Kari Wuhrer Chat at Maxim Online October 01, 1999

Maximmag.com: Kari’s here! Say hello, folks!

Maximdude: Hi Kari! You rock!
Kari Wuhrer: I just love you people!

Rnl22098: When is your next movie coming out?
Kari Wuhrer: That came out in 1985! I have a film that Lions Gate is releasing called Kate’s Addiction. I got a letter in the mail today telling me it’s all going forward — they don’t have an exact release date.

Necrocreep: Are you going to star in any more horror movies?
Kari Wuhrer: It’s before the end of the year. It’s really funny, but I just finished doing this Visa commercial with Jason Alexander — he’s the nicest guy in the world. He has a production company — so if I do do another horror film — it will be with his production company.

Andrew_999: Can you kick ass in real life like you do as Maggie?
Kari Wuhrer: Only mentally. (laughs) I’ve never been in an actual fight physically, but I’m pretty good at mental manipulation.

Russ3: What are your future plans now that Sliders is ending?
Kari Wuhrer: Sliders has not been picked up for a sixth season — so now my plans are for the present. I just want to be happy — to not stress like I used to do. I’m tired of living for my career. It’s time to live for me now.

Action: Based on the changes you seem to be going through concerning your "self-discovery," do those emotions and changes also appear in your music?
Kari Wuhrer: I think my album, Shiney, is a reflection of what I was going through emotionally at the time. I was writing the songs. The music I’m currently writing is a reflection of what I’m going through now.

Necrocreep:: Where do you find inspiration for song writing?
Kari Wuhrer: Through my everyday life. Through my heart, my spirit — the New York Times. (laughs) Actually the second track on Shiney is called "Normal." I started to write it based on an article in the New York Times Magazine It was a very interesting article about kids who cut themselves. I realized later that the song "Normal" reflected my teenage years and inevitbly my own experience takes over. Even though I never had that problem — I never cut myself.

Russ3: Are you going to do any touring to promote your album Shiney?
Kari Wuhrer: Do you have money for tour support for me? Actually, locally — but my record company has limited promotional funds. (laughs)

Many: I think your CD kicks ass.
Kari Wuhrer: Thank you very much! That’s where I emotionally kick ass!

Redcloud111: Hello, Kari, glad your chatting with us.
Kari Wuhrer: I’m glad I’m here, too. I love Maxim!

Bubba: Do you like bald guys?
Kari Wuhrer: Absolutely. I do! I just broke up with a bald guy, but it wasn’t because he was bald … It’s because he was an asshole!

Maximdude: Are you seeing anyone at the moment?
Kari Wuhrer: Maybe, maybe not.

Andrew_999: Are you still friends with Adam Sandler from the Remote Control days?
Kari Wuhrer: Adam won’t return my phone calls. I saw him at the Blockbuster entertainment awards, but I must have been invisible that day. There has not been an opportunity for us to hook up, but I love him.

Necrocreep: Are you planning on recording a new CD soon?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m planning on recording for the rest of m y life. I’m waiting for a major label to be so impressed with my independent record sales … that they have to have me as their new artist.

David: Hey Kari, what are your feelings about being nude in movies?
Kari Wuhrer: This is another book of an answers, but I choose my projects more carefully now because I used nudity as a suit of armor. And now it does not mask my true self anymore. So I don’t mind nudity in movies, but I am much more vulnerable now than I have been in the past.

Bman: What movie did you enjoy working on the most?
Kari Wuhrer: The last film I just finished in Prague called The Prey was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.

Mikey: How did you get started in acting and music?
Kari Wuhrer: Satan! (laughs) Next question.

Many: Did you like doing the album? I think your voice is so beautiful.
Kari Wuhrer: It was an emotional process. It was a very creative process. It was an extension of me completely — and that doesn’t happen in film and television.

JsBs5: What was your first job in the industry?
Kari Wuhrer: Outside of theatre in New York, my first film was called Fire With Fire for Paramount.

Maximdude: What other musicians do you like?
Kari Wuhrer: My favorite is Cat Stevens of Days Gone By. But I have a wide range of musical tastes. Right now I’m listening to my friend’s band, The Impostors. And Beck … Massive Attack — who I saw in Prague by the way — Cake. My favorite record of all time is Ziggy Stardust — outside of Cat Stevens, of course … and Coltrane.

VegasCroupier: Choosing between the two, which do you find more fulfilling, acting or songwriting?
Kari Wuhrer: I would find songwriting more fulfilling if I could play more live — if I were able to perform it more. It’s not the recording that’s fulfilling — I take every experience now — film, music, whatever. And I only get positive energy from it. So everything for me is fun and growth.

DrgnSlayer: Kari, what would you like to accomplish in the next 10 years, that you would proud to look back on?
Kari Wuhrer: It’s all goood, baby. Yeah! Children. A healthy love relationship. Self respect through honest living. And to buy my parents a house in Arizona.

Many: Hey, how do I know that you are really Kari Wuhrer?
Kari Wuhrer: XOXOXOX! That’s how I always sign on and off when I’m on my message board.

Rhk: What is a typical day like for you?
Kari Wuhrer: I sit in my garden. I have a beautiful beautiful garden in my house in Hollywood. I write. I talk on the phone. I play with my cats. I talk on the phone — play my guitar — and eat chocolate!

Maximdude: What do you look for in a guy?
Kari Wuhrer: Usually lazy, co-dependent, feeble men. (laughs) But that’s all changing.

Andrew: Who’s your perfect man?
Kari Wuhrer: Hmmmm. Well, his name is George — and I’m still looking for a few parts to complete his construction. Anyone know where I can find an honest male heart?

Many: So Kari, do you like men in military uniforms?
Kari Wuhrer: I usually like them out of military uniforms. (laughs)

Dg473830: How did you get hooked up with Maxim?Did you pick them or did they pick you?
Kari Wuhrer: I dated the staff!

David: Are you going to be coming to the New York City area anytime soon, for Shiny signings?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m supposed to do personal appearances at Virgin Megastore. But my schedule has been crazy! I’m trying to get the lead in Abel Ferrara’s new movie.

David: What was it like working with Jennifer Lopez, on the set of Anaconda?
Kari Wuhrer: She was such a joy. So friendly, so cheerful, so modest!

Cloud: What was it like stripping for Nicholson?
Kari Wuhrer: You’ll have to ask Nicholson for that. I was completely in another world. Protecting myself from paralyzing fear.

Maximdude: Adam Sandler is a douche bag!
Kari Wuhrer: No! Adam is the best. He’s great. I just left him a note at his apartment in New York City one time — I assume his doorman never gave it to him. But he’s the Stud Boy!

Maximdude: What about that ex-husband?!!
Kari Wuhrer: Exactly — Ex-husband — I just had the tattoo removed from my ankle. I just had his name removed from my ankle.

Mikey: Any other tattoos?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m having one on my shoulder removed — it’s been about two years in the process.The 80’s are over, man!

DrgnSlayer: Is it difficult to meet nice guys in your industry?
Kari Wuhrer: Very very very very. But I assume it’s difficult to meet nice girls for men. Just look at the divorce rate here in Hollywood — it’s crazy.

David: What are some big turn-offs from a man?
Kari Wuhrer: Unemployment. (laughs) Being lazy. Mooching. I was dating Maynard from Tool. That was the bald guy. We went out to dinner - and I paid for dinner — and he said, "Oh, a girl with money." And I said, "Oh, a muscian with money." That pretty much sums it up.

J.Farrar: Kari, I love you sense of humor. Have you ever been approached to do a sitcom and if so, would you be interested?
Kari Wuhrer: I suck at sitcom auditions, but it is definetely something I want to do. I get funnier after a couple cocktails — at least I think so.

Rael390: Do you have anytime to yourself with your busy schedule?
Kari Wuhrer: Yes. But not without guilt.
Johnny99: What do you do in your free time, when you have some?
Kari Wuhrer: I play my guitar … I write … I watch mindless television. Clean out my closets. Do my laundry. (laughs)

Maximdude: What was the last dream you had?
Kari Wuhrer: I had a dream last night about being in this beautiful forest with tall, tall pine trees and I could actually smell the pine trees in my dream last night. It was incredible — and it was raining. It was a great dream.

Paduka: Are you the 7-11 girl?
Kari Wuhrer: Yes and I actually shop there — so what of it!

Mrground: Hi, Kari, I was wondering if you still had the outfit from the7-11 commercials? I thought you looked realy good in it.
Kari Wuhrer: Thanks, it was Gucci — and no they didn’t let me keep it. I think I looked fat and white, though. (laughs)

HardCharger18D: What do you do for stress relief?
Kari Wuhrer: If all is going well in my life — sex with my boyfriend, or a beautiful man. And if all is not going well — sex with myself. (laughs)

Many: Will you marry me? I just had to ask
Kari Wuhrer: Marry? I don’t understand that word. Marry? No.

Karisboy: What turns you on most?
Kari Wuhrer: Artistic intelligent people who read books and don’t have to push their opinions on people … The opposite of me. Just kidding. And people who like Japanese anime porn!

Cloud: Maxim quoted you as saying "I feel responsible for making sure everybody has a good time, no matter where I am." Do you feel that way on-line as well?
Kari Wuhrer: A little bit, I guess.
Bman: How much time do you usually spend on the computer?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m addicted. I spend several hours on the weekends. About 10 hours a week. When I first got my computer — I was up for about 72 hours straight. That’s when I decided a had a problem, so I had to stop that.

Many: If I wanted to send you some roses and a stuffed teddy bear where would I send it to?
Kari Wuhrer: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. There are some kids who really need cheering up. I’m happy. But thank you very much.

Timothycharlton: Favorite Coltrane album is?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m really into The Original Master Recordings. It’s a compilation — from the original master tapes. Songs like "Spiritual," "India," "Soul Eyes."

Unclemoe: Does "fame" ever scare you?
Kari Wuhrer: Only when I think about not having it. (laughs) No, that’s a joke, actually. I’m happy in my quest.

Bdpettit: Do you live in NY or L.A. now?
Kari Wuhrer: I live in L.A. — haven’t you been listening?

Trey420: What is your favorite movie?
Kari Wuhrer: Harold & Maude. Or Cool Devices — this Japanese Anime Porn — it’s a toss-up!

Luv to Nail Kari: What was your childhood like?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m still trying to get over that mental block. I had a horrible horrible teenage experience. I was the town freak.

Dakon: How do you differentiate between guys who want to be with the Kari Wuhrer the image, star etc. and those who want to be with Kari the person?
Kari Wuhrer: I met a man in Prague who has no idea about anything I’ve ever done and he really likes me. And so far it’s working out really great — except for the distance thing.

Necrocreep: What do you think of your fans?
Kari Wuhrer: I love my fans. They’re the best in the world. Many have remained loyal for 10 years plus. I try to communicate with them on the message board on my Web site. They inspire me. They embarass me sometimes — and I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

J.Farrar: Do you run into fans who can still quote funny things you said and did in your MTV VJ days? (I would be one of those!)
Kari Wuhrer: Only the TV theme songs that I would perform on Bongos. That’s all I remember from those days.

Jon13: Do you like when guys fantisize about you?
Kari Wuhrer: Now of course I do! Of course I do. Wouldn’t you? That’s why I do Maxim magazine. (laughs)

Timothycharlton: I am a military man, with a big heart, who lives in New York City. I like photography, art museums, and baseball. Would you ever have interest in grabbing a small bite to eat and sharing your bottle of charming house red on your next trip to New York City?
Kari Wuhrer: Oh my God! Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines? Boy Scouts? (laughs)

Sexy: I dream about you every night!
Kari Wuhrer: Am I in a forest with pine trees? Is it raining?

Straightedge: Do you like guys wirth peircings or not? Do you like the bad boy image?
Kari Wuhrer: Gosh — it depends on the person. I don’t judge a book by its cover all the time.

Redcloud111: Do you prefer boxers or briefs for your boyfriends?
Kari Wuhrer: Very brief boxers!

Clutchdivine: Is there someone who you have always wanted to work with?
Kari Wuhrer: There are many … Christopher Walken, John Cusack, Susan Sarandon, Mick Jagger, Tom Waits.

Action: What would your ideal movie role be?
Kari Wuhrer: The new Abel Ferrara fall project (laughs) I’d love to play somebody crazy and exciting who is a rock star freako drug addict sex addict!

Chuchoman: If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?
Kari Wuhrer: Mother Theresa. No, wait, cancel that. She couldn’t have sex, right? James Bond. If I could create my own superhero, her name would be Psycho Japan Anime Stewardess Who Travels the World Bringing Excitement to Lonely Business Travelers! I could get great bonus miles.

Bassquinn: Do you favor doing comedies or dramas … did you ever think of doing live theater as well?
Kari Wuhrer: I’ve done live theater. I love comedy. Do you have a part for me? I just love to work.

Maximmag.com: What’s your upcoming TV project?
Kari Wuhrer: I have a movie of the week for Fox. It will be airing sometime in November called Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

Maximmag.com: What’s that about?
Kari Wuhrer: I play an MTV VJ (laughs) — and I have one line. My favorite line in the movie is this — "But I don’t want to be at MTV when I’m 30!" I’m 32 now.

Khartig: Did you end up going to the Sci-fi conference in Denver and how was it?
Kari Wuhrer: Yes. I went. It was amazing. We earned over $2000 for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital from fans who wanted autographs. So thank you to the Sci-fi fans — it was amazing.

Killerclutch: Kari, how was it working with Colin Quinn?
Kari Wuhrer: Colin Quinn is one of the greatest human beings — one of the funniest and smartest people and I would lick his boots if he wanted me to. Sounds pretty sexy, huh?

Maximmag.com: Back to your dream, Kari …
Maximdude: Trees are a sign of strength and rain is a symbol of cleansing. I think you have a lot to look forward to.
Kari Wuhrer: Wow. Thank you. How much do I owe you for that?

Chrisman: What’s it like being a sex symbol of the millenium?
Kari Wuhrer: (laughs) Well, thanks to Maxim magazine, it’s pretty damned good! Even though it is all smoke and mirrors. (laughs)

Maximdude: How young is too young?
Kari Wuhrer: For what exactly? As long as they’re over the legal age … (laughs) There’s no such thing as too young. Young men and older women are very compatible. I’ve never been the oldest one in a room until just recently. It kind of sucks.

Redcloud111: Kari, do you prefer to be wined and dined or taken dancing all night?
Kari Wuhrer: What’s wrong with both, baby? I love romance, period. I’m a sucker for it.

Timothycharlton: If you were at a party, what approach would you find intriguing? Would you like the smile from across the room approach, the direct "hi how are you" approach, or the casual bump in to you — you spray him with pepper spray approach?
Kari Wuhrer: Smile from across the room and the mystery that goes with that.

DrgnSlayer: do you ever wish you were annonymous, and not in the public eye for most everything?
Kari Wuhrer: I spend most of my life anonymous. I don’t get bombarded at the supermarket. But when somebody does come up and recognize me, it’s usually a genuine appreciation for my work and there’s nothing better than that feeling.

Straightedge: Do you like sports and if so what is your fave team?
Kari Wuhrer: I love boxing. Poor De La Hoya.

MikeMoy: Have you ever dated a fan? Would you?
Kari Wuhrer: I only date men who are fans of mine! Otherwise what’s the point? They have to like me.

Maximdude: What are your cats names?
Kari Wuhrer: Monki — he’s got a hip spelling. Houdini and RogerToes — he’s a stink — he’s fat and bald. He’s like Mr. Bigglesworth. But I had him before Mr. Bigglesworth!

Many: How did you like the song "Better Off?" I love it.
Kari Wuhrer: Of course I love the song — it has emotional meaning for me. I wish I had produced it just a little differently.

Bassquinn: If you playing the NY area, my band, Quinn, would love to open for you. Any chance of that?
Kari Wuhrer: Only at the Knitting Factory — that place rocks! Check out Buddy Brains. Buddy Brains is a performance art band out there. This freak I went to high school with is the front man.

MikeMoy: What do you see yourself doing five years from now? Or do you not plan that far ahead and prefer to live for the day?
Kari Wuhrer: If I were to think about five years from now I’d be scared shitless. So I prefer today. My business manager makes sure that I plan for five years from now.

Joey: Are you into appearance, or would you give a guy a chance even though he’s not the "model" type?
Kari Wuhrer: If you saw pictures of all my old boyfriends you wouldn’t ask that question!

Gibby: Would you ever date a blue collar guy making $30k a year?
Kari Wuhrer: Absolutley.

Starbat1: What are you wearing?
Kari Wuhrer: I’m wearing Ralph Lauren that look like white men’s briefs. And that’s it. It’s very hot today. It’s like 110 degrees here.

Neurosis: What are your plans for New Years Eve?
Kari Wuhrer: I thought I wanted to be alone in my house with all the lights off … Couple candles and my own thoughts. But it looks like maybe I will be in Europe.

Redcloud111: At what point in a relationship would you let a guy suck your toes?
Kari Wuhrer: First date. Are you kidding?

PJSONG7: What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? I see ya smoking in all your hot pictures.
Kari Wuhrer: I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. Sorry to all the fetishists out there.

Taurus: What is the most dangerous thing you have done?
Kari Wuhrer: Got married! (laughs)
kg1wxman: Kari, If you’re not in Europe, I’ll come over and cook you a great meal!
Kari Wuhrer:OK.

Joey: Do you have nice sports car, and if not, what kind would you get, and why?
Kari Wuhrer: I used to have a 1957 Corvette in Cascade green, but the mother would always break down. Now I drive a Pathfinder — but I’m in the market for a ’59 Caddy convertible, baby, with biiiiiiig fins, you know? And I want to name it "The Shark."

Many: What is the address to St Jude’s Childrens Hospital?
Kari Wuhrer: I don’t have the address, but you could get it online. Go to www.stjude.org

Maximmag.com: OK, folks thanks for all your questions. And thank you, Kari, for being with us.
Kari Wuhrer: Thanks guys. Buy Maxim every issue! It rocks!
Maximmag.com: Look out for Kari in Fox’s Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.
Kari Wuhrer: I appreciate all your support
Kari Wuhrer: You guys are important to me, really.
Maximmag.com: And look for her film Kate’s Addiction.
Kari Wuhrer: Goodnight Cleveland! You’ve been a great crowd!! I’m just such a dork.
Maximmag.com: Thanks.

Maximmag.com: Everybody come back next week for Gena Lee Nolin of Baywatch fame.

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