In the Season 3 episode of "Stoker", a few songs were heard being performed by the punk
band "Stoker". Actually, all the songs heard were written by the punk band "Suckerpunch".
These songs included "Hand Over Fist", "Dead Beat", and Wade's ballad "Falling Behind"
(once thought to be written by Sabrina Lloyd herself). What is also interesting is that the CD
is Produced, Recorded by, Engineered and Mixed by STOKER at Paramount, Hollywood
Ca. Below are scans from the "Suckerpunch" compact disk along with MP3's of the
three songs which was heard. Even though the song "Falling Behind" is nothing like what
is heard during the episode, the lyrics are all the same. Also I would like to thank Blinker
for providing me the information for the CD. Enjoy!!!

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Suckerpunch CD Cover Suckerpuch CD inside Suckerpunch CD Back Suckerpunch CD Back
CD Cover Inside Cover Back Cover


"Hand Over Fist" "Dead Beat" "Falling Behind"


Song Title Playing Time File Size MP3 Download
Hand Over Fist 2mins 08 secs 2.01 Megs Get Mp3
Dead Beat 2mins 12 secs 2.07 Megs Get Mp3
Falling Behind 3mins 20 secs 3.13 Megs Get Mp3


About Suckerpunch:
For those who have no idea who Suckerpunch is here is brief history of the former 510/MCA recording artists.

On Guitar/Vocals is Tim Mosher. He was the leader of Chrysalis recording artists Broken Glass who’s release “A Fast Mean Game” was released in 1990 to critical acclaim. Tim has also played with The Setting Sons, The Professionals (with Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook), Fred Schneider of The B-52’s and is currently one of Hollywood’s top jingle writer (any time you hear a punk sounding song on a car commercial chances are its one of Tim’s). Tim is also Brian Baker’s replacement in Junkyard.

On Lead Guitar is Mike Dimkich who has done time with The Professionals (with Tim), Punk legends Channel Three, Steve Jones and is currently with The Cult.

On Bass is one of Englands best Gary “Gaz” Ivin. Gaz’s credits include The Knock-Out Drops and Atlantic recording artists Glimmer (featuring members of The London Quireboys).

On Drums is Hollywood’s own Pat Muzingo. His credits include punk legends Decry, cowpunksters Speedbuggy, America's Hardcore, Tourist, SVDB, a few more he would not like to mention and along with Tim, is currently heading up the reformed former Geffen recording artists Junkyard of which he was an original member of.

Lead vocal duties were performed by Paul Worden of Hollywood's own Swingin' Thing.

Some background: High City Miles was based out of Hollywood from 1992-1995. The band featured various members from such bands as Bad Religion, The Cult, Junkyard, Broken Glass, etc.
After playing with such acts as Everclear, Social Distortion, Bad Religion & Cheap Trick the band was signed to MCA records in 1995, added a lead vocalist and changed the name of the group to Suckerpunch. The debut cd was released on August 13th 1996. Although Suckerpunch was short lived the band did numerous tours with Cheap Trick, US Bombs and Social Distortion. They were also featured on the 1999’s Metal Rules compilation doing a classic rendition of the original Poison song “Talk Dirty To Me” ala The New York Dolls. One other comp that featured the song “Suckerpunch” was, “Hello, My Name Is: Self-Titled Ska & Punk” on MCA records. The bands material is currently featured on many hit TV Show's.

The debut "Suckerpunch" was released Aug 13, 1996

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