Jerry O'Connell Chat at on November 01, 1997

Moderator: OK, we're ready to go, almost.

Moderator: Jerry, can you see us?

JerryOConnell: hi

Moderator: OK, we're ready to go. Any opening remarks?

JerryOConnell: yes. Sorry I'm late. Doing a photo shoot with fellow screen to actors. I

Moderator: (Scream 2 actors)

JerryOConnell: I'd like to say I'm very excited about this season of Sliders with the Sci-Fi network we are allowed to be a completely science fiction oriented show. New producers Chris Black, Mark Zicree, Bill Dial, and David Pekinpah and myself

JerryOConnell: are making sure the show is much more cerebral. Hit me with any questions you got.

Moderator: <Ziggy> to <Moderator>: Jerry when does the new season start?

JerryOConnell: I've heard January. But that might get pushed, it's not my call.

Moderator: <SpaceTime> to <Moderator>: "Can you tell us about any upcoming episodes?"

JerryOConnell: Yes. The one we're shooting now involves the introduction of my character Quinn Mallory's brother, Collin played non other than my true brother, Charlie O'Connell. We are having a blast.

JerryOConnell: It's like we're allowed to play all day without parents yelling at us to keep it down.

Moderator: <SnapT> to <Moderator>: I really enjoyed the SLIDERS comic book issues you wrote for Acclaim. Do you have any comic book work lined up for the future?

JerryOConnell: No, but I truly enjoyed writing the comic. I went to New York University film school and was able to apply all aspect of film in the comic I wrote.

JerryOConnell: It's like being given a limitlessbudget. Because it is a lot cheaper to paint an airplance crashing than it is to actually crash one on film.

Moderator: <Ziggy> to <Moderator>: Jerry what's it like to work with your brother Charlie?

JerryOConnell: It's like we're a couple of kids playing with Dad's lawnmower, but Dad isn't there to tell us to stop. We're having a blast.

JerryOConnell: And Bill Dial wrote a fabulous introductory episode.

Moderator: <syrup> to <Moderator>: Is there any plans to direct anymore episodes this season?

JerryOConnell: I

JerryOConnell: 'I'm going to direct four and am very much looking forward to it. I directed one last season, but with the new direction the show is going in, I think this will be a lot more fun.

Moderator: <Destiny> to <Moderator>: Jerry, who would you rather see Quinn marry...Wade or Maggie?

JerryOConnell: Kahri Wurher and Sabrina Lloyd are two very good friends of mine. You've posed a Sophies Choice question that I cannot answer.

Moderator: <Kingpin> to <Moderator>: Question: After Scream 2, what's your next project, other than Sliders?

JerryOConnell: Sliders will take me for the rest of the TV season. I have a Hallmark Hall of Fame film airing on CBS November 23 or it might be the 26th -- check your listings -- will Matthew Modine, james Earl Jones (Darth Vader) and Tom Skeritt. I play a priest which was quite a stretch.

Moderator: <Ziggy> to <Moderator>: Jerry, what made you want to be in a slasher flick?

JerryOConnell: Growing up in the 80s I've always been a huge horror buff. I promised myself, when I got back into acting, that I would try to do a horror film before I retire to Miami. When I heard Wes Craven was casting, I jumped on the opportunity. It was one of the best experiences I've had.

Moderator: <SnapT> to <Moderator>: What's it like working with the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar,on SCREAM 2?

JerryOConnell: Sarah is one of the most adorable, cute, funny people I've ever worked with. It's so funny to watch her show to see her kick so much butt, because that's not the Sarah I know.

JerryOConnell: Although, it keeps me on good behavior when I'm around her.

Moderator: <syrup> to <Moderator>: Is it possible that John Rhys-Davies might return, even for a guest appearance?

JerryOConnell: John and I are still very close. I was very sad to see him leave last season. I mentioned it to him and he would be more than happy. Cross your fingers!

Moderator: <jayray> to <Moderator>: Would you consider hosting a talk show full-time? You were fantastic on Later!

JerryOConnell: I had such a good time doing Later. I plan to go back in January.

Moderator: <Jayelle> to <Moderator>: Got a girlfriend?

JerryOConnell: No. I live with my brother and we try not to tie ourselves down.

Moderator: <Merlin97> to <Moderator>: Jerry: Will the Sliders show on SciFi Channel continue where the series ended?

JerryOConnell: Yes, but we have a whole new direction this season which I feel will appeal to Sci-Fi fans. The Kromaggs are a running theme throughout this season. I don't want to give too much away, but trust me -- it's a lot more suspenseful than last season.

Moderator: <Earth2Kim> to <Moderator>: Do you ever get online to check out web pages, or even jump in anonymously in a chat room?

JerryOConnell: All the time. My AOL is through the roof!

Moderator: <Kingpin> to <Moderator>: You grew up as a "child actor". How do you feel you made the transition to adult actor when many others don't?

JerryOConnell: I never acted seriously as a child. It was extracurricular. My parents made sure that I did the little things like high school and college before I could convince them that I wanted to act full time.

Moderator: <syrup> to <Moderator>: I hope you had a happy halloween! Did you dress up?

JerryOConnell: Yes. My brother and I raided the Sliders costume department and pulled out two flight suits. We got name tags that said Maverick and Goose, put on Ray Bans, slicked our hair back, and were Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards in Top Gun.

Moderator: <manmac> to <Moderator>: Chance asks is there anywhere we can send email to the cast?

JerryOConnell: Yes. On the Sliders web page.

Moderator: <sara> to <Moderator>: jerry, how did you get cast for sliders in the first place?

JerryOConnell: I decided my junior year of college that I wanted to do a pilot. I read approximately 100 pilots and the only two that appealed to me were Sliders and Party of Five (can I pick 'em or what?). I got Sliders and have been happily employed since.

Moderator: <syrup> to <Moderator>: I understand that you like to swordfight. Now that USA Networks (the Sci-Fi Channel) has picked up Sliders, is there any chance of seeing you as a guest star on Highlander?

JerryOConnell: I fenced on the NYU fencing team. No plans to guest star in Highlander.

Moderator: <Barbwired> to <Moderator>: Do you look back at My Secret Identity and smile or wince?

JerryOConnell: Smile. Those three seasons I learned more about film than anyone could ask for. It made me decide to go to NYU film.

Moderator: <catseyeofdogs> to <Moderator>: Jerry, what do you have planned for your character?

JerryOConnell: The direction that the show is going in this season has put my character in a much tougher position. With the addition of my brother, Collin Mallory, it puts more weight on my shoulders in the effort to get everyone home.'

Moderator: <Earth2Kim> to <Moderator>: What tv/movie genres do you like acting in? As well as SciFi/Horror...

JerryOConnell: Rent Jerry McGuire. Look for Cush.

Moderator: <sara> to <Moderator>: jerry, how will quinn handle wades leaving next season?

JerryOConnell: Watch and see. I can't give too much away. It's too good to spoil.

Moderator: <Gwynne> to <Moderator>: What has been your favourite episode so far, or do you have one?

JerryOConnell: I'd have to say, the world where women outnumbered men one billion to one.

Moderator: <Ziggy> to <Moderator>: Jerry, what's the nicest thing your fans have ever done?

JerryOConnell: Made sure that Sliders has stayed on the air.

Moderator: <moreen> to <Moderator>: Jerry, Sliders is shown in three different continent, do you have any plan of treveling to some of them?

JerryOConnell: I have relatives in England where the show does very well.

Moderator: <piratequeen> to <Moderator>: Is it true that the Narcotica story you did for the comic series is going to be a show this season?

JerryOConnell: Yes. I just read the script and it is much like my comic, but I do not see my name as a writing credit, but we're all family at Sliders. Share and share alike.

Moderator: <Lobotomy> to <Moderator>: What other careers besides acting did you consider before you became an actor?

JerryOConnell: After going to film school I thought seriously of becoming an editor.

Moderator: <DJphish> to <Moderator>: jerry how did you get your role as Joe in (joe's apartment) and when you did what was your reaction towards it's theme

JerryOConnell: I was the only actor in town who would work with roaches.

Moderator: <jayray> to <Moderator>: What will you - personally- be doing to promote "Scream 2"? Where will you be going?

JerryOConnell: Letterman the 9th of December, Conan the 16th, and hopefully if Sliders lets me out for a couple days, I'll host later in January.

JerryOConnell: I'd love to get Kari Wurher or Clevant Derricks on the Later show. We

JerryOConnell: We've got tons of stories.

Moderator: <jayray> to <Moderator>: Jerry, we miss the guy who liked spending his summers on the beach at Montauk? Will we ever see him again or has he gone Hollywood?

JerryOConnell: He goes back to New York every other weekend when he can get cheap flights. I also accept frequent fliers miles from anyone out there.

JerryOConnell: L.A. is where I work. new York is where I play.

Moderator: <Jeff> to <Moderator>: Do you have any plans to attend any conventions anytime?

JerryOConnell: No.

Moderator: <sara> to <Moderator>: are there any plans for a maggie/quinn romance next season?

JerryOConnell: It's a possibility. Check out episode four.

JerryOConnell: In the new season.

Moderator: <Lexie> to <Moderator>: You were once asked if you were stuck on an island what would you take with you and you answered a tv and satelite. Does this hold true still or would u take a special someone with you these days?

JerryOConnell: A laptop and access to the Internet.

Moderator: <BlakHalo> to <Moderator>: what are your favorite comic-books, Video games, or the such, sir?

JerryOConnell: Sim City -- favorite comic. I try not to play video games, they're way too addictive.

JerryOConnell: I lost a summer of my life trying to get the princess in Super Mario Brothers.

Moderator: <catseyeofdogs> to <Moderator>: what kind of earth does Colin Mallory come from?

JerryOConnell: Check out the first episode. I can say no more.

Moderator: <Qwen> to <Moderator>: Jerry Who's your Idol?

JerryOConnell: Patrick Ewing.

Moderator: <Enigma> to <Moderator>: Will we see the return of Conrad Bennish Jr. in Season 4?

JerryOConnell: I always loved the character of Bennish.

JerryOConnell: I'd love to see him back.

Moderator: <Destiny> to <Moderator>: Who's your favorite character you've ever played?

JerryOConnell: I would have to say the character of Quinn Mallory because I've had four seasons to develop.

Moderator: <Kingpin> to <Moderator>: Excluding your own, of course, what is your favorite movie?

JerryOConnell: Impossible to answer.

JerryOConnell: Citizen Kane/Star Wars and hundreds of others in between.

Moderator: <Carolyn> to <Moderator>: Is it true you're going to play the villian in Scream 2?

JerryOConnell: I'm a good guy....or am I?????

Moderator: <Destiny> to <Moderator>: Jerry, is Quinn similar to you?

JerryOConnell: Only in the way that we are both in our early twenties. Math and Science were never my strong points while Quinn is a whiz at them.

Moderator: <MaraWade> to <Moderator>: What do you know about the new Sliders book that's coming out?

JerryOConnell: Nothing.

JerryOConnell: But, thank you for making me aware.

Moderator: <PresClark> to <Moderator>: I really enjoyed your performance in Stand By Me, (Yea, i know, ancient history.) Do you ever keep in tough with the others from that film?

JerryOConnell: We have not really kept in touch.

JerryOConnell: I grew up in New York, they grew up in Hollywood. All of my friends are from New York.

Moderator: We only have time for a few more questions, please send your questions to the moderator.

Moderator: <Enigma> to <Moderator>: Just who much or little input does Tracy Torme have in the new series? Or does he have nothing to do with the series anymore?

JerryOConnell: Tracy and I spoke just before the season began.

JerryOConnell: This is his baby and always will be.

JerryOConnell: Look for his new series Kung Pao.

Moderator: <Destiny> to <Moderator>: Jerry, if you had the chance, *would* you go sliding?

JerryOConnell: No. I'm a chicken.

Moderator: <Jayelle> to <Moderator>: I heard that you were hurt on the Sliders set. Are you OK?

JerryOConnell: It is a physically demanding show.

JerryOConnell: I try to be as safe as possible.

Moderator: <crisp> to <Moderator>: What are your tastes in music?

JerryOConnell: Everything from Stevie Wonder to Steely Dan.

Moderator: <syrup> to <Moderator>: Do you see a movie in the future for Sliders?

JerryOConnell: No.

JerryOConnell: It's much more interesting as a series.

Moderator: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Any final comments?

JerryOConnell: Check out the new season. Thank you and Sci-Fi for keeping us on.

JerryOConnell: Look for my brother and more craziness on Slider season four. Thank you for your compliments with Later.

JerryOConnell: I hope I get back. And, check out Scream 2. It's going to scare the crap out of everyone.

Moderator: Thank you to all of our chatters! We're sorry that we couldn't get to all of the great questions out there, but there just wasn't enough time.

Moderator: We're going to go unmoderated now.

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