Sabrina Lloyd Chat at AOL on October 19, 2000

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Sabrina Lloyd, star of the new series Madigan Men. Hi Sabrina! Thanks for coming!

Lloyd: Hello. Happy to be here.

Question: How did you get cast in Madigan Men?

Lloyd: They sent me a copy of the pilot which had been shot with another actress. They send me a copy of the script about 5 times. I kept passing on it, cause I wasn't interested in doing tv again. I watched the tape, and met with the producer and the writer in NY. And it just kind of went from there.

Question: How much are you like Wendy?

Lloyd: I don't think anything alike. I guess it's kind of hard to read yourself. I think it's the farthest thing from me that I've played. That question would probably be better asked to people who know me.

Question: I love the show. Who created it?

Lloyd: It was created by Cindy Chupack who was one of the Exec Producers of Sex in the City and Gabriel Byrne.

Question: I know your costars have performed on Broadway together. Any aspirations to work on Broadway yourself?

Lloyd: Wow. I would love to work on Broadway. That's one of the reasons I came to NY out of high school. My career just veered toward film and television. Which I'm happy about. I would love the opportunity.

Question: How do you like working with Gabriel Byrne?

Lloyd: He's very nice. It's a wonderful cast all around. Everybody is very nice and very professional. I love doing the show.

Question: How many episodes have you filmed so far?

Lloyd: I have filmed six so far. Right now the pickup is for 13. Hopefully, we'll be picked up for the rest of the season, later on.

Question: What has been your favorite role so far, either film, TV or theatre?

Lloyd: My favorite role so far...probably Natalie on Sports Night.

Question: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Lloyd: I like everything. I like classical, jazz, rock and roll. Even a little country sometimes.

Question: Do you have any pets?

Lloyd: I have two cats. Both New York street cats.

Question: Have you always wanted to act or was there something else you wanted to do when you were a kid?

Lloyd: I wanted to be an equestrian of some sort, before I discovered acting.

Question: Where do you film the show?

Lloyd: We film the show in Astoria, Queens, in New York.

Question: What do you like to do when you aren't working?

Lloyd: Travel.

Question: What's the last good book you read?

Lloyd: Wow. The last good book I read. I just read Memoirs of a Geisha.

Question: Still keep in touch with any of the cast of Sliders?

Lloyd: I do not. No.

Question: What shows do you like to watch?

Lloyd: The X Files. Big X Files fan, and 60 Minutes. Those are the only two that I watch religiously.

Question: What's your favorite museum to visit when in NYC?

Lloyd: I like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That's my favorite.

Question: Since you're in NY, Mets or Yankees?

Lloyd: I got that question today. Unfortunately, I don't follow baseball. If you had to twist my arm, I'd say the Yankees. Don't hate me for it. And I like the Mets better. (For all the Mets fans)

Question: Are you allowed to give much input on Wendy?

Lloyd: Yes. They are very open to talking about your character. It's great because Gabriel Byrne being one of the creators, is very much into the creative input. I can talk to him and he goes to the writers. I feel that's I can give my voice.

Question: Do you have any charities or special causes you support?

Lloyd: I don't support anything in terms of being actively involved. It's something that I would love to get more involved with in the future. I couldn't choose just one. I want to get more active in the future. Something that I'd be very very interested in.

Question: What can we look forward to on tomorrow night's episode and in the future episodes of Madigan Men?

Lloyd: Unfortunately, I do now know what episode they are showing tomorrow night. In the future, more dating scenarios from all of the people involved in the show.

Question: Hello Sabrina how are you? My name is Kurt and I am a film maker from the Mass. area, I think your work is brilliant and shows so much heart. I fell in love with wade but have since seen you more and all you do is so terrific. Thank you for everything.

Lloyd: Thank you so much. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Question: You are very attractive, I hope you don't mind my saying. Are you single? :)

Lloyd: Thank you very much, but married. Happily Married.

Question: Was it a difficult transition from Sports Night to doing a comedy like Madigan Men? What are the differences?

Lloyd: Yes. It was very challenging and still is. Sports Night was shot much more like an hour drama. We didn't have an audience. We didn't shoot in one night. Madigan Men is more like a play. We rehearse all week then tape in front of an audience. I feel like I'm doing a show once a week. You go out there and try to make them laugh. It's very challenging.

Question: Congratulations Sabrina, how long have you been married...and is there still any truth to a possible Sliders movie---you know fans and never letting anything die...and that wont for a very long time to come I am sure.

Lloyd: Yes I know. Thank you. I've been married for 5 months. Unfortunately, I don't think they're going to do a movie. At least I've never heard anything like that.

Question: Are tickets for tapings available to the public?

Lloyd: Yes. They are. I don't know how you go about getting them, but I believe you can call Kaufman Astoria in Queens. Or try the production offices. So yes it is open to the public.

Question: What do you find more challenging....doing a drama series or comedy?

Lloyd: They're both challenging in different ways. I'd have to say comedy only because you have the added pressure of having an audience there. With a drama it's much more intimate. With this show, Madigan Men. You have to rush through scenes cause you don't want the audience to get tired. It seems to quicken the pace as well.

Question: When is On Edge getting released?

Lloyd: I don't know. I haven't heard anything in a while, so I wouldn't be able to give you any idea. Hopefully soon.

Question: How long have you been a vegetarian?

Lloyd: I was a vegetarian. I'm actually no longer a vegetarian. I guess I was for six years.

Question: Do you find that as an actor you learn new things from each project you work on.....if so...what have you learned from doing this series so far?

Lloyd: Yes absolutely. You learn things from everything you do. What have I learned from Madigan Men so far...I'm learning the balance between having an audience and being taped. You don't want to play too much to the audience and to the camera. You play more to the camera. If you play too much to the audience, you're too big for the camera. That's an interesting lesson I've been learning on this one.

Question: Is there still a "kind of" role that you wish to challenge yourself to portray that has not yet been offered to you yet. Obviously acting is always to challenge yourself...I just wondered in particular.

Lloyd: Yes. I wouldn't be able to say exactly what that is, but I would know it when I came across it. And yeah, always looking.

Question: Any special guest stars showing up on upcoming episodes?

Lloyd: Margaret Colin was in last week's episode. We have Milo O'Shea. We've had a few people you'd recognize, but my mind is drawing a blank. Sorry.

Question: Sliders and Sports Night both had loyal you think this show will develop the same sort of audience...or something different?

Lloyd: I don't know. I think this one is different. I don't know in what way, or what that means. But I think this is certainly the most mainstream television show, I've ever been a part of.

Question: Do you have any other projects in the works other than Madigan Men?

Lloyd: Not right now. It's hard to do anything else when you're working on a tv show, cause it's very exhausting work. You're down time is to catch up on your sleep.

Question: Do you have a website or fan club we can write to you at? And if so, do you ever visit them?

Lloyd: I don't ever visit my websites. I don't have a fan club. I usually get my fan mail through work.

Question: I've heard of some actors and actresses who have certain superstitions or certain things that they do or meditative states or etc. that they do before they perform, you have any rituals that you think helps you,...humorous or otherwise?

Lloyd: No I don't. I think if I had any, I'd be too neurotic about them. So I just don't let myself.

TV Guide Online: Thank you Sabrina! We had a great time and wish you all the best! Please come back and chat with us soon!

Lloyd: Thank you so much. Thanks everybody for coming on to talk to me. Have a nice evening.

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