Bonnie Hammer, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Sci-fi, Chat transcript which was held 22 June 2000

Bonnie Hammer


<Moderator> OK, we're ready to begin.
<Moderator> I've just moderated the chat room, which means only I (and Bonnie Hammer) will be able to talk aloud.

<BonnieHammer> Hello everyone.

<Moderator> If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me as a private message.
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<Moderator> We welcome Bonnie Hammer to her first online chat. Bonnie is the Executive VP and General Manager of SCI FI. She oversees all aspects of SCI FI's business, including programming and marketing.
<Moderator> Bonnie, do you have any opening remarks for the group?

<BonnieHammer> Welcome to the chat. We're thrilled you're watching the channel. I hope everyone is tuned in to SCI FI right now :-)Welcome to the chat. WeĠre thrilled youĠre watching the channel. I hope everyone is tuned in to SCI FI right now :-)

<Moderator> <stlfan> to <Moderator>: I'm enjoying the "Invisible Man" so far. What chance is there of seeing a new Battlestar Galactica series on SCIFI?

<BonnieHammer> Funny you should mention that.
<BonnieHammer> It is something that we have thought of and continue to think of.
<BonnieHammer> We have actually started some prelminary conversations...
<BonnieHammer> ...however we never know where they are going to go.
<BonnieHammer> So I don't want to start any false hopes out there.
<BonnieHammer> However it is defintiely something we are looking into. GA

<Moderator> <Miss-T> to <Moderator>: What causes a show to get canceled? Is it ratings? the type of show? or a personal dislike of executives?

<BonnieHammer> Well at least you're on track with two out of three :-)
<BonnieHammer> Lots of factors factor into why something is kept or cancelled.
<BonnieHammer> Including: Ratings. Actual costs. Contracts with talent and creators.
<BonnieHammer> It's never usually just one factor.
<BonnieHammer> It's rarely, and surely not at SCI FI, ever been cancelled because of an executive.
<BonnieHammer> Any time anyone has to cancel anything...
<BonnieHammer> there are always many serious discussions with a multitude of people before it is done.
<BonnieHammer> And it always feels like a hardship. GA

<Moderator> <Crusade-Tim> to <Moderator>: I am a big fan of the Babylon 5 sequel Crusade and had heard rumors that the Sci-Fi channel was trying to buy it last Feb. Can you tell us anything about why SFC did not purchase Crusade then and is there any chance you may purchase new episodes of it in the future?

<BonnieHammer> Our first entree into that franchise was picking up the entire of Babylon 5 series which starts to air September 25, which we are really excited about.
<BonnieHammer> We DID think about Crusade before it closed down, but the timing and the actual financial commitment at the time just actually wasn't going to work for us. We are actually open to considering it down th.
<BonnieHammer> the road.
<BonnieHammer> But first we want to see how B5 does on our air, and hope all of you tune in!
<BonnieHammer> Additionally, we are devoting a 1-hour Sciography special to the B5, because we wanted to give it a special launch because we love the franchise so much!

<Moderator> <CyberBJXX1stW> to <Moderator>: How did you react to the First Wave salt letter campaign?

<BonnieHammer> I thought it was hysterical. We wish we would never have to go into repeats of any of our series -- love the fact that all of you knew and cared.

<Moderator> <MissingSliderRyan> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer, with the upcoming Aug. 25 release of the movie 'Highlander: Endgame', will there be a 'Chain Reaction' of 'Highlander: The Series' episodes? Will this also be applied to 'Sliders' when the movie comes out?

<BonnieHammer> The likelihood of a marathon is strong. We are always looking for reasons and excuses to marathon shows we like.
<BonnieHammer> Tune in before the movie premieres, and check us out.

<Moderator> <SAABsigrid> to <Moderator>: Will the Scifi channel pick up "Space: Above and Beyond" and do new episodes? The creators have said they would come running if they were asked.

<BonnieHammer> Not likely, but never say never! We've learned that before.
<BonnieHammer> Space Above and Beyond WILL be on our schedule with existing episoes.

<Moderator> <FK-Gwenn> to <Moderator>: With the high interest in vampires series. Why is Forver Knight, which has such a wide audience ,not brought back to the Scifi channel?

<BonnieHammer> We had FK on schedule for a long time, we love the series. However, the creative team disbanded before we got involved.
<BonnieHammer> But we are doing Ultraviolet in late July as a miniseries, which is a wonderful vampire miniseries which we think should please vampire fans.

<Moderator> <Informant> to <Moderator>: Has the Scifi channel ever thought of a show similar to E!'s "True Hollywood Stroy" with Scifi shows? I'd love to see the Sliders cast and crew look back and spill all the juicy secrets :-)

<BonnieHammer> Our new Sciography series premiering in July is similar -- we are starting with Battlestar Galactica.
<BonnieHammer> And then Quantum Leap, followed by B5. They are juicy biographies of the series, not just the stars, with lots of wonderful tidbits.

<Moderator> plug:

<BonnieHammer> We are also doing something different by asking for fan input at SCIFI.COM.
<BonnieHammer> We are genuinely incorporating stories and info from fans into the show.

<Moderator> Station Identification: We're here chatting with Bonnie Hammer, capo di tutti capi of SCI FI Channel. Please send your questions to me, Moderator, as private messages.
<Moderator> <xraywoman> to <Moderator>: Good vs. Evil fans want to know, what happened to the brightest, freshest show we've seen in a while? There certainly is a huge fan base judging from the message boards.

<BonnieHammer> And will do more of that.
<BonnieHammer> We, too at Channel liked the series very much. We thought it was smart and wonderfully irreverent, and had a terrific sensibility.
<BonnieHammer> However, ratings were very very low, and were sinking. The cost of the series was increasing. That doesn not make a happy marriage.
<BonnieHammer> We love the producers, and are hoping to work with them again.

<Moderator> <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer: are there plans to get cast members from Farscape on talk shows, etc while they are here in the States? And thanks for all the great programs on SciFi.

<BonnieHammer> From your mouth to David Letterman's ears.
<BonnieHammer> We would love it, we are going to try to do as much as possible when they are in States -- it is difficult to promote this series since it is filmed in Australia.
<BonnieHammer> We are trying to get the cast as well known as possible in States -- often difficult with bookers of talk shows since they don't always watch our Channel. The fans have been incredibly supportive.
<BonnieHammer> It is wonderful, because the fans have been a huge part of this series' building success.
<BonnieHammer> And the television writers, thankfully agree with the fans.
<BonnieHammer> In fact Zhaan was featured on the cover of the entertainment section of the NY Daily News today!
<BonnieHammer> Even more exciting, TV Guide is considering featuring some of the women on the cover later this summer. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

<Moderator> <Linda301> to <Moderator>: The Sentinel consistenly received better ratings on Tuesdays than Xena and Hercules, yet you’ve dumped The Sentinel into the afterschool timeslot. How can you continue to support that decision?

<BonnieHammer> Simply. Sentinel didn't do well for us in that timeslot, nor have Xena & Hercules. We promoted it, we themed it.
<BonnieHammer> We did everything we could to grab a good rating in primetime for it. Unfortunately, we concluded that works for us in our 4-hour blocks of primetime programming are proven anthologies.
<BonnieHammer> Like Outer Limits and Tales from the Crypt
<BonnieHammer> And hopefully in time we'll find another anthology that works on Tuesday.
<BonnieHammer> They are not bad shows, which is not the problem. They didn't work in those slots.
<BonnieHammer> We too, liked the shows -- otherwise they wouldn't have been in primetime in the first place.

<Moderator> <FenixZero> to <Moderator>: Why was Sliders canceled even though it was still one of the channel's highest rated shows!?

<BonnieHammer> It was an expensive series, we had enough episodes for strip purposes. We didn't think the storylines and cast were as the strong without the O'Connells and earlier seasons.

<Moderator> Strip = 5 days a week

<BonnieHammer> To move Channel forward, we need to be creating new fresh series.

<Moderator> <Leikela4> to <Moderator>: Why was Mystery Science Theater 3000 canceled? Even after all those time changes, and are you still going to keep it at 9am on Saturdays?

<BonnieHammer> We really liked MST3K. It was getting increasingly impossible to acquire rights to films that the MST3K characters could diss.
<BonnieHammer> Also, the available films were getting so expensive it was impossible to meet budget. (sorry for all question marks)

<Moderator> <BabsTR2070> to <Moderator>: Total Recall 2070 is a great sci fi series, now in syndication. There's a growing audience for this show, and many of us are here tonight. TR2070 is leading edge sci fi, and needs a network like Sci Fi Channel that can do it justice. Would you please consider picking up this great show?? It's too good a premise to lose. Thanks.

<BonnieHammer> We will DEFINATELY take a look at.
<BonnieHammer> We will watch, take a closer look at, and inquire.

<Moderator> <drdel> to <Moderator>: for Bonnie...Have you made any decisions regarding SciFi US commitment to Lexx Season 4?

<BonnieHammer> It is at top of mind right now.
<BonnieHammer> We will see how 3 performs, which just started.
<BonnieHammer> It is definately being considered.

<Moderator> <Terra-Pryme> to <Moderator>: Also, why does it take so long to air all the First Wave episodes from a particular season? Even with the summer run, SFC still will not have aired all the season 2 episodes. Why so long?

<BonnieHammer> We don't want to bury episodes during competitive sweeps periods with the broadcast networks.

<Moderator> sweeps = February, May, August, November (welcome to TV 101)

<BonnieHammer> Too many alternatives out there -- want to be able to save enough episodes so that when broadcast networks are in repeats, more people will tune in.

<Moderator> though August sweeps don't really count
<Moderator> <bluelightleaper> to <Moderator>: Can fans of the recently cancelled NBC show the Others ever hope to see it revived on the Sci-fi Channel?

<BonnieHammer> Again, this is another conversation we have had and continue to have with Dreamworks.
<BonnieHammer> We happen to like the series very much. And we are trying to see if there is an affordable way that we could do this.
<BonnieHammer> It is a very good series, and a very expensive series. So we just to see if it can be done for the dollars that we can afford without in any way diminishing quality of the show.

<Moderator> <Mad-City-Man> to <Moderator>: Being an HDTV owner I was wondering what your plans are for broadcasting HDTV? Farscape and other Sci-Fi shows would be great if in HDTV and also the upcoming mini-series Dune.

<BonnieHammer> We would love to do, but it would be our parent company's decision with us. We are CONSIDERING/REVIEWING the possibility of doing some special treatments of Dune. Whether it be HDTV or DVD.
<BonnieHammer> All of this is still hypothetical right now.

<Moderator> <Crusade-Tom> to <Moderator>: How excited are you to be getting the "Dune" miniseries this fall? Have you seen any of the final footage?

<BonnieHammer> Beyond excited.
<BonnieHammer> Yes, we have seen early early stage footage of the miniseries.
<BonnieHammer> It is is visually spectacular.
<BonnieHammer> Absolutely theatrical release quality. And will be a true epic on television.
<BonnieHammer> The costumes are beyond belief, and the Baron's performance is bigger than life. And so is the Baron.

<Moderator> Fans of DUNE will NOT want to miss our chat with miniseries writer/director John Harrison Monday at 9pm, right here in this very chat room!
<Moderator> <Starkiller> to <Moderator>: Has the sci fi channel considered picking up Now and Again which was cancelled by CBS and reccently won a Saturn award, it would be a great addition to the current line-up?

<BonnieHammer> Yes, we have had conversations there. We are looking into it -- it would be along shot.

<Moderator> <SlidersCentral> to <Moderator>: Would the Scifi Channel even consider showing syndications of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Or Star Trek Voyager?

<BonnieHammer> Would we consider it? We would kill for it. We constantly have conversations about it, we talk to Paramount almost monthly pleading to open up conversations on this series.
<BonnieHammer> Even if they do open it up, they might make it so unaffordable we couldn't acquire it. But damn....we really want it!

<Moderator> <GambitsFox> to <Moderator>: GambitsFox>IF it's impossible to bring back a series like The Sentinel would you think about a once a month movie like what was done for Alien Nation?

<BonnieHammer> Hmmm. Interesting idea. Something to think about.

<Moderator> <Mosaic> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer, I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time since the cancellation of SCI-FI ENTERTAINMENT. Will there be another such show because SF fans are clamoring for it.

<BonnieHammer> We are t hinking about a new, bit more hip scifi/info/lifestyle show.
<BonnieHammer> We are in the very early stage of developement for On Air.
<BonnieHammer> However, SCIFI.COM is a bit further in development on an online version.
<BonnieHammer> Hopefully we can get the two coordinated down the road for a really hot show.

<Moderator> <Starkiller> to <Moderator>: Hi How do you come up with concepts for material to be aired on scifi?

<BonnieHammer> Many ways:
<BonnieHammer> Internal self-generated ideas.
<BonnieHammer> Through agents. Through producers.
<BonnieHammer> Through talent/stars.
<BonnieHammer> Oftentimes we will have an idea and we will go to a writer or producer to actually develop it.
<BonnieHammer> And sometimes through very simple and fun internal brainstorming sessions.

<Moderator> <babymoya> to <Moderator>: What has been your personal favorite series that you can't wait to go home and watch on SCI FI?

<BonnieHammer> That's a tough one.
<BonnieHammer> And unfair to ask me :-) But at the moment I'm partial to Farscape.
<BonnieHammer> And The Invisible Man is starting to compete.
<BonnieHammer> However, take a look at the schedule for the channel, because what's on there is what I really like.

<Moderator> <Crusade-joek> to <Moderator>: I believe Babylon 5 was originally filmed in wide screen. Any chance SCIFI will broadcast it that way? It would be awesome!

<BonnieHammer> We actually are well aware of that fact, we know all the versions that are out there...
<BonnieHammer> ...and hopefully we will have some welcome suprises when we launch the series in September.
<BonnieHammer> We want to do things that only the fans can truly appreciate.
<BonnieHammer> So, we will take some risks in terms of programming and how we air series at times just for the fans.
<BonnieHammer> (When we letterboxed Blade Runner the other week, it was for fans)

<Moderator> <trapperben> to <Moderator>: What type of credentials does this "John Edward" fellow have? I would hate to think that you hired some fake psychic hack.

<BonnieHammer> At first I was a total doubter, but he completely won me over.
<BonnieHammer> We would never put a charlatan on the air, especially on SCI FI.
<BonnieHammer> You'll have to see him to believe him. He affects everyone he touches.

<Moderator> <Crusade-Roanna> to <Moderator>: Q for Bonnie: What are the factors in building a schedule you think are most important? What decides which shows make up a particular block?

<BonnieHammer> Lots of factors go into scheduling.
<BonnieHammer> Who we think is available at a given time of day to watch.
<BonnieHammer> What shows flow well from one to the next...will people stay to watch one show after another based on the show's sensitiblities.
<BonnieHammer> The actual age of the series: Is it new? Is it old? How often has it played.
<BonnieHammer> And of course if it's in prime-time, will it get a rating.

<Moderator> <MrRoboto> to <Moderator>: Is Saturday Anime coming back to the network? If so what movies will you be playing?

<BonnieHammer> We always consider bringing anime back.
<BonnieHammer> However, we've tried it almost everywhere on the schedule...morning, noon and night.
<BonnieHammer> And the viewers don't seem to come....any recommendations?

<Moderator> <DS-4EVER> to <Moderator>: What are you feelings towards Horror vs. pure SCIFI? Are you leaning one way or the other?

<BonnieHammer> I think sci-fi is far broader than horror. I think good horror fits into the genre, but does not define the sci-fi genre.

<Moderator> <Crusader> to <Moderator>: How about taking a look at some of the old British series? I don't think Sapphire and Steel has ever been seen in the States, and Star Cops has only been seen on some PBS stations.

<BonnieHammer> We did look at them in the past.
<BonnieHammer> They felt relatively dated and slow for our SCI FI audience.
<BonnieHammer> However, we actually like the British sensibility, and if the right series came along we'd go for it. As we did with Ultraviolet.

<Moderator> <Mosaic> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer, do you have any plans to do a science fiction awards show, something similar to the MTV awards shows?

<BonnieHammer> You bet!
<BonnieHammer> It's in development right now.
<BonnieHammer> It's a sci-fi awards show that the SCI FI Channel, in conjunction with SCIFI.COM, has in the works.
<BonnieHammer> We are targeting for a mid- to late-2001 awards show, and we expect it to be the definitive sci-fi awards show on or off air.

<Moderator> We've only got a few minutes left -- can you stick around for overtime?

<BonnieHammer> I'm here for a while longer :-)

<Moderator> <akablonded> to <Moderator>: Does audience interest have any part in making a determination on what movies are made?

<BonnieHammer> Sure.
<BonnieHammer> Directly or indirectly, the audience always has a vote, and that vote is when it's on air, by watching and giving us a rating. In theaters, it's box office.
<BonnieHammer> When a genre film makes it, it's a vote for sci-fi at large. So you do have a say.

<Moderator> <SovsEmpress> to <Moderator>: Kevin Sorbo is currently beginning a new Rodenberry production entitled "Andromeda." Does SciFi have any current plans on trying to carry this series?
<Moderator> (for those who've just joined us, we're chatting with SCI FI GM Bonnie Hammer)
<Moderator> (send your questions to Bonnie to me, Moderator)

<BonnieHammer> We have had preliminary discussions with Tribune, just sounding them out. It hasn't gotten beyond that.
<BonnieHammer> But anytime there is a new sci-fi series, we will always looking at it and having conversations to see if it is right for us and/or affordable and doable for us.

<Moderator> <AuntieBetsy> to <Moderator>: The Crow: about this show?

<BonnieHammer> You might be hearing an announcement about that shortly :-)

<Moderator> <ANGRYMOBOFMSTIES> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer- what do you feel is the hardest part of your job?

<BonnieHammer> The hardest part of my job is having to say "no" to certain things I'd really like to have on the air.

<Moderator> <saabFaith> to <Moderator>: How much attention does the network pay to letter writing campaigns?

<BonnieHammer> Although I would love to say "a lot" -- because letters and writers come in from so many different factions: pro, con and everything in between
<BonnieHammer> it's difficult to weigh the import of one over another.
<BonnieHammer> it's always important to know and try to understand what the fans think and feel, but we can't always act on letters.

<Moderator> <Crusade-Roanna> to <Moderator>: q for Bonnie: How did you end ep in Scifi TV? Did you want a career in TV and Scifi was incidental, or are you as obsessed, er devoted, as some of the rest of us?

<BonnieHammer> A healthy combination of the two :-)

<Moderator> <FW-DrkAngel> to <Moderator>: Will Sci-Fi Channel acquire the tv rights to Pitch Black ? Or is that already in the family so-to-speak?

<BonnieHammer> Yes, it is in the family, but it doesn't mean that we don't have to acquire the rights.
<BonnieHammer> We have had internal discussions about it.
<BonnieHammer> We happen to really like the film.

<Moderator> <BlairAngel> to <Moderator>: How much input does sci-fi have with shows being produced for the network, such as "Farscape"?

<BonnieHammer> A lot.
<BonnieHammer> In all original production deals that we make, we share in the creative control of the series.
<BonnieHammer> Farscape is atrue collaboration, from inception to completion, in story, casting and dollars.
<BonnieHammer> It is rare if at all that we would get involved in a new original series without a certain level of creative control.

<Moderator> <Ribbonman> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer, in your quest to make sfc more hip and trendy, isn't there a danger of sacrificing intelligent/quality programming?

<BonnieHammer> I don't think they are mutually exclusive.
<BonnieHammer> We are all living a sci-fi life right now that is far more accessible and tangible then simply the cerebral sci-fi world of the past.
<BonnieHammer> Between cyberspace (this chat), cell phones, faxes, cloning and everything else that affects our life, sci-fi in its own way has become more hip and cool.

<Moderator> <MrRoboto> to <Moderator>: Since I don't have showtime I was wondering if you are going to buy any new eps of Outer Limits, I'm dying to see the Finale!

<BonnieHammer> We basically have acquired all original episodes to date. You will see the finale...if in fact there is a finale :-)

<Moderator> <akablonded> to <Moderator>: Maybe I missed the intro to the chat. Who is the typical Scifi viewer these days? Who are you looking for?

<BonnieHammer> Everyone.
<BonnieHammer> Including you :-)
<BonnieHammer> I don't think there is a typical viewer.
<BonnieHammer> I think sci-fi has come of age, so there is something in it for everyone. Tell all your friends :-)

<Moderator> <nitelvr> to <Moderator>: Ms. Hammer, what is the rationale for airing some show's episodes out of order? The most notable example of late is Lexx. Why weren't the Lexx movies aired first?

<BonnieHammer> In terms of order, we chose to grab the audience, make some noise, and put some of the bolder episodes upfront to bring in the broadest audience possible.
<BonnieHammer> We knew if we hooked people into the series, they would then be interested and willing to watch from the beginning.
<BonnieHammer> It was like many things we do a marketing stunt in order to encourage new viewers to come and see what we have.
<BonnieHammer> In terms of the movies, we didn't get them from Showtime early enough to launch the series with them.
<BonnieHammer> However, we will be airing them as a stunt...all together...later this summr.

<Moderator> <Terra-Pryme> to <Moderator>: <Terra_Pryme> Any more original shows comin in the next year of so?

<BonnieHammer> Absolutely.
<BonnieHammer> Starting in January, Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher will be launching.
<BonnieHammer> And we have another series we just closed on, however we are not at liberty to announce yet.
<BonnieHammer> And we have numerous shows and miniseries in development.

<Moderator> <Crusader> to <Moderator>: Can you envision enough original programming in the future so that you can start a second sci-fi network for classic sci-fi?

<BonnieHammer> In some ways we are doing two channels in one.
<BonnieHammer> We are turning our daytime into classic sci-fi as we relaunch daytime with new packaging on July 17...called SCI FI World
<BonnieHammer> and we're developing originals as we move toward the future of sci-fi, which we hope will eventually take over SCI FI Prime.

<Moderator> <SAABforever> to <Moderator>: Hello, what is the average budget per episode for an original series??

<BonnieHammer> There is no average cost. Each series is different unto itself.
<BonnieHammer> And, of course, you all know we can't talk budgets on chats ;-)
<BonnieHammer> We know that Farscape is one of the most expensive and ambitious series on TV. It rivals any network show.

<Moderator> <ghanima> to <Moderator>: Hi Bonnie nice to have you here, have you thought of doing Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

<BonnieHammer> Not only have I thought about it, I've been chomping at the bit to buy it away from Scott Rudin and Tom Hanks, who happen to have the option.
<BonnieHammer> I would love nothing better to have it on the channel...especially if we can get advertising sponsorship!

<Moderator> <Mosaic> to <Moderator>: Have you discussed doing any other science fiction books as movies and mini-series?

<BonnieHammer> Yes.
<BonnieHammer> It's a topic of conversation in every development meetings.
<BonnieHammer> And we are going after certain titles as we chat :-)

<Moderator> <saabRB> to <Moderator>: Have you heard of Harry Harrison's "Stainless Steele Rat" series, they would make a wonderful mini-series -good scifi humor

<BonnieHammer> We have lots of questions about lots of differnt books.
<BonnieHammer> And we love your recommendations.
<BonnieHammer> We are very seriously looking at many titles.
<BonnieHammer> Because we think so much of what's arleady out there and in book form would tranlsater wonderfully to the screen as modern sci-fi.
<BonnieHammer> It's often complicated and expensive to option books, but we are going after the best of them that we think will translate well to the small screen.

<Moderator> Final question for the night, though we hope to have Bonnie back more often:
<Moderator> <Drexxon> to <Moderator>: The idea that I have of your job is that you spend all day watching TV, writing down ideas, and helping to put more great shows on air so others can enjoy them... where can I go to pick up an application?? :-)

<BonnieHammer> Bless you. I wish that was my job :-)
<BonnieHammer> I wish that's all the job encompassed. But I must admit, I have one of the finest jobs in town.
<BonnieHammer> You can send applications Human Resources, SCI FI Channel, 1230 6th Ave., New York, NY, 10020

<Moderator> Thanks for taking more than an hour out of your night to be online with us.
<Moderator> Any last words for the assembled masses?

<BonnieHammer> Thanks for joining us. Keep watching. Get hooked up to a Nielsen box and help pump our ratings. And most important, get all your friends to watch and see how great we are.
<BonnieHammer> And we know we still have a ways to go. Have a good Summer of SCI FI.
<BonnieHammer> Remember, this summer is the Summer of SCI FI --

<Moderator> And sorry to everyone who's question we didn't get to - with over 250 in the chat room, there just wasn't time for everyone.

<BonnieHammer> This is a pleasure.
<BonnieHammer> I hope to come back some time soon.

<Moderator> The transcript of this chat will be up at in the next day or so.
<Moderator> We'll now go to unmoderated mode.

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