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PEOPLE Online conference with Nick Lea (Krycek on "The X-Files") 5/9/96

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Hello everyone! I'm Dylan Jones -- your infrequently seen host for this evening (note the knocking knuckles) -- and, on behalf of PEOPLE Magazine, I want to welcome you all to this conference!

Before we get underway with our discussion tonight -- with "The X-Files" actor NICHOLAS LEA -- I should remind everyone that this is a moderated conference and it will be conducted on both CompuServe and the World Wide Web! So, if you are on CompuServe and have a question for our guest, submit it to the question queue either by selecting the question icon (for Windows) or typing "/question" (in terminal emulation). If you are on Pathfinder, just submit your question via a private send to the Moderator. The Pathfinder moderator, Ben Trumble, will chime in with your questions.

If you were looking at your television screen on September 10, 1993, you may have seen the birth of something a little strange, a little unnatural. It was "The X-Files," Fox's hour-long series that each week has challenged -- and poked raucous fun at -- our perceptions of the world, the other-worldly and... the government (not to mention cigarettes!), while affirming that the Truth Is Out There.

Tonight, the Truth may be right here.... On the phenomenally popular series, FBI investigators Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are surrounded by a tortuous maze of cover-up and intrigue, not the least of which has been provided by agent Alex Krycek -- played perfectly by NICHOLAS LEA. Introduced as Mulder's temporary partner, it soon became clear that Krycek was working for the hidden Powers That Be in the government, informing on his partner and, eventually, appearing to kill Mulder's father and Scully's sister in order to derail investigations into alien visits. Not exactly a nice guy....

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Luckily for us, Nick Lea *is*.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Having just shot a pilot for Fox --"Once a Thief" -- for a new series directed by John Woo (!), Nick has taken a break to discuss life, Meaning, and things X-like and otherwise. Welcome Nick!

(Nick Lea) Good evening all! Hey Dylan and Everyone else. I've broken my Internet cherry!

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) We're your first? (blush)

(Nick Lea) yes.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Why, Nick, I hardly know what to say -- except that we intend to do the honorable thing.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) While everyone is firing up their typing fingers -- and my extra-sensory perception tells me that several million are at work -- I'll lay this first question on you, Nick. When we last saw Krycek, he was getting a comeuppance, some might say. (Others might say he had bile oozing from his eyes. Whatever.) With a nod to the show's supernatural sensibilities, what's the likelihood of the Krycek -- whom some see as Mulder's evil twin -- coming back to regular life in the series?

(Nick Lea) In a word - Excellent

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Dude! Great! But there's a sacrifice one makes in playing a character like Krycek... And that leads me to the first question of this evening from our loyal chat visitors.

(Question from DJB: [102327,2365] Dana Krawchuk) How does it feel to play a character that not a lot of people like?

(Nick Lea) DJB, there's less of a distance to fall when you're the bad guy. I love it.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Ready for the next one? (Promise, no X-viewer angst in this one) Okay! From someone who is up on your next project....

(Nick Lea) Let's go.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Hmmm, the questioner snatched it away at the last moment but the question was... Can you tell us something about "Once a Thief"? What was it like working with John Woo and does Jon Walker get a guest spot?

(Nick Lea) John was a wonderful man with quiet charisma. Johnny - absolutely. I had to wear knee and elbow pads on the set everyday --because of the stunts, of course.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) I take it you play a thief who gets into rough-and-tumble situations...

(Nick Lea) No. I play an ex-cop who joins together with two ex-thieves that grew up in Hong Kong, to fight crime. Unique, huh?

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) I'll be tuning in.

(Nick Lea) Thanks, to you and the other two people on line.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) This one is from the Internet...

(Internet Questions) How did you get started in acting?

(Nick Lea) I had always wanted to be an actor, grew up in love with movies and actors and actresses an great stories. I met an acting coach and fell in love with it and quit my job the next day and started studying.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) What were you doing before you met that coach?

(Nick Lea) I was selling clothing. Snore.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Well, depends. Leather can be exciting. But that's another subject.

(Question from DJB: [102327,2365] Dana Krawchuk) Do you believe in the supernatural?

(Nick Lea) Yes, I do.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) The cleaning bills would be pretty awful. Ah, time for character analysis!

(Question from ORLANDO, FL: [72620,3447] Eowyn) Is Krycek really a bad guy or someone that got in over his head and thought he was doing the right thing and found out too late. Might we see him reform and help M and S?

(Nick Lea) That's why I got into acting, because it pays well. He's misunderstood in my eyes. And originally, was just trying to do a job. Now, he's just trying to stay alive. Next.

(Question from CZA: [76141,1712] Mulderhair) What do you want for Krycek in the coming season?

(Nick Lea) To escape. Maybe a massage. And some insight into his heart and mind. Why does he do what he does? What's his motivation? A love interest. Just joking.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) In some ways, he's very sympathetic, I think --

(Nick Lea) To who?

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) On the one hand, he follows a "code" within the government -- then suddenly finds things turned upside down. His own boss tries to kill him! Now, for some of us, this is ordinary, of course, but his character as you played him, seemed to get knocked for loop. Well, so much for editorials!

(Nick Lea) I don't see Krycek as particularly a special person. As we said, he is in over his head. In extraordinary circumstances. Just trying to stay alive.

(Internet Questions) Will you continue occasional X-Files appearances even with the new show in production?

(Nick Lea) Yes. It was very important to me to be able to continue to work for X-Files. And the producers, no matter what. I made it a stipulation in my contract for Once A Thief to be able to continue on The X-Files. No matter where my career goes in the future, I will always be proud to be on the show. Anytime they ask me.

(Question from MONTEREY, CA: [71154,2526] Roberta Cruz) Nick--Thanks for joining us here tonight! Tell us-- will you ever go back to "Sliders"? It would be great to have Friday Fox become the all Nick Lea network!

(Nick Lea) Talk to Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox). I spoke to Tracy Torme (Sliders creator) about the possibility of coming back on the show. He would like me to. Thank goodness, I'm fairly busy these days.

(Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [73450,155] Leigh) Nick, your resume says you were in STAR 80. Were you really??? (Not as one of the male exotic dancers...?)

(Nick Lea) Yes, as a matter of fact I was. Third from the left.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Wait a second! Is it so? But you said you were *in* clothing!

(Nick Lea) No. I played a high school friend of Mariel Hemingway's. And ended up mostly on the cutting room floor.

(Question from SANTA CLARA, CA: [74263,65] Dan Carvin) I know you may not be allowed to go into detail, but is there a lot of background to the Krycek character that hasn't been revealed on the show?

(Nick Lea) I created my own background for Krycek based on my own wants and desires and needs to be good at what I do. Not the killing part, though.

(Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [101330,2476] Fiona) Hi Nick. I saw you at a convention in England last year. Do you have any plans to attend any other conventions over here?

(Nick Lea) Hello, England or U.K? Mitch Pileggi and I will be all over the UK in June publicizing the show. Hope to see you there.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Nick, it sounds like you're busy to say the least. Still, several people have asked the following -- probably

(Nick Lea) But, by the grace of God . . . .

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) because a true X-phile

(Nick Lea) Excuse me?

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Oh, I was awaiting revelation -- or a lightning bolt. In any case, if you *did* have spare time, what sorts of things might you be doing to fill it.

(Nick Lea) Dylan, just say no to drugs!

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) No, no, no, no. And no. (there was one hidden in the back of the pocket)

(Nick Lea) I learned a new James Taylor song on the guitar last night.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Which one?

(Nick Lea) I just try to stay happy and content when I'm not working. The song was You Can Close Your Eyes. Off Mudslide Slim.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) A song with special meaning. (for Krycek, anyway) Nick, we're going to have to force you to record that song and send it to us so we can post it for your fans!

(Nick Lea) Yeah, likely.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Well, I admit...It's also a valuable thing for us to have when you collect your first Grammy. But back to the questions!

(Nick Lea) Shame on you!

(Question from CZA: [76141,1712] Mulderhair) Do you think that Krycek could supply the answers Mulder and Scully are looking for?

(Nick Lea) After enough drinks. I think that Krycek is integral to the entire cover-up situation that confronts M and S.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Nick, the next is from the Good Ole Internet...I think. (tap, tap, tap)

(Internet Questions) Silly though it may sound...Why is the X-Files so popular? What about the show do you think appeals to so many people?

(Nick Lea) Chris Carter. Chris Carter. All the producers and writers, David and Gillian. And an insatiable appetite for quality and the unknown.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) A question of "levity"...

(Question from DALLAS, TX: [103526,3244] Marian) what is the funniest thing that has ever happened on the X-Files set?

(Nick Lea) David in a bathing suit.

(Dylan Jones/PEOPLE) Now now...

(Nick Lea) Just joking. I had a wonderful time in Texas a few months back.

(PDiL/PEOPLE) Whoops! Technical difficulties. Dylan Jones just lost his connection. I'll take over till he finds his way back.

(Question from CZS: [104426,2602] elaine v. correa) what do you do in your spare time?

(Nick Lea) Masturbation. A lot of masturbation..

(PDiL/PEOPLE) Elaine HAD to ask...

(Question from DJO: [104514,3364] KAREN K. ROSAS K. ROSAS) I hear there's an Xfiles movie in the works....will your character be a part of that production?

(Nick Lea) Yes, there will be an X-Files movie, as far as I know. A producer, Rob Bowman, joked that they were going to cast Rob Lowe as Krycek.

(Question from ORLANDO, FL: [72620,3447] Alex J) Do you think Krycek will ever switch sides and help S and M?

(Nick Lea) I would like to see Krycek do something very dramatic in terms of helping them but he will never switch sides. He is too firmly entrenched in the middle.

(Internet Questions) Hi Nick. Do you have any upcoming theatrical things in the works?

(Nick Lea) It was between me and George Clooney for Batman. That bastard beat me out. Maybe I need a new haircut.

(Question from HYATTSVILLE, MD: [76574,3644] Pat) So - Now that you have had your first Internet experience - Will you become a regular lurker online?

(Nick Lea) First I need a computer and to move out of the 70's!

(Question from MONTEREY, CA: Shirley Estrogenous) Hi Nick! So, like, is Krycek another one of those FBI agents with alien DNA? And did he have anything to do with William Colby's recent disappearance?

(PDiL/PEOPLE) I put that in when I was a mere underling... But I still wanna know...

(Nick Lea) No. And maybe. Next. Hello, Monterey.

(Question from CHEADLE: [101514,3126] Sacha) would you like a Krycek episode all about him and if so would you choose for him to have a family or a girlfriend?

(Nick Lea) Where's Cheadle? I would like an episode about Krycek very much. But he is very much alone in the X-Files world. Sad to say.

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