Jerry O'Connell Chat at Real Hollywood on January 06, 1998


HLHost says "I am really excited about the show. We have a special guest joining us in the studio tonight, the ever so dreamy actors;.Jerry O'Connell: You may recognize Jerry from his most recent film role, as Neve Campbell's boyfriend in "Scream 2", or in his starring role as Quinn Mallory on the hit TV show "Sliders". But enough with my babbling and chatter, let's welcome our friend Jerry to the show!"

JerryOConnell says "What's up! I'm calling you from set right now. I'm in between shots on this TV show. I might have to put the phone down for a couple of seconds."

HLHost says "I know someone you went to school with. Ivy Brooks."

JerryOConnell says "Yes!! Crazy girl. I've asked her out twice. She didn't go out, but she was nice to me."

kreed asks "I have been having Sliders withdrawals. When can we look forward to the new season?"

JerryOConnell says "March on the Sci Fi channel. It will be coming on. There will be a couple new additions - a new character played by my real life brother Charles. He plays my brother on the show. He's an ex-model. He's a good looking guy. It's fun working with him. there's nothing better than working with my brother. It's the best -- getting to play all day without the parents."

pspmikek asks "What kind of changes will we see in Sliders when it moves to Sci Fi?"

JerryOConnell says "The fact that it's on the SciFi channel gives us an opportunity to get kooky and crazier. We get to be wackier, disgusting and more sci fi oriented. We used to be on a major network where you can't be as graphic or sicko at that time slot. We're getting more room."

vilwade asks "The possibility of Sliding means the possibility of finding Utopia...what would your Utopia be?"

JerryOConnell says "Probably something where the New York Knicks have a winning record. Not even a championship record. Just over .500."

HLHost says "You miss New York?"

JerryOConnell says "I do, but Im not going to kid you. It's January, I can play golf, go swimming. It's freezing over there. I'm wearing shorts now."

Lisa_ asks "Jerry, Do you have a favorite episode of Sliders?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes...we split into a world where 90% of the men were killed off by a virus. The remaining 10% were used for breeding. I like those odds. They were the best."

Devilish_Angel asks "can you still walk down the street without being mobbed?"

JerryOConnell says "I can walk down the street anywhere. I take the train. I take the bus. It's not a problem. Occasionally, someone will stop me and say SCREAM 2! It's really pretty easy."

HLHost says "That was you in "Stand By Me"?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes. I was the "husky" kid."

Chaos15 asks "Recently you said in an interview that you are a little sick of the LA actress/model types. Are they just not down-to-earth or are you homesick for NY girls?"

JerryOConnell says "You know, I'm not going to kid you. I think the -- and maybe I'm partial to it because I was raised there -- but the quality of people in New York. They're edgier and cooler. I'm seeing a girl in LA. I can't say dating because I'm not sure if she is as enthusiastic, and I don't like to jump the gun. I had a relationship in New York, but it is impossible to maintain a long distance relationship. We just couldn't make it work. I could. She couldn't."

HLHost says "It's tough not to have the man there. Middle of the night...need to grab them there."

JerryOConnell says "You're right. But the internet was a good part of our relationship. E-mail. . ."

dohness asks "did you really ask neve campbell out a few years back?"

JerryOConnell says "Before she was married and we were still teens, I asked her out a dozen times. She was smart enough to go out with me. But she's a smart girl. Real nice."

HLHost says "You're persistent."

JerryOConnell says "I try."

dohness asks "what do you look for in a girl?"

JerryOConnell says "What do I? Someone who would laugh at my jokes and not find them as corny. Somebody who would be understanding of my crazy schedule. Somebody who is willing to have a good time, because that's really what we're looking for. I love to go out and laugh... I have to go to the set for a second, Ladybug. I'll be back in 30 seconds..."

HLHost says "Can you believe this? How Hollywood is this? THIS IS GREAT! Meanwhile, send those questions in. We have a ton we're weeding through."

Arthur asks "What episode are you shooting?"

JerryOConnell says "We are shooting an episode where we go to a world where African Americans are interned, sort of like in a Nazi allegory in America."

HLHost says "Sounds intense!"

Spamgoddess asks "what do you see yourself doing in ten years?"

JerryOConnell says "I don't know. It's such a crazy business that you's like that Mickey Rooney quote - There are people in show business, and people who want to be in show business. If I'm just making a living in this business, I'd be very excited."

JerryOConnell says "I mean, be an actor, an electrician -- anything!"

miremele asks "Have you ever written anything? Whether it be short stories or poems?"

JerryOConnell says "I have, actually. I wrote a comic book for Sliders. I wrote an issue of their comic. I did go to NYU Film, and we took a lot of acting classes there. I have a diploma from NYU hanging in my bathroom. It's in a museum temperature control frame."

JerryOConnell grins

Mingo Jones asks "Are you currently planning on shoting any films in the future???"

JerryOConnell says "You know, there are a few. As a supersititious actor, I'm not going to say anything until the check clears the bank. You like to make sure it's all going to happen."

Spamgoddess asks "what's the next project you are doing (besides sliders)?"

HLHost says "Hmm.... Bear with us. He's on a cell phone. In the meanwhile, send up those questions. Hold tight. We're not going to let Jerry go this easily. We're dialing him right now."

HLHost says "To summarize, the talented Jerry writes comic books. He doesn't want to tell us about future projects because he's a bit supersititious...not the least bit insecure. He misses New York but hey...he's in LA. Sort of seeing a woman out here. Doesn't know how she feels so he's not really saying anything commitment wise about it. So grab your chance, girls. "Sliders" is moving to the Sci Fi channel, which will give the show a more wacky and daring edge. Can't wait for that one to happen."

HLHost says "As we wait out the modern problems of age old technical difficulties, here is something does work: this is a daily chat show. So we're always here. And we're cool. We even have our own hats."

HLHost says "All you "Slider" fans out there -- think good thoughts (as Richard Gere would say). As I mentioned earlier, we've got the Golden Globes coming soon. It's said that the Golden Globes can always predict the Oscar winner. What does that mean for Pia Zadora, who once won a GG as Best New Ingenue (or something like that). And if you are a big SciFi or monster fan, "Godzilla" is coming out this year. The big deal is that Godzilla doesn't look like his old self -- not the cute monster or the Mike Tyson version (of late). It's rumored that he's a 4-legged creature."

HLHost says "(Can you say "Jurassic Park")"

HLHost says "For those of you new folks coming in, we were chatting with Jerry O'Connell, star of "Sliders" and "Scream 2." We've had some technical difficulties. He's on a cell phone and on a set, so bear with us. These are just your normal, everday Hollywood problems. If it's not the cell phone, the Beemer is in the shop. What can you do?"

HLHost says "Hey...he's back!"

JerryOConnell says "Sorry. I'M SO SORRY. My cell phone died out on me. I had to find a hard wire phone."

HLHost says "I'm so glad you did! It's very Hollywood like."

JerryOConnell says "But I didn't mean it like that. Sorry."

HLHost says "It's okay! Believe me!"

FXguy asks "What was the longest period at one time you were stuck tied to that cross for Scream 2?"

JerryOConnell says "I was on that cross for a little while. The funny thing was, I didn't know that was going to be me until the end of the film. They didn't want anyone to know who the killer was because Wes wanted to mess with us because everyone was a suspect."

JerryOConnell says "So he didn't want to give anything away. Rebecca - you're so 80's.. Here's one: FREEZE FRAME!"

HLHost says "ANGEL IN THE CENTERFOLD! I love J. Geils."

JerryOConnell says "Right now, I like Sneaker Pimps...and I'm not plugging anything here, but the Scream2 soundtrack is incredible. I've been blaring that in my car for a couple of weeks. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of The Spice Girls. Don't hold it against me."

HLHost says "Wait...are you cutting out on me... did you just say The Spice Girls?"

JerryOConnell says "They're the remedy early in the morning. "If you want to be my lover...""

HLHost says "Er...keep your day job."

Panthera28 asks "do you think there will ever be a Sliders movie?"

JerryOConnell says "I don't think so. I think we're going to stick strictly with screen. I have to go on the set, Rebecca. I have to go on the set for 5 minutes. I vehemently apologize. I was supposed to get done 2 hours ago."

HLHost says "No problem. I understand."

JerryOConnell goes away

HLHost says "See how exciting this is? AMAZING. This is SO exciting for me. I feel like I'm actually on the set. I'm not. I'm in our studio. It is in Hollywood, though."

HLHost says "Let's see...let's see what some of these questions are."

HLHost laughs

HLHost says "One of the questions was, "Did you get yourself out of a Crackerjack box? See...the cell phone messes with the production equipment. So we could be with him right now, but that set stuff is causing problems. I have a cell phone for emergencies. I tell ya...I use it about 5 times a day. "Did you get dog food, honey?""

HLHost says "Right now, we're taking a Hollywood break."

HLHost says "We're all eating Ricola in the office. They're all sick. I'm not going to get it. As the Isley Bros. said, "Fight the Power." Jerry is now producing the "Sliders" show. He's multi-talented. He and his brother are writing screenplays, producing -- it's exciting. Fun. Of course, "Sliders" moved from FOX to the Sci-Fi channel. He said it was a good move, and I agree with him.. FOX does do great things with X-Files."

HLHost says "It's also pretty cool that Wes Craven didn't tell anyone on the set the outcome of "Scream2." That's pretty hip. Pretty now. Very Woody Allen."

HLHost says "HEY...does anyone have a question for me? Rebecca! Chatting with you! How about Glenda? She's our screener! Tomorrow night, we have Tommy Davidson on the show. He was on "In Living Color" and is on "Between Brothers." He was in "Booty Call." He is coming on tomorrow on a normal line. WOO HOO! Hey...I got a question from someone. What am I like? I'm cool. Breezy."

HLHost says "We're trying Jerry again, so hold on to your keyboard. And he's here! We're back with Jerry O'Connell. Say hello!"

JerryOConnell says "I'm here!"

HLHost says "We have hundreds of people waiting for you."

JerryOConnell says "And they're all my relatives. Cousin Vinny. Cousin Tony. They're in Hoboken. Brooklyn... I'm from New York. And we've wrapped for the night."

Chaos15 asks "What was it like working with Jada (Mrs. Will Smith) Pinkett and Elise Neal on Scream 2?"

JerryOConnell says "Jada Pinkett and Elise Neil -- the whole cast in general are a great young bunch of people. When I first came to LA and started acting after college, I have to admit that I did not like hanging out with actors. I thought they were shady people. But after Scream 2, I made some of the best friend since in my life. Jaimie Kennedy is one of the greatest actors. The entire cast -- we just partied in Atlanta for 2 months. It was great. I feel like part of the Rat Pack now. It's a great feeling. That society that I made fun of, I'm not guilty of being in one of its cliques. And I have to admit-- it's the coolest"

Iphigenia asks "Did you ever think about going into theatre?"

JerryOConnell says "I did a lot of theater in New York. My brother went to David Mamet's Theater School - the Atlantic Theater Company that does a lot of off off off Broadway stuff."

HLHost says "Which is commonly the best."

JerryOConnell says "The best. LA theater is starting to pick up. Christian Campbell, Neve's younger brother, has a theater company in LA which is terrific. They do a lot of good stuff."

HLHost says "What does he do?"

JerryOConnell says "He's an actor. He was in "Malibu Shores." I don't know if you remember that show. That whole Campbell clan is a good looking bunch of people."

Devilish_Angel asks "jerry we dont have the sci fi channel in Australia, any idea what will happen with sliders here? and place alike?"

JerryOConnell says "Yeah, it will probably be on Sky TV. It will remain on that."

seventynine asks "what did you want to do for a living when you were younger?"

JerryOConnell says "I hadn't really thought about it. I did that film "Stand By Me." Funny story about that. When I was in film school, they put on "Stand By Me" in a film analyzation class. That was the first time I reazlied what a great great movie it was. I wasn't watching it with my family"

FXguy asks "Jerry, is it true you almost passed up the role of Vern in Stand By Me to go to summer camp?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes. I already made my downpayment for summer camp, but I chose the acting route. I'm glad I did."

dayvidd asks "will there be more comics?"

JerryOConnell says "Probably not. You know, I'm directing a bunch of episodes of "Sliders." That takes up a lot of time. It's good fun. When you work with a great crew and cast and have such great producers - Edward Letting... would you like to say a few words to him? Edward: Hello! Jerry is very kind and very talented. And I can tell you he is just a wonderful person."

JerryOConnell says "Edward says: I'm privileged to work with him. Usually with every personality -- not just actors -- there's a little "but." I, myself, have been known to be hard on folks. But I can honestly say there is no "but" for Jerry O'Connell. He's got the world by the tail. He does great work as a actor, writer ...what's not to like?"

JerryOConnell says "That was Edward Letting. He was waiting for me, so let me just grab something from him for a sec... It's about a script. Thanks Ed! It's a script I will be directing next week. I'm very excited!"

HLHost says "I'm enthralled. I can't imagine doing all that you do. I would fall asleep -- pass out."

JerryOConnell says "No way. You'd get pumped! This is what you've been trained for." Top Gun!"

JerryOConnell says "My brother and I were once Goose and Maverick for Halloween. We raided the Universal costume department. We had the option of going as CHIPS. But we went for the Top Gun mode. We did the mousse...the glasses. "I feel a need to SPEAK! This was for this Halloween."

PrincessDrool asks "Ever create anything on camera worthy of the "blooper" reel?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes, I've been known to fall a few times. I remember turning on "Bloopers and Practical Jokes," and I saw myself on it. It was kind of exciting. It's one of those 80's shows you watch, and it was exciting to see me. It was kind of embarassing to see me do a face plant when everyone is watching."

HLHost says "but it's an exciting embarassment..."

JerryOConnell says "Exactly!"

sweet little girl asks "have you ever gotten attached to a character and found it hard to become "yourself" again?"

JerryOConnell says "No. Never. I found it hard to escape stereotypes that some characters have put me in. I was Frank Cushman in "Jerry Macguire,' and it upset a lot of people that I left Jerry Macguire in the film. Every now and then I'll see someone in the street who will get mad at me for leaving Jerry Macguire. I have to tell them it's just a movie. When I first saw that film, I didn't like myself in it either."

the_witchblade asks "How did he not fall into the same Holywood trap that other young celebrities like his co-star in Stand by Me River Pheonix did?"

JerryOConnell says "It had to do with my parents. They insisted on graduating from college, finishing high school and it gave me a real grounded upbringing. They really raised me very well. I have to thank them. A big high 5 to them."

HLHost says "Do they know you're proud of how they raised you?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes. I think my mom is online now. HI MOM!"

ohness asks "will you ever try modeling? you'd look great walkin up and down that isle"

JerryOConnell says "I never did and I don't know why. I guess acting seemed to be working out. My brother was a model, and I do admit to going to model parties with him. I did enjoy going to the parties with him, but it's not a reason to become one. I'm pretty happy with the acting right now."

Sandyjeanne asks "What's a normal work day like for you?"

JerryOConnell says "It starts quite early -- about 5:00 am. It goes until about now. 8:00 pm. I'll probably be here another half hour, then it's onward and homeward. But it's fun. Look at me! You can't complain when you work in this business. It's not fair. There are so many friends of mine whom I believe are more talented, but they're unemployed. I refuse to complain. This is not a tough job. Roofing is a tough job! Acting is not a tough job. Playing Neve Campbell's boyfriend is not a tough job."

HLHost says "Are you in your trailer?"

JerryOConnell says "Yeah"

davegee asks "So what sort of tasks does "Being the Producer of Sliders" entail?"

JerryOConnell says "Someone just came to the trailer. One of the actresses in the show, and she came by the say goodbye. They're all going out for beers. When they're all going home, I'm at the office number crunching and going home with my International Scout. Am I an internet guy?I am! I do. I think it's great. It's brought the whole thing of letter writing back. It's da bomb."

Soho asks "What are your favorite web sites to visit?"

JerryOConnell says "I've been traveling a lot. Surfing trips, just came back from Baja. I surf on the net to find surfing information."

PrincessDrool asks "Did you ever think at one point you might be the killer in Scream2?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes. Just because Sidney Prescott's previous boyfriend was not such a nice guy, I pretty much thought I was suspect # 1. At the same time, I think of myself as a nice guy so I didn't see myself as the killer of the film. I did have my doubts as to whether or not it was me. You'll never get out of me who the killer was. It was in my contract. So I'm very careful. You media people try to get the information from me."

PrincessDrool asks "Do you prefer to play the hero or the villain?"

JerryOConnell says "it's fun to play the villain and fun to play the hero. You try to switch it up and keep it interesting."

CoralSnke asks "What did the roaches taste like when you put then in your mouth for Joes Apartment"

JerryOConnell says "You know, that was quite exciting. I had a girl break up with me because of it. I did put roaches in my mouth, you know. Let's not beat around the bush here. I wasn't afraid of them. I was raised in NY, so I was basically raised by roaches. The roaches were around quite a bit. They were on my face. At one point, it was pretty disgusting. It was the best movie to film. It was like my big job."

Arthur asks "Has your relationship with the cast changed now that you're producing the show?"

JerryOConnell says "My brother is now starring in it. Charlie. You want to talk to him? This is my brother, star of "Sliders." HERE HE IS:"

JerryOConnell says "Charlie: Hello. What's going on?"

HLHost says "Hey! Tell us about your role and what it's like working with your brother."

JerryOConnell says "I'm my brother's brother on the show. It's a great time. Like making a new movie every week. The show is a blast."

HLHost says "You have anything to tell our chatters?"

JerryOConnell says "Charlie: I'm keeping him in line on the shows these days. It's a lot of fun working with him. We joke around all day and have a lot of fun. We went to NYU together."

HLHost says "Did you know my friend Ivy Brooks?"

JerryOConnell says "Charlie: I don't think so. I was in drama. Does my brother know her?"

HLHost says "Yes. Well, congrats on your new endeavors."

JerryOConnell says "Charlie: Thanks. Good talking to you. I'll put my brother on."

HLHost says "We have time for a few more questions here"

Evilwade asks "Eventhough you knew the outcome of Scream 2, did you still "scream" like everyone else when you saw the movie?"

JerryOConnell says "I knew the outcome of the movie, but I'm not a very brave guy. I get scared. I claw the person next to me. I'm a scratcher. You'll have to wear a leather jacket when you see that movie with me. I do laugh loudly, though."

HLHost says "That's cool that you can let loose."

JerryOConnell says "I am kind of freaky, in a good way."

dayvidd asks "were you ever in commercials?"

JerryOConnell says "Yes, I did do a couple. One of my first was for Duncan Hines cookies. I was a husky child and the idea of the commercial was all these kids going on a camping trip and they're at the campsite singing, "CRISPY, CHEWY...YUMMY DUNCAN CHEWY..." My role in the commercial was I was the husky kid who kept eating everyone's cookies. The canoe would tip over and the kids would flail in the water, but I would be eating the cookies. It was a clever commercial."

ShannenB1 asks "Which of the characters you have played has been closest to your real personality?"

JerryOConnell says "I would have to say probably it's a cross between the guy I played in Scream 2, a nice college guy, to the guy I play on Sliders who is older than college -- more my age of 23. My character is a scientist and I failed Algebra numerous times. Math and science didn't sit well with me like cold Chinese food. But it's a fun part to play. It makes me feel scientific. That's what this biz is about. Challenges!"

HLHost says "Thanks for being with us tonight, Jerry!"

JerryOConnell says "Thank you! And the soundtrack is good, but the movie is better."

HLHost says "Join us again tomorrow for Tommy Davidson from the show "Between Brothers." And goodnight to eveyrone else."

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