Jerry O'Connell Chat at MTV on January 24, 1999

MTV Rock: Welcome to the MTV Arena, Jerry O'Connell!  Starting his big-time film career in Rob Reiner's film "Stand By Me," Jerry has gone on to star in  many, many other projects including the recent box-office smash "Scream 2,"
the MTV-produced  "Joe's Apartment," and "Jerry Maguire."

MTV Ariel: MsWorldX wanted to know: Will you take me to my prom?

Jerry O'Connell: Yes, and I'll even provide the flowers and limo. I went to my prom with my brother, so I'm hoping for a 2nd chance.

MTV Ariel: Jetski176 asks: Jerry, what's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Jerry O'Connell: Probably Joe's Apartment...putting 2 roaches in my mouth.

MTV Rock: Glow wirm asks: I love does it feel to be such a heart

Jerry O'Connell: Um...I don't know. But I am available. Please leave your
number with MTV Rock.

MTV Ariel: Brayker1 asks: Jerry how did you like working with the cast of  scream two?

Jerry O'Connell: Awesome. Never have I felt so cool hanging out with such a good-looking. Hollywood crowd.

MTV Rock: Swoopes33 asks: J what do u like to do in your spare time?

Jerry O'Connell: Sports, Karoke, date. By the way I too am a big WNBA fan.

MTV Ariel: NMeno asks: Jerry, who is going to win the superbowl?

Jerry O'Connell: Denver because I have bet the farm on it.

MTV Rock: Migitman3 asks about your TV series: How much fun was it making all those Slider episodes

Jerry O'Connell: Awesome. We are still making 22 for the Sci-Fi Network and I am producing and directing 5.

MTV Ariel: SnowKing0 was wondering... Do u think u should of won the MVP award?

Jerry O'Connell: No I don't feel I was robbed, I was just happy that we won.

MTV Rock: Jet5911 asks: Hey Jerry I love you and how did it compare playing in this and playing a QB in Jerry Maguire???

Jerry O'Connell: This was a lot more fun with the dancers on the sidelines.

MTV Ariel: BADGER 11 asks: Jerry, who is your favorite athlete and why?

Jerry O'Connell: Wayne Chrebet because he's all about football. He doesn't wear gloves, hardly any pads and he's a nice guy. Thanks for the questions.   Go Denver with 12 1/2!

MTV Ariel: Alright!  Not only was Jerry a nice guy but someone got a prom date.

MTV Rock: Thanks a bunch Jerry!

MTV Rock: Well, I guess that wraps it up for us...

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