Keith Damron, Sliders writer and story editor, Chat June 29, 1999

Keith-Damron: Hi, thought I'd get here early to get a good seat.

Host: Showtime everyone!

Host: We're going moderated.

Host: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for tonight's chat where we will be chatting with SLIDERS writer and story editor Keith Damron. The fifth season of SLIDERS has brought some of the series biggest changes and greatest challenges -- and I KNOW you have questions about them or you wouldn't be here. So don't be shy, ask!

Host: Welcome Keith --

Host: can you type okay?

Keith-Damron: Thanks, great to be here.

Keith-Damron: Yes, I'm using my nose.

Host: <Moderator> to <Host>: <SliderJMN> to <Moderator>: Mr. Damron how is it like working w/ the new cast members? Also is their a possibility that Jerry and Charlie will come back for the next season?

Host: First question:

Host: <QBall79> to <Moderator>: I really enjoy the Year Five Journal. Did you write it during the production of Season Five, or is it more of a retrospective?

Keith-Damron: The cast was wonderful and I would love to work with them again....same goes for the crew. The last few days were certainly bittersweet.

Keith-Damron: THANK YOU. No, I'm writing the journal now. I'm wishing I had kept a better diary during production. I also wish I had taken more pictures.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Discontinuity> to <Host>: Any news on the season finale "The Seer"? Do they rescue Quinn's adopted mother in it?

Keith-Damron: Well.......I don't think I want to give that away. You already know that Linda Henning appears and I think we'll just leave it at that. I hope you like it because I wrote it.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: SliderJMN>: Mr. Damron how is it like working w/ the new cast members? Also is their a possibility that Jerry and Charlie will come back for the next season?

Keith-Damron: I think I got this question earlier...but I see I only answered it in part. New cast was great. Whole cast was great. As far as Jerry and Charlie are concerned...I couldn't tell you. No one has told me there will be another season.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <TemporalFlux>: What was the plan for season five if the O'Connells had stayed? I feel you had a plan since everything happened so late in the game with Jerry...

Host: Station identification: we are chatting with Keith Damron, writer and story editor for SLIDERS! If you have a question for Keith, please send it to Moderator as a private message and we'll see that it gets asked. thanks for joining us here tonight.

Host: Don'[t send them to ME -- send them to Moderator!

Moderator: That's me!

Host: Keith -- did you get Temporal 's question??

Host: I'll repeat it:

Host: <TemporalFlux>: What was the plan for season five if the O'Connells had stayed? I feel you had a plan since everything happened so late in the game with Jerry..

Keith-Damron: Well, obviously we wouldn't have had an UNSTUCK MAN and APPLIED PHYSICS. There was no real plan because we didn't really know what was going to happen up until the last minute. I'm sure we would have tried to wrap up some loose ends. The only difference is that Jerry and Charlie would have been on board.

Keith-Damron: sorry to be long winded :)

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <VirtualSlider>: Do you feel like the chances are good that Sliders will get picked up for a sixth season?

Host: (The suspense grows...)

Keith-Damron: Frankly, no. But anything could happen. As far as myself and the others (staff and crew) we're all looking for new jobs.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <SliderSarah>: question for KD: What do you feel are the highlights of the new season

Keith-Damron: Tough one, it was all great.

Keith-Damron: Probably for me it would be participating in the production process of all three of my scripts.

Keith-Damron: Four, if you count UNSTUCK MAN.

Keith-Damron: Because the staff was small I had a lot of hands on experience.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Kromagg1>: Can 'The Seer' stand as the series finale if the show doesn't get a pick up for next season or does there have to be a finishing up episode after that?

Keith-Damron: Sort's that for an answer? I had always hoped it might...just in case . Alot of what happens may be up for interpretation...or at least conjecture.

Keith-Damron: I would much rather see a definitive conclusion to the series though.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <QBall79>: many of us fans want the earth in Genesis to be revealed as a different earth. Is it still possible that this will happen?

Keith-Damron: Nope.

Keith-Damron: I guess that's all I can say on that :)

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: Here's a two fer one special:

Host: <Informant>: will old cast members be invited to return in the new season, either as guest stars, or regulars?

Host: <daytimer>: i heard that sabrina lloyd will be coming on an episode as a guest. is that true???

Keith-Damron: I couldn't even begin to tell you because at this point in time there is no season six. It's something we addressed many times this year and if there were a new season I'm sure it would be addressed again. But at this point I just can't say. Yes, Sabrina will be back so to speak.

Keith-Damron: We couldn't get her to appear in an episode but she did do voice overs as her character.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <ransom>: Season 5 episodes so far seem to have an increased focus on the emotional sides of the central characters, especially the two new ones, as compared with earlier seasons. Was this a deliberate shift in focus?

Keith-Damron: Yes, absolutely. We needed to start this season right by immediately defining these people. Cast changes do tend to jar an audience so we wanted to facilitate their transition as much as possible.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: Another two-for-oner...

Host: <Moderator>: <Mallory> to <Moderator>: What effect do you think David Peckinpah has had on the show, negative or positive?

Host: <Moderator>: <TemporalFlux> to <Moderator>: How is it that David Peckinpah retained so much control of the series ideas...when he was no longer Exec Prod in season five?

Keith-Damron: David is a great guy to work for and professional to the core. His role, this year as a contract term producer was to oversee production of two show, ours and the CBS series Turks...hence the title change. He had a hand in season five thought was slightly more removed from the process as compared to last year.

Keith-Damron: pardon my typoes please

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Mallory>: What influence did Tracy Torme have on the show in Season 5?

Keith-Damron: None, really.

Keith-Damron: He would receive script copies prior to production, but we rarely heard from him.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: For late-comers: we are chatting with Keith Damron, writer and story editor for SLIDERS! If you have a question for Keith, please send it to Moderator as a private message and we'll see that it gets asked. Thanks for joining us here tonight.

Host: <Sliderfan>: Since your writing staff seems to be on a possible path of unsticking Colin and splitting the two Quinns, what negotiations are in the works to get Jerry and Charlie back at least for the final episode?

Keith-Damron: None. As I said, at this point in time, there is no sixth season. Believe me, I would jump for joy if someone called me tomorrow and said "we're doing more episodes"....but no one is calling (at least not for Sliders anyway)

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Dumar>: Have you ever thought about doing some sort of crossover with any other sci-fi series like Quantum Leap/Stargate etc..?

Keith-Damron: No, something like that never crossed our minds.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Hammer>: Keith: Is it fair to say that the show now is nothing like season 1?


Keith-Damron: I think in a number of episodes this season we've managed to tell some of the more "traditional" type Sliders shows. Meaning those that play heavily upon the idea of parallel unvierses.

Keith-Damron: So I would say, this season looks more like the first then say....the third.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: To clear up some confusion: although only 3 episodes of Season 5 have aired, ALL 18 are already shot. Too late to change them, too late to recast them.

Keith-Damron: yup

Host: <Big-Dreamer>: With the Kromagg weapon being a dead end, hasn't the focus been lost for the sliders?

Keith-Damron: We finished three months ago today.........

Keith-Damron: Nope. With the Kromagg weapon the focus was far too blurred, if you will.

Keith-Damron: Between finding the weapon, splitting Quinn, finding Colin and getting home, things were getting just a little bogged down.

Keith-Damron: We needed to cut away some of the excess baggage.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Wildebeest>: It was nice to see that Jerry Doyle was in the last episode. With Jurasik in the first two episodes, is the series becoming a new home for B5 actors?

Keith-Damron: Nope, but as a matter a fact, I asked the guys if we could bring in Andreas Katsulas (sp?) to play The Seer they expressed concern that we may be becomming just that!

Keith-Damron: I got shot down real quick with that one.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <jr58>: why have none of the major story lines been resolved

Host: For late-comers: we are chatting with Keith Damron, writer and story editor for SLIDERS! If you have a question for Keith, please send it to Moderator as a private message and we'll see that it gets asked. Thanks for joining us here tonight.

Keith-Damron: Well, we resolved the Kromagg storyline. But we were never told outright to end the we wrote a cliffhanger just in case.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <TemporalFlux>: Why won't season five have more appearances by "regulars"? I notice that Hal the Bartender only appears in Unstuck Man, it seems...and the pseudo Gomez Calhoun later. But that's it. And what happened to negtiations to get Bennish back?

Keith-Damron: There were never any negotiations to bring back Bennish. It was discussed briefly, but never followed through with. We tried to bring back some of the regulars, which we did. But their availability to do the show factored very heavily into our final decisions.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Ceady>: if the series is over, is it possible that their might be a movie to finish off the series like some shows have?

Keith-Damron: I'd love to see it. I'd love to do it. But those decisions are typically left up to the powers that be...not little ole me.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <RealmKeeper>: So is Linda Henning going to be making an appearance this season?

Keith-Damron: Yes. Nice lady. It was cool getting to know her.

Keith-Damron: I'm glad we were able to bring her back.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Kromagg1>: Thanks for the autographed script from the Sliders mindprobe! Has Chris Black done anything besides Sliders? He's a great writer!

Keith-Damron: HEY, CONGRATULATION ON BEING A WINNER! You're welcome.

Keith-Damron: Chris was on Weird Science before joining Sliders. He's also done some freelance Poltergeist and co-wrote the pilot for Mag 7.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Trapperben>: From Trapperben: Whats the deal with Bennish? Is he going to be in S5 or not?

Keith-Damron: Nope, no Bennish in season five. Sorry.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <ahahahh>: will there finally be peace between the human an Kromaggs?

Keith-Damron: Unfortunately, we don't answer that question this season. I had pitched some ideas that did just that until I was instructed to do a cliffhanger instead.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <QBall79>: I love the work you have done on the show; your writing is great! In your previous chat, you told us Colin would not blow up. But later, Bill [Dial] said in a magazine article that Colin "seemingly vaporizes", and when we watched the Unstuck Man, we saw Colin essentially blow up in the vortex. It seemed like you were being a bit too technical in your terminology in order to hide certain facts. Was this your intention?

Keith-Damron: My intention was to short circuit the rumor that Colin dies in an explosion....that was it. Bill said SEEMINGLY vaporized.

Keith-Damron: There was no intended deception.

Keith-Damron: No conspiracy.

Keith-Damron: The intend was to simply allay the fears of our loyal viewers and fans.

Keith-Damron: That's really all there is to that.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Hammer>: Keith: Fans have debated the merits of the sliders drinking many times over. Have you continued the trek to the bar as a nod to fans?

Keith-Damron: LOL

Keith-Damron: I've never heard of any of these debates.

Keith-Damron: No nod was intended.

Keith-Damron: If you went through some of the crap that they go through you'd probably live in a bar too!!! (as he plants tongue firmly in cheek).

Host: (Or in beer mug...)

Keith-Damron: yesssir

Keith-Damron: or maam

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Alan-H>: Just what does it mean to be unstuck? Is it like sliding without a timer or is it something else. Also have all of Colins doubles killed like Dr Gregger's (SP)?

Keith-Damron: Second question first, yes all Colin's doubles are gone. To be unstuck means that you cannot stabilize yourself in a single dimension for an extended length of time.

Keith-Damron: Unless you can find a way to anchor yourself in one dimension, your fate is to randomly slide from universe to universe for the rest

Keith-Damron: of your life.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: An APPRECIATION followed by a question...

Host: <stargazer>: I want to thank you for what have mostly been intelligent and thought-provoking storylines. I sometimes watch the show with my children, and some episode have produced some interesting conversations on the choices we make in life, and the consequences of those choices

Host: <Vortex62>: Keith: What would be your favorite Season Five episode??

Keith-Damron: STARGAZER....being someone who will become a father for the first time, very soon, I thank you for your very kind compliment.

Keith-Damron: My favorite season five ep.......drum roll......THE RETURN OF MAGGIE BECKETT.

Keith-Damron: GA

Host: For late-comers: we are chatting with Keith Damron, writer and story editor for SLIDERS! If you have a question for Keith, please send it to Moderator as a private message and we'll see that it gets asked. Thanks for joining us here tonight.

Host: <Dumar>: Who is your scientific advisor and how influential have they been in helping show ideas?

Keith-Damron: Well, that' was sort of me. Bill Dial and Chris Black used to call me the "science officer" because I was always reading up on the stuff

Keith-Damron: and coming up many of the hi-tech solutions to get our guy out of these situations.

Keith-Damron: pardon me folks....I think my keyboard's s i, I told you.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: No, no!!

Host: Come back Keith...

Host: <Gregslide>: Do you have regrets about this fifth season ? Some arcs you wish you had developed better ?

Keith-Damron: Oh ye

Host: Uh oh.

Host: Keith? Are you with us still or are you in another dimension?????

Keith-Damron: Yes, I do wish we would have tied up the 'Maggs.

Keith-Damron: You can see why I'd love to do a season six.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <Mallory>: With all of Colin's doubles gone, that, in a way, destroys the happy ending in your S4, episode, "Lipschitz Live". Are there plans to resolve this?

Keith-Damron: Nope

Keith-Damron: We never even addressed it.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <slidude>: Have you guys been scanning the internet for the fans reactions to the show?

Keith-Damron: I can't speak for the others, but I do. I'm very interested in what the fans think.

Keith-Damron: And thank you all for your very kind comments regarding the first three eps.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <TemporalFlux>: What prompted production to go with a cliffhanger? Was Sci-Fi hinting there would be a season six? What exactly lead to the decision?

Keith-Damron: No high up decision was made. We were never told either way what the fate of the show was. I pitched a couple of "final" episode stories. Bill told me that we hadn't heard either way, so go ahead a do a cliffhanger.

Keith-Damron: It was approved by the powers that be and we ran with it.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: <PrimeG>: When is the word for renewal or cancellation supposed to come down?

Keith-Damron: I have no idea.

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: And we've had many, MANY repetitions of this question tonight, Keith...

Host: <SliderGirl>: what can we, as fans, do to help bring a season 6 to life?

Host: <Big-Dreamer>: The fans want another season. What can we do to get the message heard?

Host: <rahjur>: Msg Moderator Who would we contact/write/e-m@il to get "the powers that be..." to conclude Sliders with another Season 6?

Keith-Damron: As we've seen with shows in the past, networks do respond to letters.

Keith-Damron: However, not email, not hate mail, not I'll never watch your network again mail.

Keith-Damron: The powers that be respond to well thought out, intelligent letters that give some sense of a demographic.

Keith-Damron: Your best bet would be to write to the scifi channel....(sorry, don't have the address handy).

Keith-Damron: ga

Host: And for our final question tonight -- and thank you Keith, you've been a WONDERFUL guest and of course, all the rest of you have been a wonderful audience:

Host: <Magnus>: Keith: Any advice for college science majors w/ a grave interest in theoretical physics??

Host: (THIS JUST IN: <Informant>: Sci-Fi Channel Rockefeller Center P.O. Box 331 New York, NY 10185 (Thanks to TemporalFlux) )

Keith-Damron: Do what we in the scifi community do.....make it up as you go along.

Keith-Damron: ga

Keith-Damron: :)

Host: Keith -- thanks for joining us here tonight!

Keith-Damron: Thank you for having me...and thank you all for watching.

Host: We're all crossing our fingers and hoping for a next season.

Keith-Damron: YOU AND ME BOTH

Host: And thanks to everyone in the audience!!!

Host: You asked great questions -- and we're only sorry Keith couldn't answer all of them.,

Host: But he's just one guy and there were a LOT of questions!!

* Host smiles *

Host: There WILL be a transcript and it will be up in the chat section very shortly.

Keith-Damron: I'll hang for a little longer and try to answer a few more if you like.

Host: Great! We're going to go unmoderated right now -- and Keith will hang out with us for a bit.

Host: Buckle your seatbelts...

Gregslide: Thank you very much Keith ! It was a great chat !

Discontinuity: Keith, Has Tracy Torm'e give you (the writers) any Kudos for this or last season? Did he like the direction it was going?

Gregslide: The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ?

Kromagg1: What was the reason for the recent title change from 'Waiting for Beckett' to 'The Return of Maggie Beckett?

Dumar: What are your influences as a writer?

Magnus: Go slowly ppl

hansolo2: Peckipah ruined the show by making it movie ripoffs, comment?

Mallory: Keith, how do you feel about Lipschitz's ending being corrupted? Disappointed?

QBall79: yeah, take it easy

Host: WHOA!

Host: Slow down people.

Informant: Keith, Earth Prime from "Genisis" was just one of the ones that branched out since they left, right? Remmy could still have a home.

RealmKeeper: What were some freelancers ideas that were scrapped?

Host: He only has ten fingers to type with.

SSweetie: hes going to run and hide now...LOL

Keith-Damron: This is going to be tough. I've got a data stream of questions here so I'll try to do the best I can.

Mallory: Can you E-mail me at

Magnus: The man's gonna leave if you don't give him a break

Dumar: Someone need to moderate

Gregslide: yes it must be difficult to answer to all the we must stay quiet !

SSweetie: i guess we know why they moderate these little chat sessions

QBall79: I'm quiet

TemporalFlux: :-x

Gregslide: :)

SliderJMN: I'm w/ u

Discontinuity: heh

Wildebeest: What episode do you like the best of the entire series?

Keith-Damron: The question was, what freelance ideas were scrapped.

TemporalFlux: There's a good one...

QBall79: Sleepless in San Francisco

Gregslide: I believed it was a rumor

Magnus: Confirm to these ppl that the real Arturo slid in PTSS, PLEASE.

Keith-Damron: Well, it doesn't exactly work that way. We hear the pitches, buy the story, and the writer writes it.

Kromagg1: What was the reason for the title change from 'Waiting for Beckett' to 'Return of Maggie Beckett'?

QBall79: Magnus - he can't - only Tormé knows

eesh: Who was the actor that plays the magg who adopted the human child?

SliderJMN: Hey Keith I was just wondering were did they film all the Sliders Episodes?

Keith-Damron: Once we place the order and the writer does hi part it's bought and paid for. We didn't scrap anything

Dumar: Ever read fan-fiction offa the web?

Keith-Damron: we bought but we did re-write them.

Informant: The fans have interesting ideas, if season 6 is ordered, any chance we'd get a chance? We'll sign release forms.

hansolo2: Peckipah ruined the show by making it movie ripoffs, comment?

Discontinuity: Keith, Why would you leave the door open for Charlie to come back if you didn't want him to be in season 5 cast?

SliderJMN: Do you ever visit the Sliders BBoard?

Gregslide: I've started a petition to see Sliders in France, so maybe I could help you Informant ! :-)

TEST: what were some season 5 ideas that were not written?

Mallory: Charlie quit. He was not fired.

Discontinuity: If that is the story

TemporalFlux: Or maybe a Sci-Fi contest...picking the best fan idea to make into an ep?

Keith-Damron: SLIDER JMN......The Slider eps were filmed at Univeral Studios, on the backlot, and occaionally on location around southern california.

Gregslide: You said during your last chat that the stories would become darker than ever. Do you think that the great "Sliders humor" is still retained ?

Informant: Good idea, TF

SliderJMN: thanx

JorgeCis: If the world in "Genesis" and "Exodus" is really Earth Prime, why did the gate squeak? Didn't Quinn's mom start oiling it in "Into the Mystic"?

Keith-Damron: Yes, I visit the Slider Bboard often.

QBall79: Keith - check out my site! - since you like to surf the web...I's a shameless plug

Dumar: dude

Chaser9: view Doubles, Splits and Others!

Mallory: JorgeCis? Peckinpah's policy. "It's a parallel universe; who cares?!!"

jersey-slider: Isn't it necessary to resolve Jerry's character even if it is with a different actor. Afterall, he was the basis for the show.

Vortex62: Keith will a new timer be introduced in S5??

JorgeCis: Thanks, Mallory.

CritterDee: will there be a Sliders video series?

SliderJMN: cool how often do you visit the bboard? once a month, once a week?

Keith-Damron: No new timer...but there is a device called a paddle that I will cover in an upcoming journal.

jennn: Did Jerry quit??

Big-Dreamer: Will sliders be released on video like the x-files?

TEST: Why don't you post on the bboard?

Vortex62: Thanks!!!!

Mallory: Jennn!! Yes, he did.

Dumar: Keith, you guys have a funny list somewhere of outlandish worlds that would never make it too screen?

Kromagg1: What was the reason for the recent change in titles from "Waiting for Beckett" to "Return of Maggie Beckett?

QBall79: good often *do* you visit the board?

Keith-Damron: Bboard....sometimes daily.

Gregslide: but with a "paddle"... they won't be problems about sliding anymore ?

Gregslide: there sorry !

Magnus: Is the paddle based on the tri-corder used on Star Trek?

hansolo2: Peckipah ruined the show by making it movie ripoffs, comment?

Chaser9: hmmmmm . . .

Keith-Damron: KROMAGG1 Good question......the name did not clear our legal department.

Mallory: Magnus: Keith said in his previous chat, the PDL is not a tricorder.

TemporalFlux: Wow...what was it too close to?

Magnus: ok

slidecat: What has the reactions been too s5 since the departure of Jerry/Quinn...has there been alot of "flack" on it? i myself (even 3 eps in) am Loving s5 much better than 4, even with the loss of Jerry/Quinn (even though i am mad that Charlie is gone w/ only a half season under his belt)

Gregslide: You said during your last chat that the stories would become darker than ever. Do you think that the great "Sliders humor" is still retained ?

TEST: Why dont you post on the bboard?

Keith-Damron: This Chris and I both found odd, because titles are not copyrightable. We were so busy we didn't pursue it and just settled for THE RETURN OF MAGGIE BECKETT

Magnus: How do you know he doesn't, TEST?

Mallory: Gregslide: Key Sliders ingredient: Black comedy. Dark humour.

Gregslide: dark humour ?

Gregslide: social satire...

TEST: Well, if you do post, what is your handle?

ChanceEncounter: Why was the character of Logan St. Claire never brought back to resolve her "cliffhanger"?

thebott: Kieth have you ever seen one of your futuristic devices become reality

Vortex62: Keith so much for Chatting with us!!!! ;^)

QBall79: yep

Keith-Damron: GREGSLIDE....oh, yes, look for some great humor in MAGGIE BECKETT, A CURRENT AFFAIR, and oddly enough A THOUSAND DEATHS.

Big-Dreamer: He probably wants to be incognito TEST

Mallory: Greg, dark humour, black comedy, think "Into The Mystic".

Informant: If you read the bboard, have you read an fanfic? (like mine?)

Gregslide: Keith : that sounds great ! :-)

Discontinuity: You don't need to resolve Logan

Gregslide: Did you prefer to write in season 5 or in season 4 ?

Keith-Damron: TEST, Sorry, I don't post.

Gregslide: a current affair = like the lewinsky affair ?

Magnus: PTSS is kinda dark humour, too.

TEST: Did you take the name Kromagg Prime from the bboard?

Mallory: Informant: Reading fanfics violates a lot of laws for Keith and company.

jennn: Anyone have a url for the Jerry O depature from the show?

jennn: story..

RandomZero: hey whats up in here?

Keith-Damron: No, I don't read the fanfics for the reason mentioned.

slidecat: hi zero...

Mallory: Thanks, Keith.

Informant: Some bboards have disclaimers. So they can read it... or at least that's what the netforum says

SSweetie: moderator is here your all done for...LOL

QBall79: KEITH - is fanfic posted on the board fair play for production to use? I mean, does it become property of Sci-Fi?

QBall79: nevermind

RandomZero: hey slidecat

HolySmoly: hey guys...

slidecat: LMAO @ QBALL!

slidecat: ;-)

TEST: wwhat are some season 5 sason finales ideas that never made it

Gregslide: With the "identity crisis" of Mallory, don't you think it will be difficult for him to grow as a normal character with his own personality ?

Keith-Damron: None of us look at fanfic. Frankly, we're all scrambling to get our own idea out there....why would we want to steal.

Dumar: Keith- What were your influences as a writer growing up?

QBall79: I hear ya

Mallory: Keith, will the tracking device be an element in S5?

Informant: Were you upset that the original "Revelations" was made impossible? A lot of fans are

colonel: hi everone

RandomZero: ever since sliders moved to fridays i havent been able to see it much, reason: 1 tv 2 siblings who watch tgif

RandomZero: and i am mad

colonel: where are the stargate fans?

eeeorr: well hi and when is the chat

hansolo2: me colonel!

Keith-Damron: DUMAR I grew up on Trek and Space 1999. Those shows and Gene Roddenberry' book, THE MAKING OF STAR TREK, made me want to work in TV.

Mallory: Informant: Not to tread on Keith's ground, but David Peckinpah is his boss... Maybe... Y'know...

Magnus: What was the original 'Revelations'?

jennn: I'll bet Quinn could have unstuck Dr Geiger with no

Informant: Yes, but the idea was still good.

Dumar: Cool..

Big-Dreamer: KEITH: What really happened to the slider that was tracking our sliders? Did she burn up on reentry?

Mallory: Originally, Quinn would discover he wasn't really from Kromagg Prime. It was a conspiracy...

Dumar: What other projects are you working on Keith?

hansolo2: keith:Peckipah ruined the show by making it movie ripoffs, comment?

Mallory: Colin would be a Kromagg plant.

Discontinuity: Have you thought of the tracking device implanted in Quinn and what it will do to Mallory when the doubles melded?

Keith-Damron: Did that last note get out there?

Mallory: And he would go under the control of the Kromaggs, try to kill his friends...

JorgeCis: Mallory: Can't the "Revelations" first draft still work?

Magnus: quit sounding like a tabloid, han

Informant: I didn't see anything

Wildebeest: "-m"

Mallory: Yes, it can, JorgeCis.

TemporalFlux: Last was about what Sci-Fi you grew up on.

Moderator: Keith-Damron: DUMAR I grew up on Trek and Space 1999. Those shows and Gene Roddenberry' book, THE MAKING OF STAR TREK, made me want to work in TV.

Rembrandt: hey hey

Gregslide: someone told me we should write to David Eick and Steve Chao and Barry Diller

JediKillr: meyhem :)

hansolo2: bite me magnus

Keith-Damron: Rats, this happened last time. Looks like my buffer overloaded. I'll try to leave and return.

TEST: later...

* Gregslide Visit the Sliders Site "The Timer" : *

JorgeCis: Keith, have the colors of the vortexes ever been explained?

Mallory: Greg, that was the crew member, right?

eeeorr: when is the chat with the slider person.

Gregslide: how do you know ?

Dumar: nice guy

Magnus: he ain't comin back

hansolo2: now eeeorr

slidecat: eee----already happened...just free chatting with him now

Mallory: JorgeCis, it's just done for effect.. no explanation, but try for a guess...

slidecat: and a bunch of q's also

Dumar: It was really nice of him to stay after we went unmoderated

Big-Dreamer: Everyone should check out TempralFlux's site. Some of these questions are addressed there :)

Dumar: woohoo!

slidecat: and BRAVE!

JorgeCis: Oh, I've been there, Mallory. Is that what

Rembrandt: Did he talk about a season 6 is in the works?

Gregslide: yes Keith is really nice

TemporalFlux: And more soon. ;-)

Magnus: guess he is

JorgeCis: what the story will say?

hansolo2: he said no idea remmy

Gregslide: someone told me we should write to David Eick and Steve Chao and Barry Diller

Mallory: Whoops, I mean

Gregslide: I can give you the adresses

Dumar: Keith--What other projects are u working on?

CritterDee: he made it back!!

Gregslide: since I WANT a season 6 ! :-)

slidecat: nothing on s6....not sounding good though

Rembrandt: he's gone

JediKillr: mmm

Taron: no

Taron: he is here

Mallory: Gregslide... Uh... Just accept the fact that I know, okay?

slidecat: HOPE HOPE HOPE

Informant: Why would Scifi cancel their biggest show?

SlidingQuinn: KEITH: how can i as a writer, having an agent, pitch ideas to work with you...if the show gets picked up again?????

Gregslide: Mallory : as you wish

TEST: looks like we start a letter writing campaigne for season 6

JorgeCis: Mallory, I've been there. Nice place. Is that what will be generally be accepted?

Gregslide: it was for other people :-)

Mallory: SlidingQuinn: You need an agent.

Dumar: No he's probably getting every a-hole with a msg trying to send him private messages

Gregslide: The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ?

Mallory: JorgeCis: It's up to YOU what you accept.

QBall79: you can't PM him

Big-Dreamer: TemporalFlux: Thinking of putting up a sample Letter to Sci-fi on your site?

Keith-Damron: DUMAR ....I'm working with Michael Dorn, developing an idea for him, and Chris Black and I are also developing an idea. Mind you, these haven't sold, they're just in development.

Crass: You people make me sick

Dumar: Thats awesome Keith.... I love Michael Dorn.. great actor

jersey-slider: Keith, where do you get some of your ideas from

Mallory: Note: Michael Dorn plays Worf of Star Trek: TNG

TemporalFlux: Whoa, I blip for a second and someone is getting sick already...

QBall79: not much. He's working with Michael Dorn

Informant: Do you know which of the cast members are still interested in returning?

QBall79: sounds cool

hansolo2: who knows on that guy tf, out of the blue

ChanceEncounter: is it just me, or did everything just freeze up?

SlidingQuinn: KEITH: how can i as a writer, having an agent, pitch ideas to work with you...if the show gets picked up again?????

Dumar: Keith- Do you have any rituals you go through as a writer when you work on scripts?

hansolo2: just you

Big-Dreamer: Must be you

TemporalFlux: Keith not back yet? Don't see him listed...

Keith-Damron: SLIDINGQUINN.....If you have an agent, all he need to is contact us...(if there is an us) and submit a writing sample through the appropirate channels. We review them, and if we like what we see we set up a meeting.

* Gregslide Save Sliders for a season 6 ! *

JediKillr: is it just me, or is it complete meyhem in here?

JediKillr: :)

hansolo2: he is tf

TemporalFlux: There he is...

slidecat: KEITH: what have the responses that you have seen been on s5 with the loss of JERRY/QUINN, has there been alot of "flack"....

* Gregslide Write to Barry Diller, Steve Chao, David Eick at c/o Universal Studios *

Gregslide: 100 Universal City Plaza

Gregslide: Universal City, CA 91608

QBall79: "FLACK"? as in Roberta?

Magnus: KEITH: Any chance left of Rembrandt liberating Earth Prime??

Informant: If someone didn't have an agent, but sold an idea to Star Trek, would you listen to them more than someone who didn't?

hansolo2: Keith: I think a lot of fans would argue that peckinpah ruined the show , making it a movie ripoff, what do you say?

jennn: It was quite a shock!

TemporalFlux: And how is the Channel reacting to performance (if they've said anything on that...)

Gregslide: I hope these addys are correct ! :-)

Gregslide: The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ?

slidecat: I am enjoying s5 right now( all 3 eps), even with the loss of Jerry/Quinn...even though i am a bit disturbed on Charlie gone...:-)

Discontinuity: Why would you leave the door open for Charlie to come back if you didn't want him to be in season 5 cast?

Rembrandt: Keith, will scifi make any tv movies on sliders, like alien nation, to wrap up the loose ends?

Dumar: He's in hell now

slidecat: no Qball not roberta! LMAO

hansolo2: purgatory

Dumar: we're overloading him with questions again

TEST: is earth prime forgotten?are remmy and maggie just going to settle down on some suitable earth?

PrimeG: Yes, have the first three episodes done well in the channel's mind?

Keith-Damron: Jersey-slider...where do I get some of my ideas from???? If I have something I'd like to say, I can often turn it into a script idea. I usually try to give my script a deeper subtex.

SliderJMN: let the man right

SSweetie: lets just chat like usual...if thats possible

jennn: I wish they would find Wade soon

Vortex62: Keith how did Mr. Derricks feel about doing the opening Monologue??

hansolo2: spelled write

Magnus: Kinda like "Return of the Living Dead", eh Keith?

Big-Dreamer: Jenn, wade is found and resolved this season...

Informant: Why did Quinn forget about Wade and Arturo last year. He didn't seem to care.

Magnus: "NIGHT", not Return...........sorry

QBall79: KEITH: Do you plan to buy a CLEAVANT DERRICKS CD???

Dathmus: Why don't we all just stop typing for a minute to let him answer some of the questions?

Rembrandt: just say yes, I don't know know what you were smoking when you wrote that.

Rembrandt: kidding

Gregslide: Keith : after introducing new characters, why should Sliders be stopped ?

SSweetie: LOL qball

Mallory: "You're assuming I care"... <COUGH> Mother and Child <COUGH>

Informant: Yes. We need quiet

Gregslide: Qball : I will ! :)

Keith-Damron: I'd love a cd of Clevante's stuff. He did a number this year in JAVA JIVE.

Mallory: Why did Quinn seem to not want to talk about Wade? Why didn't he mourn her loss?

Gregslide: I think it's a great pity to stop Sliders whereas there are new characters

Informant: Do you know what Tracy Torme thinks of S5?


TemporalFlux: Or season four for that matter...

QBall79: KEITH: Cool! He's working ont he CD right now, and it will be available EXCLUSIVELY ON THE INTERNET!!!

Big-Dreamer: Keith: If the future of S6 is up in the air, is it possible when it is approved we will lose more main characters?

Discontinuity: Why didn't the characters show any emotion last year?

TemporalFlux: Legal reasons Rembrandt.

slidecat: CD C.D!!!!:-)

Mallory: Rembrandt Copyright, legal mumbo jumbo...

jersey-slider: Keith: do you prefer the scripts with the earths having minor differences which dramatically changed history. Or, do you like the sci-fi episodes, like the 'magg storyline

TEST: he only wrote two scripts last year...

Mallory: Discontinuity: Woody WoodPECKer

TEST: he doesn't know EVERYTHING

SlidingQuinn: KEITH: can i contact you personally or can you send me a phone number or an address to reach you guys??

TEST: no offense

Dumar: Story Idea - Woody woodpecker world

QBall79: man, I HATE when my screen stops scrolling!!!

PrimeG: Keith: how's this season doing so far, ratings wise.

JorgeCis: Mallory: do you know what Peckinpah thought of s1 and s2?

Gregslide: The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ?

TemporalFlux: I never sell a person short...he's had retrospect.

Keith-Damron: jersey slider- I like the more subtle aspects of parallel storytelling. I think that's when we are at out best.

Dathmus: Okay slow down, nobody can type that fast.

Magnus: KEITH: Did you have any idea on liberating Earth Prime so Remmy can get home??

jennn: Maybe Fox will pick it back up for a sixth season..

Mallory: JorgeCis,: He thinks it wasn't action oriented enough, and toodark.

HurriKain: hello

TemporalFlux: Fox! LOL

TEST: FOX? yeah right....

QBall79: LOL

jersey-slider: I do enjoy the historical differences. It got interesting to compare and contrast


slidecat: hey HURRIK!

TEST: Mallory and Maggie in love on FOX likely

jennn: The good old days..

Informant: If Sliders isn't picked up, and you don't get a tv movie, how about a novel that wraps things up?

Keith-Damron: Lots of social satire in seaon 5....lemmme hear an amen!

Gregslide: If someone has files about the String theory and the Schroedinger's cat, please email me ! :-)

QBall79: Frankly I'm glad SciFi picked it up instead of FOX

Dathmus: AMEN

Kergillian: AMEN!

JorgeCis: Mallory: So is that wy he did the silly stuff, like a sentient flame and a worm that produces a fountain of youth sludge?

bigcat: hello everybody

QBall79: AMEN

Informant: AMEN

Rembrandt: When will the final decision of season 6 come down?

Big-Dreamer: AMEN

* Gregslide c/o Universal Studios *

Gregslide: 100 Universal City Plaza

Gregslide: Universal City, CA 91608

CritterDee: AMEN

SliderJMN: AMEN!!

Gregslide: sorry

JorgeCis: AMEN!!

* Gregslide The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ? *

SliderJMN: ; )

Mallory: JorgeCis: Peckinpah likes things to appeal to viewers... to the most common denominator...

jersey-slider: I love the episodes with a lot of humor, it's a nice break from the drama sometimes

HurriKain: LOL

* Dumar passes Keith and ice cold brew and says "Thanks for being cool and hanging" *

Mallory: He's just a whiny, defensive... guy...

bigcat: i have a question i need the answer to

HurriKain: hey slidecat

JorgeCis: Mallory: But it didn't appeal to viewers. At least not to me, it didn't. Didn't he know that people felt he was ruining the show?

Big-Dreamer: If season six is picked up, do we run the risk of losing more main characters as time passes before the descision?

Magnus: ==+------(((0)))

Keith-Damron: Thanks moderator...I'll stick it out as best I can.

HurriKain: amen

SSweetie: So Keith are you married? Any kids?

Gregslide: I like enviro4 !!!!

Mallory: Peckinpah just thought his vision would win over the viewers...

Keith-Damron: SSweetie yes, married, first baby is on the way

QBall79: SSWEETIE - Keith has a kid on the way

Mallory: Keith is expecting a kid!!!!

Informant: Keith, don't you ever feel like just yelling a small "Seer" tidbit, hust to get it off your chest :-)

TemporalFlux: Actors contracts aren't up until mid - late July...they've got until then for a renewal decision.

Mallory: Congrants, Keith!!!

SSweetie: oh thanks qball is your name keith?

Keith-Damron: Boy and I am getting large!!!!

Gregslide: Congratulations Keith ! :)

Dumar: Do you know whether boy or girl, Keith?

Informant: yes, congrats

TemporalFlux: Possibly after, but best before.

jersey-slider: Keith: The first season always had the sliders ending in different places. Now, they always end up at the bar. Why the change?

TemporalFlux: Congrats!

Big-Dreamer: Hey, this is NOT supposed to be a free for all. Keith was nice enough to hang around and answer SLIDERS questions!!!

Keith-Damron: thankyou

Gregslide: maybe he will slide !

FoxMulder0323: Keith: did they *really* find earth prime?

Gregslide: LOL

JorgeCis: Mallory: Too bad Peckinpah was wrong. He ended up ruining Season 3. I didn't see s4. Was it worse, in your opinion?

CritterDee: Keith , congrats on the new baby!

Gregslide: I'm sure this baby will love sliding ! :-)

Mallory: BD, the man's having a baby!!! Enthusiasm, man!!!

Keith-Damron: Thank you, kindly

* Dumar passes around cigars to everyone *

Mallory: JorgeCis: S4... Better than S3, not as good as S1 &2

bigcat: who owns the rights to the show kolchack the night stalker

Big-Dreamer: Go Keith Go!!

Mallory: JorgeCis: But still decent

Informant: can we smoke in a public chat room?

SSweetie: this is chat i think that now we can talk about what ever we want BD

Dumar: lol

angel: Why did they change the look of the Kromaggs from when they originally appeared?

Gregslide: Did you prefer to write in season 5 or in season 4 ?

* slidecat is enjoying s5 alot! *

JorgeCis: Mallory: Did it have the "What if" type theme?

hagor316: ??

SliderJMN: KEITH how did you get to be writer for Sliders????

* QBall79 will miss The Great Work *

Keith-Damron: the look of the maggs changed between s3 and s4

hagor316: ????

HurriKain: Keith: What did you think of Tembi Locke's performance in S5?

QBall79: YES! Explain.

Gregslide: yes... and I don't understand why they changed

Mallory: JorgeCis: Sort of a blend of action/adventure and a little "What if"? Not a whole lot... But not like S3.

hagor316: hey chaser

Mallory: JorgeCis: Light and enjoyable.

Chaser9: hey hagor

Big-Dreamer: WHy did the look of the Maggs change? Temporal Flux has a great explination, but what is yours?

HurriKain: Hey slidecat!

hagor316: hey chaser9

JorgeCis: Mallory: That's good. Hopefully s5 will be like that.

slidecat: hi HURRIKAIN

JediKillr: blithering idiots, flooding the poor man

* Gregslide Keith : Did you prefer to write in season 5 or in season 4 ? *

SSweetie: If you noticed he answered my Q real quick, he's probably sick of being bombared by questions and many repeats!

Dumar: oh come on man

angel: They looked less human, why the change? It should have stayed the same

jersey-slider: Did Colin Quinn (SNL) appreciate the use of his name on the show?

jennn: I missed the original episode "Invasion" on Fox, did they add the ending on Scifi with the tracking device in Quinn?

Keith-Damron: I don't know. I was a freelancer in s4. As such, I wasn't there for the day to day. I wrote at home,.

angel: No jenn

Mallory: jenn: Yes, they did.

HurriKain: Congrats!

Mallory: The tracking device is in Quinn...

TemporalFlux: And now in Mallory...

Dumar: Keith: Ever thought about writing Sliders books after show goes off the air?

angel: They had that ib fix

angel: ooops, on fox

Informant: WHich timer do you like best?

Gregslide: like Brad Lineaweaver ?

Mallory: The Kromaggs look different because Peckinpah thought viewers would be more afraid of Nazis... and there was a sale on Nazi uniforms.

jennn: That was the last episode on Fox..right??

* Dusk walks in *

Dusk: hello

Keith-Damron: I preferred S5 because I was there, five day a week, twelve hours a day. Nothing quite like it.

SSweetie: hello

Gregslide: oh okay...

SliderJMN: Keith were are you right now in California?

QBall79: When does David Peckinpah's contract expire?

Dathmus: If we slow down he can answer more questions.

angel: I dont think so jenn

slidecat: LOLuck KEITH----you are a brave man to answer questions in UNMODERATED mode!

Big-Dreamer: KEITH: Do you think there is a chemistry missing that was there in season 1 between all four?

Mallory: Keith, you're in Illionois, right?

JediKillr: like the blithering idiots will slow down :)

HurriKain: Keith: what cigars you want me to get for the new arrival? :-)

jersey-slider: slow down people!

Informant: KEITH: How did you react when you heard that Wade as in a breeding camp?

SSweetie: yeah right Jedi....LOL

Dumar: jesus

angel: Give the man a chance to answer!!!

JorgeCis: Mallory: Just out of curiosity, what happened at the end of "As Time Goes By"? What was going on after Quinn saved Daelin in Time's Arrow world?

Mallory: Peckinpah thought Wade in a breeding camp was funny...

Keith-Damron: I think there is some awesome chemistry this year. The cast was great and Clevante and Kari's performances on many occasions brought the house down.

Big-Dreamer: And we wonder why there are moderated chats?

Mallory: JorgeCis: Quinn shattered the fabric of reality...

Keith-Damron: swisher sweets

Gregslide: Now that Rembrandt is a kind of "leader", did he lose his innocence and his clear-mindedness ?

Mallory: JorgeCis: And time

slidecat: YUP BIG

JorgeCis: Mallory: So what was going on? Was the world being destroyed?

Mallory: JorgeCis: We don't know the effects on the world, cause the Sliders leave afterwards.

* slidecat gives KEITH the brave man of the year award *

SSweetie: The moderated chat is over and i think Keith knew what he was getting into so chill out!

QBall79: KEITH: do you know when Peckinpah's contract expires (if it does)?

Mallory: JorgeCis: But they see a giant hole in the sky.

Gregslide: Hey Sliders fans ! It's 4.40 am there ! I am in France and I'm making a good effort for Sliders ! :-)

jennn: I wonder if Remmys Caddy got hit by ice tornado or not...

Mallory: JorgeCis: And then they slide.

Rembrandt: are there plans for a sliders soundtrack of some sort?

TEST: Did LInda Henning state whether or not shed reprise her role again as mrs.mallory in a potential 6th season?

Dumar: crap

JorgeCis: Mallory: What was on the other side of the hole (sorry, it was my favorite episode!)?

Mallory: JorgeCis: We don't find out...

angel: Probably Jenn

Discontinuity: TEST: She will come back this season

jennn: They should have run back in the basement

* slidecat gives KEITH the brave man of the year award *

JediKillr: right well

Mallory: JorgeCis: Not really a hole. A tear in reality... possibly destroying the world, shortly after they slide out.

JML: hey, are the rumors true that season 5 will be the very last season of sliders?

JediKillr: im gone

Gregslide: Now that Rembrandt is a kind of "leader", did he lose his innocence and his clear-mindedness ?

Dathmus: Is Keith still here?

Gregslide: Where is bloomington ?

JorgeCis: Mallory: Maybe that could be a followup episode if there's an s6.

TEST: yes

jersey-slider: Keith: I'm confused about one thing: If the parallel earths are not connected...why did Colin's doubles disappear?

SSweetie: yes he is in stealth mode

angel: Whatch the show and find out...You be the judge

HurriKain: KEITH: If there is a season 6, will MSZ come back as a writer or producer?

Typical: Perhaps we scared him away.

Keith-Damron: Yes, I'm trying to filter through this data stream of questions.

Mallory: JorgeCis: It's over and done... leave it.

SliderJMN: your in France i'm in hott Phoenix, Az the good thing is that I'm gonna visit my grandparents thursdday in WI were it's a bit cooler

QBall79: MSZ has other projects, HK

Gregslide: LOL I guess It's difficult !

Typical: c'mon guys, slow the questions a bit!!!

hagor316: hey Qball79

JML: heya Typical hehe

JorgeCis: Mallory: Thanks for all your help.

Keith-Damron: Marc has been busy lately, yes indeed.

QBall79: hi, hagor

Gregslide: SliderJMN : are you talking to me ?

slidecat: GREG: I think he lost his the MAGG CAMps

SliderJMN: yep

JML: would make sense sc

Gregslide: slidecat : that's what I fear

hagor316: nice to talk to you

jennn: I thought Sliders was bigger then ever! I can't believe the show is in question! Crazy!!

Informant: KEITH: Will "Requiem" leave the window open for another Wade episode? Is it 100% for sure OUR Wade?

slidecat: :-)

Gregslide: it's really late there... a pity that SCi-Fi does its chats so late in France !

Gregslide: it's 4.43 am !!

Keith-Damron: Yes, it is our Wade.

Mallory: Informant: Wade sends Rembrandt a message, saying she'll always be with him...

slidecat: ouch GREG!

* Gregslide The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ? *

TEST: wwhat happened to all that stuff about the new characters being called Melissa and Derek and those eps Amnesia and Sleepless in SanFranscsci?

Mallory: Unconfirmed rumours... Probably won't happen.

Gregslide: slidecat : yes... I'm tired but as I love sliders...

QBall79: I thought AMNESIA would have made a great ep!

JML: it's the different actor with a voice over from sabrina lloyd, right?

Gregslide: the list of the episodes is at

Discontinuity: i didnt

Mallory: JML: Doubles seen from a distance.

Discontinuity: that is so cliche

TEST: isnt wade a human comp?

QBall79: JML - if you want to know, check out the spoilers at JWSlider3's site

jennn: url?

JML: what do you mean doubleds?

Mallory: TEST: Used to generate vortexes.

* Gregslide Visit the Sliders Site "The Timer" : *

JorgeCis: So did Colin's doubles get sucked into a vortex or did they just simply vanish?

TemporalFlux: Find through my links page - it's Sliders Phase Two

Keith-Damron: Their names were never Melisa and Derek at any point in the proce and there never were episodes by those names that even remotely resembled them.

Dumar: come on

JML: I thought it was just a differet actor to portay and "altered" wade

Gregslide: many rumors....


* Gregslide The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ? *

eesh: who was the actor who played the magg who raised the human child?

HurriKain: me [waves to slidecat]

Dumar: There's no way he can keep up with the nit-picky questions about the plots


Mallory: TemporalFlux? What about Easier to remember...

Gregslide: Mallory : quite long ?

Keith-Damron: <eesh> I don't know, but check the on line slide ection, the info is there.

JML: thanks q0ball, I'll check it out later

TemporalFlux: Yeah, I was giving the straight shot.

TEST: the internet movie database calls Robert Floyd Derek Quade.

JorgeCis: TemporalFlux: Great websites you've got.

Gregslide: Keith : your work on the Year 5 journal is also great !!

jennn: good sites!

TemporalFlux: I also remember one of the early Sci-Fi press releases that listed him as Derek.

JML: yeah! I love reading the journal

Keith-Damron: TEST, No idea where they got that idea

Gregslide: test : really ?

Keith-Damron: thank you!

TEST: really what?

Gregslide: you're welcome !

* Gregslide The fifth season seems to develop new scientific elements. Did the social satire disappear in comparison with science-fiction ? *

* Magnus Say a kromagg has me cornered and i have a solution of the kromagg death juice.........How exactly does the serum work on Kromagg DNA?? *

* HurriKain [waves to slidecat] *

Gregslide: I love the social satire in Sliders

Vortex62a: Keith Why was "Waiting for Maggie Beckett" your favorite S5 episode??

Keith-Damron: Folks, I must go now. Thank you for your patience these last forty minutes. I hope you like the rest of Season 5.

Gregslide: I think it's a very impoirtant element

* Big-Dreamer THANKS for sticking around Keith!!!!!!!!!!!! *

TEST: TEST stands for True Excited Sliders Trauma

JML: hey guys, how about we ask relevant questions here

Rembrandt: Keith: are you pleased how this season is going after the o'connells left?

Dumar: Stop FIIINg asking questions over an action thats fiing rude


Mallory: Magnus: What do you care about? What it does or how it works?

Dathmus: BYE

Gregslide: Thank you very much Keith

Discontinuity: Keith, why would you leave the door open for Charlie to come back if you didn't want him to be in season 5 cast?

JML: hey, are the rumors true that season 5 will be the very last season of sliders?

CritterDee: Keith : my kids also love sliders and have their own adventures with an old remote :~)

Mallory: Take care, Keith!!!

Keith-Damron: Take care all!

jennn: Thanks!

slidecat: THANks keith! it was fun!

Magnus: bye

lollipop: keith why did jerry leave i havent heard

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