Here I have captured
various Bloopers and Nit-picks that was actually aired. This page
will be constantly updated so check back regularly. If you
like to see a blooper or nit-pick that I haven't listed yet, email me
the information and I will try to get it posted. Enjoy!!

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Episode: The Pilot

Brake Light Nitpick

These nit-picks comes from the ep "The Pilot". The first nit-pick involves the first world Quinn visited after taking his first slide. According to the traffic lights on this world, red means go and green means stop. As you can see from the capture, it would seem to me that the cars on this world would have green stop lights vice red. Just something to think about.

Breath Nitpick 1

Breath Nitpick 2
This second nit-pick involves the second world that is visited (Ice World). It is apparent that if this world was so cold we would be able to see everyone's breath. In this case we don't...


Episode: Summer of Love

Summer of Love Nitpick

Summer of Love Nitpick

This first Nit-pick takes place just after Quinn and the Professor slide into this world. In this scene, the Professor just happens to have a Spider Wasp climbing his back which came through the vortex from the last world visited. In Pic 1, you see Quinn with rock who is standing directly behind the professor. Watch as the rock is thrown which comes from the right side of the professor and strikes him on the right side of the head as shown in Pic 2. 

Summer of Love Nitpick Summer of Love Nitpick

The Second Nit-pick comes from the scene just after Rembrandt and Wade slide into this world. As you see in Pic 1, Wade gets her shirt dirty after falling out of the vortex. In Pic 2, just a few seconds later, her shirt is clean!!!!


Episode: The King is Back

Handcuff Blooper 1

Handcuff Blooper 2

This is one of my favorite Bloopers. In the beginning of the ep Quinn is on trial, which you can see from pic 1, he is clearly handcuffed after sliding to the next world. While walking down the street everyone they meet seems to be laughing at them for which the Professor kindly ask everyone to check their "fly". Here in pic 2 you can clearly see Quinn checking his "fly" when he is suppose to be handcuffed!!


Episode: Luck of the Draw

This blooper takes place during the end of the episode "Luck of the Draw". While Quinn and the Professor are running down the street, a wireless mic seems to be attached to the back of Jerry O'Connell. *Special thanks to Bennish99 for this blooper*


Episode: Into the Mystic

Tombstone Blooper
In the beginning of this episode, we see the Professor leaning on the tombstone during Quinn's dream. If you watch closely, the Professor moves the tombstone as if it is made of cardboard, when apparently it is suppose to be made of marble.
Microphone Blooper
This second blooper takes place in Dr. Xang's office when Wade and the Professor are reading Dr. Xang's credentials. Here you can see a microphone move around at the bottom of the screen. Whoops!!


Episode: Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

Looks like the ole wireless mic strikes again. This scene is during the timer hunt in the Professor's house of this world. You can clearly see the wireless mic after Quinn is reaching up to find the timer. Special thanks to Bryce Carlson for this blooper.


Episode: The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy

Gun Holster Nitpick 1

Gun Holster Nitpick 2 Gun Holster Nitpick 3 Gun Holster Nitpick 4

In this episode, we see Quinn lay his gun holster down on bench in Pic 1. The next 2 pics shows Jamie Hardaway taking the gun out of the gun holster which Quinn is now wearing!! . The last pic shows Quinn picking up the holster up from the bench after discovering that Jamie has taken his gun. Not only is Quinn fast on the draw, I guess his quick at the holster also....


Episode: The Dream Masters

Dream Masters Pic 1

Dream Masters Pic 2

In this nit-pick, we see Wade Welles running from the Dream Masters during a dream sequence. While she is climbing the barbed wired  fence, she appears to get cut on the palm of her hand as shown in pic 1. A few seconds later, the Professor is wiping the blood from her wrist as shown in pic 2!! Hmmm...


Episode: Desert Storm

Desert Storm 1 pic

Here is another classic blooper from the show. During the last part of the episode,  we see the Professor and Remmy throwing rocks from behind a very large boulder at Cutter's Motorcycle gang. If you watch closely, you will see them accidentally move the large boulder as if it was made of starfoam!! Too funny...

Desert Storm 2 pic

This nit-pick gets me each time I watch this episode. Arrows that can stick into solid rock?? Now, those are arrows worth buying....


Episode: The Alternateville Horror

Alt Horror Pic 1

Alt Horror Pic 2

This nit-pick starts with Matthew in the same room as Colin. After taking the remote he walks through the door with the remote (Pic 1). Just a few minutes later, he walks through another door but the remote falls from his hand (Pic 2). Since Matthew was on a different plane of existence, the remote should have never made it through the first door. 


Episode: Mother and Child

Mother and Child Nit-pick 1

Mother and Child Nit-pick 2

This first Nit-pick takes place after the Sliders overpower some Kromagg soldiers driving a humvee. The Kromagg soldier  is forced to view Christina's (lady who escaped from the Kromagg breeding camp) record to retrieve the coordinates to her home world. Pic 1 shows all of Christina's file is written in Kromagg. Pic 2 shows Quinn inputing the coordinates into the timer. When did Quinn learn to read Kromagg??

Mother and Child Nit Pick Mother and Child Nit-Pick

The Second Nit-pick comes from the scene where the Kromagg Sub Commander is using his mind control to look like Christina's Father. In Pic 1 we see the Sub Commander handing the assistant a blank piece of paper which looks like an O-Level Badge to her. In Pic 2, the assistant runs the blank piece of paper through the card reader and it accepts it!!. So the Kromaggs have card reader mind control as well??? Ugh....


Episode: Strangers and Comrades

Strangers and Comrades Pic

This scene shows a Kromagg soldier suffering from a gunshot would during a struggle with Diana. As you know, the Kromaggs teeth are alot different than regular humans teeth. In pic 1, you can see the Kromagg's teeth are just like regular humans teeth. Hmm, looks like the Dynasty's Dental Insurance has gotten alot better.....

More to follow.........

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