Kari Wuhrer Chat at TV Gen on May 11, 1998

TVGEN:   Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our guest tonight is Sliders' Kari Wuhrer. She plays the role of Capt. Maggie Beckett. Sliders begins its new season of first run episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel on June 8.

RiDD98:   Kari, can't wait to see the upcoming Phoenix that you're starring in, but I haven't seen any info on this movie. Do you have a really cool part?

Wuhrer:   Men in shopping malls will spit on me because my character is such a bitch. I loved playing her! It premiers sometime this month I believe on HBO.

XQCitizen:   How do you feel about the new episodes compared with what you all did at Fox?

Wuhrer:   Because the Sci-Fi Channel is cable, and a little more relaxed, we had the opportunity to take more chances with the show. We also had a limited budget which cut out a lot of the special effects which personally I think made the show better by focusing on the human element of sci-fi.

Pckt_wtchr:   How is it working on the new episodes with you taking the professor's place??

Wuhrer:   I could never take the professor's place. But this season Cptn. Maggie Beckett shows much more emotion and camaraderie with the other Sliders.

Yyoossis:   Kari, will there be a sequel to last year's surprise hit movie, Anaconda and will they somehow miraculously re-incarnate your character?

Wuhrer:   What do you mean "surprise hit"?!? That was a brilliant piece of film. Next question.

Tpereira_97:   How do you keep looking so good????

Wuhrer:   Ben and Jerry's Fish Food. And lots of S*X.

Roadrunner789:   Are you married? How old are you?

Wuhrer:   I am married for three and a half years. Got married when I was 16. Do the math.

Terrex:   Are you as "driven" as your character?

Wuhrer:   In this business you have to be and it is as risky as being a marine fighter pilot, believe me. Hee, hee, hee.

Shannenalphawcoi:   What's it like working with the other cast members? Any egos there to contend with?

Wuhrer:   Believe it or not, we all get along so great and if anybody gets out of line, I just kick their ass. (Jerry O'Connell —but he likes it!)

Green_pea:   Kari- how do you cope with the press?? Do you like pictures taken of you?

Wuhrer:   I am the biggest ham in the world. I like pretending I'm famous.

Dawaywe:   Hi Kari from your unofficial webmaster. We were hoping for a cd single in April. What's happening with the album? Any new projects we can look forward to? Thanks.

Wuhrer:   I've been really busy this year but the album will be coming out. I appreciate your interest and thank you so much for all the work you've done on my website. It means so much to me.

Phantom_Of_The_Internet:   Do you think "sliding" will ever become a reality?

Wuhrer:   No.

ArwynR:   How does the new Sliders compare to the old one? Is it more like the first or later seasons. I prefer early Sliders.

Wuhrer:   This season- is more like the original episodes. We rely less on special effects now and more on interesting stories.

Phantom_Of_The_Internet:   Do the Kromaggs scare you?

Wuhrer:   My second grade teacher scared me. And they have many similarities.

_MC_Ren_:   How did you get the part on Sliders?

Wuhrer:   Believe it or not, they offered it to me. Now I've never played a character so tough and it was a shock to me that they saw me in the role. So of course I had to create an amazing Maggie Beckett.

Smiley_au_98:   What is your nickname Kari?

Wuhrer:   Dawawee is what they called me sometimes on MTV as in "Da Way We Were". Get it?

Smiley_au_98:   Kari, what cool things do you get from Sliders?

Wuhrer:   I get to do these really groovy chats with cool cats like you.

Dkranes:   Is the focus of Sliders going to change at all now that you're on Sci-Fi Channel?

Wuhrer:   In the spirit of the Twilight Zone the stories focus more on the characters and how sliding effects us as opposed to giant dinosaurs and other visual effects.

Lumby10:   Maggie, what's it like working with Jerry and Charlie?

Wuhrer:   It's like working with Laurel and Hardy. They have a great time together and it's very infectious.

Billyloomis75:   ENOUGH about Sliders. How was your experience with the tv show Class of '96?

Wuhrer:   I went from playing Robin Farr, the college tramp, to Maggie Beckett, a fighter pilot. I'd say my career is on an upward trajectory.

Meatheak:   Any chance of a big screen Sliders:the Movie?

Wuhrer:   We're hoping! Any ideas? We might get agents Scully and Mulder to guest star.

Yyoossis:   Kari, do you have other aspirations in the entertainment industry beyond acting? Directing, writing, etc?

Wuhrer:   I'm a musician. I play guitar and write music. And pretty soon, everyone's going to know it. Look for my sound bites on my website.

Amarillo_99:   Kari, you're beautiful but have a different look then the Hollywood rubber stamp, has that helped or been a hinderence?

Wuhrer:   Thank you very much. I'm just doing my best and trying to focus on my work rather than my makeup.

Kaybeees:   Kari, are you a lot like Maggie at all? Do you share any traits with her?

Wuhrer:   I get mad when I don't get my way. And that's not necessarily a good quality. But, I do admire Maggie's determination.

RiDD98:   Kari, are you going to be doing any magazine photo shoot promos for the new season of Sliders? We'd like to see you, in print, with your new hairdo! :)

Wuhrer:   Get the spring issue of Unlimited magazine. I'm in a bathing suit, with my new hairdo. Very circa-1940.

Billyloomis75:   What is the tattoo on your shoulder? Does it have any meaning?

Wuhrer:   Yes. It's a faded tatoo of a peacock feather. And it represents stupidity. I'm having it removed.

Sasquatch_TM:   Kari, how long have you been acting?

Wuhrer:   All my life baby.

Ilisapeci:   Do you ever get sick of the attention you get as a star and feel that your fans are invading your privacy by approaching you in public places?

Wuhrer:   That's so sweet! As of yet, I haven't found it to be annoying or a problem. I love it when people give me gifts.

Yyoossis:   Kari, do you have an official fan club or an address to request autographs from?

Wuhrer:   I don't know if my fan club is still around. But USA Networks and the Sci-Fi Channel are the best places to write to get a picture or autograph. But look for my unofficial website. It's groovy, baby!

Uscmdrake:   Are you going to be starring in any more Beastmaster movies?

Wuhrer:   Shut up!!

Green_pea:   What is your favorite brand of clothing???

Wuhrer:   Love Dolce Gabbana! But shop at thrift stores. Expensive tastes, limited budget. Trying to find the perfect gift to send me?

Steel-paradox:   So, do you like the Smurfs or Scooby Doo better?

Wuhrer:   HATE the Smurfs. The Smurfs suck. But I just found out that Casey Casem was the voice of Shaggy, and Shaggy reminds me of every loser boyfriend I had in high school.

Conner_Macleod_:   How do they explain what happened to Wade?

Wuhrer:   With a sense of humor. You see Wade is lost in a Kromagg breeding camp. She's good breeding stock!

Billyloomis75:   How was working with Eric Stolz in ANACONDA? You know he is Gen X's Michael Caine.

Wuhrer:   OK, this is between you and I. But he was sooo mean to me. The first night I met him there was a Brazilian quartet playing, and I asked him to dance. And he looked down upon me and snarled, I don't dance with married women. From that point forward, I nicknamed him Orange Man. He's just so Orange!

Green_pea:   Do you have a dog? I once had a bulldog. He is in the World Book of '89 for the ugliest dog in the world. I love bulldogs! please answer honestly.

Wuhrer:   No I don't have a dog. But I have an ugly cat. His name is Roger Toes. And he's a Sphinx. He has no hair. I also have two other cats and will be adopting a greyhound soon. I love bulldogs however.

JLB_57:   Kari, were you and Adam Sandler ever an item?

Wuhrer:   Adam Sandler and I have two children together and I can't get him to pay one damned dime in child support! Or take my phone calls. I guess that's just what fame does to you.

Videl2:   What do you do when they use the special effect of sliding?

Wuhrer:   We look at an imaginary vortex, try to make it a fresh slide every time, and loop in our screams and vortex reactions in post. It's all very technical really.

Rexbanner:   How long is your contract on Sliders? Will you be there long? (I hope)

Wuhrer:   Forever. And I will be there until they unlock the cuffs.

Terrex:   Do the cast members get to say, "No, my character wouldn't do that. It would be better like this..."?

Wuhrer:   Only if the executive producers aren't around and when they are we'll politely make them believe that the changes we make are their ideas.

Ilisapeci:   Do you get recognized much in the street?

Wuhrer:   Yes I do. And it's funny, they all kind of look the same. So it's either a breed of sci-fi fans that all look alike. Or it's the same guy over and over.

Nausetcc:   When did you get interested in acting?

Wuhrer:   I've told this story a thousand times. But I used to watch Family Affair when I was a small kid. And wanted to be Buffy. So, eventually, I got interested in the rock n roll scene when I learned that she OD'd.

Pellea1:   Maggie versus Xena —who wins?

Wuhrer:   Xena kicks ass. And would probably win a physical fight. But Maggie would definitely beat her in scrabble.

Wesser1:   Do you have any upcoming movies? I thought you were great in both Anaconda and Thinner (superb acting).

Wuhrer:   Phoenix with Ray Liotta premiers this month on HBO. I also have a movie coming out with Dennis Leary maybe sometime in the fall. And a bunch of other stuff that has no distributors or release dates. I'm the queen of the video independent.

Yyoossis:   Kari, are you internet-savvy at all? If so, do you surf the web, send e-mail, research, etc?

Wuhrer:   I surf Malibu.

Sixty_4_Mustang:   You have come a long way from MTV, what are your plans for the future?

Wuhrer:   Well, next weekend....I'll be sitting in the sunshine by somebody's pool as long as I bring the chips and beer.

Wesser1:   Do you feel that Maggie has developed better as a "teamster" in the fourth season?

Wuhrer:   Teamsters are fat, doughnut eating men. And it's very hard to get into that union.

RSEWOLF:   Kari, do you ever travel to Michigan?

Wuhrer:   What for?? Is that an invitation? I love Lake Michigan. And actually my husband's grandparents live there. But I don't like the cold.

Pretzelkin:   Is this really Kari?

Wuhrer:   No, I was genetically cloned from Kari. She's actually home watching Ally McBeal.

Bret_h:   Kari, I'd like to compliment you on your beauty. What kind of advise could you give for someone who's interested in following in the acting career?

Wuhrer:   Run, run fast, run far!!

Phantom_Of_The_Internet:   When Fox canceled the show, did you think it was all over?

Wuhrer:   Yes. It's happened to me before with Class of '96 which was a Fox show in 1992. I was very happy when the Sci-Fi Channel picked up Sliders because I wasn't finished with Maggie yet and it would have been like almost getting there and then the phone ringing.

Wendynl:   How does it feel that so many young Dutch girls/women admire you?

Wuhrer:   What? I've never heard that before, but "ikhovyenyou" How do you spell that word?

Wesser1:   Do you have a favorite Sliders episode?

Wuhrer:   Of course I'd have to say that working with Roger Daltry had to have been my favorite experience. By the way, it's on right now. Why aren't you watching?

Krash___:   I would like a show where the world is in perfect balance until you guys slide there causing it's destruction, by every movement every sound you make, and if you don't slide, the world will be destroyed and so will you. Any chance of that one happening?

Wuhrer:   Perhaps we will do that show right after we do West Slide Story. Where we all sing and dance. Which idea is better?

Spenceklea:   Was Colin Quinn annoying to you or are you still friends

Wuhrer:   I love Colin Quinn. And isn't it a coincidence that on Sliders we have a character named Quinn and soon we will be meeting his brother named Colin....Doo, doo, doo, doo (Twilight Zone noise)

Mel2100:   Kari, sorry if this has been asked before: but you are often "credited" with different last names. Do you have a preference: Wuhrer or Salin? Or something else altogether :-)

Wuhrer:   I have used Salin when a movie I made embarrasses me. It's my married name and my alias. But Wuhrer is the name my Dad gave me and the one I have always used in the business. How honest is that?!?

Conniefl:   What's the most unusual gift that you received?

Wuhrer:   That's a hard one. When I first had my period my father gave me a jade elephant. I never understood the significance. And was too embarrassed to ask him.

Thanos22:   Do you think this show is popular?

Wuhrer:   Yes. If I didn't I'd be doing a sitcom or something.

Phantom_Of_The_Internet:   Is the show living up to your expectations for it?

Wuhrer:   There's one downside to this business. When you have expectations, you get disappointed. So instead, I get pleasantly surprised.

Phantom_Of_The_Internet:   What would be your ideal type of parallel universe?

Wuhrer:   One where all the men are smart, kind, gorgeous and in love with me.

The_Verve69:   Which actor in Sliders do you like working with the best?

Wuhrer:   I enjoy working with all of them. But Cleavant has the most beautiful and contagious laugh that every day he has me in stitches.

They're kicking me out of here guys! But I want to thank everyone of you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Some days I wake up and know that I'm just not worthy, but other days I wake up thankful for my career and all the fans and it give me the inspiration and the motivation to keep going. Now excuse me, while I tip the violin player and slip out of here quietly. Love you all. Thanks again. See ya!


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