The following are screen captures which was taken from the airing of Sliders during
the Scifi-World Fantastic Land Chain Reaction on 26 April 2001.

(Click on the thumbnail to view the larger pic)


Caption Reads: Did you miss Jerry O'Connell in the final season of "Sliders"? Discuss at

Caption Reads: After leaving "Sliders", Jerry O'Connell appeared in the mini-series "The 60's" and "Mission to Mars".

Caption Reads: Next Hour: It's a killer day for Maggie.

A Thousand Deaths

Caption Reads: The writer came up with the idea for this episode while in a Las Vegas video arcade.

Caption Reads: Next Hour: The gang slide into California via a pirate ship.

Heavy Metal

Caption Reads: Pitched early in the season. The idea for this episode was almost forgotten about.

To Catch A Slider

Caption Reads: In an early version of this story, the living gems were an endangered species from South America.

Caption Reads: Next Hour: Rembrandt is worshipped.


Caption Reads: California's Vasquez Rocks have been used for decades as a location for B-Movies and TV.

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