Cleavant Derricks Chat on - March 06, 1998

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Moderator: <Hammer> to <Moderator>: Cleavant, what's your favorite episode?

CleavantDerricks: Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. Traffic was really bad. I apologize.

CleavantDerricks: In al honesty I think I have several favorite episodes, from past and present seasons

CleavantDerricks: It is very difficult to pick out one...

CleavantDerricks: Unlike how you watch them- a week at a time, we shoot them back to back and they seem to run together i

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Sandyjean> to <Moderator>: Have you ever been mobbed in a public place? Do you get recognized a lot?

CleavantDerricks: Yes, quite a bit

CleavantDerricks: .

CleavantDerricks: It is gratifying to know that they like the show. It makes me feel good.

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Dark> to <Moderator>: also, if he's surprised at the fan following he's attained since he joined Sliders.

CleavantDerricks: Yes, because to be quite honest - I don't think we thought the show would be around this long.

CleavantDerricks: Especially with the network - they were unsure about each season and our coming back

CleavantDerricks: I would also like to say it was because of ther 2nd season onliners that we did come back

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Eurisko97> to <Moderator>: What were your thoughts when you first joined the show. What made you join it?

CleavantDerricks: I fell in love with the script, not necessarily my character

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <SUNFAN2> to <Moderator>: Do you sing your own songs and is there hope for a Sliders soundtrack?

CleavantDerricks: This season I sing my own songs

CleavantDerricks: And one song last season

CleavantDerricks: I doubt there wil be a soundtrack for sliders

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <BogusModem> to <Moderator>: Did you think, like the rest of us, that the show was dead after the second cance

CleavantDerricks: Yes

Moderator: <Gregslide> to <Moderator>: Do you get on the Internet often?  If so, what do you think of all the Sliders web

CleavantDerricks: I felt it was dead after every season, which was dissappointing. I felt that we weren't given a real op

CleavantDerricks: It takes several seasons to find your niche and this season I feel is our best of al

CleavantDerricks: I don't get on the internet, I am more of a private person but I get feedback from a lot of people,

CleavantDerricks: I have neighbbors who leave information on my doorstep

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <TemporalFlux> to <Moderator>: Mr. Derricks, which season was your favorite, season 1,2 or 3?

CleavantDerricks: this season

CleavantDerricks: .

CleavantDerricks: Reason being..

CleavantDerricks: I feel we are doing some of the best shows we have ever done

CleavantDerricks: not that we haven't in the past

CleavantDerricks: .

CleavantDerricks: ....

CleavantDerricks: but from a personal standpoint...

CleavantDerricks: with a new network, I feel it's our best

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Gregslide>: What is the funniest thing you remember while working on the set of Sliders ?

CleavantDerricks: Laughs...

CleavantDerricks: There are so many..

CleavantDerricks: I've just come in from shooting today...

CleavantDerricks: There is so much that happens on the set, we joke all the time

CleavantDerricks: It is difficult to remember just one thing right now

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <PEZ9000>: Were you a fan of science fiction before joining Sliders?

CleavantDerricks: Yes, but not so much into space travel as into terrestrial phenomenon

CleavantDerricks: I am definately a fan of shows like the X files

CleavantDerricks: or some of the older shows like twlight zone

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Cantha>: Do you enjoy doing science fiction? Do you think you'll get type-cast?

CleavantDerricks: I enjoy doing science fiction

CleavantDerricks: I don't think I will think I will get typecast since the show wasn't a major major hit here in the US

CleavantDerricks: If it was a blockbuster show like the X-files or star trek then I would worry

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Boss-Man>: Cleavant... what do you think of the new season with the Sci-Fi channel???

CleavantDerricks: The absolute Best !

CleavantDerricks: If we were with the Sci-Fi channel from the very beginning I would certainly be afraid of being typecas

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Eurisko97> to <Moderator>: Mr. Derricks You have been quoted as saying this is the best year thus far. What i

CleavantDerricks: We are doing one right now, we did it today that Jerry O'Connel wrote

CleavantDerricks: There is also one called "California Reich"

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <cheesegod> to <Moderator>: Do you have "tears in your frow" right now?

CleavantDerricks: I'm not sure I understand the question

Moderator: <Boss-Man> to <Moderator>: have any famous actors requested to be on an episode of sliders coming up???

CleavantDerricks: Yes..

CleavantDerricks: Melissa Gilbert, hopefully will appear

CleavantDerricks: Most of our actors are just good actors who audition for the part

CleavantDerricks: We don't write for star types

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Eurisko97> to <Moderator>: What is your reaction to the loss of JRD and Sabrina.

CleavantDerricks: Hurt

CleavantDerricks: but it's good to know they've moved on to other things and are doing very wel

CleavantDerricks: You can't work that long with someone and they not leave a void in your heart

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Ritzo> to <Moderator>: Do you plan on staying with the show, or will you leave too like some of the other cas

CleavantDerricks: I would plan to stay but you never know whjat the "powers that be" have in store for you

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Kellity>: If you could actually slide, would you?

CleavantDerricks: Definately !

CleavantDerricks: .

CleavantDerricks: ..

CleavantDerricks: Which is why I fell in love with the script ...

CleavantDerricks: I feel that Tracy Torme had one of the freshest ideas for Television

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <JoeMcl>: Tracy Torme said he wanted the show to be more character based, do you agree with that or do you lik

CleavantDerricks: I agree with Trach which is why we are doing that this season

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <jose> to <Moderator>: What are the chances of you doing a 5th season?

CleavantDerricks: You never know (Laughs)

CleavantDerricks: We hope...but you never know

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Miltin>: I undestand that jerry is going to some writting this season. do you have asperations toward writing

CleavantDerricks: I don't think writing is my forte (laughs)...

CleavantDerricks: I'm from a musical background.

CleavantDerricks: If music were more involved with sliders, them I would certainly LOVE to test those waters

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Gregslide>: Did you like working with your brother in episodes like "The King is Back" ?

CleavantDerricks: Yeah, it was fun

CleavantDerricks: It always interesting to work with a sibling

CleavantDerricks: I enjoy watching Jerry and his brother work this season

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Gregslide>: At the beginning of the series Rembrandt is not really a hero, but little by little he has become

CleavantDerricks: I fought for it

CleavantDerricks: It was my only gleem of hope when I picked up this character..

CleavantDerricks: To pick it up and turn it around

CleavantDerricks: Make him real

CleavantDerricks: and help him to grow

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Kyle123>: Will us fans be able to look forward to new characters in the new season?

CleavantDerricks: Yes

CleavantDerricks: .

CleavantDerricks: I want you to be surprised

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Ritzo>: Is there element of danger to acting? Do you ever do your own stunts?

CleavantDerricks: Yes there is danger to acting..

CleavantDerricks: we do our stunts to a certain degree

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Oria>: Will Cryin'Man develop a love interest this season?

CleavantDerricks: or two

CleavantDerricks: but it won't be just a love affair. It will be a story that will deal with Sci-Fi Issues

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Zedd>: If you did write an episode how would it go?

CleavantDerricks: That would take a lot of time to figure out...

CleavantDerricks: and I haven't even tried to begin

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <jose>: Are you opptimistic about the future of Sliders?

CleavantDerricks: I've learned to be (with our track record) laughs

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <JoeMcl>: Do you ever watch the show or are you like some actors who can't watch themselves on t.v.?

CleavantDerricks: I can't watch myself on TV...

CleavantDerricks: because once it's done, it's can't go back and change the little things you didn't like

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <CyberBeaz>: How Do They Make The Great Images Of The Wormhole?

CleavantDerricks: They do 2 things..

CleavantDerricks: They use Special effects and computers

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Gregslide>: How Rembrandt changed Cleavant ?

CleavantDerricks: I think it's made me realize that patience is very important when it comes to change

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <lylas> to <Moderator>: Can you give us any hints about season 4?

CleavantDerricks: ....

CleavantDerricks: because it took patience to change Rembrandt..

CleavantDerricks: and that was a good thing

Moderator: Please send your final questions to Moderator..

CleavantDerricks: so I'm not afraid to be patient....with the other things in my life

CleavantDerricks: Re: season 4 Q.. No, then you wouldn't be surprised..

CleavantDerricks: just know that it's going to be great !

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Sandyjean>: How does it feel to have won a Tony?

CleavantDerricks: I still haven't come down from that one..

CleavantDerricks: Probably one of the best moments of my life. And I'm not one who is into all the fanfare of award shows

CleavantDerricks: but I know how hard I worked in that one.

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Crestgirl>: Mr. Derricks, are we going to see you in anything besides Sliders any time soon? (hope hope!)

CleavantDerricks: Hope, Hope back (Laughs)

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Leo>: Do you think you will ever slide back home?

CleavantDerricks: In the new season there will be a lot of information about that

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <SUNFAN2> : how did the nickname Crying Man come to be?

CleavantDerricks: Tracy Torme had it from the beginning...

CleavantDerricks: without him there woulf be no crying man

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Gregslide>: How do you explain the success of Sliders ?

CleavantDerricks: The fans !

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Phoenix>: Mr. Derricks, are you amazed at the fan following that you and your character have generated since

CleavantDerricks: It's begining to click for me...

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Chani>: Would you like it if Stephen King wrote a Sliders?

CleavantDerricks: I would LOVE IT! ..

CleavantDerricks: Preferable a Sliders movie

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <CyberBeaz>: Are You Planning Another Chat Session Soon?

CleavantDerricks: We all are...

CleavantDerricks: It would be graet, I'm enjoying it !

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: <Sandyjean>: Do you get a lot of fan mail?

CleavantDerricks: Yes, I do..

CleavantDerricks: And to all of those who have written and asked for pictures...

CleavantDerricks: Please be patient. I feel the best photos were taken this season...


CleavantDerricks: and as soon as they are ready I will send them out..

CleavantDerricks: Again , thanks to all of you for keeping us around...

CleavantDerricks: We hope to bring you the best of the best ..

CleavantDerricks: and with the new Sci-Fi Network, I believe we will.

CleavantDerricks: Warmest Regards everyone !

CleavantDerricks: .

Moderator: Thank you very much Mr. Derricks. We will now open up the channel for everyone...

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