What are the Kromaggs??

An evolved species of primate, they co-evolved with humans on the "Home World" (Genesis). After a mighty civil war on that earth called the "Great Struggle", the victorious humans banished the Kromaggs to "Kromagg Prime", an earth of huge jungles and very large trees that the 'Maggs used to build their cities in. The humans of the "Home World" used science to cloak their world from 'Magg sensors and Michael Mallory designed a slide cage to repel any sliding to the "Home World". During a time of clan warfare on Kromagg Prime some 'Magg scientists used sliding to explore a number of worlds. They were enraged to find that humans, not Kromaggs were the dominant race prevalent on the parallel earths. They brought these findings back to the clans. The Kromaggs decided to form one Military government called "The Dynasty" and vowed to conquer all human worlds and to retake their Home World. Each world which was visited was assigned a number (i.e Earth 62)  for record purposes  and also to warn if that world posed a threat to the Dynasty (i.e. Mother and Child episode).


Kromaggs are out to conquer the multiverse by enslaving weak human earths and recruiting the rare populations of other Kromaggs on other Earths. The initial arrival of Sliders scare the Kromaggs because they fear that unconquered Human worlds are discovering Sliding Technology. Any Human with sliding Tech. is an immediate threat and spy in their eyes. To the Kromaggs, capturing the Home World is the Crown Jewel, the ultimate show of power in their multiversal conquest.


Kromagg Powers:
Kromaggs are physically stronger, and mentally more advanced than Humans. Using telepathy, they can communicate with others (a limited range) and fly their manta ships. Although it takes a great effort, the Kromagg's can change the perception of Humans, effectively be disguising themselves or their actions (change their appearance like a chameleon, most common - human face). Kromaggs can heal by touch and thought. Some of these powers are under consideration, and may be axed.

Kromagg Espionage techniques:

~Implanting dimensional tracking devices in the Slider's body. The device is used by the Dynasty to track movements and as indirect scouting for areas humans are more likely to get in to. Quinn had a device planted in him, the Dynasty was hoping follow him would lead them back to the cloaked home world.
~Implanted mental/hypnotic suggestion. The Maggs implant an order in  a human where the human reacts to a special trigger that is also designed in the human's subconscious. Remmy was implanted with such a suggestion, when Quinn opened the "Slide Cage" Remmy's suggestion was triggered and he attacked Quinn.
~Use of sympathizers.
~Use of genetically altered clones. Another suggestion that was tossed around but never used in the series involved Colin. Colin might have turned out to be a modified Quinn clone implanted with the suggestion to open and hold vortices open when the Sliders eventually reached the home world. The idea was scrapped but it does show another use of mental trapping suggestion.

Kromagg battle tactics:
With their limited telepathic abilities, the Kromaggs prefer to work in squad groups where they can share sensory input, whether on land or in the air. The exception seems to be when a solo manta ship is used to strafe over ground targets, usually civilians. This overconfident mentality causes the Kromagg to fly his supposedly indestructible ship over a group of lightly armed individuals. Ground squads are much more uniform and 'Maggs are rare to find solo on foot. Guard duty is even posted in pairs at a distance where they are able to communicate with each other. Kromaggs do fire from cover cautiously but become more reckless if the battle is strongly going in their favor. 'Maggs are relatively physically stronger pound for pound and as such will be very confident if the fight turns hand to hand.
Kromaggs torture their captives, whether for information needed or just for fun. Mind games are commonplace. Human eyeballs are a delicacy, so head shots are generally frowned upon except in open war. The Kromaggs favor human capture because they prefer their eyeballs fresh and not cut from shot down prey, but the average soldier will take what he can get.

Kromaggs follow a very rigid military hierarchy. An order from a superior is always met with quick reaction, with quick punishments for those (military or civilian) who fail to follow orders. (How quick a reaction? How might they punish?)

Sometimes the subordinate believes himself to be better than his commander. This has usually occurs in instances when the superior is old by warrior standards, and the subordinate is young and in a position of great power for someone his age. The subordinate will challenge the superior. (need more on what happens)

Females are not seen in actual combat, but have military and administrative duties on the more secured worlds.


Humvees are the normal mode of ground travel of the Kromaggs. Nothing special about these vehicles and are equivalent to human humvees.

Manta air ships are made of organic material so they are somewhat living, but not sentient. The Kromaggs use their minds to control the ships, never fearing the ship will be stolen.


The 'Maggs most notorious weapon is their Manta air ships. Tank shells have been reported to bounce off their hulls, and they are equipped with either one or two beam type weapons. The beams can either stun or kill depending on their setting. The Manta has been boasted that it can easily dispatch any modern day vehicle such as the F-16, Harrier, and the like.

The Manta does have a major weakness. It operates on the same frequency as Slider timers. Proximity to a manta makes the timer display unreadable, making it like a radar device. A timer fired at a Manta will cause the ship to lose control and crash to the earth. This weakness may only be exploited once every 15 minutes however, the timer will have to recharge before it can fire again.

The Kromaggs have two types of hand held weapons. One is a laser weapon that looks like a Star Trek phaser. It fires a deadly red beam, but it lacks accuracy. The other is an advanced pulse weapon that fires radioactive bursts of green energy. This burst itself can kill, but the real danger results from radiation poisoning from any blast that finds its mark.

The Kromaggs use Translocation Units, that are bulky and attached inside the ships or the main complexes. A small, portable personal prototype unit has been seen in use, but in very rare instances.



What are Humaggs?
During the war on Kromagg Prime, a weapon was used to drive the Kromaggs from that world. One of the side effects of this weapon was the killing of the Kromagg female after child birth. In order for the Kromaggs to survive they decided to breed Kromaggs with Humans to create a new race called "Humaggs". These breeding camps was first mentioned during the episode "Genesis" which we learn Wade Welles was being captive.


• The Kromaggs have a small weakness for human females that the female may exploit.
•The average soldier is considered expendable.
•Kromagg commanders hand out information on what they consider a need to know basis (the last Kromagg's won't know what happened on the last world), making it an exploitable weakness.


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