Kari Wuhrer Chat at Westwood on April 7, 2001

Kari Wuhrer was good enough to take a few moments from her busy schedule today to stop in and say hi to some of her fans. Hi Kari

Kari     Hi everyone!

We'll begin with the questions is just a minute.

Kari     By the way...I'm not wearing pants.

Nice. So Kari, How's the Red Alert 2 filming coming along!

Kari     It was great! Joe Kucan is the best director in the world!

Hmm.... =)

Kari     Seriously, we have more fun than anyone should be allowed to have.

What have You most enjoyed about playing Tanya, which, btw, You did great as.

Kari     I love kicking ass! Her attitude, and of course, the guns!

How did you find out about RA2? What did you think when someone asked you to star in a computer game?

Kari     I always wanted to do a game. I wanted to learn about the medium, and Westwood is the best place to do it. The concept of RA2 was intriguing to me.

Are you anything like the character Tanya in real life?

Kari     Exactly! I can swim, I can climb, I can shoot. I'm super woman, basically. :-)

How long have you been in the filming business and do you enjoy it?

Kari     I've been doing this for 18 years. The best part about it is new technology keeps it interesting. It's constantly changing.

How is starring in a computer game different from TV or movies?

Kari     A lot of our filming is done in front of a bluescreen. It moves a lot quicker and we don't take ourselves as seriously.

Hi Kari ! I was wondering if we'll ever see a new season of Sliders ?

Kari     Sorry, no. But wouldn't it be great? :-)

Do you play computer or console games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Kari     I love playing Red Alert 2! Right now, it's the only one I've mastered b/c I know it inside and out. But I also like the syncronized swimming from the Olympic Games series. Kidding!!!

How is Tanya different from other characters you have played?

Kari     Usually, I don't have other people controlling my actions. :-) It feels a little strange, but at the same time, very comforting...

Is it hard to work on blue screen?

Kari     Well, you have to make sure your shoes are clean. After doing Anaconda and Sliders, reacting to "nothing" is pretty easy. (there was no real snake in Anaconda and no real dinosaurs in Sliders) :)

Did you have any input into the very nice clothing you wore for the game?

Kari     No. Not really. I wanted to keep my belly ring, but the director thought I should probably lose it. Oh BTW, I am wearing pants. :-)

Did you actually shoot one of those guns you were always carring around?

Kari     Yeah! I'm a method actor!

How is it being so well known throughout the world for a role in a pc-game?

Kari     Not bad! Fun, kinda cool. There are worse jobs.

What are some of your favorite roles you're had during your acting career?

Kari     Everything except the strippers. I'm over that now. But, I just finished a film with David Arquette called Arac Attack -- a sci-fi horror comedy..about giant spiders taking over a small town in AZ. I'm the sherriff of that town. I get to kick spider butt! BTW, the girl in the funky hat is my assistant, Bara.

Very cool! When will we get to see it?

Kari     She's really good at RA2. She wants to be me! Kidding!!! Arac Attack will be in theaters early 2002.

How did you got involved in the Ra2 Business?

Kari     Once a sci-fi girl, always a sci-fi girl. And I think computer games fall under that genre still...except, of course, for the synchronized swimming. :-)

Who's sexier Kane or Yuri?

Kari     Kane and Yuri together make up one very, very sexy person. Then again, is any man complete on his own? :-)

Kari do you have a boyfriend?

Kari     Yes! Finally!


Hey now

Kari     Boys, boys, boys... no virtual fighting. Leave that to Tanya

How many hours a week do you work out?

Kari     As many as my schedule allows. Why? Do you want to see me make a muscle?

How do you like working in Las Vegas? Isn't it hot?

Kari     Right now, the temperature isn't..but the city is ALWAYS hot baby, yeah!!! Hey, did you guys know I got best "lean over" in PC Gamer???

So, you are filming something right now, huh? What is it? Could it be something called a RA2 expansion?

Kari     Maaaayyyybeeee...And BTW, I really appreciate everyone being in this room today.

204 people!!!!! Wow. That's a new record for a live vidcam chat.

Kari, what's the biggest mistake you made during the shooting of the RA2 movies?

Kari     Mistakes??? Didn't you hear me earlier? I said I'm super woman!

Do you have any other body piercings??

Kari     Well, if you must know, no. I'm not that brave.

I know you have a CD of your music out. are you going to make another album soon??

Kari     I'm working on it now, but my schedule's been kinda crazy. Hopefully, it will be available by the fall.

Last question...Would you consider doing another game for Westwood? And, would you ever posed in Playboy?

Kari     I would work for Westwood anytime, anywhere...and playboy has offered me SO much money. I said no...it's not my style.

Alright! That wraps it up!

Kari     One last comment.. I had so much fun being here! Keep playing RA2. I promise you, the future will not disappoint. Westwood rocks! Take care of your keyboard fingers. "Catch you on the replay."

Kari, thank you so much for stopping in, we know how busy you are. Thanks for your time Kari!

Kari     Ciao!

See ya!

Kari    Whoooo! Let's shake it baby!!!

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