Zoe McLellan Chat at Scifi.com on December 05, 2000

<Moderator> Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Patrizia DiLucchio for SCIFI. Please join me in welcoming our second guest this evening, actress Zoe McLellan who plays Marina in the new movie Dungeons and Dragons -- opening on Friday.
<Moderator> Marina is one of the characters who band together in defiance of the might of the evil Mage Profion (Jeremy Irons). Zoe is certainly no stranger to science fiction.
She has appeared on episodes of The Invisible Man and Sliders, as well as Star Trek: Voyager. Her villainous character Logan St. Claire, despite only one appearance, is widely considered to be the ultimate Sliders baddie.

Welcome Zoe!

<Moderator> Draconus> : I read that Justin did a lot of his own stunts, did you and the others also do your own stunts, (and if so what made you decide to do your own stunts)? Did you ever play D&D previous to the movie, or have you played since, (and if so what did you like most about the expierence)?

<ZoeMcLellin> I didn't have all that many stunts in the film
<ZoeMcLellin> So anything close to a stunt I did do myself
<ZoeMcLellin> Usually that meant hitting people, or getting thrown to the ground
<ZoeMcLellin> I never had a stunt double
<ZoeMcLellin> so the bruises were mine
<ZoeMcLellin> I was cast in D and D eight days before I was due in Prague
<ZoeMcLellin> They spent six months trying to cast my role
<ZoeMcLellin> I had aweek to prepare
<ZoeMcLellin> That did not include playing the game
<ZoeMcLellin> I hyavbe played since however
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> Farlander24>: Zoe - love your scifi stuff, you rock! - For the mage character, there is serious mental/esoteric discipline involved.. did you try to portray this via your mannerisms/actions in the movie? If so, what did you do to prepare?

<ZoeMcLellin> The way I work on any character is starting on the inside and working my way out
<ZoeMcLellin> For example
<ZoeMcLellin> Marina crosses her arms and snickers and raises her eyebrows
<ZoeMcLellin> she's a bit of a snob
<ZoeMcLellin> But I never plan those things
<ZoeMcLellin> they just happen
<ZoeMcLellin> They follow what I think are her feelings
<ZoeMcLellin> It's organic
<ZoeMcLellin> I'm her for those minutes when I'm working
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Paragon>: If there was one spell that your character casted in the movie that you could take to real life, which would it be?

<ZoeMcLellin> Well it's quite simple
<ZoeMcLellin> She doesn't have amazing power yet
<ZoeMcLellin> But I'd say that magic dust that knocks out bad guys would be handy
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Eronwood>: Did you find the D&D movie challenging as an actress?

<ZoeMcLellin> No
<ZoeMcLellin> Actually
<ZoeMcLellin> Fascinating woul;d be a better word
<ZoeMcLellin> It's fantasy/sci fi/action
<ZoeMcLellin> and I had a chance to play a very strong role
<ZoeMcLellin> I'm still waiting for that super difficult role
<ZoeMcLellin> I like the idea of taking roles that I'm afraid to play
<ZoeMcLellin> Someone who is foreign to me
<ZoeMcLellin> an athlete
<ZoeMcLellin> a musician
<ZoeMcLellin> a disabled person
<ZoeMcLellin> I'd like to take risks
<ZoeMcLellin> I al;ways want the stakes to be higher
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Shape>: question for zoe- I hear the concept for this movie will be integrated into a new fantasy type picture, sort of a sequel to this one, subtitled "BOFA" or something along those lines. Any truth to this?

<ZoeMcLellin> I have heard nothing about that...so I really don't know... sorry
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Droz666>: Zoe, are you married, and if not...JUST KIDDING!!! It is a pleasure to be talking to you. What kind of character do you play, and how enjoyable was it to work on the set of D&D, along with Jeremy Irons?

<ZoeMcLellin> No, I'm not married...yet
<ZoeMcLellin> One of the reasons I loved playing Marina so much is that she starts out as such a snob
<ZoeMcLellin> She won't talk to mere commoners
<ZoeMcLellin> she's so narrow-minded
<ZoeMcLellin> and we are like that as teen-agers
<ZoeMcLellin> but the older we get the more we realize that we know nothing
<ZoeMcLellin> And that's what Marina goes through
<ZoeMcLellin> She isn't the queen of the world
<ZoeMcLellin> she learn compassion
<ZoeMcLellin> And that makes her brave
<ZoeMcLellin> All people are equal
<ZoeMcLellin> I only worked with Jeremy for two days
<ZoeMcLellin> But boy is he a wonderful villian
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <The-Fallen-FAoB>: what was it like on the set of the movie and how did you get along with other actors
<Moderator> <Seyon> : What was it like to work with a wayans bro?
<Moderator> <Xaivier-Voldemort> : could you ask her how she felt on the set

<ZoeMcLellin> The set was amazing
<ZoeMcLellin> We shot in Prague, the most beautiful city in the world
<ZoeMcLellin> It made it easy to get into the era of the world
<ZoeMcLellin> of D and D
<ZoeMcLellin> It's a timeless place
<ZoeMcLellin> Marlon is the life of the party every day at all times
<ZoeMcLellin> He's extreme
<ZoeMcLellin> He's either sleeping, or he's "ON."
<ZoeMcLellin> I laughed to the point of pain
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Aust>: Hi, Zoe, I'm a big fan of the game and am planning on seeing the movie this Friday. What I wanted to know is if there are any other monsters in the movie aside from dragons (ex. Goblins, Orcs. etc.)

<ZoeMcLellin> I've only seen the movie once...
<ZoeMcLellin> and I was SOOOOO nervous watching myself
<ZoeMcLellin> my eyes were literally closed through half the movie
<ZoeMcLellin> so I'm not exactly sure how many types of monsters we used, but more than just dragons...
<ZoeMcLellin> And in my opinion getting my brains sucked out by Jeremy's tenacles qualifies
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <RAISTLIN>: do u enjoy the fantasy genre in books and movies and would u like to do a movie like this again
<Moderator> <GR>: Question: from your recent trend of sci-fi/fantasy type roles, and now a full blown fantasy movie, are you inclined to continue in this genre or actively look for a role in something completely different? thanks, been a fan for a while.

<ZoeMcLellin> Yes.
<ZoeMcLellin> I cannot wait to see Lord of The Rings
<ZoeMcLellin> and of course I'm hoping for a D and D Two
<ZoeMcLellin> I do love fantasy
<ZoeMcLellin> You don't have to stick to all the sma e rules you do in a "modern piece."
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Zoneseek>: I'm sure we are all gonna love this movie, but do you think this will be a movie you'll be proud to bring your family to?

<ZoeMcLellin> Absolutely
<ZoeMcLellin> I think it's a film for 6 year olds and sixty year olds
<ZoeMcLellin> For me, it's my first BIG movie
<ZoeMcLellin> so my family is thrilled
<ZoeMcLellin> I've never been this excited in my entire life
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <slideon> : how did you like your roles in sliders and Invisible Man?

<ZoeMcLellin> I loved playing Logan on Sliders, because most people see me as a sweet innocent girl next door
<ZoeMcLellin> Logan got to kick ass
<ZoeMcLellin> I love to play the bad guy
<ZoeMcLellin> Invisible Man is fun because I love working with Vincent
<ZoeMcLellin> and the set is so friendly
<ZoeMcLellin> They're great
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <chriswalters>: What does it feel like to be either idolized or hated, by millions of gamers all over depending on how the movie turns out?

<ZoeMcLellin> Let me think about this...
<ZoeMcLellin> If I'm idolized -- great
<ZoeMcLellin> You're the fans
<ZoeMcLellin> You're buying the tickets
<ZoeMcLellin> You keep me working
<ZoeMcLellin> ...If I'm hated...
<ZoeMcLellin> I didn't write it
<Moderator> That's the spirit!
<ZoeMcLellin> direct it
<ZoeMcLellin> produce it
<ZoeMcLellin> YELL AT THEM
<ZoeMcLellin> Remember, the director plays the dungeonmaster, not me\But I do think you'll love it
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Damodar52743>: I found the supposed levels of the characters on a movie site. Who do you think was the most powerful of the other characters in your team?

<ZoeMcLellin> Probably Norda, because she's 234 years old
<ZoeMcLellin> so she's spent more time in the world than the rest of us
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Blunder>: Has your opinion of roleplay or roleplaying games been altered at all since staring in this movie?#

<ZoeMcLellin> Well, I'd never had any exposure to RPG before the film
<ZoeMcLellin> Since then I've met many serious gamers
<ZoeMcLellin> and it blows me away
<ZoeMcLellin> They'te so dedicated
<ZoeMcLellin> It's quite beautiful, isn't it
<ZoeMcLellin> Your intellect
<ZoeMcLellin> your imagination
<ZoeMcLellin> It's intriguing
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Seyon>: Was it hard to do scenes with computer generated stuff since they weren't on the film?
<Moderator> <Aust>: Was it hard to work with computer generated graphics and get it to look right?

<ZoeMcLellin> I've never found effects difficult to work with
<ZoeMcLellin> It just involved PRETEND
<ZoeMcLellin> Pretend that you caught that scroll
<ZoeMcLellin> That a dragon is overhead
<ZoeMcLellin> And didn't we do that as kids?
<ZoeMcLellin> It's better to overdo it than to underdo it
<ZoeMcLellin> The effects are so big, you need to be larger than life as well
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Jenneration-X>: I know this is supposed to be about D & D, but I have to get a Slider's Question in... Do you think you look anything like a Female Jerry O'Connell?

<ZoeMcLellin> Maybe we could be cousins or something
<ZoeMcLellin> He's got lighter eyes
<ZoeMcLellin> and he's much longer and skinnier
<ZoeMcLellin> Do you think we look like each other?
<ZoeMcLellin> I guess it could work
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <salesloser22> : question for zoe. how do you like working with justin whalin?

<ZoeMcLellin> I loved it
<ZoeMcLellin> He was so passionate about the film
<ZoeMcLellin> He was so well prepared every day
<ZoeMcLellin> I felt like we were a great team
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Aphat>: zoe - who has inspired you most as an actress?

<ZoeMcLellin> There are so many...
<ZoeMcLellin> Meryl Streep
<ZoeMcLellin> Kate Blanchette
<ZoeMcLellin> Kate Winslet
<ZoeMcLellin> The list could go on forever
<ZoeMcLellin> Hepburn
<ZoeMcLellin> My high school drama teacher south Kitsap in Port Orchard

<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Vortex62> : Do you have any projects lined up in the future? and have you visited the http://www.allthingszoe.com/ website dedicated to you?

<Moderator> <Seyon>: Do you ever get tired of answering questions from obsessed fans?

<ZoeMcLellin> I am in the world of the unknown as for upcoming projects
<ZoeMcLellin> Hopefully D and D will open doors
<ZoeMcLellin> I don't know what comes next
<ZoeMcLellin> And yes, I have visited that site
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <cmreeves>: for someone who knows nothing about Dungeons and Dragons (the game or the movie) how would you describe this film?

<ZoeMcLellin> I think it's a high energy, fast paced, drama, comedy, adventure...it's everything
<ZoeMcLellin> Even if you don't like movies you'll like this
<ZoeMcLellin> Really
<ZoeMcLellin> I'm not great at sales pitches can you tell
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Xaivier-Voldemort>: Q for Zoe: Do you like Harry Potter and are you a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkein

<ZoeMcLellin> I have to admit, I haven't read Harry
<ZoeMcLellin> I have the books
<ZoeMcLellin> I haven't had the time
<ZoeMcLellin> I am a big fan of Lord of The Rings
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Snow-Angel>: What was your favorite part in the making of D&D

<ZoeMcLellin> I hope you have a DVD player...
<ZoeMcLellin> Someday you'll see a cut scene where Ridley Marina Snails and Alewood get flushed down into the sewers
<ZoeMcLellin> We got dirty
<ZoeMcLellin> we wore wetsuits
<ZoeMcLellin> and it ended up on the cutting room floor
<ZoeMcLellin> But it will be on the DVD
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Seyon>: I just read that you were taking belly dancing questions. How are those going?

<ZoeMcLellin> I haven't been able to take class in about ten month now
<ZoeMcLellin> But I love belly dancing
<ZoeMcLellin> I'll never do it in public
<ZoeMcLellin> or in a movie
<ZoeMcLellin> and I suck
<ZoeMcLellin> But I really love it
<ZoeMcLellin> Do you belly dance?
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <Sapphisticate>: Hi :o) Just wanted to drop a little message saying Hi, How are ya? I think it's terrific that you're here to chat with us tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing you in D&D. And, I'm curious to know what your philosophy on life is. Be well & safe this holiday season, too {{{HUGS}}} :o)

<ZoeMcLellin> Thank you very much
<ZoeMcLellin> Acting is in my blood and at the core of any philosphy
<ZoeMcLellin> I blieve that no matter who you are or what you want you must chse dreams
<ZoeMcLellin> I'm so lucky to get paid doing what I love
<ZoeMcLellin> I'm feel honored
<ZoeMcLellin> I try to work as hard as I can all the time
<ZoeMcLellin> It gives me confidence
<ZoeMcLellin> And I believe absolutely that I will be a better actor as I get older
<ZoeMcLellin> You learn something every day
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> <undulating_belly>Any tips for an aspiring actor or actress?
<Moderator> That's our final question for the evening
<Moderator> and a good place to stop!

<ZoeMcLellin> If you want to do acting as a profession
<ZoeMcLellin> Make sure that it's the only thing you can imagine yourself doing
<ZoeMcLellin> They aren'yt joking when they say it's tough
<ZoeMcLellin> But once you commit you can throw that notion out the window
<ZoeMcLellin> Then all that matter is craft
<ZoeMcLellin> It's really all about the work
<ZoeMcLellin> Thank you so much for having me here

<Moderator> Zoes, thanks so much for joining us!

<ZoeMcLellin> I do hope you enjoy the movie and I look forward to future chats
<ZoeMcLellin> GA

<Moderator> And thanks to everyone in the audience as well -- especially those who participated in our double header with Justin AND Zoe!!
<Moderator> There were so many great questions and I appologize if you didn't get yours answered.
<Moderator> They'll have to come back for more chats!
<Moderator> We're going to be posting the chat transcripts very soon.
<Moderator> Cherck on www.scifi.com/chat and scroll on over to "transcripts!"
<Moderator> Thanks again for joining us.

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