Tembi Locke & Robert Floyd Chat at TV Guide on July 19, 1999

TV Guide: The two newest additions to Sliders, Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke are here tonight to tell us about their new characters. Robert starred in Godzilla, Early Edition and a guest appearance on Law and Order. Tembi starred in Steel, on As The World Turns and in Claude's Crib.

Both: Hey there...

genestyx: Do you all believe that sliding is possible?

Both: Yes.

Robert: With so many things unexplained, why make something an impossibility?

Tembi: I echo the statements of my colleague.

TheDragon37: So, what's it like being a Slider?

Tembi: It's a lot of fun; we get to encounter a lot of different worlds -- different people and possibilities. It's hard on the knees.

Robert: My knees didn't get hurt so badly, but I did have a good time.

DIVUXGUY1: Are you two like your characters in Sliders?

Robert: Yes, I've never won a fight. I love to cut up a lot.

Tembi: No, Diana and I are very different. She's uptight; she's sort of a perfectionist. I'm way more laid back.

gregslide: During the shooting, did you feel closer because you were both new in the cast?

Robert: Oh, absolutely. Definitely. Being new to the cast was helpful in the sense of two coming in at the same time.

Tembi: So we were sort of partners in crime from the beginning. We just both had to sort of learn similar things at the same time: how to slide, how to defeat a Kromagg -- they gave us the handbook.

k_money2000: What is the weirdest world you have ever 'slid' into?

Robert: I think it was the third episode -- sliding into a world -- it wasn't quite a world, it was more of a buffer zone where the Kromaggs were -- sliding into a big battle.

Tembi: Definitely when we did Strangers and Comrades -- sliding into the world with the Kromaggs -- neither Mallory or Diana had ever come across or even conceived of the fact that Kromaggs were even possible.

javarra: How much fun did you have learning all the technobabble?

Tembi: Well, let's just put it like this. After I did the first episode, I thought it in my best interest to go get Physics for Dummies so I could learn all the compound words. But it was fun, it was challenging -- you're the wiser for the experience.

Robert: The technobabble I had to learn wasn't too bad, but it would always blow my mind trying to make it real.

chrissy_knight99: Do you have any pets that stay with you on the set?

Robert: Sometimes I would put my pet rubber snake in Tembi's trailer because she has an absolute fear of snakes and spiders -- does that count?

therealmkeeper: Have you been speaking to Cleavant and Kari lately? Do they have any interest in a sixth season?

Robert: I know Cleavant does.

Tembi: He's our veteran slider -- he could go to infinity.

hard_core20: What's the best movie you think you have been in?

Tembi: I have a movie coming out, Unbowed, it's an independent film. I'm really proud of the work in the film.

Robert: I just finished a Masterpiece Theatre movie, Song of the Lark, which will be out in January. It's a turn-of-the-century romance based on the novel by Willa Cather.

Tembi: We want to ask the fans, what do you like best about Sliders, and what would you like to see happen with the characters this season?

Tom_Servo_000000000: I'd like to see much more of you Tembi! LOL! I would also like to see a resolution to the kromagg story line.

Tembi: Well, they'll get both.

gregslide: What is the main obstacle you met during the shooting of this season?

Robert: I didn't find many obstacles.

Tembi: Just that we have long days, 12, 13 hours in the rain, sometimes we go out to do night shoots in the desert. It gets really cold.

oasis_dude_15: Is it true that you both go and post a few messages on the sci-fi channel's bboard?

Both: Yes.

therealmkeeper: Can you give us any hints about the season finale?

Robert: Mum's the word -- total secrecy.

TheDragon37: Do either of you have religious beliefs?

Both: Yes.

javarra: How much input did you have into the development of your characters?

Tembi: As the season goes on, we definitely had some input in being able to say 'I think my character should go this way.' The producers were really open to that.

Robert: In the beginning, the producers and writers had an idea of where they wanted these characters to go. As the season progressed we did have a little more freedom. But a lot of the scripts were more about exploring situations, rather than character development.

Christina_julianna: Robert, have you ever done any plays or Broadway productions?

Robert: Broadway, no. Off-Broadway, yes, over at Manhattan Class Company and Able-Bodied Seaman. And I have worked with New Perspectives Theatre Company -- off-off-Broadway.

javarra: Tembi, how did you get started in acting?

Tembi: I began acting as a kid doing summer stock -- I grew up in Houston and was a member of the Alley Theatre children's program. And I've been doing it ever since, through high school and college.

angel_runions_1: What are your hobbies?

Robert: Surfing, skydiving.

Tembi: Fly-fishing and skateboarding.

ShadowDenizen: Is there anything in particular you'd like to see on upcoming episodes?

Robert: We'd like to get Cleavant home.

Finisher_1999: Did you know any of the actors from Sliders before you were casted for the position of Mallory and Diana?

Tembi: No, I didn't.

Robert: No.

Tembi: I saw Cleavant in Dream Girls when I was a little kid.

javarra: What are your favorite TV shows (besides Sliders, of course)?

Tembi: Law & Order, Dharma & Greg.

Robert: South Park, ER.

gregslide: Have you been a science-fiction fan from early childhood?

Tembi: I used to watch Trek-a-thons on Saturdays.

Robert: I became a huge sci fi fan when my dad took me to Star Wars for the first time.

Christina_julianna: Have you guys seen The Blair Witch Project?

Robert: Yes, it's awesome! It rocks! It was the biggest surprise.

Tembi: No, I haven't seen it -- but I saw the line wrapped around the building!

javarra: Do either of you have any singing abilities/aspirations?

Robert: I started in musicals and I was really bad. They put me way in the back because I wasn't a good singer or a good dancer. So I love musicals, but it's just not in the cards for me.

Tembi: I do no sing outside of my shower.

TheDragon37: What type of music do you all listen to?

Robert: I listen to everything -- hip hop, country, even musicals.

Tembi: Hip-hop, jazz, funk!

oasis_dude_15: Have you seen the South Park Movie?

Robert: Yes! I loved it! And I'm going again this week! I think Cartman is one of the best actors -- and last night's episode was GREAT!

DIVUXGUY1: Are there going to be any worlds this season where there aren't any Kromaggs?

Tembi: Yes. Absolutely. Most worlds don't have Kromaggs.

paste_pot_pete: Robert, how does it feel stepping into a character established by another actor, so to speak. You may not be him, but you are carrying him around inside you.

Robert: It was very challenging because Jerry O'Connell is extremely well-liked and a fantastic actor. I was really fortunate that the producers and writers created Mallory much different from the original Quinn.

k_money2000: Have you ever hurt yourself on set?

Robert: You're always getting nicks and bruises with the fight scenes and sliding from the roof of a building.

Tembi: Bruises, twisted ankles…

Robert: But nothing very serious.

Pufnstuf36: Are the kissing scenes hard to do?

Tembi: Depends on who with!

Robert: It's true.

lukus311: What is your favorite alcohol drink?

Robert: I love a dirty martini.

Tembi: I'm good for a whiskey sour or a glass of Chardonnay. I'm either down and dirty or highly refined.

Tom_Servo_000000000: Any plans to get Wade Welles rescued?

Tembi: Without giving it away, there's an upcoming episode that addresses it. I hope you guys tune in; it's a really good episode.

puck2017: I'm a physicist. How do you feel knowing that there are real scientists watching the show?

Tembi: It makes me shake in my boots. Tell them I'll take them on retainer if they're open to it.

therealmkeeper: Is there going to be a season 6? And if there is are you going to be returning?

Tembi: We heard that Sci-Fi is very proud of the full run that Sliders has enjoyed. But it's not coming back. This season's gonna be very exciting. Many of the questions people have will be answered. We've always tried to stay true to our fans. And do the best we could.

Robert: I'm looking forward to continuing to do great projects. Hopefully I'll have a chance to go back to the sci-fi genre because this is some of the most fun I've had in acting.

Tembi: I definitely am going to go on to do some film work and continue to work in television, maybe another show with USA. This is my second show with USA and 3's the charm!

TV Guide: Thanks for chatting with us, any last words before you go tonight?

Tembi: Sliders rocks!

Robert: Robert Sullivan wrote, "a promise made is a debt unpaid and the trail has its own stern code." I think this season we explored a lot of possibilities and answered a lot of questions, and tried to stay true to the fans. Thanks for the support. Sliders airs Friday nights at 9pm ET and 1am ET and 6pm and 10pm PT on the Sci-Fi Channel.

TV Guide: Thanks for chatting with us Robert and Tembi, goodnight

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