Jerry O'Connell Chat at E! Online on September 17, 2001

Jerry O'ConnellFrom hotgirlforhim: I was just wondering if you feel that any of the roles you've had were similar to your true personality? If so, which ones?

Every role I play has a little of me in them. I have to be able to relate. I can't play bad guys; my Mom gets upset. She's still mad at me for leaving Jerry Maguire.

From luvdisney:You sure have changed since your stint in Stand by Me. You've grown up very nicely, I might add. I enjoyed seeing you and your brother in Sliders. I was wondering, Are you guys planning on doing anything together in the future ? You know the old saying, Double your pleasure, double your fun!

My brother and I live next door to each other in L.A. Work is the only time we're not together. He is a funny guy to work with, though. We just went to Peru for E!'s new show
, Celebrity Adventures.

From midwesternromatic: Can't resist asking: Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, nothing?

Briefs. When none are laundered...nada.

From jess0880: I think you are such a great actor. I especially liked you in Jerry Maguire, my favorite movie of all time. I just wanted to know: Has fame changed you?

The only difference is I get free clothes now...

From zelda_pinwheel: Do you ever have nightmares of old refrigerators after Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss? And was that movie as fun to make as it is to watch?

Ollie Hopnoodles was a fun movie to make. Anytime I did a film as a kid, it meant I got out of school.

From mrparallax: You've had a good deal of success with the sci-fi/fantasy genre, both as an actor and a producer. If you could make your dream project in this genre, what would it be?

Sci-fi is a great medium. You can comment on society, without commenting on actual events. It can be analyzed over and over. The fan base is the most supportive. Dream project? Young Han Solo...

From nausetlite: I fondly remember when you were little, how adorable you were. You were also a tiny bit pudgy (and you were also very funny). Now that you are taking on more physical roles and are also considered a hottie, have you been treated differently by the public or Hollywood?

Yes...people think I should be buying the drinks.

From moodywa75: Being single, is it difficult to date now that you are becoming a very famous face? Is it easier to date fellow celebs? I imagine it would be challenging to find people (women in general) who see past your Hollywood ties.

I'll go out with any girl. Just as long as they laugh at my jokes.

From bishopii: What's the whole story on why you left Sliders ? I loved it while you were the star. I heard you were interested in exec producing it, but the higher-ups said no. If that's true, then it's their loss.
I wanted the show to be better. I'm a big X-Files fan. I wanted it to go in that direction. They didn't. I walked.

From informant: There has been much buzz about a Sliders movie. Can you tell us what the latest info is on that? It'd be great to see the original cast back together.

No Sliders movie. It fell apart.

From danyelle1: You seem like such a fun person, not to mention you are by far the hottest guy in Hollywood. What do you drive? My guess is an SUV, maybe a Land Cruiser?

I drive a '73 Buick Centurian convertible. Sweet ride. Funny story...I went to see my brother in Dude, Where's My Car earlier this year. I parked in a "no parking" space, and my car was towed. When I got to the empty space where my car was, I turned to my brother and said, "Dude, where's our car?"

From jdenise7: I saw you one night on a late-night talk show talking about going to a Britney Spears concert with Gary Sinise. I thought that story was hilarious! Do you plan to do more movies that exercise your comedic skills?

I'm sticking with the comedies. I have too much fun making them.

From miranda28: I have been a fan of yours since Stand by Me. Your talent is amazing, and you are truly gifted. Who or what was your acting inspiration? Again--keep up the excellent work--you are great!

When I did Stand by Me, I realized I had to act. Up until that point, I was always getting in trouble for talking in class, being hyperactive, etc. That behavior was not only allowed, but, as an actor, it was encouraged.

From diana27: I've been a fan for a long time. I especially loved you in Sliders. Do you have a love interest or girlfriend?

Single. You available? You better laugh at my jokes.

From rhymer01: What's happening with Buying the Cow? I've been waiting forever for it to come out.

I don't know. Keep checking.

From cat_night: Your appearance on Rove Live was quite funny. Are you usually the joker on set?

Always. I love to have fun at work. Why not? I'm livin' the dream job.

From linda_ann75: Has the movie you wrote the script for, The President's Daughter, been produced yet? When do you think it will be released? Love Ya!

First Daughter is close. It was a real learning experience for me writing that script. Up until that point I had just acted, so movies just appeared in front of me. I've had an education on how complicated the movie biz really is. I graduated from NYU Film in '95 with a major in screenwriting, so expect a few more from me.

From uvives: I've missed seeing you in the spotlight. I like it better when you were around every week on TV. My Secret Identity was the best. Are you currently working on any future projects? Your presence has been missed!

I love working in TV. The pace is so much faster than the feature world. I'll be back there. My idols are Dave from Moonlighting and Sunny Crocket on Miami Vice. I'm wearing a pastel linen suit as we speak.

From kenobi7: If I were to come over to your house and open up your refrigerator, what would I find?

Eggs, milk and batteries.

From kiki: What kind of music do you listen to? What's in your CD player right now?

The new Cake album. And 3LW--I love those girls. Jagged Edge, too.

From runaroundgirl: If you lived on a deserted island, and could order one meal to eat, what would you order?

A peanut butter sandwich. I love them. If somebody else was buying, I'd order a Long Island three-pound lobster, and I'd wash it down with a bottle of Cristal.

From suny: Would you say you hang out with your brother most of the time when you're not working? What do you guys like to do when you hang out?

Yes. My brother and I date together. Golf. Go to Vegas. Play Ping-Pong all day. And every so often we can be seen at Sky Bar.

From littlebaja1: What is the funniest prank that you've either pulled or had pulled on you on a set? Who did it, and what was it all about?

I gave my brother a fake scratch-off lottery ticket. He thought he won 10,000 dollars and bought the whole bar a round. Very funny.

From missfrv:: What makes you laugh, and what are your most ticklish spots?

Woody Allen and Anthony Anderson make me laugh. Anderson and I are in the upcoming Down and Under. He is the funniest man I know. If you don't know his work...Know it. I have no ticklish spots. I made myself immune to tickling. People like to tickle "husky" children. Being "husky" as a child, something had to be done.

From cbbgb: What's next for Jerry O'Connell?

Down and Under, a funny movie from Jerry Bruckheimer. I show my nipples.

From goldensungoddess: You've grown a lot since starring with River Phoenix in Stand by Me. Who was your favorite actor or actress to work with, and why?

Anthony Anderson in Down and Under. You'll see why...

From flacolnplace27: Did you REALLY enjoy the diet of egg whites and lean chicken while you were in Australia? Were you allowed to deviate from this strict diet?

Beer was in there. Tough to go to that country and not enjoy their beer. Good wine, too.

From nikkiconway: I just saw Tomcats, and I loved it. What movie did you enjoy doing the most, and why?

Upcoming Down and Under. I worked with Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Anderson and Christopher Walken. Most importantly, I worked with the very funny and possibly most attractive woman I have ever in my life in its entirety laid eyes on...Estella Warren. I ask her out on a daily basis...I think she has had my phone number blocked from her cell phone.

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