Kari Wuhrer Chat at AOL on July 26, 1997

OnlineHost: Kari Wuhrer can be seen as 'Maggie' on the TV series "Sliders" on the Sci Fi channel. She was also on the MTV series "Remote Control." Kari is currently in production with David Schwimmer on the independent film, "Kissing a Fool." She will soon be seen in the feature film "Phoenix" with Ray Liotta and Anjelica Huston. Kari is also set to begin recording an album when all her film work is finished. Welcome!

Moderator: Kari Wuhrer, welcome to America Online and Oldsmobile's Celebrity Circle!

KWuhrer: I'm crazy enough to be here again!

Question: What made you decide to take the role of "MAGGIE"?

KWuhrer: I decided to take the role because I was impressed with the amount of confidence that the producers of the show seemed to have in me. And the character is so 180 degrees from myself, I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

Question: Kari, do you have a website?

KWuhrer: Yes. But remember that the nude pictures aren't necessarily me. The urls are http://www.ime.net/akira/ks_main.htm and
These are unofficial websites.

Question: In SLIDERS, is it hard to act when the dinos and other computer generated effects aren't really there?

KWuhrer: I've worked with actors who give me less than the visual puppets they use for the dinosaurs or the snake in Anaconda, so faking it like I sometimes have to do is a piece of cake.

Question: I think you do a great job on Sliders. One question- What is it like working with David Shwimmer??

KWuhrer: David is such a huge star right now that I'm not sure he even notices that I'm there. He's really funny/neurotic, has so much going on that I just stare in awe at him all the time. And he's not as tall as he looks on film.

Question: Do you think that Sliders could one day become the name of a movie, relating to the show?

KWuhrer: Give us a break. We're struggling to stay on the air as it is. Fox didn't want us. Maybe 20th Century Fox will?

Question: Hi Kari--what is the secret to staying paced and focused in your busy career?

KWuhrer: Heineken? (laughs)

Question: What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about acting? Why?

KWuhrer: Most challenging is making TV scripts sound halfway believable. And most rewarding is meeting the people and hearing about how much they like what I'm doing.

Question: Are you going to find romance with Remmy or Quinn?

KWuhrer: Hopefully, both! (laughs) I'm a ****

Question: What are you doing now, and what's to come in the future?

KWuhrer: Right now, I'm working on my music and playing with my band, and hopefully the future will bring a very good record.

Question: Who are some of the actors and actresses you watch for inspiration?

KWuhrer: Wow! That's such a hard question. I get inspired by a lot of young people because their dedication seems so true but I still get turned on by Jodie Foster, Ray Liotta and Tim Roth.

Question: I liked sliders season finale. Can you say anything about what's going to happen in the new season on the Sci-Fi channel?

KWuhrer: :::kiss kiss::: Maggie's going to loosen up!

Question: What types of roles do you hope to play in the future?

KWuhrer: Well, I'd like to play a really junked up, stressed out, addicted young woman so when I'm doing my research, I could learn about myself. Just kidding.

Question: What kind of music are you looking to get into?

KWuhrer: Well, I've been playing music for years and years and years. It's the reason I moved to LA. Acting sort of found me. But my music is rooted in alternative rock and roll with some very child/woman qualities. If you want to hear a sample, the website at
has some sound bites from my CD that you can listen to.

Question: What was the first thing you ever did that involved acting, and the first thing you did that ever appeared on TV

KWuhrer: The first thing I did that involved acting was speaking. (laughs) The first thing I appeared in was a movie called "Fire with Fire" that starred Virginia Madsen and Craig Schaeffer.

Question: Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

KWuhrer: Well, I am a cult fan of the late, great Tallulah Bankhead because she was eccentric and confident and she always used to say, "It doesn't matter what they say about you, darling, as long as they're talking."

Question: Do you enjoy acting the most?

KWuhrer: Every job is different. I love performing. Right now, I am getting off and getting high on playing music but like the seasons, things change, man.

Question: You look great! How do you stay in shape?

KWuhrer: I work my tuschie off 4 days a week with the personal trainer from hell. I never used to have to do that.

Question: REMOTE CONTROL is one of my all-time favorite game shows. How was it working with Ken Ober?

KWuhrer: Ken Ober taught me a lot about the word "insanity." He was so funny and so quick. I'd like to work with him again.

Question: What has been the greatest personal obstacle you have had to overcome in order to attain your success?

KWuhrer: Fear. When I was in high school, I was always the girl everybody picked on. They told me I couldn't sing, my clothes were freaky, I was weird, too outgoing. It did a number on my confidence. Not like Hollywood's any better. (laughs)

Question: How did the title Sliders come about?

KWuhrer: I have no idea. I came in in the middle. I accepted it. Thought about some if their stories come about. The movies maybe?

Question: What do you find most challenging about dramatic acting?

KWuhrer: The most challenging part about dramatic acting is really, really believing that you are there in the moment. I call it "entering the vapor" and the secret is keeping your imagination active and exercised. It's really, really hard for adults. Kids seem to have no problem.

Question: What prompted you to pursue a career in acting?

KWuhrer: I needed all the attention I could get. I was very self-centered, conceited and needed a stage a second I could get. But seriously...Wait, I was serious. (laughs)

Question: Is it hard to shoot the specal effects scenes?

KWuhrer: Hmmm... You have to use your imagination and put objects where they aren't and people where they aren't, all up against the blue screen. I don't know if you saw the Breeder episode of Sliders. I believe it's on this evening, but they had to fit my mouth with prosthetics that were very phallic. It was hard to stop laughing.

Question: Kari, in "Sliders", does your character have some similarities of you in real life?

KWuhrer: None whatsoever. If I could be as strong-willed as Maggie Beckett, I might get my agent to call me once in awhile.

Question: Why did they kill off the professor on Sliders?

KWuhrer: He chose to move on. John has done a lot with his career. Sliders just couldn't keep him as interested anymore. I wish him all the luck. He's a great, great actor.

Question: What was the name of the movie you made where you went back time in a Porsche?

KWuhrer: (laughs). Oh No!!!!! OH NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! It's haunting me again! That would be "Beastmaster 2." Don't try renting it. I hear all the copies are gone or are being rented.

Question: What star would you like to work with in the future, either TV or film?

KWuhrer: I'd love to work with Susan Sarandon. Maybe to play her sister or her daughter. And I'd LOVE to work with Harrison Ford and maybe play his...you know. (laughs) And Sean Penn again, of course. This time as an actor and not a director.

Question: Do you enjoy doing sci-fi type films?

 KWuhrer: Love them! Love them. Love them. Love them. It is never boring. I love comic books so sci-fi to me is like playing a great interesting imaginative game.

Question: Hi Kari. Loved you since the first time I heard you say: "When Remote Control continuuuuues." Where could a guy like me find some Kari merchandise? T-shirts, photos, autographs, etc.?

KWuhrer: Movie memorabilia stores, maybe. But I don't make any money on that.

Question: Hi Kari- Were there any current female musicians that inspired you to make a record?

KWuhrer: Of course! Ricki Lee Jones just put out a new record. Then there's always Joni Mitchell and the success of Alanis Morisette makes my $$ signs giggle.

Question: You are a role model to a lot of people out there. Who was your role model in your childhood?

KWuhrer: Well, my dad, of course, who always had the strongest sense of a moral backbone. But I had this girlfriend in school. Her name was Laura Clark and I always looked up to her inner strength. Nowadays, of course, my role models come from television.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years Kari?

KWuhrer: Well, right now I'm building my house. In 5 years, I'd like to see myself sitting in it, finished. That would be nice.

Question: I used to enjoy watching the show, 'Class of 96.' Was that a fun show to do and were you disappointed when it was canceled?

KWuhrer: That show was an amazing experience. All the actors and writers were so dedicated it was critically acclaimed. I had such an arc planned for my character and when it was canceled, my world crashed for a minute or two. I loved it.

Question: Why do you think the show is not doing as well as Fox hoped it would and what would you do to make it better?

KWuhrer: Okay, let's talk about this quietly. I would come up with more imaginative story lines that came from the "what if" possibilities, and not the movies. The Sliders have infinite possibilities, and I think it would be fun to explore that a little bit more intelligently.

Question: Do you want to direct?

KWuhrer: Believe it or not, no. Too much work. Writing, yes. Directing, nah -- I'll pass....for now.

Question: What was it like working for MTV, and more specifically Remote Control?

KWuhrer: MTV was always a party. Free tickets, free stuff. I like free stuff. Remote Control was like being a part of the beginning of what MTV is now and I don't know if I like that. I still think MTV should still be for music. Shhhhhh....I didn't just say that (laughs)

Question: Have you ever considered/done stage acting?

KWuhrer: I did it when I was a kid and I'd love to go back. It's just in Los Angeles, there isn't much to be found as far as the stage goes. When I'm brave enough to go back to NY where I started, I'd love to look into it again.

Question: When is your record coming out? Soon I hope. I am really curious.

KWuhrer: Hmm...I'll have to consult a psychic on that one. I'm still looking for a deal. Any relatives in the business?

Question: What is the most important thing you have learned from doing the show ?

KWuhrer: The most important thing I've learned from doing the show is to get along with others and respect the changing moods of actors. TV is a very close-knit 16 hour day. People get on each other's nerves.

Moderator: Knowing what you know now, what would you go back and change about your career?

KWuhrer: I would have kept my clothes on more. Not taken every job that was offered to me, and stood up for myself as a woman. No regrets, though!

Question: What genre of music are you currently playing?

KWuhrer: It's a female alternative act. Of course, me being female, that would make sense.

Question: What time slot will sliders have on the sci-fi channel?

KWuhrer: I don't know anything about that yet. We haven't gotten into any details. We don't even know when we're starting. If you find out, let me know.

Question: Which do you like best your music or acting?

KWuhrer: At different times in my life, I have different needs for creative expression. Acting, I am at the mercy of the industry and I am confined to the boundaries of a script and of television or whatever the medium is. With music, I can sit alone and play guitar and write or sing whenever I want. I don't need anybody else. So, sometimes acting is taking up my time and attention and it's great. Other times, it's music. So that's really a hard question to answer and I'm just rambling now.

Moderator: Did being on MTV have any influence on you're deciding to cut an album?

KWuhrer: If anything, that would keep me away from music because I've seen how difficult it is to break in. But I've always loved music and that's why I was VJaying in MTV and so involved with the network in the first place.

Question: Is it hard to be taken as a serious actress after being the party type on MTV?

KWuhrer: Yes. And yes. And yes. And yes. But that doesn't stop me from trying. (laughs)

Question: What kinds of roles do you enjoy to play, or what qualities do you enjoy to portrait in your characters?

KWuhrer: I always enjoy playing someone with spunk and attitude and a zest for life because it brings my spirits up and keeps me happy all day long. And keeps me in touch with that side of myself. But the real challenge comes from playing someone with a serious conflict, either emotionally or physically. And those roles don't come about that often. At least not for me.

Question: Kari, what's your goal as an actress? What do you want to be remembered for?

KWuhrer: The best chat room chatter of all time!!! I'd like for people to say, "She was fun to watch. She's good!"

Question: Wondered how you felt doing scenes with Jack Nicholson in 'The Crossing Guard'?

KWuhrer: Nervous as hell until he took me under his wing and taught me how the hell to do what he does so well. The flirting wasn't bad, either.

Question: What is your most embarrassing moment?

KWuhrer: Well, I've probably blacked it out but I'm sure it had something to do with *******. (laughs)

Question: Have you ever considered convention appearances, to meet your fans?

KWuhrer: I'd be scared no one would show up, but I have a hard time believing that people actually dig me. It's weird. Believe me, I appreciate it. But conventions? Hmm...

Moderator: A lot of your fans want to know if there's an address for fan mail.

KWuhrer: You can always write me c/o Universal Studios or even my publicist Baker, Winnoker, Ryder. Address? Just Yahoo!

Question: How many hours do you spend working for each episode of Sliders?

KWuhrer: We shoot an episode in usually 7 or 8 days and we could work up to 16 hours a day. It's brutal, man. I spend a lot of money on massage.

Moderator: Thanks for joining us here tonight Kari, it was very entertaining!

KWuhrer: Where do you guys come up with these screennames? Thanks so much for all of your energy, support and time. Go do something else. (laughs) Now. You'll hurt your eyes. It's overwhelming to me that you guys sat through this. Thanks and if there's anything I could do, write me a letter, drop me a note and I'll be back soon.

Moderator: Thanks to each of you in the audience for being here also! Good night!

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