Kari Wuhrer Chat at FOX on August 23, 2000

On Wednesday, August 23rd, ex-Sliders star Kari Wuhrer chatted online about her FOX thriller Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.
Here's what Kari had to say!

FOXcom_Host: Kari has arrived! She is chatting with us from Los Angeles!

Kari_Wuhrer: Hey everybody!!! It's me Kari!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Rocking with you at FOX.com!!

foxrules: Kari, what is Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye about?

Kari_Wuhrer: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is a series for FOX of teleplay that comes from the old genre of Film Noir.
Kari_Wuhrer: So basically it's a B movie remake from the early days of filmmaking!
Kari_Wuhrer: This particular film is about a Hollywood exec who loses everything to a real transient.
Kari_Wuhrer: So he's basically outwitted at his own game!

Juniper: How did you prepare your character for Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye?

Kari_Wuhrer: I play an MTV VJ. And I was one! There you go!

Juniper: Did you do any research into older style, Noir films?

Kari_Wuhrer: Actually, I'm a fan of Film Noir and I have been reading a lot of old German pulp novels from the '40s and early '50s.
Kari_Wuhrer: I think that is where the style originated...in Germany. I really didn't have to research. So, my research was just being a temporary character...being an MTV VJ.
Kari_Wuhrer: So I went with that!

hermione: Who is your favorite Noir author?

Kari_Wuhrer: That's a really tough one.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'd have to say...hmmm...
Kari_Wuhrer: Well, some of it is really obscure...but this old German author Rhea Gunderwahl is pretty interesting.
Kari_Wuhrer: Not many people know who she is. I think great Film Noir authors were the women.

Juniper: What is your favorite Noir film?

Kari_Wuhrer: Well...let me think.
Kari_Wuhrer: I mean I guess this is Film Noir, although it was the A-list of it's day...Gilda with Rita Hayworth was more A-list, but it had all the elements of film noir.
Kari_Wuhrer: I really love that movie!
Kari_Wuhrer: The rest of the stuff is foreign and obscure.

foxrules: How long ago was this movie shot?

Kari_Wuhrer: It was shot about a year ago and it's based on a movie called Moontide.
Kari_Wuhrer: I watched it after the movie was made...but it was just so different that it wouldn't have made a difference had I watched it before.

FOXcom_Host: Kari, you said this film is part of a series of films on FOX....

flatrich: Are you in the series as well as the movie?

Kari_Wuhrer: No, but FOX has a film banner.
Kari_Wuhrer: Its original film banner was called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Kari_Wuhrer: So what they are doing is they're looking back to their FOX vault and finding stories they will do randomly.
Kari_Wuhrer: Based on what they find. Which I think is cool!

hermione: What was it like working with Jason Priestley, and are you a 90210 fan?

Kari_Wuhrer: Well, I did a few episodes of 90210.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm friends with him.
Kari_Wuhrer: He's a great director. He's just nifty keen!! And swell!
Kari_Wuhrer: It was interesting taking direction from a peer, but he quickly proved himself to be talented and very decisive about his ideas.
Kari_Wuhrer: And he executed them with confidence.

bluetopaz: Is it difficult to work with such adorable co-stars?

Kari_Wuhrer: I was just going to say: and he's cute!!
Kari_Wuhrer: I prefer it!! I like going to work every day when the view is that nice!!

Nic****k2040: Kari--come on who's the most down-to-earth co-star, Jerry O'Connell or Nicholas Lea? ;-)

Kari_Wuhrer: Well, my loyalty will have to stay with Jerry O'Connell because he and I worked together for three years.
Kari_Wuhrer: And I'm afraid of him!
Kari_Wuhrer: But Nick is very disciplined and very intense and he taught me a thing or two about your mind and your work!
Kari_Wuhrer: That's for sure!

wuhrerfan: Who would you take on a trip around the world if your choices were Jason Priestley or Nick Lea? It would be toss-up!

Kari_Wuhrer: Definitely Jason!!! He knows how to party and he's generous with his wallet!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: He's a take-charge guy and I like that!!

hermione: Who were you on 90210?!

Kari_Wuhrer: I was Ariel Hunter, the record executive who deflowered David Silver in the back of the limousine.
Kari_Wuhrer: Poor Donna!!

philyboy: Will there be some romance with 90210's Jason Priestley?

Kari_Wuhrer: With me??
Kari_Wuhrer: LOL!!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: NO!! No no no. I like wearing heels too much!!

wuhrerfan: So, have you ever dated a celebrity?

Kari_Wuhrer: Oh yeah!! Yes, indeed!
Kari_Wuhrer: And just cooled it off for a bit with one for awhile.
Kari_Wuhrer: Lesson learned...stay away from the rock star!!

bigfanofKari: Kari...where are you from? How long have you been in the business?

Kari_Wuhrer: I grew up in Connecticut, very close to NYC.
Kari_Wuhrer: I've been doing this for 17 years.
Kari_Wuhrer: I've had my SAG card for 17 years.
Kari_Wuhrer: I went to college and I've travelled.

EJHS14: What was your first starring role?

Kari_Wuhrer: First starring role...let's see.
Kari_Wuhrer: It was in a film called Beastmaster 2.
Kari_Wuhrer: Me, Marc Singer and some animals!!
Kari_Wuhrer: When that baby came out in the theaters I went running the other way...Beastmaster 2!!

EJHS14: Weren't you in a movie where you played a mental patient? Early in your career?

Kari_Wuhrer: I was in a movie where I played a college student they thought was crazy because she had ESP.

bigfanofKari: Did you play a killer opposite Matt Dillon's little brother once or was I just up too late watching television?

Kari_Wuhrer: You're up too late, baby!!
Kari_Wuhrer: I've played many killers but not against his brother.

flatrich: Kari, I saw you in a fim with Eric Roberts once that was pretty noir. What was Roberts like to work with?

Kari_Wuhrer: That was!! And that director got me interested in Film Noir. His name is Brian Grant.
Kari_Wuhrer: It's called Sensation. And that's the movie I played the student with ESP.
Kari_Wuhrer: Eric Roberts was a pain in the ass!
Kari_Wuhrer: God, what a nightmare!
Kari_Wuhrer: It's no secret!!

EJHS14: Who's your favorite actor to work with?

Kari_Wuhrer: Well, on a large scale, I'd have to say Jack Nicholson.
Kari_Wuhrer: On a smaller scale, I think probably...
Kari_Wuhrer: Stanley Tucci. Or maybe even, hmmm...
Kari_Wuhrer: Owen Wilson in Anaconda.
Kari_Wuhrer: I did a film called Sex and the Other Man. Which is all over your local video store.
Kari_Wuhrer: It's pretty good with me, Stanley Tucci and Ron Eldard.

Ginger: Is there anyone who you would still like to work with?

Kari_Wuhrer: Eddie Murphy! I think he's a genius!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Gary Oldman! Although he was the actor who auditioned with us for The Crossing Guard.
Kari_Wuhrer: Let me think of a woman. Lisa Kudrow! I think she's funny and smart!
Kari_Wuhrer: I love comedies lately. I want to do more of them.

answerme: Who is a woman actress that you mirror yourself after or would aspire to be like?

Kari_Wuhrer: I'm not a mimicer. I'm pretty organic in my work. I think all actors have great moments and not-so-great moments.
Kari_Wuhrer: Depending on the director or where they are in their life.
Kari_Wuhrer: I don't really have role models in Hollywood.
Kari_Wuhrer: I had a great teacher in school who passed thanks to TWA.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'll never forget the tools she gave me and the confidence she gave me for my work.

teenspirit: How did yu get started acting? If you weren't an actress what would you be?

Kari_Wuhrer: I got started by being a fearless youth.
Kari_Wuhrer: Not thinking, just doing. And believing that reality exists more in your dreams than in your tangible daily existence.
Kari_Wuhrer: ROCK STAR!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Or maybe just a rock.
Kari_Wuhrer: Or maybe just a star!
Kari_Wuhrer: Part of the Capricorn constellation...

karifanfest: How did you get a break--commercials?

Kari_Wuhrer: I've worked for everything I have. EVERYTHING!
Kari_Wuhrer: I think you make your own breaks because sometimes what looks like a break can be a pigeon hole.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm ready for someone else to take over and do the work.
Kari_Wuhrer: So, I got smart and got some good people behind me to help me get to the next level.
Kari_Wuhrer: What does that mean? I don't know, we'll see!!

karifanfest: Did you ever model? You are so beautiful!

Kari_Wuhrer: Thank you!
Kari_Wuhrer: No, if you put me and a still camera together, I get so nervous and uncomfortable.
Kari_Wuhrer: I think I'm beautiful when I am animated.
Kari_Wuhrer: But when still photographed I look like a Picasso.
Kari_Wuhrer: I mean beautiful as in I feel more like me.

flatrich: Kari, you're a star and we're all a little star-struck or we wouldn't be here. Who's your favorite star of all time?

Kari_Wuhrer: WOW!
Kari_Wuhrer: I love the innocent, yet complicated beauty of Natalie Wood.
Kari_Wuhrer: Especially in Splendor in the Grass.
Kari_Wuhrer: I love love LOVE Bruce Gordon!
Kari_Wuhrer: Lucille Ball of course!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: As far as men go...Steve McQueen was so sexy!
Kari_Wuhrer: Paul Newman was sublime and still is!!
Kari_Wuhrer: But my list constantly changes!!

FOXcom_Host: As for Natalie Wood...

flatrich: You could play her. Has anyone ever asked you to do a bio pic?

Kari_Wuhrer: God!! Thank you!! When I was younger I used to pretend I was her. My first job ever was in a Japanese commercial for Sony cassettes.
Kari_Wuhrer: It was a take-off on West Side Story. I was Natalie Wood's character, Maria.

EJHS14: How's your music career progressing?

fdfd: Are you interested in a career in music?

Kari_Wuhrer: Music is going OK!
Kari_Wuhrer: I wish I had more time, but tonight if there is a repeat of Monday night's episode of the WB network's Young American...
Kari_Wuhrer: The first song on my record called "There's a Drug," has one minute and 30 seconds of airtime on the show.
Kari_Wuhrer: And I watched the show on Monday and when the song came on I cried!
Kari_Wuhrer: I was so excited because my music is so important for me.
Kari_Wuhrer: One day my acting career and my music will fuse togther!

fdfd: What kind of music do you like?

Kari_Wuhrer: I love everything from really heavy to rock and punk rock to my ultimate fave, Cat Stevens.
Kari_Wuhrer: And world folk music.

bigfanofKari: Kari...you are really beautiful and talented. However, I recently saw you featured on a movie for VH1 where you play a Milli Vanilli type of character that is lip-synching to someone else's music. Is your voice really that bad or can you actually carry a tune? Thanks!

Kari_Wuhrer: LOL!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Go buy my record!!
Kari_Wuhrer: I can sing!!
Kari_Wuhrer: It's all a matter of opinion. But I've been singing my whole life. I come from a musical background.
Kari_Wuhrer: I did the VH1 movie because it was a parody of the crassness of the music industry!
Kari_Wuhrer: I wanted to sock it to them!
Kari_Wuhrer: And you have to sing really well to sing badly for that movie because I had to really project!

Nic****k2040: Kari--I loved the movie Out of Sync--you were great! How was Peter to work with? He's hot too. :-)

Kari_Wuhrer: Peter Outerbridge is also one of my faves!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: I love him!! Watch his career fly!! He's so talented!

LADreamBoy: Is there anyone you'd like to do a duet with?

Kari_Wuhrer: Good question!
Kari_Wuhrer:Cat Stevens of course!
Kari_Wuhrer: Axl Rose! That would be REALLY cool!
Kari_Wuhrer: And maybe even my good friend Michael DeBarres!!

Zort: Hmmm, you having a Dutch name, gave me the thought that you would like trance, club, groove. Have you ever listened to that kind of music?

Kari_Wuhrer: No, I don't like the boom boom boom.
Kari_Wuhrer: In Europe all that's great!
Kari_Wuhrer: The repetition of it makes me want to stick my head through a wall!!
Kari_Wuhrer: No offense!

bluetopaz: Do you miss Sliders?

Kari_Wuhrer: I miss the Sliders family!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Sometimes things get old and I was ready to take on a new genre.
Kari_Wuhrer: Especially comedy. Maggie Beckett, my character, was not.

EJHS14: Are you still buddies with the old Sliders cast?

Kari_Wuhrer: Yeah, I mean I wish I could spend more time with them, but we're spread out because of our different career paths!
Kari_Wuhrer: I would do anything for any of them. They are really in my heart!

flatrich: Did you like doing Sliders? Are you planning to do any more series work?

Kari_Wuhrer: I would LOVE to do another series!
Kari_Wuhrer: I have ideas in development for my own down the road.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm passionate about film as well, and music, and I'm like the Tasmanian Devil.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm all over the place.
Kari_Wuhrer: This next month I will be prioritizing. And hopefully TV will be a priority on my list!

MissingSliderRyan: Ms. Wuhrer, have you been approached about a possible Sliders movie?

Kari_Wuhrer: No.

EJHS14: Have you heard any new news on a Sliders movie?

Kari_Wuhrer: I think we've buried the timer.
Kari_Wuhrer: So, no.

hermione: Do you keep in contact with anyone from Remote Control?

Kari_Wuhrer: Oh yes!!
Kari_Wuhrer: A couple of weeks ago I did Ted's Radio Internet Show. Comedyworld.com.
Kari_Wuhrer: We got Colin Quinn on the phone from NY.
Kari_Wuhrer: It was like Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were back together!
Kari_Wuhrer: I love him! We're such great friends!

Press: What did you think about working with Jerry O'Connell?

Kari_Wuhrer: Jerry is very smart, very funny!!
Kari_Wuhrer: Absolute joy to work with! The guy is inspiring and I wish him so much luck and happiness!
Kari_Wuhrer: He's a good man!

foxrules: If MTV asked you to come back, would you? Or have you "been there, done that"?

Kari_Wuhrer: It depends on why and what they ask me to come back for.
Kari_Wuhrer: I think it's constantly changing, so there could be a possibility for it.
Kari_Wuhrer: I wouldn't want to rule anything out.

draftsygrl: Kari, did you ever have a crush on Jerry?

Kari_Wuhrer: Who hasn't???
Kari_Wuhrer: But my crush was when he was the fat kid on Stand by Me.
Kari_Wuhrer: He's a very wet kisser!!

KariLover: What else have you been doing since MTV?

Kari_Wuhrer: Lots and lots of movies.
Kari_Wuhrer: Some good, some bad.
Kari_Wuhrer: Like Class of '96, Sliders...
Kari_Wuhrer: To Have and to Hold.
Kari_Wuhrer: I made a record. Just log on to my Web site!
Kari_Wuhrer: I like to keep busy.

foxrules: You are pretty open about your sexuality...where do you draw the line when it comes to exposing yourself?

Kari_Wuhrer: Sometimes I'm a little too open.
Kari_Wuhrer: I spent part of my life, my early teen years, on a commune.
Kari_Wuhrer: I think my freedom of expression comes from a free spirit. Other times, it comes from manipulation or insecurity.
Kari_Wuhrer: Which really hides me, ironically.
Kari_Wuhrer: These days I'm learning to have more privacy in my public life and more openness in my personal life.
Kari_Wuhrer: Although I guess this chat doesn't reflect that.
Kari_Wuhrer: LOL!

bluetopaz: How often do you work out? You have an awesome body.

teenspirit: You are so beautiful--how do you stay in shape with such a hectic work schedule?

Kari_Wuhrer: It's not easy!
Kari_Wuhrer: But, I have an amazing trainer!! Who also after four years of working out together has become a very special friend!
Kari_Wuhrer: He gets me to the gym not just for my body but for my soul and my mind as well.
Kari_Wuhrer: I usually see him a few times a week. If I'm working I'm lazy as hell.
Kari_Wuhrer: If I'm not working, I'm there every day!
Kari_Wuhrer: It's feast or famine with me.

philyboy: Is Hollywood really all about looks??

Kari_Wuhrer: Hollywood is like high school...LOL!
Kari_Wuhrer: You've got your cliques, you've got fads and trends. You've got boys.
Kari_Wuhrer: You've got divas...so looks are collectively judged by popularity.
Kari_Wuhrer: So I say it's more than looks, but don't take that to be anything deeper.

bigfanofkari: Living in Los Angeles can be pretty difficult, especially in your profession. Are you currently dating anyone?

fdfd: Are you married?

Kari_Wuhrer: I just got out of an intense relationship.
Kari_Wuhrer: Forever, I don't know.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm very much in love with someone, but Hollywood makes it difficult. For him mostly.

draftsygrl: Speaking of looks...that Nick Lea is a real cutie pie. What is like to kiss him?

Kari_Wuhrer: LOL!!

FOXcom_Host: We'll be saying goodnight to Kari shortly, so now's your chance to say goodbye!

Kari_Wuhrer: I don't really remember, but he IS a cutie pie!! A real looker!
Kari_Wuhrer: So is Holt!!
Kari_Wuhrer: He plays Minnow in tomorrow night's movie.

flatrich: Do you have any more movies coming out soon after Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye?

Kari_Wuhrer: I have a film coming out called G-Men From Hell, directed by Christopher Coppola, Nick Cage's brother.
Kari_Wuhrer: I also have a movie called Angels Don't Sleep Here with Robert Patrick.
Kari_Wuhrer: I have a really seductive scene with him.

FOXcom_Host: He's gonna be on X-Files this season!

Kari_Wuhrer: Another film called Sand which will be a straight to video release.
Kari_Wuhrer: And many others actually. It's hard to keep up with it all!!!
Kari_Wuhrer: I just finished a movie with Jonathan Silverman, which is a dark comedy.
Kari_Wuhrer: I'm just about to start a film with Rodney Dangerfield.

hakavonn: Ms. Wuhrer...you mentioned your Web site...what's the address?

Kari_Wuhrer: You can get there from www.kari-wuhrer.net   com or .org.

flatrich: Bye, Kari! It's been cool!

Nic****k2040: Bye Kari--thanks for answering our questions! :-)

philyboy: Keep up the good work Kari!

dawnfromla: Bye Kari can't wait to see the show!

goodbyekitty: Kari you rock my world!

EJHS14: Come back soon!


bluetopaz: We love you Kari!

Kari_Wuhrer: It still amazes me when people in these chatrooms come here just to talk to me!
Kari_Wuhrer: I appreciate the support!! Thank you soooooooo much!! You guys ROCK!!
Kari_Wuhrer: PEACE OUT!!!


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