Robert Floyd Chat at on July 08, 1999

BriaS: Yeah here we go................

Rickmin: here we go

Moderator: Hi Robert -- can you type??

RobertFloyd: Yes!

Moderator: Great!

Moderator: Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here tonight where we'll be chatting with the newest Slider, Robert Floyd. Floyd plays Mallory, a composite of Quinns from parallel earths merged through the experiments of evil scientist Dr. Oberon Geiger.

Moderator: Brief word about the drill -- this is a moderated chat. If you have a question for Robert Floyd, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message. Thanks

Moderator: <TemporalFlux>: Was the merging idea conceived before or after you auditioned? In other words, what part did you read for when you auditioned?

RobertFloyd: The merging was concieved before

RobertFloyd: So I originally read for an alternate named Michael

RobertFloyd: Bill Dial decided upon the merging

RobertFloyd: It ca,me as a surprise to me when we got ready to work

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Hoby-Wan> : Robert, do you feel a lot of pressure since you've taken Jerry O'Connell's place? Obviously the fans really loved him...I bet it's difficult to deal with their expectations yet make a character that's your /own/ and not a copy of Quinn.

RobertFloyd: I was lucky with the writers...

RobertFloyd: That they created a seperate character for me after a few episodes

RobertFloyd: It's more of an ensemble show now

RobertFloyd: That's fun

RobertFloyd: I was lucky with the surrounding cast too

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Cheeseman> : How has the set of sliders welcomed you to the show, warmly I hope, and how do you like filling jerry's shoes??

RobertFloyd: I was welcomed extremely well at Universal

RobertFloyd: Thank God I'd didn't have to fill Jerry's shoes

RobertFloyd: I had to do the best new character I could

RobertFloyd: They made me ferl right at home

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Maximill0n>: In the show was mallory supsed to be based on most of The other quin or the quin that mallory looks like?

RobertFloyd: Mallory was based very loosely on the original Quinn, but with a different kind of intelligence. Quinn was brilliant. I have street smarts

RobertFloyd: Quinn was more of a thinker

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Slider-Baby>: What's the best thing about working on Sliders?

RobertFloyd: The best is that the show is unlike any other show. Every episode is so completely different. No arcs. Sci Fi times a thousand!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Slider-Baby> : In what ways is your character, Mallory, like and unlike you?

RobertFloyd: He's unlike me in that he fights alot. He's very aggressive

RobertFloyd: He's still trying to find himself

RobertFloyd: He's insecure

RobertFloyd: Me, I'm very laid back

RobertFloyd: No fighting unless it's pay per view

RobertFloyd: I don't need to prove myself every week

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Serra>: Did you ever watch Sliders before you got the part, and if so, were you a fan?

RobertFloyd: I watched the show on Fox. I saw a few episodes on SciFi but I was traveling and didn't see alot of television. I was too busy

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Informant>: We've heard that Wade comes back in one episode, how does Mallory deal with that? Does Quinn come through at all?

RobertFloyd: She does come back for an episode. But the stakes are so high that Quinn doesn't have a chance to ponder what's happening.

RobertFloyd: It's all action

RobertFloyd: Saving her...

RobertFloyd: And ourselves

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <ethome>: Hello Robert. How did you prepare for your role on Sliders? Was it any different from your other roles you've played?

RobertFloyd: Yes. Much different. Because Jerry is so popular.

RobertFloyd: I watched a dozen back episodes

RobertFloyd: I didn't want to copy him

RobertFloyd: BNut I had to emulate him, at times

RobertFloyd: I've never done that before

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Arphy>: Any amusing anecdotes from the set? Any practical jokes?

RobertFloyd: Yes.

RobertFloyd: There were times where people would miss there mark and we would slip slide and fall on the set

RobertFloyd: And there are a couple people very afraid of snakes on the set

RobertFloyd: so we use alot of rubber snakes to get laughs.

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <mik8>: Ever find yourself looking for the portal off the set?

RobertFloyd: Not often

RobertFloyd: I don'y worry about being left behind anytime soon

RobertFloyd: Or at least not in a cro-mag world

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Thor>: where are you from?

RobertFloyd: I'm from Lakeland Florida

RobertFloyd: I went to school in New York and came to LA two years ago

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <shel> to <Moderator>: Regarding potential romance for Mallory w/ other sliders, doubles, or others, what can we expect? Any chance for an interracial thing w/ Dr. Diana?

RobertFloyd: This year they stayed away from romance amongst sliders. But I have lots of other romances. They're alot of fun for the fans

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Javarra>: How did you get into acting? Did you have any other childhood ambitions?

RobertFloyd: I got into acting by accident

RobertFloyd: I auditioned with a friend for a musical and got a lead

RobertFloyd: I was terrible -- but the bug bit me

RobertFloyd: I knew than it was for me

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: For late-comers -- our guest tonight is SLIDERS star Robert Floyd. If you have a question for Robert, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message. Thanks!

Moderator: <BriaS> : This is so great that Robert caould take some time to do this for us and I think he is doing a WONDERFUL job. I was wondering if we will be seeing him in anything other than Sliders in the near future?

RobertFloyd: I just finished a film for Masterpiece Theater called Song of the Lark for PBS...And a vampire film called Cold Hearts for HBO...and a Lifetime film called Mercy Street

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Javarra>: Are you a big sci-fi fan? Are there any other genres you enjoy (TV, movies, books)?

RobertFloyd: I love science fiction...Because with sci fi there are so many possibilities. There are 9 kids in my family and we all watched Star Trek together. when I was growing up

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <SliderCg>many people were disapointed when jerry left did it make you fell nervous taking his place

RobertFloyd: No really.

RobertFloyd: I cou;ldn't do anything about it

RobertFloyd: Jerry's becoming a HUGE star

RobertFloyd: He felt that it was time to go

RobertFloyd: I was very excited tp replace such a wonderful guy, and talented actor

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Gregslider>: Have you already met Jerry ? If so, what did you talk about ?


RobertFloyd: The first time I met Jerry was at Skybar in LA

RobertFloyd: We talked about the cast

RobertFloyd: Then we had a drink

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Willow>: What is it like working on sliders with all the effect's they have to put in? Is it hard to do all the split screen episode's when they call for doubles?

RobertFloyd: Yes and no

RobertFloyd: It is more trying

RobertFloyd: because it takes so long to shoot

RobertFloyd: You have to learn to relax and take your time

RobertFloyd: Long days

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Cheeseman>: What is a normal day on the sliders set????

RobertFloyd: Cal;l time is about 5:30 AM and I go to the gym for an hour first

RobertFloyd: Then makeup

RobertFloyd: Then rehearsal

RobertFloyd: Then shooting

RobertFloyd: We f

RobertFloyd: take 30 minutes for lunch

RobertFloyd: Then shoot till around 7PM

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <SliderCg> does your quin ever come to terms with his duality

RobertFloyd: No. He never does. He can't. He wants the other quinn gone.

RobertFloyd: He doesn't like him there

RobertFloyd: It makes him very insecure

RobertFloyd: He's accepted it, but he'll never like it.

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Cheeseman> : Where would you like to see your character go this season??

RobertFloyd: I like playing Quinn as a strong leader through action. I like it that he never backs down. It feels like an underdog role. Almost like a western

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Slider-Baby>: If you weren't bitten by the acting bug, what do you think you'd probably be doing instead?

RobertFloyd: I can't imagine

RobertFloyd: If I could have done anything else, I probably would have.

RobertFloyd: In New York I was a waiter, a bartender, I parked cars... Not exactly careers

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Maximill0n>: Are any of your brothers and sisters actors?

RobertFloyd: My little brother Tony is an actor, but he's in theater. He's also a photographer. The rest of the family went into medicine and Law

RobertFloyd: GA

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Moderator: <SliderSarah>: Do you prefer theatre, television or movies or all they all good in their separate ways?

RobertFloyd: I love them all

RobertFloyd: But they are so different

RobertFloyd: Theater asks you to perform 7 days a week

RobertFloyd: TV you're racing to finish and nothing is in sequence.

RobertFloyd: I tyhink film may be most enjoyable

RobertFloyd: There's lots of tiem to get it right

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <RealmKeeper>: Do we meet any MAllory doubles this season?

RobertFloyd: No Mallory doubles this season!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Slider-Baby>: What do you do in your spare time?

RobertFloyd: I haven't had much! I love reading, movies, and basketball on Venice Beach. I love the beach

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <slidecat> : do you have any significant others in real life? (off the sliders set)

RobertFloyd: Yes I do. Thanks for asking!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Ashana> to <Moderator>: Where do you see your acting career going after sliders?

RobertFloyd: After Sliders I'd like to move on to another series, or perhaps top do indie long they're entertaining. I like to entertain.

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Arphy>: Which episode do you think was your strongest? Are there any scenes you're particularly proud of, that we should be watching for?

RobertFloyd: I love an episode coming up called New Gods for Old

RobertFloyd: It was written by a man who wrote for Star Trek

RobertFloyd: It's my favorite to date

RobertFloyd: There's so much in it...You need to see it more than once

RobertFloyd: So tape it!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <sliderfan>: Do you expect the others to get unstuck and find their way home by the last show?


RobertFloyd: I don't expect it to happen. Geiger didn't care at all what happened to other people. I can't image him sending them someplace safe

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <remmy>: do you know what kind of worlds that are going to beinthis season?

RobertFloyd: Yes. There's a Mad Max world with lots of bike, A cro-Mag world. A corporate world...kinda cyber punk. And a '20's Flapper world

RobertFloyd: GA

RobertFloyd: Oh the author of New Gods is David Gerrold

Moderator: For late-comers -- our guest tonight is SLIDERS star Robert Floyd. If you have a question for Robert, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message. Thanks!

Moderator: <Ashana>: What kind of movies and tv shows do you watch? or does being part of one show make you sick of watching television?

RobertFloyd: I try to see everything as far as movies go. Austin Powers, Star Wars. I never get sicl of anythingh sone well. I watch ER on TV...and South Park...And the Simpson..And SciFi Prime

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Willow>: Near s4, Quinn got very hard, almost uncaring, do you think you'll have to cary over any of that hostility?

RobertFloyd: I think inherantly I have to carry it over. I'm mainbly out for myself. I don't understand a "team" yet. I will learn

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Ron>: If Sliders were to become a motion picture, what would you like to see happen in the film?

RobertFloyd: Gosh. Great question. On film you'd have the freedom to rev up the FX...Great battle scene. Work on location outside of Canada, or the US. It would be fun

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <TemporalFlux> : Any word on another season yet? In your opinion, how do the chances of a season six look?

RobertFloyd: It seems like we're always about ready to get cancelled. The numbers are good now....BUT... This show had 9 lives. I don't how many we've used up. Wait and see. I hope for 6!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Typical>: Will there be any comic relief this season?

RobertFloyd: Yes. Unfortunately, or fortunately at my expense. I slide without thinking.

RobertFloyd: I provide lots of comic relief

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <sliderCg>"will there be more action oriented eoisodes like strangers and comrads

RobertFloyd: There are, but not to the same degree. We do have some very good fight scene. Especially in a Civil War episode

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <MrsCharlieOConnell>: i would like to know what you want to see happen with your character?

RobertFloyd: Well, I think the writers have a done a great job with Mallory. I'd like him to continue to fight for right...And more ROMANCE

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <PrimeG>: The season finale is supposed to reveal a big secert. Any chance this secret has anything to do with your character?

RobertFloyd: Yes. It does. And the Quinn before. But secrets are important!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Willow>: I've heard rumors that in a year or so, they'll come out with a slider's game. Who all will be in that?

RobertFloyd: I've never heard of a game. Afraid I have no idea. Sounds like fun!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Gregslider> : What do you think of all the Sliders web sites ?

RobertFloyd: I think it's part of the reason we're still on the air. A great fan base. As an actor it's intimidating. If I'm not doing my best, I'll hear about it from fans

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <CaptJames-T-Kirk> Do you ever read posts on the Sliders BBoard?

RobertFloyd: I do...Because my family loves to read it and send it to me. They download comments and mail them to me. It's fascinating. Especially the critiques. They're very real

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <remmy> to <Moderator>: do you have a favorite movieand if so could you name it?

RobertFloyd: That's tough

RobertFloyd: I have so many

RobertFloyd: It's A Wondrful Life

RobertFloyd: Kramer versus Kramer

RobertFloyd: Lorenzo"s Oil

RobertFloyd: GA

RobertFloyd: Oh...and action

RobertFloyd: Star Wars. All of them!

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Colin> : whats your favorite tv show?

RobertFloyd: I guess my favorite all time TV show was Brian's Song...a James Caan made for TV movie... I like ER and the Simpsons alot.

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: For late-comers -- our guest tonight is SLIDERS star Robert Floyd. If you have a question for Robert, please send it to me (Moderator) as a private message. Thanks!

Moderator: <AlienZot>: What is your favorite book?

RobertFloyd: Well, let me tell you what I'm reading now... Willa Cather! And a Patrick MacManus book called The Grasshopper Trap...and James Hogan sci fi

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Ron>: What kind of music do you listen to?

RobertFloyd: I listen to everything

RobertFloyd: Musicals

RobertFloyd: Rock

RobertFloyd: New Age

RobertFloyd: Country

RobertFloyd: Everything

RobertFloyd: Just depends on my mood

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: <Willow> to <Moderator>: What advice would you give to someone trying to get into acting?

RobertFloyd: Read a book called Audition.

RobertFloyd: Do as many plays as you

RobertFloyd: And if you have alternatives...Don't go near actring

RobertFloyd: GA

Moderator: And our final question for tonight -- and thanks, Robert, for joining us! You've been a GREAT guest. And audience, YOU'VE been a GREAT audience!

Moderator: <Colin> : do you have a fan mail address?


RobertFloyd: Most of my fan mail goes to Don Buckwald Agency at 6500 Wilshire Suite 2200 LA CA 90048

Moderator: Robert, thank you so much for joining us here tonight. Everyone in the audience -- thanks for all those GREAT questions! I'm sorry that not all of them could be put to Robert but he would have had to have stayed till 5 AM tomorrow. If you came in late, please check out the transcript -- your questions may have been asked ealrier.

RobertFloyd: Thanks for having me

RobertFloyd: Good night now!

Moderator: Thanks again, Robert!

Moderator: Good night, Robert. You were terrific.

Moderator: Okay! We're about to go unmoderated...

Moderator: And again, I am really sorry that we were not able to ask Robert all of your questions. There were so many of them!

Moderator: Hold on...

* Gregslider Thank you very much Robert ! It was a great chat ! Long live Sliders ! *

Informant: Thanks, Robert!

Moderator: There you go!

BriaS: He did a really GREAT job. I am so looking forward to his other projects coming up!!!

Chaser9: :c)

Vortex62: Thanks Robert for chatting with us!!! Take care!!!

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