Jerry O'Connell Chat at Canalchat on March 08, 2001

Note: This chat was done in french so please bare with the translation :)

Good evening with all, Canalchat is pleased to receive Jerry O' Connell

Hello! Sorry but technical difficulties between Hollywood and Paris. Here we go! Good evening with all from the USA, I am happy to be your guest, put your questions now. I am happy of being able thus chatter with you all.

London_28: What is your impression when the actor playing Arturo quit the series? Which impression did you have when the actor who played Arturo left the series?

Jerry: This series by which many people know me in Europe and in the world was a beautiful adventure. There is always a little sadness when an actor from goes away and it is a decision which is often made in complete agreement with the production.

Auroreboreale: Cuts you ever been in France? Did you already visit France?

Jerry: Which pretty face hides behind such a pseudonym? -) A girl or a boy? Do a girl I imagine rather, I am mistaken? Yes, I went already several times to France because I like really to eat and here it is not terrible for food; -) I also like to visit the museums and the castles. Here, we do not have old culture like you. We have certainly superb and large areas, but for me France, it is a mosaic of landscapes, odors, lights, savours too! I am a wine amateur also...

Sabrina: Did you keep contact with the actors of the Sliders series?

Jerry: Yes, yes of course, we see ourselves time with other for a lunch or an evening.

Quinn: What the most liked you in the Sliders series?

Jerry: When one plays in a series like Sliders, I believe that one is taken by an environment, a harmony of the history which makes that one does not have finally a preferred scene or particular attitudes. I know that I must much in Sliders and that that was truly a rocket launcher for my career but I know as now as I want to make other thing. It is necessary to know to adapt, to change " casting ", of character, if not one is likely to have to carry during all his career a reputation, always the same one, which sticks to you with the skin and which makes that the producers remain attached to this image and do not propose to you really other roles that you would want to turn.

Samia: Which is your next film?

One finishes in this moment the turning of a completely new kind. I tested myself, since I made studies of cinema in New York, with becoming at the same time actor and producer but also realizer and one will see whether criticisms follow me in this way. There are more and more actors and actresses, it is true, which pass on other side of the camera and why not? I think that when a role is felt that it is interpreted and that one can move at the same time, it is time of saved and especially the feeling " to stick " more to the trade, to make so that the play is more personal, plus intimist also... In short, I smell myself rather well in the skin of an actor, realizer, director, producer, coil made man what! -)

Quinn: You wrote the scenarios of season 4? What that made play in your own texts?

Jerry: As I said it to the moment, I believe that one should not be confined in a role if it is thought that one can make other things. I have pleasure to write and play or make play my own texts with others, it is a complete service which I place at the disposal of the companies of productions with which I collaborate more effectively thus.

London_28: What is the Best episode you like play Quinn? Which is the episode which you preferred to play as Quinn?

Jerry: Difficult really to say, I believe not not to have really had preferences.

Sii: Will Sliders be adapted to the cinema?

Jerry:Probably yes, but that will be different.

Olivier: Etes you fan of science fiction and so yes which are your livres/films preferred?

Jerry: I am an attentive reader of Orson Wells and Carl sagan. The last film of Carl Sagan, Contact, with Joddie Foster that you like I believe in France, passed a little quickly on the scene. It was a good film which unfortunately had the difficulty in coming out a few months only after death of this great writer and I believe that it did not profit from enough publicity to be recognized like a good film. It is regrettable.

Damien: What becomes your brother, Charlie?

Jerry: He continues to make the actor and the model but one does not draw too flock in this moment; -)

Samia: Is the life of actor difficult?

Jerry: Not, why? I am drinking a beer and one asks me nice questions. It is not too hard! -)

Malycia: Which actors, or actresses, do you admire more?

If one speaks about next Oscars in term about candidates Jerry: and happy and happy candidates, I would like well that Tom Cruise takes something, that Julia Roberts also because it deserves his Oscar now. But I would also like that your Juliette Binoche becomes also true a star in Hollywood because its Chocolate is sublime. I hope that it will have a reward this year because it deserves it, really...

Thank you very much Jerry O' Connell, the word of the end?

Jerry: Afflicted to leave you because I have a battery of interviews now. As I said a few moments ago, it is necessary to know to make evolve/move its career with the good timing, the good time, the good place. Veiled the only reason for which I decided to turn the page, without regrets none... Thank you for your kindness today, I would return a little longer the next time. Thank you and good evening with all...

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