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Sliders: The Classic Episodes

Dedicated to:
Ken Steadman

Price: $14.95 U.S / $19.95 Can

Sliders: The Episode Guide is based on the Universal Television seris "Sliders"
created by Tracy Tormé & Robert K. Weiss.

Copyright © 1998 by Studios USA Television Distribution, L.L.C
Sliders is a trademark and copyright of Studios USA Television.

ISBN: 1-57500-053-9


Thanks to Vanessa Koman, Jerry O'Connell's No. 1 Fan, for invaluable help with the interviews. Thanks also to the creators and stars who cooperated above and beyond the call of duty, and to: Cindy Chang, Senior Director of Universal Studios Publishing Rights; Robyn Feldman, assistant to the line producer; Meta Puttkamer, the secon AD (assistant director); Lydia Marano of Dangerous Visions who did the Sliders Cards; Thomas Cron for his vast knowledge of alternate histories; Jeremy Smith for doing the lion's share of the Show Bible; Nigel Mitchell for listing my novel in the Technical Manual; Victor and Veronica, Vanessa's Parents; Gail Higgins for being such a great computer troubleshooter; James 'Greg' Condon and Ed Kramer for treating the series, and me, so well at their science-fiction conventions; Bill Ritch for making me watch my first episodes of both Doctor Who and Sliders; Peter Spellos for being the first to tell me what it was like to work on Sliders; and finally, to the good folk at the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency - Herr Ashley himself, his lovely wife Carolyn, and diligent, daring Dan Hooker.

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