Jerry O'Connell Chat at Oldsmobile Theatre on April 16, 1996

OnlineHost: Copyright 1996 Oldsmobile; licensed to America Online, Inc. OnlineHost: Your host tonight is AOLiveMC7 (JackDL).

OnlineHost: Jerry O'Connell stars as Quinn Mallory, a handsome, college-age genius who discovers the means to traveling to parallel dimensions of Earth in the ambitious state-of-the-art adventure television series "SLIDERS." Please welcome Jerry to Center Stage!

AOLiveMC7: Welcome to the Celebrity Circle!

JOCnnll: Hey everybody! Let's get to the questions!

AOLiveMC7: GCraw8705 asks:

Question: Is it fun working on "Sliders?"

JOCnnll: It is the best gig I have ever had. Because of the premise, the show is constantly changing. I can't get bored.

AOLiveMC7: GCraw8705 asks:

Question: Jerry, did you have fun with Corey, Wil, and River when filming "Stand By Me?" What kinds of things did you guys do?

JOCnnll: We spent a summer together in Eugene, Oregon. It was like summer camp!

AOLiveMC7: MnLtKnight asks:

Question: You've starred in 2 series with a science fiction theme: "My Secret Identity" and "Sliders." Are you a fan of the genre?

JOCnnll: I'm wearing my 3-D glasses right now. I am a big fan of sci-fi.

AOLiveMC7: CAppl2964 asks:

Question: What do you think is the biggest challenge about a sci-fi show like "Sliders?"

JOCnnll: The fact that we must go to different Earths every episode. It is tough to keep up with where we are.

AOLiveMC7: CAppl2964 asks:

Question: Do you feel any pressure to be a role model for young teens who might be watching?

JOCnnll: No. My role models were always athletes, never actors

AOLiveMC7: Seminole3 asks:

Question: Jerry, I heard you say once that it's important to have a "day job" career. What would you be doing if you weren't acting?

JOCnnll: Probably roofing.

AOLiveMC7: CAppl2964 asks:

Question: What is a typical day on the set like for you?

JOCnnll: Free food, lots of laughs with the cast, with a little bit of hard work thrown in there.

AOLiveMC7: MCK1138 asks:

Question: Do you keep in touch with any of your cast mates from "My Secret Identity?"

JOCnnll: Yes, especially Derek McGrath, who you can now see in "The Client" on another network.

AOLiveMC7: PERRY DUD asks:

Question: Your show has been compared to "Quantum Leap" and "The Time Tunnel." Have the comparisons bothered you?

JOCnnll: The premise of parallel universes has never really been done before on TV and that is really the central core of what we're doing!

AOLiveMC7: DoDaDh asks:

Question: First of all, allow me to express my taste for the show. But I was wondering if you have any say as to the ideas of worlds you slide into?

JOCnnll: Yes. The writers get a feel for which worlds the cast and crew enjoy more than others. So they try to keep us going back to the "fun" ones.

AOLiveMC7: Roseanne10 asks:

Question: I read your brother is doing an episode of "Sliders." Is that true? Is he younger or older?

JOCnnll: It IS true! The younger and more talented (he is listening) of the O'Connell brothers will be in an episode coming up in May.

AOLiveMC7: DoDaDh asks:

Question: Is the show renewed for next season?

JOCnnll: Not yet, but keep your fingers crossed and keep watching.

AOLiveMC7: PhillyMJS asks:

Question: Jerry, do you ever poke around in the newsgroup to see what people think of the show?

JOCnnll: Yes, all the time. I try and answer as many questions as possible. Our writers and producers are always lurking. So keep those ideas for worlds coming in.

AOLiveMC7: SpceBall asks:

Question: What do you think of "Sliders" becoming a book now?

JOCnnll: I think it's terrific. It is also a comic book which I am writing an upcoming issue of.

AOLiveMC7: MnLtKnight asks:

Question: "Sliders" has perhaps the best premise of all time! If you could travel to any parallel world, what kind of world would it be?

JOCnnll: One where the Yankees make it to the World Series

AOLiveMC7: SFKyleR asks:

Question: When does your new movie "Joe's Apartment" come out?

JOCnnll: July 1996. Check it out!

AOLiveMC7: Steven061 asks:

Question: What was your first acting role on TV?

JOCnnll: A TV commercial for Duncan Heinz Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was paid for 3 days to eat 2,000 cookies. I knew I would like a career as an actor.

AOLiveMC7: Fsumsu2 asks:

Question: How much free time do you have with doing your show? Do you find yourself always on the go?

JOCnnll: It is physically taxing, but I try to get out as much as possible.

AOLiveMC7: Kamarya asks:

Question: What made you want to be on AOL tonight?

JOCnnll: 'Cuz I have asked celebrities in the past, and when they gave me an invitation I couldn't pass it up.

AOLiveMC7: Lava Juice asks:

Question: How'd they ever come up with the title "Sliders?"

JOCnnll: They loved eating at White Castle.

AOLiveMC7: Wenners1 asks:

Question: Do you think that you will stray from addressing social issues on the show and go for pure advanced sci-fi topics?

JOCnnll: Via our producer (Jon Povill), pure advanced sci-fi topics almost always address social issues.

AOLiveMC7: GillyGrrl asks:

Question: How hard was it making the transition from child actor to adult actor?

JOCnnll: I never really gave it much thought. I went to college and when I got out I realized I needed a job. Acting seemed like fun. Let's see how much longer I can keep this going.

AOLiveMC7: GillyGrrl asks:

Question: I heard you're in the new Tom Cruise movie. What's that going to be like?

JOCnnll: Terrific! I get to play a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, every boy's dream. It's called "Jerry Maguire," hitting theaters this Christmas.

AOLiveMC7: Natulee asks:

Question: What other projects are you working on besides "Sliders?"

JOCnnll: I have a film, "Joe's Apartment (The Roach Movie)" coming out July 19. And I start shooting the new Tom Cruise film, "Jerry Maguire," next week.

AOLiveMC7: LL Sherry asks:

Question: How did you film "Sliders" and graduate at the same time?

JOCnnll: "Sliders" didn't start up until my senior year. So I just made it.

AOLiveMC7: CommandoJ asks:

Question: Do you have a favorite episode?

JOCnnll: The episode where men were used for breeding purposes only. I had an easy time finding a date.

AOLiveMC7: Polegra asks:

Question: is there a chance of a freelance writer writing for "Sliders"?

JOCnnll: Per our producer, Jon Povill; if you are a Writer's Guild member and have an agent who can submit you, there is a chance but even then, we are largely staff written.

AOLiveMC7: BranhamTC asks:

Question: How close is your real personality to that of Quinn?

JOCnnll: Well, Quinn is a physics genius, and Jerry has trouble with his multiplication tables. So they are quite different.

AOLiveMC7: JoeTalon2 asks:

Question: Why did Fox take your show off the air in the first place?

JOCnnll: They were trying us at different time slots and Fridays at 8 seemed to fit the best. So they had to wait for the opening.

AOLiveMC7: TREVI77 asks:

Question: How old were you in "Stand by Me?"

JOCnnll: 11 years old.

AOLiveMC7: Rosanne10 asks:

Question: Did you enjoy making "Calendar Girl?"

JOCnnll: Yes. Jason Priestly was a blast to work with. I knew no one in California when I came out to do it. He was a great host!

AOLiveMC7: GillyGrrl asks:

Question: You're really good looking. Do you get a lot of girl groupies wanting to hang out with you?

JOCnnll: No. You would be the first. I do most of my hanging out in NY, where you can REALLY hang out.

AOLiveMC7: Gibbener asks:

Question: I missed the episode where you got shot going into a slide. What happened?

JOCnnll: I lived to make it to the second season.

AOLiveMC7: KansasDav asks:

Question: Jerry, where can I write to Fox to tell them I want to see "Sliders" renewed?

JOCnnll: On-line; we have a WWW site. Write to Fox Broadcasting too.

AOLiveMC7: CAppl2964 asks:

Question: What is the best part about being a young celebrity in Hollywood and what's the worst?

JOCnnll: I don't consider myself a young celebrity in the first place. And secondly, I am from New York!

AOLiveMC7: Sanchezk asks:

Question: I would love to see a full "Sliders" movie. Any possibilities?

JOCnnll: That's a great idea and I would love to see that happen, but as of now, there are no plans.

AOLiveMC7: Vampresss asks:

Question: Jerry, my boyfriend, who is an avid fan, wants to know how you got your scar near your lips.

JOCnnll: Dog-bite. 74 stitches.

AOLiveMC7: YO WYLE asks:

Question: Do you get a lot of fan mail?

JOCnnll: No.

AOLiveMC7: Imzadi199 asks:

Question: What did you think when you where first presented with the character Quinn Mallory?

JOCnnll: I loved the premise of "Sliders" and more importantly, wanted to play a character who was a physics genius. Math and sciences were never my strong points. I hope my high school algebra teacher watches the show to see my improvements. Hi, Ms. Archis!

AOLiveMC7: Imzadi199 asks:

Question: Can you give tips to a hope-to-be successful actor?

JOCnnll: Get ready for 5 years of total rejection, another 5 years of call backs. Then good luck.

AOLiveMC7: Queen B14 asks:

Question: How about some "Sliders" issues that show a gay positive universe?

JOCnnll: That's a great idea. I will suggest it to my producers.

AOLiveMC7: YourSoVein asks:

Question: Do you ever have to do taping in San Francisco or is it always on a sound stage made up to look like SF?

JOCnnll: We shoot in Vancouver B.C., but do second unit in San Francisco.

AOLiveMC7: SGomez23 asks:

Question: How many seasons was "My Secret Identity" on for?

JOCnnll: 3. And my mother has every episode on tape.

AOLiveMC7: TANVIEW asks:

Question: Is the show going to ever add some new characters or will it only be your and your 3 friends leaping from one world to the next?

JOCnnll: Per our producer, Jon Povill, we will continue to occasionally bring along people who need to leave their particular world. But for the foreseeable future, the only regular sliders will be Jerry and his 3 friends.

AOLiveMC7: GillyGrrl asks:

Question: How was it doing "Joe's Apartment" and, more importantly, working with cockroaches?

JOCnnll: It was a blast. We shot all on location, in the Lower East Side of NY. And working with roaches was easy because I grew up in NY so I was raised by roaches.

AOLiveMC7: TheGrayMan asks:

Question: A lot of the episodes leave unfinished business on other worlds, which I love (I hate TV-perfect closure). Will the series begin revisiting those dangling plots?

JOCnnll: Jon Povill(our producer) says no.

AOLiveMC7: Teeth666 asks:

Question: How did you come to play Quinn on "Sliders?" Did you audition?

JOCnnll: Yes. I auditioned. I was very nervous because I really wanted the part.

AOLiveMC7: CaptJazbo asks:

Question: Who is a mentor that has influenced your work as an actor?

JOCnnll: I've always been a William Holden fan. Robert Mitchum is up there too.

AOLiveMC7: The Junior asks:

Question: Do you plan on appearing at any sci-fi conventions in the near future?

JOCnnll: No, but I do plan to attend them. I have yet to be invited to 'appear.'

AOLiveMC7: LLucia asks:

Question: Do you have an agent or do you find parts on your own?

JOCnnll: I have an agent at William Morris.

AOLiveMC7: Xlavier asks:

Question: I just wanted to say "Sliders" rocks. How many more episodes can we look for this season?

JOCnnll: We filmed 13 altogether, so there are 7 more to go this season. And because of "sweeps" we have saved the best for last. Watch April 26. It is a rockin' episode.

AOLiveMC7: Sileegirr asks:

Question: Did you ever save any pictures of yourself from the old "TigerBeet" and "TeenBeat"?

JOCnnll: Somewhere in the attic, they all exist.

AOLiveMC7: Imzadi199 asks:

Question: How do they tell you where the sliding porthole is when you film the episodes?

JOCnnll: They give us a rough idea of where to leap. The rest is up to the 4 sliders' instincts.

AOLiveMC7: We have time for one last question from SloeGinFz:

Question: Why doesn't Schroedinger the cat show up in any other episode?

JOCnnll: Because after his first experience he asked for a trailer and it wasn't in the show's budget.

AOLiveMC7: Do you have any closing words for us tonight?

JOCnnll: Thanks again for a fun time tonight. And muchas gracias for keeping "Sliders" on. Keep slidin', and check for "Joe's Apartment (The Roach Movie)" this July 19.

AOLiveMC7: Thanks for all the wonderful questions from the audience! We hope you all had as good a time as we did tonight! Good night, everyone!

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