Keith Damron, Sliders staff writer, chat on 31 Oct 1998

Gregslide: Hello Keith !

KeithDamron: Hello all!

Moderator: Keith would you like to introduce yourself to the room.

KeithDamron: Greetings America, World and all the ships at sea!

KeithDamron: My name is Keith Damron, currently the story editor on Sliders.

Moderator: Hello Keith. We will start with the questions now.

KeithDamron: Thanks for coming tonight and thanks for watching

Moderator: First question...

Moderator: <TemporalFlux> to <Moderator>: Keith: How many episodes will you be writing

Moderator: for season five and what can you tell us about them? Great job on Lipschitz Live!

Moderator: One of the best of the series!

KeithDamron: THANK YOU for the praise. At the present time it looks like I'll be writing two., but that is not set in stone.

KeithDamron: So far two have completed principle photography and we start on our third (mine) next week.

KeithDamron: We have four finished scripts and three more in development.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Pizza-Man> to <Moderator>: Hi Keith - Do you personally believe in parrallel universes?

KeithDamron: Yes, I think it's a distinct possibility. We've been doing research on dimensional theory and we try to be accurate...if that's possible.

KeithDamron: Of course, what we don't know we make up (g)

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Gregslide> to <Moderator>: When you're writing stories, are there elements you want or you have to integrate in advance (actions, dialogs,...) or do you prefer to put them as they occurred to you ?

KeithDamron: We try to come up with a concept and then structure plot around it. But most important, we try to think of the characters first and how we can integrate them into the

KeithDamron: story in a meaningful way.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <slidude> to <Moderator>: how much of the earlier sliders episodes have you watched to prepare you for writing in season 4 and 5? And what eps have you enjoyed?

KeithDamron: I've been watching Sliders from day one. Some of my favorites include The King is Back, The Guardian, Asylum and the yet to be seen Roads Taken.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <twobornottwob> to <Moderator>: Do you find that your artistic talents are better realized now that sliders has moved to the Sci-Fi channel?

KeithDamron: Well, since I was not involved with the series prior to Scifi, that's hard to say. However, I think the show is definitely better served by being on the channel and was

KeithDamron: overjoyed when I heard that it had been picked up.

Moderator: <Miranda> to <Moderator>: I wonder if you'd mind telling us your background, ie, college, jobs before you started writing for Sliders, and what, if anything, helped prepare you the most for your current career?

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: sorry about that...

Moderator: <Gregslide> to <Moderator>: How will be explained the absence of the Mallory brothers ? Will they play in the first episode for the explanation ?

KeithDamron: Well, I'm from Michigan where I started writing while working in public access television. I majored in TV/Film/and theatre but didn't starting writing until after college.

KeithDamron: After several years of realizing that it was next to impossible to break in from Michigan, my wife and I pulled up stakes and moved to CA.

KeithDamron: I've been here for two years now.

KeithDamron: Well, I don't want to reveal too much about next season.

KeithDamron: As most of you know the brothers O'Connell will not be with us, so, of course we have to come up with a creative way to write them out of the series.

KeithDamron: They will not be seen in the first episode, unfortunately, we had to use doubles from afar.

KeithDamron: But the show focuses on their fate and its consequences...and it also introduces our two new characters.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <HenryTheDog> to <Moderator>: Thanks for coming Keith, what can you tell us about the new characters replacing the Mallory Brothers?

KeithDamron: They are Mallory and Diana Davis...

KeithDamron: Diana is a physicist and will essentially be our group scientist. She is played by Tembi Locke.

KeithDamron: Robert Floyd plays Mallory, and, without giving away too much, he carries elements of Quinn inside him.

KeithDamron: This lab accident is brought about by a new villain who will be featured in a few episodes.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <HenryTheDog> to <Moderator>: What were you guys looking for when you went about casting the new Sliders?

KeithDamron: Pardon me, I should have been clearer, Mallory has part of Quinn inside him BECAUSE of a lab accident.

KeithDamron: Well, we needed someone who would be convincing as a scientist, who could handle some of the techno-babble, but who had a broad acting range.

KeithDamron: Same goes for Mallory. In the first three episodes we put these people through the ringer, introducing them to the world(s) of sliding and essentially opening their eyes to the wonder

KeithDamron: and danger of the multi-verse.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <twobornottwob> to <Moderator>: how do you plan to overcome the fact that many viewers may see the mallory brothers as the main and pivotal characters in the series?

KeithDamron: Well, there's not much we can do but TRY to overcome it. That's the reality of series television. It's a difficult situation for us as well. We have to try to come up with a creative

KeithDamron: and believable story that our viewers will buy into. But to do that, WE have to buy into it as well.

KeithDamron: We can only try to do our best and hope that the audience appreciates our efforts.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <TemporalFlux> to <Moderator>: Will the Sliders be getting a new timer in season five?

KeithDamron: Nope....BUT....we are giving Diana a hand-held mini laboratory to help them analyze the scientific puzzles they encounter in their travels.

KeithDamron: The timer often had too many unusual capabilities. It did things it was never meant to do. We say that and tried to correct the situation...BUT...her gadget is not a tricorder.

KeithDamron: We're trying to limit its use whenever possible.

KeithDamron: It's called a portable dimensional laboratory....or her paddle.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: (Type /msg moderator to send your questions)

Moderator: <twobornottwob> to <Moderator>: do you see the crying man taking a more leaderly role in the new green sliders crew?

KeithDamron: Yes, definitely.

KeithDamron: Both he and Maggie will be leaders and mentors to these new people.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Dax22> to <Moderator>: What kind of epsiodes can we look forward to seeing?

KeithDamron: At this stage the episodes will run the gambit from the light-hearted romp to stories that are very dark. We will throw in some social satire as well as some social commentary.

KeithDamron: We're definitely shooting for variety while at the same time trying to wrap up our on-going conflict with the Kromaggs and other assorted arcs.

KeithDamron: And let me just add, there is one episode where THEY DON'T land on a parallel Earth!

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <nfoley79> to <Moderator>: what does season 5 have in line for the Kromaggs and how will it differ from season 4?

KeithDamron: We plan on ending the Kromagg arc...we just haven't figure out how yet. We will be discussing that next week.

KeithDamron: We turn up the heat, put our characters in a hopeless situation where they're on the verge of defeat....and then we sort of left off there....more on Monday (g)

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <PrimeG> to <Moderator>: Will any characters from past seasons be seen in the fifth season?

KeithDamron: Yes, we will be bringing back a few....expect to see Holly from Alternateville.

KeithDamron: You will also see Hal from Lipschitz...we loved that guy.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <babygirl> to <Moderator>: Any new love interest angles in the next season?

KeithDamron: We're trying to develop a romance show for Maggie. But as general rule we don't want to do too many. That stuff gets old and after awhile is rather uninteresting.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Gregslide> to <Moderator>: In season 5, are you thinking of using again short scenes just before the end of the show, the scenes which were so interesting and which let the viewer imagine the continuation ? (like in Into the Mystic for example)

Moderator: (to ask a question, send it as a private question to me - /msg Moderator)

KeithDamron: Unfortunately, no. We're generally discouraged from directly linking episodes by higher powers because it creates problems when the show goes into syndicated re-runs.

KeithDamron: Very often the shows are not re-run in their original airing order.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: Although we try to run all our shows in order on Sci-Fi!

Moderator: <HenryTheDog> to <Moderator>: Keith, what is your opinion of the 4th Season and your role on the show this past season? Did your scripts come out how you wanted them to come out?

KeithDamron: YES!!!!!


KeithDamron: I thought the show made a smashing comeback. The scripts were good, some better than others, but that's the case with any show. I was very happy with the way mine turned out and was

KeithDamron: very proud to be part of the show. At the time I was just freelancing. It's great to be on staff.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <vivian> to <Moderator>: Have you ever checked out the 'On-Line Slides' and what do the writers think of them?

KeithDamron: Well, I think very highly of them considering I wrote half of them. Richard Manning, another top notch writer wrote the other half. I just hope YOU ALL like them.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Sunday> to <Moderator>: with the old team broken up, why shouldn't Maggie & Remmy pick a nice world & stay?

Moderator: (the online slides are available at

KeithDamron: Well, that would end our show real quick, wouldn't it???(g)

KeithDamron: The trick is to come up with new reasons for them to keep sliding.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <coveremSpocko> to <Moderator>: how many writers are currently on staff?

KeithDamron: three

KeithDamron: We rely on freelancers for the other episodes.

KeithDamron: Presently, the staff includes Bill Dial, Chris Black and yours truly.

KeithDamron: And they're the best.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: Freelancers? Does that mean Sliders is accepting spec scripts?

KeithDamron: We do accept specs from agented writers...but unfortunately, as of this week, all submissions are closed.

KeithDamron: We will be developing the rest in house.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Dax22> to <Moderator>: How did you get started writing science fiction?

Moderator: (Type /msg moderator to send your questions)

KeithDamron: I sat down one day, turned on my computer and.....started..... Actually, I've always wanted to write sf television since I read THE MAKING OF STAR TREK at age 12.

KeithDamron: But I didn't actually give it a shot until I was in my twenties....and of course, I started off writing trek specs.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <twobornottwob> to <Moderator>: What is it like working with the cast of Sliders? any funny anecdotes?

KeithDamron: It's great....but it's too early in the season to report anything out of the ordinary....we're not punchy enough yet (g). But I'm sure as things progress I'll have a ton of stories to share.

KeithDamron: I will say this is a fine crew, the people are the best and I feel blessed to be a part of this show.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: We've got some Earth Prime questions here:

Moderator: <The-Caretaker> to <Moderator>: So was Earth Prime REALLY the Earth we saw in "Genesis"?

KeithDamron: yes

KeithDamron: that's our Earth

KeithDamron: We call the Quinn homeworld Kromagg Prime....for the time being.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Jibber> to <Moderator>: I am in England so basically I am not sure where you Americans are up to, but, I couldn't believe you let them get home but go again on a feable gate thing, it ruinedit slightly for me

KeithDamron: Remmy decided he had the ability to find a way to defeat the 'maggs. Rather then live under Kromagg rule he decided to act to save his world.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: (we're nearly out of time, so these will be our final few questions)

Moderator: <nfoley79> to <Moderator>: will we see a new vortex in season 5 or will it stay with season 4?

KeithDamron: I'm not sure, I haven't had a chance to see what the cgi guys have cooked up yet.

KeithDamron: I'd like to take a moment to quell some rumors. There seems to be a lot of talk about 18 episodes that have already been written. I will say, this is a fabrication.

KeithDamron: We don't know who's done it, not that it matters, but we only have a handful of scripts that are near completion.

KeithDamron: Rest assured, we are doing our best to put out quality material....and WE DO hear what the fans are saying.

KeithDamron: Probably the best source for accruate info is right here at the Dominion and on the Scifi wire.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: <Gregslide> to <Moderator>: If Quinn isn't in the show anymore, who will do the monologue in the beginning of the credits?

KeithDamron: We've talked about using all four actors but that is not yet in stone.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: And our final question:

Moderator: <HenryTheDog> to <Moderator>: Will the 5th season be the last season for Sliders? If it is, will you guys try to wrap up as many loose ends as possible?

KeithDamron: We have been told that this will be the last season....and yes, we are trying to tie up all the loose ends....of which there are quite a few.

KeithDamron: ga

Moderator: Before we end, I just wanted to stick in a plug:

Moderator: Sliders fans: there are great Sliders items in our charity auction!


Moderator: Proceeds go to the Starlight Children's Foundation, so bid high!

Moderator: Now, any final thoughts for all the Sliders viewers out there?

KeithDamron: Thanks again for watching. We know that many of you have reservations about the changes for next year. All we ask is that you give us a chance. We love the show as

KeithDamron: much as you do and it's important for us to do quality work.

KeithDamron: Also, please don't buy into rumors.

Moderator: Keith, thanks so much for taking time out of your Halloween plans to come online with us. I hope we'll be able to have you back in the near future.

KeithDamron: There's a lot of false information out there.

KeithDamron: It would be my pleasure.

Moderator: Everyone in the US should be sure to catch LIPSCHITZ LIVE on Sci-Fi Channel in November.

KeithDamron: Thank you.

KeithDamron: YES

Moderator: Next chat is Leonard Nimoy at 10PM ET, about 55 minutes from now.

Moderator: we'll now make the room unmoderated

Jibber: hello

Teddy18: Good chat

funk: does anybody know jade-kittens or dead dax before you leave

Gregslide: Last Season ?? noooooo... :(

Fluke-Man: Thanks Keith, we appreciate it!!!!!

Sucrose: wow

Sucrose: that was somethig

Gregslide: Thanks Keith for chatting with us !

Guardian-: Thanks Keith!

Mathias: can you tell why the mallorys are leaving

nathue: take care keith

KeithDamron: You're welcome

Sucrose: yah, thanks!

Dawn-77: That was most interseting.

Guardian-: Thanks Moderator!

Jibber: sadly i'm from enland so i didn't understand any of that

Oskar-: 55 minutes? wtf?

Fluke-Man: see ya Keith!!!

Jibber: england

Sucrose: Takle care and keep the creativity going

nathue: writers should have more credit

Fluke-Man: we love you keith!!!!

dholme: The expert's site says USA might be interested in a sixth season if scifi isn't.

mst3kofi: they want to do movies

Dax22: Thanks Keith

Guardian-: hmmm some useful information there

Green: It is hard to believe Leonard Nimoy will be here. . .

Dax22: we will miss the show when it leaves the air

Dawn-77: they should but no sliders movies are planed

HenryTheDog: Hey Greg, I guess I'm the Chat Question Champion this round! =)

starshipe: is jerry leaving sliders?

Green: That is why I am here. For Nimoy

acanna1024: Thanks Keith

Dax22: I can't wait until Nimoy is here

mst3kofi: yes starship

Jibber: don't be cruel

Gregslide: Henry : congratulations ! :)

Sucrose: I hope Keith does more series's after Sliders

Dawn-77: Jerry and his bor. will be leavig.

TemporalFlux: What about Wade? What about the Professor? What about Logan? What about Bennish?

Green: Spock is great

nathue: keith will be around for leonard

Guardian-: Jerry and Charlie have left the show alas

KeithDamron: To answer your question re Mallorys, it's just one of those Hollywood things. People move on to other jobs. The same goes for actors. We've seen it in television for years.

Gregslide: how many questions were you answered ?

starshipe: mst when ?

HenryTheDog: TF: Asked those qustions, he just never answered them

Eryroth: what happened to the first actress that was on Sliders? forgot her name.

Jibber: 'Jerry Mquire

Dawn-77: Professior is dead but the girl will be back

Green: Keith, are you staying for Mr. Nimoy?

Jibber: cant seolll

Z`ha`dude: Will there ever be an ep that is similiar to Roger Rabbit?

Gregslide: Please Keith : try to give us believable stories ! :) Thanks

Dawn-77: Jerr O' connel and his BRO are leving

starshipe: dawn 77

KeithDamron: No, I've got to move on in a few minutes. Little Halloween bash at Mr. Blacks (g)

funk: does any buddy know jade-kittens or dead dax plase

Dawn-77: yes starshipe?

Fluke-Man: Have fun Keith!!!

Gregslide: I wouldn't lie if I said I find this story of merging strange... :(

Pizza-Man: HenryTheDog got 2 or 3 questions accross. wtg. :)

Sucrose: Keith: what other stuff are you or are you going to be working on?

Jibber: keith e=ver thought of writing a script for Quantum Leap film

Guardian-: Thanks keith!!

nathue: are you at home now keith?

nfoley79: nfoley79>> Keith, what about Wade?

Dax22: They need to bring quantam leap back !!

Dawn-77: Wade we will see again!

Pizza-Man: OH KEith's still on, I didn't notice :)

Gregslide: Sliders HAS TO BE BELIEVABLE !

Dawn-77: if that's really Keith.

Gregslide: thanks Keith for chatting with us

Fluke-Man: hey Keith, can you give me a job at Slider HQ?

Z`ha`dude: It would be kewl if the guy from quantum leap, leaped into Quinn for a cross-over.

Gregslide: Visit the Sliders Site "The Timer" :

Gregslide: Join the ICQ Sliders List :

Gregslide: more than 100 members

TemporalFlux: Visit the Dimension of Continuity:

Dawn-77: Quantum leap was canceled already.

DreamWeaver: Spock??? Here??? WOW... I was just trying to find out if anyone knew why Alien Voices isn't on as advertised, and I find Spock !!!

KeithDamron: Re the merging, we deemed it a far more creative way of handling the situation then just killing him off. Just think DR. WHO, he retained elements of his previous self through subsequent incarnations. We wanted to do something similar.


Pizza-Man: How come the Sliders always slide to Earth? Isn't it true that in a parrallel universe earth could be somewhere else on it's orbit or evn gone all together? If so why haven't they ever slid into empty space?

TemporalFlux: Do you ever read Bulletin boards or fan websites Keith?

Gregslide: okay.; thanks for the precision Keith

Dawn-77: or another planet?

coveremSpocko: Keith: how many writers are on the staff?

KeithDamron: Yes, I see the boards on occasion.

purple: because they'd all die, pizza man

Green: What is the difference between Bouncer and Moderator, is Bouncer anouther Moderator?

Jibber: Dr. Who is the greatest thing from the BBC (God save the Queen)

nfoley79: Keith will we see Logan St.Clair again?

Dax22: 3 writers are on the staff

purple: and then there'd be no show

Green: Spock is Coming!!!

TemporalFlux: Just give us stuff like Lipschitz Live and I'll be there! Love the comedy!

Multiple: t

Green: Ha Ha Ha

TemporalFlux: Yeah, is Logan or Bennish coming back?

KeithDamron: And I can tell you categorically....there is no SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO, or AMNESIA, or any other of those titles that have been posted.

Fluke-Man: Hey keith, thanks for sticking around and chatting some more with us!!!

Dawn-77: So KEITH what about the weapon that accfects femal kromaggs, this is why they breed with earth females, will the sliders find this weapon and save earth prime?

Gregslide: I would like to see a season 5 similar to precedents seasons

Green: Get Leonard Nimoy on Sliders. . . That would be nice. . .

Gregslide: but in my view, Virtual Slide was one of my favourite episode !!!

Gregslide: The story was so great !

Teddy18: I guess Spock's shuttle should be docking now... :-)

Green: lol

nfoley79: <nfoley79> What will the season 5 vortex be new or stil season 4?

coveremSpocko: do you all write independantly? or do you brainstorm? Keith

KeithDamron: Well, my script deals with that weapon....and you'll be in for a little surprise at what we discover.

Pizza-Man: Nimoy will be here in 1 hour!

Dawn-77: Spock pre-pare to beaam down.

Dax22: [bbl for spock

Green: Spock is COMING

Gregslide: I think the fans don't want a show like a Star Trek thing or something else...

Pizza-Man: No 45 minutes.

Dawn-77: Thanks Keith.

Sucrose: Keith: are you worried about being tempted to "sell out" well.. it is only one season...

KeithDamron: I'm trying to answer as many of these as possible...but as you can see it's a little tough to keep up with you all.

Jibber: I'ts 2Am over here what the heck is it in america

Green: Leonard Nimoy is COMING

Sucrose: Keith: haha, the stress!!! ;)

Isis10: Alien Voices was on earlier in the week. Check out the video presentation they have here on SCI FI

Romulan: spock wil be here in 52.3 min

Gregslide: Sliders has ITS Originality... it's important to keep it

Pizza-Man: Leonard Nimoy will be here in 45 minutes...

Oskar-: KIETH, are you sticking around for the Nemoy chat???

coveremSpocko: Calm yourselves, you're not being logical!

Treaster: Treaster-Did Nimoy ever wear thoses ears home?

Dawn-77: 6 pm pacific and 9 pm Eastern time in USA.

Pizza-Man: He's not coming now...

Guest6247: i have arrived!

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith, Will we see Logan St Clair?

KeithDamron: No, I'll be leaving in a bit.

KeithDamron: No, no Logan St. Clair, sorry.

Gregslide: and Bennish ?

DreamWeaver: Thanks, Isis10 , I will !!!!

Green: SPOCK is not coming AHHH!

Treaster: <Treaster- What do you think he is really like?

Dawn-77: Conrad betish jr was a silly character

TemporalFlux: Why haven't they ever seen a world where Sliders is a popular TV show (ala our Earth)?

DarkMist: What?

KeithDamron: At this point, no Bennish either.

DarkMist: You mean i MIISED him?!?!

KeithDamron: Although we have discussed it.

Jibber: Thank you keith, choas ensues

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith, what about Wade?

Oskar-: No, Spock is not coming. Leonard Nemoy is, though.

DarkMist: Lenard Nemoy is alrready gone?

Pizza-Man: LOL

Isis10: You Must have been looking at a Satellite magazine, it listed AV to be on tonight.

DarkMist: Oh..

DarkMist: Whew

Dawn-77: Wade will be back once more!

Guest6247: is this chat no longer moderated

DarkMist: WHEN?!!?

DarkMist: :)

Pizza-Man: Nimoy isn't here yet.

KeithDamron: We'll reveal what happened to Wade. We hope it will be one of our best shows.

Mogwai: How long till Leonard Nimoy???

Green: My mistake Spock aka Leonard Nimoy is coming.

Teddy18: It's Nimoy, not Nemoy

jeff: Keith is wade going to be maikng any appearances next season?

HenryTheDog: Keith, no question, just wanted to say THANK YOU for chatting with the fans!


Green: I said Nimoy

KeithDamron: You're welcome.

Treaster: <Treaster- Think they will ever get William Shatner?

intasia: what it like to mmmmmmm!! work with kari . yum! yum!

HenryTheDog: As Alanis Morriesette would say, THANK YOU. =)

starshipe: they already have

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith will the vortex change?

Oskar-: very original, Henry.

PrimeG: Keith, why would Sci-Fi be ending the show when it's there highest rated?

Romulan: 50.4 mins

Green: Didn't they have William Shatner one year?

Gregslide: Keep an eye on our opinions, at the Sci-Fi BBoard please ! :)

KeithDamron: We don't know if Sabrina will be in the show yet.

TemporalFlux: Yeah, if Sliders is number one...why would they want to cancel it?

Dawn-77: Kari is gonna hold the show when Jerry leves, she'll be it but remmy is the only original cast memeber.

Teddy18: Romulan, dial 411, get the correct time, and reset your chronometer

Treaster: <Treaster-How long do they plan on having him here?

Gregslide: I don't know

DreamWeaver: Sure was Isis10 , thanks for the come back on that. I thought I was just seeing things.

starshipe: dawn

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith, will the vortex change?

MrSpocko: Tobad Mr Spock can't come.. would be neat if he could just beamdown from the Enterprise.. oh, maybe it's not 4real..

Green: I am having a emotional outburst!!! Leonard Nimoy is coming!!!

Fluke-Man: Hey Keith, can you reveal how you are planning on ending the season?

Dawn-77: what starshipe?

Gregslide: In spite of the enormous success of the season 4, why would be the season 5 the last one ?

starshipe: how many episodes will jerry be in dawn

DarkMist: WHEN IS HE COMMING allready.. :)

Gregslide: I don't understand

intasia: kieth what is it like mmmmmmm! working with kari? yum! yum!

KeithDamron: That question can only be answered by the guys who sign my checks. I do know that they want a full syndication package for re-runs.

Gregslide: Sliders is a great show.... so why do they want to cancel it ?

Green: Keith: Get Nimoy on Sliders... THAT would be good.

Jibber: Keith: Do they happen to slide to the UK

Treaster: <Treaster- Does anyone think Generations is better than the original Star Trek?

Dawn-77: I don't know i work at the scifi channel i don't write SLIDERS.Jerry will finish this seaso out.

M-5: if was like this morning , you won't get a word in anyway!

DreamWeaver: Dark mist, he'll be here in about 40 min.

Green: I do

Oskar-: time-killing site plug: Hey Final Fantasy IIV fans! peep ...making the most out of a cameo character!

starshipe: dawn you work at sci fi ch

KeithDamron: Well, we can't get MR. Nimoy, but we do have JERRY DOYLE and PETER JURASIK!!!!!!!

Sucrose: Keith: I'm leaving it's been great having you! Thanks for coming. (yes, cliche =] )

Guardian-: Keith any word on what happens to Colin?

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith, How do you write out Colin?

Green: TNG is better in some ways, but not others, so ignore my last statement

Dawn-77: Actually yes.

Gregslide: As the O’Connell brothers are out, are you thinking of starting a Rembrandt/Maggie love affair ? (because they feel closer during the season 4)

TemporalFlux: Is it true you are going to blow Colin up?

HenryTheDog: Keith: What do you think of the various Fan web sites?

Dawn-77: How do you write both o'connels out?

Treaster: <Treaster-Why do you think so?

starshipe: dawn doyou know when their gong to run dark shadows agai?

intasia: i"ll bet spock knows what it like to work with kari!!!!

Gregslide: As new sliders appear (and especially inventors like Quinn), don't you think the new group will be too "scientific" ?

KeithDamron: Well, again, don't listen to rumors....HE DOESN'T BLOW UP.....but that's all I can say about Colin.

funk: do any buddy know jade-kittens pleace

Fluke-Man: thank god for that....

Green: Mr. Nimoy AKA Spock is coming!!!!!!!!

Romulan: correct

PrimeG: Keith, will the season finale for the fifth season be written as the series ender?

Dawn-77: Yes they want to run the new Dark Shadows from 95 ad then in FEB. the original DARK SHADOWS.

Gregslide: As new sliders appear (and especially inventors like Quinn), don't you think the new group will be too "scientific" ?

HenryTheDog: Well... that's great, at least there won't be another dead slider. =)

MrSpocko: Any1 think we could get som science freak come in here and Mr Nimoy silly questions about space/time ?

DarkMist: WHEN allready.. :)

DarkMist: WHen is h comming.. :)

Gregslide: Visit the Sliders Site "The Timer" :

KeithDamron: Something just happened to my connection.

Green: I'll ask I'll ask

nfoley79: <nfoley79> Keith, are you familiar with the ULTIMATE SLIDERS COMPANION and the rumors it raises, its very influential?

Romulan: He will be here at 10:00 et

starshipe: they will air them in feb?

Jibber: Keith: ever considered creating dubios spin off shows from particulary good slides

Pizza-Man: Does anyone listen??? Leonard Nimoy is coming in 33 minutes!!!

DreamWeaver: DarkMist, in about 40 mins.

Pizza-Man: No... 37 minutes.

Dawn-77: Season 5 is all the sci-fi channel contracted, maybe new ones will be on USA, there will be new characters replacing JERRY and his BRO.

intasia: <intasia>hey who's this spock guy anyway? and where is KARI! yum yum

Fluke-Man: Keith: Thanks for sticking around and chatting some more, we all really, really, really appreciate it!!!

DreamWeaver: Okay, so I was close.

starshipe: eyepizzaman

purple: spock!

tbone666: there are 64 people here! ive never seen it this crwded

starshipe: dawn can i email you

purple: the baby doctor!

Dawn-77: I honestly think DARK SHADOWS has a valentine show and the programers want to start it off with that in FEB.

intasia: leonard who???

MrSpocko: 37min 30sec

purple: benjamin who?

TemporalFlux: Any chance of ever crossing over Sliders with another show? That would be cool.

Guardian-: brb

starshipe: its a new ds movie

Green: If the Enterprise had timewarp around a black hole, would'nt that mean that the Enterprise would have to travel forward in time again to avoid a paradoxical effect?

Gregslide: TF : really ? I think it wouldn't be believable

Dawn-77: There were 150 here in this room for WALTER KOEIGN and 70 for DREW BARRYMORE and 120 when CHASE was here yestrday.

TemporalFlux: Depends on which one they pick...those universes are out there!

MrSpocko: Green, mmm.. that sounds like a good question!

intasia: <intasia>i want what ever green is on .


Green: Thank you. . .

Gregslide: I worry a lot about season 5 and the end

Gregslide: of the show

Gregslide: I don't sleep anymore !!

Fluke-Man: Keith: Are you familiar with the Ultimate Sliders Compainion, and the rumors that it has?

Dawn-77: E-mail me at if ya like.

KeithDamron: For some reason the messages have stopped scrolling so I will be on my way. If you see this, thanks again and keep on Sliding.

Fluke-Man: Thanks Keith!!!

Guardian-: Thanks Keith!!

Gregslide: thanks !

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