Jerry and Charlie O'Connell Chat at on May 13, 1998

CharlieOConnell: Hello.

JerryOConnell: Hello, Everyone.

Moderator: Welcome Jerry and Charlie...

CharlieOConnell: Keep sliding!

Moderator: Any opening greetings?...

JerryOConnell: What's up people?

JerryOConnell: Thanks for coming on. Go Knicks!

Moderator: <MidlandTX> to <Moderator>: Question: How does it feel that your series, once cancelled, got resurrected?

JerryOConnell: I feel like I work on the little sci-fi show that could.

CharlieOConnell: I wasn't around when it was cancelled, but I'm glad to be a part of it now.

Moderator: <Pendragon> to <Moderator>: How much do you know about the scientific facts behind the show, and do you think sliding is possible?

CharlieOConnell: Behind the show, I'm pretty good (at science). If anyone thinks they can crack me with a question, go ahead!

JerryOConnell: I don't know much about science, being that I failed algebra 17 times. I'm still in the 8th grade. I don't know if sliding is possible, but I do think it raises the question of what we do with our lives and how it affects the lives of ones around us.

Moderator: <Limahl> to <Moderator>: QUESTION: Is this the first time the both of you have worked on a screen project together?

CharlieOConnell: Yes, it is. Especially for the amount of hours - the long time that it was. But it was a great time working together.

JerryOConnell: Yes, this is the first time we've worked together on screen. We once, in the 3rd grade, built a fort out of cardboard together, but when you work on the screen it pays better.

JerryOConnell: Let me tell you a little bit about working with Charlie --

CharlieOConnell: We didn't really do that together - I pretty much did all the work on the fort. Jerry was very lazy.

JerryOConnell: The hardest part is keeping a straight face. I can't believe that someone is actually paying us two goofballs to work together.

JerryOConnell: Honestly though, I think you will sense a much better vibe to the show this season, primarily because of my brother and my relationship.

Moderator: <corgi826242> to <Moderator>: Simple question for the two of you... how old are you guys?

JerryOConnell: I'm 24, going on 8.

CharlieOConnell: I'm 23. And single.

JerryOConnell: Charlie and I dated sisters for a few months (mine was the better looking one). It got a little too freaky working, living, and dating together.

Moderator: <Marvello> to <Moderator>: jerry, how do you feel dirrecting some of the new episodes this season

JerryOConnell: I am a HUGE sci-fi buff. Getting the opportunity to have a voice in the production of the show was a real thrill for me.

CharlieOConnell: It was fun with my brother directing, but he was way too bossy and would try to direct me at home to do the laundry and pick up my dirty clothes.

JerryOConnell: I think I know my sci-fi, so getting to direct allowed me show my sci-fi story-telling ability.

Moderator: <Gothic> to <Moderator>: May I say this is a pleasure. Do you think that working with the Sci-Fi Channel is better than working for Fox?

CharlieOConnell: For me, I didn't work with Fox. But knowing from what it was, I think the show has a much better direction this year.


CharlieOConnell: We have a great cast, the four of us, and it's an absolute blast to work with them.

CharlieOConnell: It's good to be on a channel that I like and I watch.

JerryOConnell: Working on the SciFi Channel is better because we can get freaky. When you're on a major network you have to be careful what you do and say. But on the SciFi Channel anything goes.

CharlieOConnell: 22 were shot. Set and done. They were so much fun - we've got some crazy episodes this year, anything from Westerns to a spoof on Jerry Springer!

JerryOConnell: I directed the Springer episode because I am such a fan of his show. And I wrote the Western episode because my brother would sit on the couch all during college and just watch westerns. I felt if anybody could pull off a cowboy act, it would be Chuck.

CharlieOConnell: That's pretty much why we did it. I'm such a huge westerns fan.

Moderator: <gr8gonzo> to <Moderator>: Will the new season center on the Kromagg storyline or will there be others?

JerryOConnell: Kromaggs do pop up in a number of episodes.

CharlieOConnell: Yeah, Kromaggs play a big part in this season. We even have a couple reoccuring Kromaggs.

JerryOConnell: We got some fabulous actors to portray them. Primarily, Steven Mock and Reiner Schone.

CharlieOConnell: Reiner did the western, and another one called Slide Cage.

JerryOConnell: Special note: Reiner is a rock star in Germany, and stands a good 6'8". Lookout David Hasselhoff.

Moderator: <Dreamer> to <Moderator>: how many hours goes into the making of one episode

CharlieOConnell: 6 working days, 14 hours a day.

JerryOConnell: As a producer I can tell you after this season I first realized that a show is not complete after filming. There is a four - month post production process to follow.

JerryOConnell: What an education I got this season!

Moderator: <Dexter> to <Moderator>: What are the changes that will happen on the 4th season compared to the last seasons

CharlieOConnell: Me!

CharlieOConnell: Me!

CharlieOConnell: Me!

CharlieOConnell: Me!

JerryOConnell: I feel this season is the best. Being on the Sci Fi Channel allows us to cater to the _true_ sci-fi audience. This is not a cartoon show.

CharlieOConnell: Me!

Moderator: <Jayelle> to <Moderator>:Some of my friends saw you guys on MTV the other day. Was that fun?

JerryOConnell: That was a blast. They called me to host a half-hour before airing.

CharlieOConnell: Oh, I had a great time. Hung out with Jesse for an hour backstage before airing. That boy is off his tree...

JerryOConnell: Carson Daly is a friend of mine, he was sick, I filled in. I worked for MTV before in a film called "Joe's Apartment". If you haven't seen it, check it out.

JerryOConnell: I honestly think it's one of my best gigs.

Moderator: <Random-> to <Moderator>: If you two got into a fight who would win?

CharlieOConnell: Me!

CharlieOConnell: Me!

CharlieOConnell: Me!

JerryOConnell: Verbal or physical?

JerryOConnell: Mentally, I dominate the child.

CharlieOConnell: The poor boy's deluded.

Moderator: <fruitini> to <Moderator>: charlie, does your brother give you advice on how to be smooth with da ladies? :P

JerryOConnell: You know I do.

CharlieOConnell: I think I've taught him a thing or two.

Moderator: <Sliderworld> to <Moderator>: "what is the difference between Collin and Quinn"

JerryOConnell: Quinn is better looking.

CharlieOConnell: Colin comes from a pre-industrial earth that just picked up sliding this year from when Quinn found me.

JerryOConnell: Good answer, dork!

CharlieOConnell: ...yeah, in the dark!

Moderator: <ELVIS> to <Moderator>: How did the name SLIDERS come into place???

JerryOConnell: From White Castle burgers.

Moderator: <Guyver> to <Moderator>: Will Wade's absence from the show be explained, or will it be just something that happened?

JerryOConnell: Explained. But that is not the "big" information to be told in the first episode. My character finds out he is not from where he thinks he is.

CharlieOConnell: Watch the first episode...

JerryOConnell: Please don't ask me anymore about the first episode. The network executives are holding a shotgun to my head as I speak to you.

Moderator: <Letek> to <Moderator>: Charlie, is you character in from show one, or do you come in a couple of shows later?

CharlieOConnell: I come in on the 6th episode of the new season.

CharlieOConnell: "Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Moderator: <Letek> to <Moderator>: Was there a casting call for the part of Quinn's new brother or did Charlie get it without any audition?

CharlieOConnell: No, there was a worldwide search for Quinn's brother, and I went in with a disguise so nobody knew who I was.

CharlieOConnell: Then, after my 5th audition I took off my disguise and announced that I was really Jerry's brother.

JerryOConnell: The real story is that Charlie was living in L.A. with me last season. A recent unemployed drama school graduate. I insisted that he get a job. He promised to get one if I got him one.

CharlieOConnell: That could be partly true...

JerryOConnell: Hence, he's buying me rounds of drinks for the first time in our lives, and we are able to afford a two-bedroom place.

JerryOConnell: We're not sleeping on bunkbeds anymore.

Moderator: <Marvello> to <Moderator>: will you have any special guest stars appearring this season

JerryOConnell: Malcom Jamal Warner, Adrienne Barbeau, George Gaines

Moderator: <Letek> to <Moderator>: Are there going to be more character driven stories in the upcoming season?

JerryOConnell: Yes.

CharlieOConnell: I definitely think that the shows this year have a lot better writing, a lot more well-written and focused shows.

JerryOConnell: Being that our budget was cut by a quarter, it meant we had to write more character/dialogue driven scenes. As an actor, and Charlie will attest to this, this was the meatiest season.

CharlieOConnell: I think Colin added a lot to this year's unity with the four sliders. And it really comes across how much fun we have all day long together.

JerryOConnell: Colin's character was beautifully designed by our executive producers Bill Dial and David Peckinpah.

JerryOConnell: He is a wonderful complement to my character.

JerryOConnell: You guys'll see.

Moderator: <Shannen> to <Moderator>: Can you each tell us what the other was like as a kid-- and just because you live/work together is no excuse not to be honest! Don't pull any punches ;-D

CharlieOConnell: Jerry was fat.

JerryOConnell: I was not. I was husky.

Moderator: <Chickadee> to <Moderator>: Jerry, which character that you've portrayed so far best represents you in real life???

JerryOConnell: I . . .

JerryOConnell: I would have to say Quinn in Sliders, because if you've watched the show for the last four seasons, you can see how I have matured as well as my character.

Moderator: <Pat> to <Moderator>: when is the new season going to start?

JerryOConnell: June 8th, aka my father Michael's birthday.

Moderator: <enigmagrrl> to <Moderator>: do either of you get nervous when acting? i've noticed that when jerry act's sometimes he wiggles the fingers of his left hand. nervousness or boredom?

JerryOConnell: No, I don't get nervous. I do that tic to see if anyone catches it on the Internet. And it's worked!

CharlieOConnell: Sometimes. But not so much anymore.

Moderator: <Blaze-> to <Moderator>: Will there be a season 5?

JerryOConnell: Keep up these hits on the Internet and hopefully there will be.

CharlieOConnell: It would be a lot cooler if there was one. I guess it's up to you guys - watching season 4 definitely helps!

JerryOConnell: I just want to take a second out to thank everbody for supporting this show primarily on the Internet.

JerryOConnell: It is the only reason we are still on. Thanks.

Moderator: <Stewart> to <Moderator>: This is for either Jerry or Charlie: Is this new season of "Sliders" going to be more devoted to alternate history, or will it continue the action-adventure theme that was established during the final season on Fox? No need to divulge any plotlines, just a simple answer will do.

CharlieOConnell: This year we have comedy shows, action shows, drama...we've done it all this year, depending on the world. And that's what I loved about working on it so much this year. It was making a different kind of 1-hour movie every week.

JerryOConnell: With our time slot last season on Fox, 8 pm, you have to cater to the "kid" audience. It was a too "comic-book". We do get crazier and freakier this season.d

Moderator: <Shannen> to <Moderator>: Since most New Yorkers have an opinion on everything..why can't the Knicks beat the Pacers? I've got the game on now and they're losing...again(although it is only halftime)

* CharlieOConnell throws head back and laughs... *

JerryOConnell: Please don't get me started!

Moderator: <Weeb> to <Moderator>: Is it fun for you guys to work with Kari Wuhrer in this new season?

JerryOConnell: A blast!!

CharlieOConnell: Yeah, she's a lot of fun to work with. She always keeps you on your toes.

JerryOConnell: Kari's character is as feisty as ever and her hair looks great.

CharlieOConnell: But let's not forget about Cleavant! His hair looks great too.

JerryOConnell: Lest we forget about Cleavant, 1984 Tony winner!

Moderator: <Letek> to <Moderator>: Why did Rembrant "Crying Man" Brown shave off his moustache?

CharlieOConnell: I just saw him the other day, and he grew it back.

Moderator: <Jayelle> to <Moderator>: Where do you consider home now, LA or New York?

JerryOConnell: I am what you would call "bi-coastal".

CharlieOConnell: I guess I'm bicostal too. Home is where you lay your head, as they say.

Moderator: <tummygrowl> to <Moderator>: Whats in store for my favorite character Rembrandt Brown this season?

JerryOConnell: Cleavant Derricks has really turned the character of Rembrandt into a very pivotal Slider.

JerryOConnell: He is a very smart, funny and athletic guy. I can't say enough good things about him. Personally, I feel he is the coolest character on Sliders.

Moderator: <Jayelle> to <Moderator>: Charlie, now that you're acting, do you have time for fencing anymore?

CharlieOConnell: No, I haven't really fenced much in the last couple years. I miss it a lot.

CharlieOConnell: I did get to do a little fencing with a 6'8" guy in one of the shows for a dream sequence/video game kinda fight.

JerryOConnell: Cool sequence. I directed it.

JerryOConnell: It's Mortal Kombat meets Sliders.

Moderator: <LisaP> to <Moderator>: what projects do you guys have planned for the near future?

CharlieOConnell: I just did a cameo in a movie called Cruel Inventions starring Sarah Michelle Geller.

CharlieOConnell: Sarah's a great girl.

JerryOConnell: Look for me in a cameo in the upcoming "Can't Hardly Wait". I pulled a DiNiro and put on 25 pounds.

CharlieOConnell: Or a Vern Tessio...

JerryOConnell: Stand By Me reference, for those who don't know . .

Moderator: <ACE3> to <Moderator>: Could you please ask them both: If you was not Don't forget to enter our contest to win autographed pictures of Jerry and Charlie O'Connell. Visit for details.

Moderator: Send your last comments.

Moderator: <ACE3> to <Moderator>: Could you please ask them both: If you was not doing Sliders what would you be doing?

Moderator: Don't forget to enter our contest to win autographed pictures of Jerry and Charlie O'Connell. Visit for details.

CharlieOConnell: I'd probably be back on the couch. ;)

CharlieOConnell: But seriously, I'd just be auditioning in LA for other roles.

Moderator: Please send your last questions to trhe Moderator.

JerryOConnell: I would be homeless.

Moderator: Thank you Jerry and Charlie for taking the time...any last words for our audience..?

JerryOConnell: Let's just thank the Dominion website people for being such cool hosts.

CharlieOConnell: Thank you guys for chatting with us online and supporting the show. Hope to chat again soon.

CharlieOConnell: Go Knicks!

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