During the season two's episode "The Prankster" of the tv show "Lois and Clark: The New
Adventures of Superman" a prop was seen which was used on the Sliders Season 4 episode 
"Common Ground". Below are screen captures of the Kromagg's Disintegrator Gun and the weapon
which  was used on the Lois and Clark. Another variation of the prop was also seen
on the Season 5 episode "The Unstuck Man" as Dr. Geiger's multiverse combine
machine. Thanks to Temp Flux for this info.

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Ep "Common Ground" Kromagg Disentigrater Gun

Kromagg "Disentigrater" Gun Kromagg "Disentigrater" Gun Kromagg "Disentigrater" Gun

Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman Weapon

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