Jerry O'Connell at Lycos on March 28, 2001

Jerry O'Connell

Hi Jerry, Welcome to Lycos Live Events! What's up?

JOC: Thank you everybody for loggin on!! Lets have a little fun and go crazy!!

Nannie4334: Jerry did you ever get any fan mail while you were doing the show MY SECRET IDENTITY?

JOC: I did, and my mom used to read it for me if anything weird came in which often does she would laugh about it and show it to the rest of the family during sunday dinners

Texas Toast: You were great in Sliders...why was it cancelled?

JOC: It went 4 years and that was enough time for it to go syndicated! i had some fun times on that show!!

DSD915:howdy jer! tell us about your next movie, I think it is called Down Under. and what's the stats on First Daughter?

JOC: I am in Australia right now shooting Down and Under its about a low level mafiaso who gets trapped in the Outback. Think Crocodile Dundee meets Good Fellas meets Survivor in the Outback. First Daughter hopefully will go into production after the strike gets settled.

Prodigeous: What can you say about the new movie Tomcats?

JOC: It was the most fun I have ever have had on a set. The movie was alot of fun to make. Probably the most fun I ever had on a set and its just as much fun to watch. Remember in Seinfield how you could always see how Jerry was going to laugh? That's how I looked in the whole movie of "Tomcats".

CharlieDaBo: I got a thing from a friend saying you like chatrooms. Do you have a favorite chat site?

JOC: I have to say I really enjoy doing these online chats, because everybody comes at the same time. These are the most fun for me.

Linda Ann: Jerry, what is up with "Buying the Cow"? We heard that it is in limbo rite now. :-(

JOC: I'm not sure it's going to come out. But do not fear, Tomcats makes up for that believe me.

Vortex62: During a recent canalchat (french) you said Sliders would probably make it to the big screen and you said it would be different. I was wondering what you meant by being "different"?

JOC: It would be more along the lines of how the show began. But bad news that deal fell apart . :-(

Aerynsunisme: After these projects do you have any plans?

JOC: I think I am going to write another script. Something where I don't have to get beat up by a dominatrix, like what happens to me in "Tomcats".

Abby Normal: Jerry, if you could remake any movie - with you in the starring role, what would it be?

JOC: The movie would be, a remake of  Rambo, me playing Rambo. But first I would have to do a few pushup ;-).

Petit Papillon: Jerry, I'm happy to see that your last few projects have been comedies. Is this a genre you prefer?

JOC: Yes, I consider myself a moderately funny guy and comedies are alot more fun to work on then dramas.

DeQ1: Do you have a favorite Sliders episode?

JOC: Definitely the one where women outnumbered the men. It bears much similarities to the cast ratio of Tomcats.

Nicolette20: What's the favorite movie you've ever made?

JOC: Definitely Tomcats!! There are so many hot girls in it and Jake Busey had so much fun making it. It's at the top of my list!

SemiCharmedMike: Jerry, do you feel good about how your career has come along? I mean with all those great movies and that greatest show, I  mean come on you have to be!!

JOC: Yes! how could I not be? I am making a living in the best  industry in the world.

BabyKarret: Do you have any plans about starting up an official site or establishing a more personal presence on the Internet?

JOC: Not for me. There are a couple of sites done independently. It feels a little weird for me to start up my own site. I prefer to do more of these chats.

Texastoast: You're brother is an actor rite? Have you or do you have any future plans of doing something together?

JOC: Definitely!! You can catch us in "The New Guy" coming out this fall.

Loverboy16 can: What was the funniest moment you experienced while on the sets of "Tomcats"?

JOC: Definitely the dominatrix scene. I went home with bruises all over my backsite!

Buos1faninwi: Who has influenced you the most in acting?

JOC: Probably Bill Murray and Tom Hanks. Tomcats is a big throwback to those wacky comedies I grew up with.

Blinkygurl: Jerry, do you plan on doing any more television shows?

JOC: Not in the near future. You can get alot crazier in these comedies like "Tomcats". So I think I will stick with them for awhile.

Linda Ann: Jerry, do you mind doing semi-nude scenes? Is it uncomfortable with your parents like the "Body Shots" scene?

JOC: The only thing that is uncomfortable about it is I have a moderately hairy backside. Which I must groom before any nude scenes.

Nannie4334: Jerry do you ever visit websites dedicated to you?

JOC: Only if friends do it. It feels a little weird for me to go online and see myself. I would prefer to go to Shannon Elizabeth's site.

Prodigeous: Do you have a favorite scene in Tomcats?

JOC: Probably the scene where I fantasize there are 80 women in my bedroom. Filming that was more like a fantasy come true.

Abby Normal: Who would you most like to work with that you haven't yet?

JOC: I would like to work again with Shannon Elizabeth. I think we had a very spencer tracey/catherine hepburn relationship onscreen.

Events Moderator: Great Questions everybody. Y'all are the best!!! Thanks Jerry we had a really good time chatting with you. We will have to do this again some time.

JOC: Definitely and please go check out Tomcats. The faint at heart should not ;-).  But get ready to laugh!!  See ya ;-)


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