The following are screen captures which was taken from the airing of Sliders during
the Scifi-World Fantastic Land Chain Reaction on 24 May 2001.

(Click on the thumbnail to view the larger pic)

My Brothers Keeper

Caption Reads: Which Slider would you vote off first? Discuss at

Caption Reads: Did you know: Jerry O'Connell wrote a "Sliders" comic book?

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Rembrandt's on a bummer trip.

The Chasm

Caption Reads: Cleavant Derricks aka "Rembrandt" recorded a CD with a song called "Remmy's Slide".

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Quinn and Maggie and their long lost son?

Roads Taken

Caption Reads: Jerry O'Connell was cast in "Party of 5" before "Sliders" producers begged him to play Quinn.

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Rembrandt has a book of Revelations.


Caption Reads: Did you know: Co-Creator Tracy Tormé is the son of legendary crooner Mel Tormé.

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