Jerry and Charlie O'Connell Chat with TV Gen at the X-Files Movie Premiere Party on 11 June 1998

We are with Charlie and Jerry O'Connell from Sliders.

TVGEN: Did you guys enjoy the film?

Charlie O'Connell: The movie was absolutely fantastic! If you're a big X-Files fan, it's unbelievable!

Kenross: Jerry, how is it working with your brother?

Jerry O'Connell: Charlie is a punk!! I don't know how he got the job!

Charlie: Jerry is an idiot. I don't know how he remembers his lines. They brought me in to coach him.

Jerry: It would be cool to work with him if his breath wasn't so bad!

Charlie: Every shot we do, Jerry has to stand on boxes because he's so much shorter than me!

Leib: Charlie, when do your Sliders episodes start?

Charlie: I'll come on in four weeks. Looking forward to it, very excited and so's my mom!

OScullyvan: Jerry and Charlie, how can you relate The X-Files to Sliders?

Jerry: First of all I'd like to say, X Files is my favorite show on television, and my hat goes off to Chris Carter, who has not fallen into the trap of lame TV after a number of seasons. His show still is just as good today as it was in the early episodes, and the movie is even freakier. Trust no one, not even your parents!

Charlie: They are both sci-fi shows.

Jerry: Sliders is not as paranoid.

Charlie: The Sliders are undercover, just like the X Files are.

Jerry: Check out Sliders this season. Check out my bro on it. We bring a lot of energy, and the Sci-Fi Channel allows us to get freaky. And now I'm going to get a drink!

Walsh: We are now in techno-land, musically speaking. Nick Lea just passed by.

We're here live for the X Files premiere party. The stars are out in full force. Hold it. Something big is about to happen. The lights have all gone out. The remixed theme is starting up, and a serious light show is starting. Fog machines and laser lights, and some SERIOUS dancers....!! The main doors are opening. It's a techno remix of the theme...with a lot of smoke happening. A group of dancers is now carrying "X-File Drinks" on trays that light up through the crowd. The dancers have now moved to the main stage.

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