Tracy Tormé Chat at Chat Room on June 15, 2001

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<tracy> wow finding earth prime was easier than this

<Recall317> Hi Tracy, how you doing?

<tracy> good nice to talk to you all
<tracy> unfortunately were starting so late
<tracy> but ill stay as long as i can
<tracy> hello all

<Yeontoo> nice of you to come chat, however long you can :)

<tracy> my pleasure
<tracy> wow the french is throwing me off even with my last name
<tracy> lol

<SlidersRocks> TRACEY ROCKS!!!

<tracy> lol
<tracy> i used to rock im getting old
<tracy> sure im fine
<tracy> sometimes ill keep the answer brief
<tracy> not trying to be rude when i do
<tracy> lol

<S> R317 and I HAVE TO KNOW... Did you have any plans for Wing?

<tracy> wing!
<tracy> wow
<tracy> havent thought of him in a while theres your answer

<Recall317> It's a shame. Wing has taken on a life of his own

<tracy> hes a man of mystery

<Recall317> He even has a first name now- Trevor

<tracy> lol who gave him that

<Recall317> Donner (jason Gaston)
<Callie21V> A Trevor in "Murder Most Foul" AND "Genesis"...

<tracy> i really cant answer about murder and genises cause im not connected to them in any way
<tracy> when i left i really left lol

<Gregslide> Finally... it was hard to set up the options. I am sorry if I was long

<tracy> thanks greg good work

<TemporalFlux> One quick question I've always wondered about. Prof. Maximillian P. Arturo. What's the P. stand for?

<tracy> Pontius named after Pontius Pilate one of his historical heroes

<S> You said in an interview that you planned for something shocking to happen to Ryan, the "Luck of the Draw" guy. May I ask what it was?

<tracy> wow good question id have to think about that
<tracy> been a long time
<tracy> but i do recall that i initially had bigger plans for him
<tracy> let me get back to you on that one
<tracy> so many episoded so many charectors so many network changes lol

<Gregslide> Tracy : Guess what... Slides is CURRENTLY on TV on the french channel M6 ! Great coincidence !

<tracy> thats great greg

<Informant> Have you ever thought about putting "Heat Of The Moment" online?

<tracy> not really i put it on the shelf and its gathering dust too bad
<tracy> i think from fans perspective
<tracy> it wouldve been very popular episode
<tracy> cause we wouldve explored some shocking notions like Rembrandts death
<tracy> and quinn and wade getting married and benish and arturo working together again

<Moderator-QBall79> I still think you should market the Ice Hat.

<tracy> ice hat yes could use one now

<S> By the way, thanks very much for not totally disavowing the show's fans after being so unceremoniously phased out of Sliders itself.

<tracy> dear s i was never phased out of sliders i left

<Recall317> Gotta ask. What sold you on Jerry O'Connell as Quinn? Killer audition? lack of better options?

<tracy> jerry was bob weiess's choice
<tracy> wade came down to sabrina and Amy Peitz who went on to do caroline in the city

<AO> I have a non-Sliders question, Tracy do you believe the Travis Walton case or did you approach the screenplay as fiction?

<tracy> yes came to believe in walton case but was open minded at first
<tracy> okay
<tracy> press on

<SlidersRocks> Tracey is it true that Jason Gaffney was going to make a come back in a couple of epsiodes of season 5?

<tracy> i did try to set that up
<tracy> just spoke with him last night
<tracy> going to visit with him and deanna Milligan( Gillian of the spirits) when im in vancouver next week
<tracy> GA

<S> How are the two of them doing, anyway? Haven't seen much of them.

<tracy> they work a lot in canada shes a regular on popular music show

<Slider_Quinn> Did you map out the whole show at the beginning? Or at least have an idea?

<tracy> mapped out much of it

<SlidersRocks> Was Arturos illness in "The Guadian" the result of the kromagg implant?

<tracy> you guys can keep asking just from time to time ill make a pause
<tracy> no result of network wanting us to fire him

<Slider_Quinn> Were you ever going to use the rift from "As Time Goes By"?

<tracy> not really just a cool ending to a shaky episode
<tracy> Melissa you there?

<Nickel9110> yeah i'm here :-)

<Recall317> S2 series finale. Which ep is it?

<tracy> which ep?

<Recall317> Invasion, As Time Goes By or Young and Relentless
<Callie21V> We've heard everything from Young & Relentless to Invasion touted as the rightful finale.

<tracy> young and relentless was slways the last ep

<Nickel9110> did you like the way the show ended?

<tracy> which show?

<Callie21V> I think he means the final Sliders episode.

<tracy> didnt see final ep know nothing about it was different show as far as i was concerned

<S> So which slider was originally intended to get the Kromagg implant?

<tracy> same with implant they took something id cooked up in invasion and took iit somewhere else

<SlidersRocks> Why would David Peckinpah feel he needed to re-create an already established show with "Genesis"?

<tracy> youd have to ask him
<tracy> i wont be any time soon

<Slider_Quinn> How close did you come to getting control of Season 4?
<Slider_Quinn> I heard rumors

<tracy> left in middle of season three never looked back

<Slider_Quinn> I heard they offered it to you on the Sci-Fi Channel

<tracy> no never talked with sci fi about that

<Callie21V> Would much of Season Three have been thrown out the window? :-P

<tracy> almost all of it

<S> Did you intend to retire the show after Season 3? I heard "Heat of the Moment" was intended as the final episode, or something to that effect.

<tracy> no never intended to end the show
<tracy> heat of the moment was the one script i owed them before i left

<SlidersRocks> weren't you a creative consultant on year 4

<tracy> i was techinically one for entire run of the show but never consulted on anytthing meaningful

<Slider_Quinn> Did you or Mr. Weiss ever think Sliders would get this kind of a fan base?

<tracy> yes we always felt we would develop a strong cult audience

<Informant> Do you think Sliders is really over forever, or do you think it'll be back in some form in the future? (This one had to be asked :-) )

<tracy> probably done but you never know lots of things would have to come together to continue

<Vortex62> Was there another actor lined up before JOC for the role of Quinn?

<tracy> no jerry was our first choice

<tracy> can you all tell me your names real names first names and locations and ages?

<Yeontoo> ages?

<tracy> well i guess if youre six or under or eighty or over you dont have to

<Recall317> Sure. Mike. 24. Maine
<Slider_Quinn> Rob 18 Texas
<Vortex62> Steve 38 Memphis
<S> Seriously... Salah. 17. Washington State.
<SlidersRocks> Dean 21 Queens NY---film student
<LeMartien> Thomas 19 France
<Gregslide> Greg 20 Student in Mathematics and Physics ! Quinn is my master ! :)
<Gregslide> from France
<S> WAIT, I'm 18! I forgot! Man, that's pretty sad, considering I'll be 19 in about a month.

<tracy> okay cool

<Gregslide> by the way Tracy... We are starting a new project in France called the "French Virtual Sliders Season Rpoject"
<Gregslide> Project

<tracy> grat good for you

<TemporalFlux> Do you recall what the story was for that season two episode Beauty World episode that was never made?

<tracy> vaguely
<tracy> was pretty much what youd expect world where looks are elevated over substance
<tracy> as i recall we spent quite a bit of time on it but ultimately abandoned it

<Yeontoo> why abandoned?

<tracy> think steve brown and jackson and blake took shots with it
<tracy> wasnt working

<Recall317> Brown was a fine writer. Liked his stuff a lot.

<tracy> hes an excellent writer
<tracy> i did alot of writing with him on
<tracy> uh the show with daelin and the rip in the universe
<tracy> as time goes by i think? not sure

<Sabre-Edge> Which ep are you the most proud of?
<SlidersRocks> If Sliders is brought back as a spin off would you be a part of it?

<tracy> i think probably the two hour movie the guardian and maybe post traumatic etc

<Slider_Quinn> PTSS was excellent!
<Slider_Quinn> pure genious, Guardian too
<Gregslide> It is my favorite Sliders ep!
<Informant> Great episodes.
<Gregslide> yes guardian is great

<tracy> yes i had written most of it then moved on to do invasion
<tracy> talking about ptss

<S> You mean you WEREN'T proud of EXODUS?!?! ;-)

<tracy> is that the two parter?

<S> Yeah.
<TemporalFlux> Ooooooh yeah

<tracy> whats the antonym for proud?

<AO> Tracy, if you can forgive a real geek question, the Sliders pilot and Summer of Love seem to be happening within days of each other but there is conflicting date reference between the two. Do you remember what you intended for time passage when you wrote them?

<tracy> well they were connected story wise
<tracy> and then connected to the last days after summer thats how i originally intended it

<Callie21V> In other words... did the Sliders leave Earth Prime in 1994 or 1995?

<tracy> i guess so not really important

<Gregslide> I really loved the funny endings like in "Invasion" or "Into the Mystic", where there were little cliffhangers. Why did they stop to make such endings in the season 3 ?

<tracy> there was virtually no black comedy or satire after i left think it went out the door with me
<tracy> just a choice they made thats why rembrandt suddenly became a navy guy stead of a performer

<S> I noticed that between the first two seasons Rembrandt made a big change. Was this intentional, and if so, for what reason?

<tracy> dont think he actually changed alot til late in season three

<Gregslide> tracy : were you thinking of developping a Wade/Rembrandt love relationship?
<Gregslide> (like in Dragon Slide S3)

<tracy> well was gonna play with that like a temporary thing
<tracy> think they had a lot in commen
<tracy> the two non geniuses normal people thats their bond

<Slider_Quinn> We were talking about this a while long did you and your writing staff discuss the parallel worlds you created?

<tracy> not sure what you mean how long?

<Slider_Quinn> how in-depth did you go?
<Slider_Quinn> to make sure it was realistic. how much research?

<tracy> well each world had its own realities was important we were all on the same page

<TemporalFlux> I have another middle name question too (seems to be my forte'). In the season two ep Young and Relentless, Quinn's double is called QR. Is this meant to say Quinn's middle initial was R? And if so, what did it stand for?
<TemporalFlux> Or was it just following the soap opera play on words with the title to make fun of JR from Dallas?

<tracy> my middle initial is R think it was done as an inside joke about me

<Recall317> Let's talk extras. Any of them ever tick you off on the set? Jeffrey Dean Morgan perhaps? :)

<tracy> he just pissed me off so much i cant even discuss it

<Gregslide> Tracy: did you use a nickname "Terry Devereaux" ?

<tracy> its a psuedonym i used on star trek one of two keith mills is the other

<Slider_Quinn> If there was something in the first couple seasons you could change, what would you change? The Ryan arc?

<tracy> nothing i would really change just wouldve worked harder on the network to allow us more freedom
<tracy> if youre all willing to give me three min ill try and see if i can stay on a little longer?

<TemporalFlux> Sure
<Gregslide> sure!
<Slider_Quinn> yeah

<tracy> hang on ill be back

<tracy> hi ive delayed a production meeting since we started so late
<tracy> its only fair sorry it was so hard to get started

<tracy> just did story for an outer limits its been shot already
<tracy> called rule of law designed as a special more expensive ep
<tracy> and as backdoor pilot

<TemporalFlux> Awesome
<Gregslide> looks great

<tracy> have new shoes domination
<tracy> true tales of terror
<tracy> and kung pow all in development stages

<Gregslide> do you know when they could come on TV?

<tracy> no definite dates yet but soon
<tracy> Domination i think will be liked by most slider fans
<tracy> that liked darker episodes
<tracy> very ambitious project

<Slider_Quinn> Have you noticed all of the Slidersesque movies and TV shows out there?

<tracy> yes pretty amazing

<Informant> Do you think Sliders would have been different (behind the scenes and... in front of them) if the show were pitched and sold today instead of back then?

<tracy> yes would certainly be different in many ways good question

<S> Not if it was still FOX. ;-)

<tracy> well even fox has changed

<tracy> just finished writing the true tales of terror pilot
<tracy> its about the zodiak killer pretty cool stuff

<Sabre-Edge> What was your inspiration for creating Sliders? Anything that started your mind on that track?
<Gregslide> tracy read a book on American revolution right? :)

<tracy> alternate history the american revolution book i was reading yes right

<Sabre-Edge> Harry Turtledove?

<tracy> no cant really get into his stuff i ve tried

<Slider_Quinn> Tracy, was there really going to be a scene from "I love Ethel" in an early episode?

<tracy> yes lol
<tracy> i love ethel and skippers island bringing back sick memories!
<tracy> also were gonna do world where canada was dominant and the guess who recorded canadian woman

<AO> which Zodiac killer, weren't there two?

<tracy> first one the real one

<MissSliderRy> Tracy, I'd like to thank you for Sliders because without this awesome show we, the fans, would never have gotten together. I've found some really good friends in the Slider community. Thank you so much. :D

<tracy> that makes me very happy to hear you say that makes it all worthwhile thank you
<tracy> and i thank you all for your intelligent devotion to the show its truely great

<Gregslide> tracy: in France, I didn't know Van Morrison.. since you talked about him, I love his songs! :)

<tracy> cool get album into the music if you can good song about paris on it

<Gregslide> By the way, have you ever been in France Tracy?
<Gregslide> (I mean the real-France not the France in "Invasion" :-)

<tracy> uh never to france except when i was a baby have relatives in bordeaux i believe

<JadeM> Do you have any idea who holds the literary rights to Sliders at the moment?

<tracy> i think bob and i have the rights

<Gregslide> Tracy, we are wondering if we will see a Cryin' Man CD one day?

<tracy> well there almost is one cleavants cd has song remmys slide on it

<S> Have you given a lot of thought to the science behind parallel universes? When would one world diverge into 2+? Every time a decision is made?

<tracy> that stuff gets very tricky ill leave it to the geniuses

<Vortex62> Tracy Was you going to work with Richard Matheson in regards to Sliders?

<tracy> my fave writer wouldve been honored but he wasnt doing tv at the time
<tracy> did send him a signed pilot script however

<Slider_Quinn> Tracy, if you could, would you Slide?

<tracy> oh yes in an instant

<HurriKain> Did you had plans for the character Logan St. Clair?

<tracy> she was left to maybe return not certain

<Yeontoo> so, if I wanted to make a video game, write a book, or anything else with Sliders, I'd need to sweet talk you?

<tracy> yes sweet talking is usually a good thing

<Vigeant> Oh.. then you have the most beauuutiful eyes!
<Yeontoo> well, sweetie, its like this....
<Yeontoo> LOL

<tracy> yes so ive been told but i never take my shades off

<Slider_Quinn> Which world would you most want to see, Tracy?

<tracy> paradise world of course

<Gregslide> Love Gods? :)

<tracy> yeah that would be a fun one to try

<Slider_Quinn> was the world Quinn was talking about in the Pilot, Lottery World?

<tracy> no it wasnt

<tracy> two minute warning

<Yeontoo> I'm glad you made time to visit with us today, even cancelling a meeting

<tracy> well i didnt cancell it just made it 20 min later but i get the idea thank you

<HurriKain> what did you think of the "Quinn's from another world" arc in Season 4?

<tracy> as i said have no clue about 4th season didnt watch it

<AO> I'm curious about your Zodiac killer show, do you identify/fictionalize him? or just stick to the facts?

<tracy> stick pretty close to facts embellish in spirit of the truth

<Slider_Quinn> Before you leave, Tracy, I just want to say thank you for creating Sliders. I have had so much fun writing Sliders fanfiction and its really sparked my interest in writing!

<tracy> thank you very much appreaciate it

<Vortex62> Did George Martin ever excuse you of takin the ideal of Sliders from his Doorways?

<tracy> yes george martin is a paranoid nut who built a career out of saying sliders was based on doorways
<tracy> complete nutcase fiction but some people actucally believed his nonsense sad to say

<tracy> thank you all im honored to do this would be happy to do it again sometime you all take care and no havent really checked out sliders rooms but would be happy to if someone wants to email me and tell me whereto go
<tracy> thank you all your questions were very thoughtful bye everybody


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