Jerry O'Connell Chat at AOL on December 09, 1997

OnlineHost: JerryOC2 has entered the room.

Your Emcee: Here is our first question for Jerry.

(Question was not posted or else I missed it)

JerryOC2: It wasn't as scary as some people would think because Wes Craven is a mild mannered guy. So at my first meeting I brought a crucifix and garlic. Regarding acting - I didn't take the regular path. I was picked for Stand by Me

Question: What was it like working with Neve?

JerryOC2: Neve is one of the sweetest people I ever got the chance to work with. We worked together years ago - and I asked her out many times but she kept saying no so it's ironic I'm now playing her boyfriend in Scream 2.

Question: Did you ever get scared when you were working in the movie?

JerryOC2: Yes. But I am a chicken. I truly believe that Wes should be responsible for some of my recent psychiatric bills. Everyone hold on one second, I need to do this shot - I'm on location.

JerryOC2: Ok everyone - as cheesy as this may sound -- I just had to do a shot for "Sliders" so I'm back now - sorry.

Your Emcee: Jerry is shooting his show right now and doing our live chat. Lets take another question while we have him on the phone!

Question: Do you know who the killer is??

JerryOC2: Yes. But if I tell you I'll be sued for $1,000,000

Question: Hello Jerry, My name is John O'Connell. I was wondering could i be related to you in any way, and if so how can i find out? Keep up the good work:)

JerryOC2: Ususally if your SAT scores are lower than 100 combined, then you are probably related to me. Anything above 100, need not apply. My mom will love that!

Question: I saw you on Jerry Maguire and on the so called talk show "LATER" for a week, how did those experience help and impact you?

JerryOC2: Getting your own late night talk show is probably as cool as it gets for a 23 year old male. Your producer gives you a list of every hot actress in Hollywood and asks you which one you would like to interview.

Question: When is Sliders coming to the Sci-Fi channel so I can watch it again?

JerryOC2: It will be on in Jan and the very good news is that I am producing it and directing four of the episodes this season. Its a spooky show. That's what I am working on now and the ball does not stop rolling.....

Question: Is Wade coming back?

JerryOC2: Unfortunately - No. But we have a new cast member - my brother Charlie O'Connell. My Mom is very excited to have both of her boys employed. I am very excited because my brother can now buy me a round of drinks.


JerryOC2: When I was in NYU Film School. I took a class called the horror genre. I actually wrote a paper on Nightmare on Elm Street. So it is very ironic now that I am filming Scream 2, with Wes Craven who was one of my mentors at NYU. Now that I think of it, I should have gotten him to sign my paper - which I received an "A".

Question: Hey Samantha here, did you like acting in the movie scream2, if you say the frist one is this one better? Peace, Love and Fun :)

JerryOC2: No. Because our writer, Kevin Williamson, really stepped up the script in the Sequel. No longer is it about high school students, they are now all film school students analyzing horror sequels to catch a copycat killer. Williamson blends the perfect amount of hipness, wit, film knowledge and Agatha Christie type thriller elements to please all movie going types.

Question: What was it like working with Courtney Cox? Were you intimidated by anyone, with you being the new guy and all?

JerryOC2: Being that half of the original was murdered in Scream, they accepted the new batch with open arms. As far as Courtney, when you film in Atlanta with Courtney Cox on one arm, Neve Campbell on the other - you are on top of the world. We had so much fun on this shoot.

Question: Hello Jerry ;)......If you could accomplish anything what would it be? ;

JerryOC2: To get a date with Sarah Michelle Gellar - can anyone put in a good word for me?

Question: First off i would like to say I have enjoed your work since My Secret Identity- Q: What was it like working with Wes Craven?

JerryOC2: Wes is one of the best directors I have ever worked with and you will hear this from the rest of the cast. On top of that, he has a Phd in Philosopy. He also has a knack for scaring the living ##@@ out of people.

Question: Jerry, what was it like being in a movie like " Stand By Me" at such a young age?

JerryOC2: At the time we were doing it, it felt like summer camp until I was in my freshman year at film school when they screened it at one of my film classes and I realized what a classic film it was.

Question: Do you use America Online...If So which chatrooms do you like? ;)

JerryOC2: I do use AOL and chat rooms - I don't really go to because I cannot think that fast. I prefer a candlelit dinner where I can take lengthy pauses without seeming slow, just seeming more romantic.

Question: Hi from Atlanta, Jerry! What did you like most about Atlanta while you were filming Scream 2 here?

JerryOC2: I would say the night life. Its the only town that requires no more than 3 hours sleep a night. The entire cast had such a blast.

Question: Is it true you have a small part in a movie called "The Party"?

JerryOC2: Yes and my image is quite different. You will have a very hard time recognizing me. Little hint - I am much like the character I portrayed in Stand By Me 12 years ago.

Question: Are they going to make a Scream 3?

JerryOC2: I hope so. If it does go, I would love to be a part of it.

Question: How was it 2 work in Stand By Me with all the characters.....for example Cory Feldman & how do u feel about the loss of your co-star River Phoenix

JerryOC2: When I worked on Stand by Me, it really wasnt' like work. It was like hanging out for the summer. River Phoenix was not only a tremendous loss to me but I feel a loss for the entire world.

Question: Hi Jerry. I'm Kelli. I want to know why the professor was killed off sliders? What it was like to work with Sarah and Neve? And how they did the special effects on my secret identity? Stay cool your a great actor.

Your Emcee: Professor first. :)

JerryOC2: Much to my chargrin, Rhys Davies, left the show on mutual terms with the producers. I am trying hard to get him back.

Your Emcee: Sarah and Neve?

JerryOC2: As far as working with Sarah and Neve - you could not ask for nicer or cuter costars although, Rhys Davies is pretty cute.

Your Emcee: Special Effects on My Secret Identity?

JerryOC2: Special effects - I was not too familiar because this was before I went to film school and became so film savvy.

Question: Jerry, do you still smoke like you did in Stand By Me?

JerryOC2: No. Filthy Habit. ***(Editorial license here: Pharper, Lexie9 and I saw Jerry on the set of Scream2 in Decatur, Ga. at Agnes Scott College and he had a cigarette in his right hand and a paper cup in his left. This image is indelibly etched on my mind. That and the khaki cargo pants and sleeveless white undershirt. ;-p~~~)

Question: How did you become an actor? I am on my way to be an actress and wanted to know if there are any tricks on getting into the "big time"...

JerryOC2: Only advice I can give is stick with it. It takes years and years - but if you have an ounce of talent - its worth the wait.

Question: Hi Jerry...I want to know what you look for in a girl and if you are involved in anyway with someone?

JerryOC2: I am not presently involved and I look for someone who is willing to put up with my corny sense of humor.

Question: On the MTV special, you said you "show skin". Ummm...Does this mean a booty shot???

JerryOC2: Check it out for yourself! I just got calf implants.

Question: Hey Jerry, how exactly did you act with dancing cochroaches?

JerryOC2: Being from NY - I was basically raised by Roaches! Check out Joe's Apt. Its a good movie.

Your Emcee: Jerry, thank you for joining us tonight

JerryOC2: Thanks for having me - it was great fun - now I know how this chat room works!

Your Emcee: Good night everyone!

Thanks to Jerry O'  for this transcript!!

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