Jerry O'Connell Chat at MSN Live on February 24, 2000

Dish Diva : Tonight we welcome actor, Jerry O'Connell, star of the new Buena Vista Pictures film, "Mission to Mars."

Jerry_OConnell : Hello everybody! Thank you for logging on! All questions will be answered. No question is too graphic and I will try and reveal as many questions about the movie as I am allowed to.

Dish Diva : jenn_67 says: Hey there, Jerry! How are you? Is your day going well?

Jerry_OConnell : My day is going fabulous. We are starting the massive PR drive for Mission to Mars. I wear my space suit all day long!

Dish Diva : Hyperspace says: What does your character do in the movie?

Jerry_OConnell : Hyper, my character is the computer op officer and a highly educated scientist. Logically, being that I failed Algebra 3 years in a row, I got the role.

Dish Diva : Silver_Sugar says: What is the movie about?

Jerry_OConnell : Silver, the movie is about Mars being colonized. The first crew to inhabit Mars experienced extra terrestrial wackiness, and there is a rescue crew en route. And the extra terrestrial obstacles they must overcome.

Dish Diva : Spiffy415 says: What has been your favorite film role?

Jerry_OConnell : Spiffy, I would have to say Mission to Mars. To put on the spacesuit every morning and to play in a large spaceship, being that I have the mentality of a 4 year old, it really doesn't get any better than that.

Dish Diva : MrsCharlieOconnell says: When and where is the actual premiere of the movie? And who will you be attending it with?

Jerry_OConnell : MrsCO, it is in LA. I will be coming with a very hot date. . .my brother.

Dish Diva : Blue_Angel says: Jerry, I think you're a fabulous actor and have a great on screen personality. What was your favorite scene in Mission to Mars?

Jerry_OConnell : Blue, good question. I would have to say any of the zero gravity scenes that we shot because you could hang around on wires. It was quite a lot of fun and being that half the movie takes place on the ride over, we did a lot of flying. Also my sex scene with Connie Nielsen is something I will never forget.

Jerry_OConnell : (That was a joke)

Dish Diva : maddy says: Hi Jerry. Did you get claustrophobic in any of the scenes?

Jerry_OConnell : maddy, I didn't really have an issue with it. The suits were cool. They came with their own breathing apparatus and cool suit which flowed frozen water through our suits. It was definitely the coolest outfit I have ever had to wear for any film.

Dish Diva : Josh00 says: Are you the hero in the movie?

Jerry_OConnell : Josh, I have to admit my character is fairly brave, much braver than I am in real life. I don't like to leave NYC, let alone the Planet Earth.

Dish Diva : ocean says: What, if anything, did you learn about yourself while making this movie?

Jerry_OConnell : ocean, that in no way would I make it as an Astronaut, Too much science and math.

Dish Diva : Marty says: Did you enjoy shooting in Vancouver?

Jerry_OConnell : Marty, yes. I did a lot of salmon fishing and we would bring the salmon to a sushi place where we would invite alot of the crew to feast on our catch!

Dish Diva : Luxora says: Jerry, did acting in Mission to Mars make you believe in the probability of Extraterrestrial life? By the way, you were so cute in Stand By Me. You're very handsome and I admire you greatly.

Jerry_OConnell : Luxora, wow. I think it is a little selfish to think that we are the only life in the Universe. The film answers lot of questions. I saw "Stand By Me" on TBS this weekend. I couldn't believe how husky I was. Notice, I use the term, husky, not fat.

Dish Diva : QuinnMallory says: Jerry, how was the skiing?

Jerry_OConnell : Awesome! I just went up to Whistler two weeks ago. Vancouver is a beautiful part of the world.

Dish Diva : dixiechick3803 says: How old are you? Are you single?

Jerry_OConnell : dixie, I am swinging and single. Any single ladies out there leave your Email addresses with Dish. And my age? I just turned 26 last week!

Dish Diva : How was your birthday?

Jerry_OConnell : I went skiing in Mammoth.

Dish Diva : BabyKarret says: How was it like, working with so many other incredible actors?

Jerry_OConnell : baby, it was very awe inspiring at first. Brian DePalma was amazing. I went to NYU Film School and wrote papers on the man. I felt like I should have been getting coffee for the actors, not doing scenes with them. They were so nice.

Dish Diva : Marty says: The tech on the set was huge (I saw pictures). Does this help or hinder your confidence when acting?

Jerry_OConnell : marty, I loved it. DePalma is the most technical director I have ever worked with. If he ever wants to give up directing, he could be a technical director for MSN. We did two shots a day. As a film school grad, I was in heaven. Other projects I worked on, dry ice was a special effect. This film was a much different story.

Dish Diva : sliders101 says: how long did it take to make the movie mission to mars? by the way, can't wait to see it.

Jerry_OConnell : sliders, 6 months for principal photography and they just finished adding the special FX. The effects are so cool that they blew my mind and I was there when they were filming them.

Dish Diva : RavenWays says: Jerry, it's a pleasure to "meet" you. Did you do a lot of research for this role?

Jerry_OConnell : Raven, yes. Touchstone sent us down to Cape Canaveral and we got to watch a Shuttle launch. It is great to watch not only as an American, but as a human. The engines on the shuttle are much larger than the ones on my Yugo! :)

Dish Diva : Blondebomber says: Was the movie fun to make, and did anything funny happen on the set?

Jerry_OConnell : Blonde, we had these air generators inside our suits so we could breathe but because of the thickness in our helmets, we had to wear these transmitters. I had no air. I tapped an assistant on the shoulder saying through my helmet "AIR AIR." I couldn't breathe. They thought I was saying "HAIR HAIR". So they brought over hair and make up. I said "No No--AIR." Luckily, they figured it out and fixed my air tank before I lost consciousness.

Dish Diva : Spiffy415 says: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Jerry_OConnell : Spiffy, I think after I did "Stand by Me", I realized I had to work in the entertainment industry. There is so much free food on a set, it is the best job in the world.

Dish Diva : blade013 says: Jerry, besides the air problem, were there any other near "catastrophes" during the filming?

Jerry_OConnell : blade, no. The suits were very safe. They were made in accordance to NASA.

Dish Diva : softballbaby23 says: Did he have any embarrassing moments?

Jerry_OConnell : The most embarrassing moment was in HS when I challenged a girl to punch me in the stomach and when she did I farted. That is about as bad as it gets.

Dish Diva : Hyperspace says: I know you were a producer on sliders, would you like to produce your own movie or series in the future?

Jerry_OConnell : Hyper, not just yet. I am having so much fun as an actor. I think I will stay away from behind the camera for a little while. It is too much work. I like to nap during my lunch break onset.

Dish Diva : SoulbladeZ says: Good afternoon from Japan, Jerry. What are your favorite roles to play?

Jerry_OConnell : Soul, I would say, now that I have played a Quarterback in "Jerry Maguire", and an astronaut in "Mission to Mars", and Neve Campbell's boyfriend in "Scream 2", I don't quite know what is left.

Dish Diva : Johnny5 says: Jerry--boxers or briefs?

Jerry_OConnell : Briefs, and sometimes when I am feeling a little crazy, thongs. :)

Dish Diva : Zrags says: In "Scream 2", did you like dancing and singing on the table?

Jerry_OConnell : Z, it was a little nerve wracking at first. I trained for the scene by going to many Karaoke bars. It is a lot easier to sing in public with a few beers than it is on a set surrounded by a hundred people you work with.

Dish Diva : Do you remember which song you did?

Jerry_OConnell : "I Think I Love You" by David Cassidy.

Dish Diva : PS1353 says: Jerry, you've worked for some great directors, Wes Craven, Rob Reiner, and the king of film DePalma--who else would you most love to work with?

Jerry_OConnell : PS, I had a great time with De Palma. He is so technical. And he has such a knowledge of film. I would love to work with him on another gig.

Dish Diva : batman66 says: Who would win in a fight between Mighty Mouse and Batman?

Jerry_OConnell : Batman, well Batman is a real person. Mighty Mouse is just a cartoon. Also, if Batman lost the fight, Robin would kick Mighty Mouse's ass.

Dish Diva : Alexis says: Do you have any future plans for making a new movie(s)?

Jerry_OConnell : Alexis, yes. I have a movie coming out called "Buying the Cow". I also wrote "First Daughter" about the first daughter who falls in love with her secret service agent at college. The Director of Varsity Blues is set to direct. I am playing the secret service dude. Look for it next year.

Dish Diva : knight says: What is the movie "Buying the Cow" about?

Jerry_OConnell : A guy who contemplates buying the cow when he can get the milk for free.

Dish Diva : Halie says: How did you get your big break into acting?

Jerry_OConnell : halie, a casting assistant came into my school in 6th grade and asked me to read a few lines of "Stand By Me." I also think a large break for me was "Mission to Mars." I got to work with top notch people.

Dish Diva : ocean says: What advice could you give the future actors/film makers of the world? By the way I am a biology major, and math still sucks.

Jerry_OConnell : (laughs) Ocean, I suggest sticking with it. There are times where unemployment periods are so long you just want to throw in the towel and get a job doing anything but acting. There are two types of people in this world. People in show business, and people who want to be in show business.

Dish Diva : tcuprincess says: How did he get the role of the high school alumni that couldn't let go in "Can't Hardly Wait"?

Jerry_OConnell : tcu, the true story is that I went to college with the directors, and NYU alum like to keep it in the family. Also, I would give my left arm to work on any film Jennifer Love Hewitt is in.

Dish Diva : Veruca says: With Mission to Mars, do you think that it may be compared to another "Contact"?

Jerry_OConnell : veruca, I never saw Contact. I don't believe this film is comparable to anything except maybe 2001. DePalma's skills are up there with Kubrick's. Get ready people, this is a good movie.

Dish Diva : Spiffy415 says: Did you enjoy working with Mariah Carey in her Heartbreaker video?

Jerry_OConnell : Totally. I was a little upset to hear that I wasn't allowed to dance in it but if you saw me dance, you know why. Anytime someone calls me to play Mariah Carey's boyfriend, I am there.

Dish Diva : Jerry, thanks for being our guest tonight! Best of luck with "Mission to Mars!"

Jerry_OConnell : People, go and see this movie. Trust me.

Jerry_OConnell : Thanks!

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