Kari Wuhrer Chat at Lycos on July 22, 1998

MODERATOR: Welcome! For those of you just joining us, tonight we will be chatting with actress Kari Wuhrer. Kari is the MTV vixen turned feature film star, who brings a unique blend of innate acting ability and a sense of sensuality to all of her film and TV roles. She has been seen in the films Kissing a Fool, Anaconda, and can currently be seen in the HBO original movie, Phoenix co-starring Ray Liotta and Angelica Huston., Kari has also landed a place on the small screen as 'Maggie Beckett' on the hit show "Sliders." Please welcome actress Kari Wuhrer!

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Hi everyone. I am so glad that you are here because you are my livelihood right now. You're helping to keep my confidence up.

SSRED: A Big Hello from England!!!


Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Run fast. Get out. Either that or be prepared to work very hard and be disappointed.

garthie: Hi Kari - I'm thrilled to have a chance to speak with you in real time! I'm a journalist and a big fan. I think you're very talented, highly under-rated and probably the sexiest actress in films today.

garthie: Question: Will you go out with me? (just kidding...sort of) Have you ever considered doing live theatre, such as musicals?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Musicals are out of my gender/sexual orientation. I love the theater. I prefer to play my music.

Bryan_Fury: Are you currently seeing anyone

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Currently no.

Spider2001: How old are you?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I'm 28....I just turned 28 in April. I like to say that I'm older.

sinnedrraf: Do you have a website?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Yes. The address is www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/1404/

SSRED: So Kari, what are your plans now?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My plans now... to release my record now over the Internet...and to continue to make music with my producer T.K.

smittychat: Kari...If my wife leaves me for playing too much pool would you like to get married?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I'll never get married again. Been there. Done that.

SSRED: What do you think of English Guys?!!

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I think English guys are groovy baby...yeah.

fhilburt: What instrument do you play?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I play the guitar.

mastercook: What is your favorite food?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Champagne is my favorite food.

Spider2001: What day is your birthday?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My birthday is April 28. I like expensive gifts in blue boxes from Rodeo drive.

bixbeiderbecke: did you create your own website?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Some guy actually did it for me. His name is Andrew. I think he's in Virginia. He's been following my work for years.

MAC 11: would you ever consider posing for playboy?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: The chances for me to pose for Playboy are very good if I could sell lots of records doing it. Playboy has approached me several times but the deal hasn't been sweet enough.

Woodenwheel: Do you date guys who are not in the business?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Yes yes yes yes.

fhilburt: What are your show business dreams?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My dreams are to make lots of great music for lots of people,....to be able to tour...etc.

jrs21: hello Kari... did you enjoy the old remote control tv show, or would you soon just forget it with you're acting go so well now?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I loved remote control. I loved MTV in the early days. I think Pop Culture has been given a great vehicle.

Losers_South_Park: Exactly what do you want from life? After the entertainment career?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Acting has been good to me to. Now I'm really happy with how Sliders is going and my music. That's where my creative energy lies.

fhilburt: Kari if you could perform with anyone who would it be?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I'd perform with...maybe... I'm thinking... Maybe like um Massive Attack. That would be kind of cool.

Miff77: Who were your role models growing up, Kari?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My role models were definitely Cheesy TV stars like Buffy and Jody from Family Affair and Pat Stevens....who is the greatest artist ever to have graced the cover of Rolling Stone.

Overload8911: Kari (I'm a huge sliders fan). What's the transition like from fox to sci-fi channel?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: The transition was smooth as silk, baby. I'm happy to be where I am now. It's the best thing that could have happened.

garthie: What's your favorite movie role so far, Kari?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I think my favorite film role is the one I'm doing now. I play a psychotic lesbian who kills people and believes that men are bad bad bad bad...

MAC 11: how old were you when you first got started in Hollywood

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I was very young. I was in a band when I was 14 called Freudian Slip in NYC. Movie roles came as a result of me doing my music.

SSRED: Where are you at the moment?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Now I'm back doing my music and I'm doing my record myself. So that I have say in how things go. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to change the way things were done.

Overload8911: Kari, what was with the Maggie Bucket's hair color change in between seasons? Find a world in which hair color changes like weather? ;-)

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Maybe the hair color change wasn't the best idea. I thought I was creating a comic book character that I thought would add some spice, cleavage and high heels to the show...you know.

mrjett: Kari......your hair is great...any color

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Thanks, it always changes.

smittychat: Do you find fat, dumpy , and desperate sexy?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I find fat, dumpy, desperate and smart and sweet sexy.

smittychat: Then I have a chance?

J A D E: What do you like to do in your free time?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I like to play my guitar, write songs, sex it up, dance, and watch the Simpsons.

Woodenwheel: Where would you like your career to be in five years?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I would like to be able to make expensive records....do expensive movies...drink expensive wine and wear expensive clothes.

fhilburt: do you like MR. Bean? I love the Simpsons.

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I love Mr. Bean when I'm in London. I just don't understand him in LA

Raymondo17: So why did Class of '96 get dropped anyway? It had all the makings of a successful show like Party of Five.

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Class of 96...because Fox was in the beginning of their networkism and they didn't know how to stand behind a show.

Little_Bear__23F: Kari--what was it like being around all those snakes in anaconda??

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I love snakes. I'm used to them in my personal life...therefore the reptilian version doesn't scare me at all.

billykman: I could have sworn I saw you on an episode of The X-Files...did you do one??

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I wish. I've never done the X-Files but I love the show.

MAC 11: Do you mean it when you say you will never get married again?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Of course not. Just not for a while.

Marlboro__Man: What is your idea of career fulfillment?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I want to be able to create the art that comes freely to me out of my heart and have people actually listen and um find it worthwhile. If a few people think that what I do is good or matters, then I have accomplished something. The Hollywood bullshit business aside, that's really what I want to accomplish.

fhilburt: Kari, what was it like working with Adam Sandler in Remote Control?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Adam Sandler was always the weird o, black sheep, inexperienced kid when we were shooting Remote Control. Nobody thought he had the drive or spirit to get as far as he has. He has proven that he has more than ample talent and spirit. Now I think he's one of the funniest guys in show biz. It just shows to go ya.

banjo1: What's a MTV work schedule like?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: 3 hours a day. Piece of cake.

W Little_Bear__23F> Kari--how do your parents feel about your line of work??

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My parents have become very very understanding. Very supportive. I love my parents. They deal with the nudity, tattoos, the poverty and the wealth.

Losers_South_Park: Hey Kari, what kind of places do you go out too? And what is your favorite U.S. for clubbing?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I love NY. Going out in NY is the best. Better than anywhere in the world that I've experienced so far. I like to go out dancing with my girlfriends to places that play very very modern rock., ambient raves

banjo1 Would u say Hollywood changed u on how u feel about yourself or how u live?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Hollywood has given me the greatest challenge of my life. To feel good about myself despite all the obstacles around me. It's taken me 8 years.

stef1973: Do you keep in contact with Ken Ober or Colin Quinn?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Occasionally I do. We have a breakfast every once in a while. I really respect their work.

billykman: have you ever been to Philadelphia? and where did you go? and did u enjoy it?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I used to date a boy from Philly. When I was 16. His name was John Henry. I've seen the airport but I've never really been here.

Raymondo17: Describe, in your own words, your musical project. What's it like?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: My music has heart, it's edgy, it is ......um..an emotional billboard of who I am at the time I wrote it and who I am now. I think my producer has a great talent for recording sound. Check out my website for a sound bite of my music.

Little_Bear__23F: Kari--do you have any children??

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: No kids.

jrs21: hello Kari have you ever been to Atlanta we have a really good music and club seen here?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I've been to down town Atlanta. I'd love to play there and I'm sure it will happen soon.

sliders rule: Kari, what do you think of the new addition of Quinn's brother?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: laughs.....Um..I love the way Jerry and Charlie interact together. We have a great time on the set.

Benn Grimm: What kind of movie roles are you looking at now?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I'm trying to chose scripts that are a little sell sell sell, a little more art/story oriented.

Kodiko: Kari, in case you haven't heard Alyssa Milano had done some nude scenes in her movie, then these guys post stills on the internet against her will. And some even make profit off of those still and digitally rendered photos too. If this incident happened to you, what actions would you take?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Why. Thinking of forging a couple of nudie shots? I wouldn't make a big deal of stuff like that. If nudity of me exists it's because I want it to exist.

Raymondo17: Will your album only be available online?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: For the month of Aug. yes. After that...we're in negotiations.

Edjohn: What was it like working with Jack Nicholson?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: He taught me a lot...about film making, preparing for a role and being a movie star. I love him and have a great amount of respect for him.

stef1973: What is your favorite movie off all time?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude. Cat Stevens from the sound track. That was a brilliant dark comedy and I refer to it constantly.

fhilburt: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: The completion of this record which I completed today!

Quinn Mallory: Kari, is Rembrant really a good "crying man" in real life?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Oh yeah baby. The best You don't know the extent of the Talent of Clevant...he's incredible.

Edjohn: How is Sean Penn as a director? and as a "regular" guy?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: Sean Penn is very intense as a director and a very very intense regular guy. He has a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

MODERATOR: Thanks for coming everyone. This has been an interesting event. We will take just a few more questions or comments.

Raymondo17: Kari, are you an LA girl or a NY girl?

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I'm a Connecticut girl. I did the NY thing and now live in LA. I am bi-coastal baby.

jrs21: Kari we love you in Atlanta come see us when you go on tour please???

MODERATOR: Kari's web site is www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/1404/

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I love you. Thank you so much.

bixbeiderbecke: Bye Kari -- thanks for stopping by!

Raymondo17: Thanks for hangin' with us Kari. It was a dream come true.

sam23: Hey Kari, You're really cool. Later!

MODERATOR: Thanks for coming everyone. This has been an interesting event. Thank you for chatting with us Kari!

Speaker_Kari Wuhrer: I just want to say thank you guys for all your support. For really caring about artists that have something to say. Thanks for being supportive. Look for my record in August, over the internet. Check out my website for more information. You guys are great. Thanks again and I look forward to chatting with you again.

bixbeiderbecke: We will! *blows kisses*

Quinn Mallory: BYE!!!

Raymondo17: We'll be lookin' for you online!

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