The following are screen captures which was taken from the airing of Sliders during
the Scifi-World Fantastic Land Chain Reaction on 15 February 2001.

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Last Days

Caption Reads: Which Scifi Series would you like George Lucas to direct an episode of? Discuss at

Caption Reads: Jerry O'Connell was cast in "Party of Five" until "Sliders" producers begged him to play Quinn.

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Genius worship as Quinn struggles with fame.

Egg Heads

Caption Reads: Did you know: A singer in real life, Cleavant Derricks released a CD. "Remmy's Slide"

Caption Reads: Next Hour: It's gang warfare and Mel Tormé!


Caption Reads: "Sliders" Co-Creator Tracy Tormé is the son of singer Mel Tormé.

Paradise Lost

Caption Reads: Did you know: Jerry O'Connell wrote a "Sliders" comic book.

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Time Moves Backwards

As Time Goes By

Caption Reads: Charlie O'Connell, a model and Jerry's Brother will join the cast in a later episode.

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