Kari Wuhrer Chat at Real Hollywood.com on June 29, 1998

HSHost says "Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight on Real Hollywood.com, my name is Amy and I will be your host this evening. Joining me here at the iXL Live studios are the producers of the show, Peter, Mike, and Krista, and our incredible typist, Michelle. Now, if you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. However, if you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are all very excited about our special guest this evening, actress, KARI WUHRER. Welcome to the show, Kari!"

Kariwuhrer says "Thank you very much, Amy. I'm great today! It's a beautiful day here in Hollywood! It is hot, but ..."

HSHost says "If you're at the beach you're doing great!"

guest1933 asks "Do you have an interest in the paranormal?"

HSHost says "Lots of people on line asking you questions ..."

Kariwuhrer says "Okay. Well, I have parents that are paranormal!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "I got a paranormal life even though I wanted a normal one! get it ? Para parents?"

bilbobaggins asks "how'd you get started in acting?""

Kariwuhrer says " I was very young and I'm from theTV generation, of course, aren't we all. I used to watch Family Affair when I was three and always wanted to be Buffy. So, at a young age had this interest in acting, dancing, singing and Judy Garland and that show "That's Entertainment" that CBS did for a while. I started off broadway, I bugged my parents to put me in class. I grew up in NYC."

bilbobaggins asks "What drew you to work on Sliders?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, I did a show on MTV called "Remote Control" which had a huge cult following, and I've been attracted to shows with a cult following, fell into the niche ... And, Sliders offered me the job. And, I loved the whole sci fi enchilada that was happening on TV and film, and um .... I just read it and gave it a shot ... a character I never played before and it was interesting that they offered me, the one who's always played the sexy girl, to play a marine captain. I thought it was a good omen, so I took the job."

bilbobaggins asks "do you get along well with the cast of Sliders?"

Kariwuhrer says "Oh, God yeah .... it's been the best job in the whole world! Jerry O'Connell, his brother Charlie, make everything really fun and crazy and light and Clevont Derricks (sp?) who plays Remi is the soul of the group ... incredible to work with. You're just going to have to wonder ... Maybe ..."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

bilbobaggins asks "have you played and pratical Jokes on your castmates?"

Kariwuhrer says "We have a thing with each other's trailors."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "In the makeup trailors, we have a beauty school head that you learn makeup on and one time I put it in Jerry's refrigerator with a candle and I made it eerie and he nearly had a heart attack! And, they put vaseline on my toilet."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

bilbobaggins asks "What are some of the weirdest things that happened to you as a kid?"

Kariwuhrer says "We had it going for a while. Well, hmmm ... Let me think about that. I remember this one time, I grew up in Connecticut. There were a lot of storms this one winter, I don't know if this is interesting ... I was young, it was amazing at the time."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "We had freezing rains and we had two feet of snow on the ground that froze over and I grew up in the Berkshires which was hilly, so my friends and I would ice skate all over lawns and down the streets, you couldn't drive or go to school. So, we'd put on our ice skates and skate to each other's houses. It was great."

HSHost says "that sounds great."

guest1931 asks "if you could have a dinner party and invite anyone from history who would you invite and why?"

Kariwuhrer says "Tallulah Bankhead would be my guest of honor. She was one of the most outspoken partiers in history! She said, "It doesn't matter what they say about you, darling. As long as they're talking.""

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "Einstein would be another, cause I get philosophical after a couple of vodka tonics."

johnnyquest asks "What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on the set?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, I could go one better ... a couple of weeks ago I was a presenter at the Saturn awards (sci fi awards) and I was presenting awards to Martin Landau and Gloria Stewart. Vincent D'Onofrio won but Martin was accepting for him. I came up and was decked out in this 1930's gown, finger waves, and I backed up to give them room and fell right off the stage!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "I wasn't wearing any underwear and who knows what anyone saw but it was the most humilitating moment! I got up went to the mic and sang da da da da da da dah, boom!"

Kariwuhrer {action} sings it."

guest1931 asks "finish the statement "people would be surprised to know....."?"

Kariwuhrer says ".... that I recently filed for divorce!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "Isn't that horrifying!"

HSHost says "I guess I shouldn't ask you if you have a boyfriend or a husband."

Kariwuhrer says "Oh, it's horrible, but what can you do?"

guest1931 asks "what one thing would you change about yourself?"

Kariwuhrer says "Hmmm ... one thing I would change is ... I would ...."

Kariwuhrer {action} sighs"

Kariwuhrer says "I would try to take care of myself first for a change, that's something I'm trying to change, rather than everyone else in my life."

HSHost says "Seems you have a lot to take care of."

Kariwuhrer says "I do."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "where were you raised?"

Kariwuhrer says "In Connecticut an hour outside of NYC."

HSHost says "Do you prefer the east or west coast?"

Kariwuhrer says "West Coast right now, cause I have an amazing home, a great view of downtown, and the weather's amazing and I have friends here now. I'd love to go back to NY .."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "Have you ever taken or passed up a role that you later regreted?"

Kariwuhrer says "I've taken many that I've regretted and hopefully no one's seen those films."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

HSHost {action} chuckles"

Kariwuhrer says "I had a choice between my role in Anaconda or An American Werewolf in Paris."

johnnyquest asks "What's been your favorite project so far in your career?"

Kariwuhrer says "I figured three weeks in the Amazon was it and I chose Anaconda and haven't regretted it. Outside of finishing my record which I am distributing on my own over the net and in select stores across the country, something I've done on my own. My favorite film project would be The Crossing Guard with Jack Nicholson ... Sean Penn directed it."

HSHost says "Let's talk about your music career ..."

Kariwuhrer says "If you log onto my website, there are sound bytes of a couple of my songs, it's alternative/pop/rock act ... something I'm doing on my own."

HSHost says "Great!"

Dan_K asks "How was the Amazon?"

Kariwuhrer says "Yeah."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

Kariwuhrer says "Hot. Hot ... Hot .... baby! I had a great time! I'm good friends with Owen Wilson who played my boyfriend in the movie. He's in Armageddon now, it's sad cause the amazon is disappearing quickly. The rainforest is vital on this planet and it's going, disappearing. We were on the amazon river taking a boat cruise and all you saw was billowing smoke clouds coming from all over the jungle, it was really sad."

guest1933 asks "Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and your career?"

Kariwuhrer {action} sighs"

Kariwuhrer {action} is thinking"

Kariwuhrer says "My biggest inspiration, I'd have to say is ... God. I mean, I really believe that when I have him on my side, I can do anything. When I'm paying attention to him. It sounds cliche, but it's really true. You have to believe in yourself, if you're not your own inspiration, than you don't have enough confidence to be doing this. Being that God is within us, he's helped me through so many creative blocks ... I have to say God."

HSHost says "Okay, great."

guest1936 asks "I'm sorry for asking, but I'm from Isreal and I'm don't really know which movies did you participate"

Kariwuhrer says "I did a movie called "Kissing A Fool" that Mili Avital was in and she's from Israel. She probably also saw Anaconda, Stephen King's Thinner and a lot of movies on channels she probably doesn't have."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: when will you release an album?"

Kariwuhrer says "My first full length LP is available through my personal website and other links in the middle to end of July . There will be a lot of publicity about it, you won't be able to miss it."

HSHost says "Great."

ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: what does your family think about your music career"

Kariwuhrer says "It's funny, when I was younger, I used to write a lot of songs, record them, and play them for my family. My grandfather and father are pianists. And, it's funny because they didn't understand rock n roll music ... so, I'd write and record a song and they'd say, "Well the song is really good, your melody is great, but you can't sing. I was so discouraged for a while and I always knew I could sing, but it was different from them. My father wanted me to be Peggy Lee! They never really got it. So, when I first started recording, I did a lot of songs for movies that I've done. Now they have a lot of respect for me because they know what's out there. But, back then I was battling their criticism, it was hard."

ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: have you ever had a bout of laryngitis from singing?"

Kariwuhrer says "Oh yeah. Never when I was younger. I could get up at 6am and belt out a song! But, because of all the screaming in Anaconda, I got the beginning of nodes on my vocal chords. So, I went through therapy for that and now my chords are more susceptible ... I have to take care of my voice."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "Are you into computers and the internet alot?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, I'm embarrassed by this ... but ..."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "I don't even own a computer! I'm really scared of technology, It took me a long time to get a cell phone and beeper. A friend of mine put all his time and effort into my website so I wasn't even involved with it. But, I have a very good girlfriend who is way into computers and I go to her house and answer the mail and such ... I just bought one, hasn't been delivered yet, but when it is, I'll be on all the time."

HSHost says "Oh great! It's a lot easier than it seems."

AllisonP27 asks "Have you gone to your H.S. reunion?"

Kariwuhrer says "No!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "I was invited, but I didn't go. Everyone was so into me in high school that I didn't want to show up or have people pretend to be my friend all along or be disappointed. I thought it was icky!"

HSHost says "I didn't go to mine either!"

Kariwuhrer says "Didn't you? But, I loved that movie, "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion." It makes you want to go and lie! Jack Nicholson said he'd go with me, but I didn't take him up on that."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "Could you imagine."

DaveCrockett asks "are you going to perform any time soon in the L.A. area?"

Kariwuhrer says "I might be getting some gigs at places such as Luna Park and um .... The Baked Potato. But, I have to see my schedule cause right now I'm doing a film. The Baked Potato's on Cahuenga just over the hill near Universal Studios."

HSHost says "I see."

guest1938 asks "not to be a pervert, but you've done a lot of nude scenes in films (awesome body, by the way)... do you think this has hurt or helped your career (e.g. getting more serious roles)?"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "If I had done the nudity in A movies, it'd be fine. Anything goes. Yeah, it's hurt me in a way where I went through a period where I didn't respect myself, but I've grown and now I choose what I do based upon the strength of the script and the character and really nothing else. So, I've cut the nudity down."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "If you could work with anyone who would it be?"

Kariwuhrer says "I really would love to do a movie with Sandra Bullock. I think she's really accessible, I really like her and I think it'd be fun to work with some women ... have great onscreen relationships with women."

Dan_K asks "What was it like working with Ken Ober on Remote Control?"

Kariwuhrer says "Eeeewwwww!!!!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs1"

Kariwuhrer says "No, he's a great guy. I loved Ken Ober. He um ... it was just a totally different time in my life. I had a lot of fun with him."

HSHost says "Great! Okay."

johnnyquest asks "What's the strangest thing that a fan has ever said to you?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, .. I've gotten some really strange fans ... a lot of letters from prison. But, the best and strangest at the same time, is when people write songs for me and send me cassettes, that's pretty out there knowing how much time they'd spend on a song called Kari."

ExciteUser asks "wu-tangklick: who r your fav singers?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, ever since I was 12, I've loved Cat Stevens. he's been a great influence on both my spirituality in a weird way and my music. But, nowadays I love Sonic Youth and Radiohead ... they're my favorite band, I paid through the nose to see them when they were here a few months ago ... great show, right up in the front!"

HSHost says "I tried to win tickets to that concert!"

Kariwuhrer says "You did?"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "I was right underneath the microphone. It was amazing."

ExciteUser asks "wu-tangklick: do you like rap?"

Kariwuhrer says "Rap? Rap. There's some rap I really really like. I like NWA, Ice Cube (not just cause he's my friend) I think he has a lot of passion. I really liked the Humpty Hump! Whatever happened to the Humpty Hump?!!! Everytime I see Scotty Pippin now I think of the Humpty Hump, he looks just like him! Oh, and Flava Flave."

HSHost says "Peter says Flava Flave got arrested."

guest1933 asks "What do you enjoy watching on TV now?"

Kariwuhrer says "Oh. I love the Simpsons and Millenium. I'm a big Millenium fan."

HSHost says "When did the show start?"

Kariwuhrer says "No. The show Sliders aired on Fox after the X Files started as a way to get the audience into it. "I did 9 episodes for Fox and then I did 22 episodes for the Sci Fi channel."

guest1933 asks "What are some similarities adn differences between yourself and your character in the Sliders?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well .. I kick ass. Basically."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

Kariwuhrer says "Just don't get behind me in traffic ... no. There are not many similarities. This season, Maggie has a lot more vulnerability and that I've taken from myself, but other than that, we have nothing in common. Nothing."

DaveCrockett asks "you havbeen in an awful lot how long hav you been in the buisness?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, then I would give away my age ... wouldn't I? Pretty much. I've been doing it since I was a kid ... off Broadway .... about 15 years."

DaveCrockett asks "any stalkers?"

Kariwuhrer says "Yeah ... Oh my God, I don't know if I should say this, but I had this really weird guy write me ten letters a day and send me pics of himself, he was in his 30's and he sent me his prom picture. As it turns out, he was in a very high profile mafia group and he came to L.A. and I had to hire a security staff to protect me. Pretty scary."

MarkHarmon asks "hi, thank you very much, I am trying to get started in my acting career, how would I get in commercials and movies?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, first of all you have to get really good commercial and theatrical headshots taken ... two different pics ... one very commercial, chipper, happy and one a little more James Dean-ish. You have to study, take acting class, be really dedicated. The most important thing is really wanting it or forget it go work at a bank. It's a tough road. Remember it's a process, not an event. Life doesn't begin when you're famous or when you've made it, it begins right now."

HSHost says "That's really good advice!"

Kariwuhrer says "Thanks, Amy!"

Jogan asks "what is your most prized posetion?"

Kariwuhrer says "My three cats. They've really gotten me through this past month. I have a Cornish Rex, A Sphynx who's hairless and an Abyssinian."

johnnyquest asks "do you have a boyfriend or husband?"

Kariwuhrer says "No way!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "Give me a break! I want 5 minutes without a man in my life, okay?"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "I'm not even thinking about that."

guest1931 asks "where is your favorite place to travel?"

Kariwuhrer says "Paris! Of course! I'm sorry! I just love it .... love it. It's a great place to be with a man to be with a lover, but also a great place to be alone. So much history, art, culture .... I always ... whenever I go by myself, I pretend I"m someone else completely and wear big hats and gloves ..."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "It's incredible .... like a movie."

guest1934 asks "what is the name of your new film"

Kariwuhrer says "It's called "Kate's Addiction" and I play Kate. About a woman obsessed with um ... her best friend from college in high school. So, sort of like a lesbian thriller you could call it!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "But, very tasteful."

HSHost says "Maybe you should have gone to your high school reunion?"

HSHost {action} laughs"

Kariwuhrer says "Maybe I should have, Amy!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

DaveCrockett asks "when in Paris do you go to the antique mart at place de Clingancourt or Montreuil?"

Kariwuhrer says "I haven't. I've been to antique stores, but I don't know what he's talking about. Where is it at? Send me a ticket, we'll go, baby!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "He'll be glad to get that!"

Jogan asks "what is your favorite book?"

Kariwuhrer says "I do. My favorite two books are "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" ... books that have changed my life. Changed my outlook on the world as an artist and individual."

HSHost says "Yes, Fountainhead is an inspirational book to keep focused and keep doing what you love."

Kariwuhrer says "Isn't it? I'm looking for my Howard Roarke."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs"

guest1933 asks "Do you prefer working in TV or Films?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well, I love the instant gratification of TV and the community you create there but film offers something different in creativity you have more time to shoot, basically. You do an hour of TV in a week and an hour and a half of film in two months. But, I really love low budget film the best. I l love the fact that I can have creative input on a film that doesn't have studio execs involved in it."

bilbobaggins asks "Do you perfer serious roles or comedic roles?"

Kariwuhrer says "I prefer the darker roles, the films that are comedic without being obviously um ... you know, comedies. Like dark films. Which is .... I'm actually working on a series right now that is all about that ... getting a series ... I don't think Sliders is coming back, guys."

HSHost says "Oh no! I enjoyed it!"

Kariwuhrer says "I love it, too. For people that are big fans, they should write the Sci Fi channel, c ause a lot is going on in the machinery of the USA Network and they lost a lot of the cast. They didn't pick up their options, people need to make noise."

johnnyquest asks "Which do you prefer acting, modeling or singing?"

Kariwuhrer says "I've never modeled!"

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

Kariwuhrer says "The only modeling I've done is one with a 1967 Corvette. It depends. I like incorporating my music with my acting. The basics of acting help my music and being a musician helps my rhythm and timing as an actor. Those two things have become one for me."

bilbobaggins asks "If your life could be a movie, what would it be called?"

Kariwuhrer says ""Gilda" Remember? With Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford?"

Kariwuhrer says "sings!@"

Kariwuhrer says ""Put the blame on me, boys ... She was completely sexy and strong, I loved her in that movie."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "What do you like to do in your free time?"

Kariwuhrer says "I have this passion for pottery. I have a studio in my guest house with a kiln and wheel and I make pots and you know ... A potter. I also make candles. I love that. I do things like that."

marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "What has been your most challanging role to date and why?"

Kariwuhrer says "Well .... In TV, it's definitely been Sliders because I came onto a series that was already established cast-wise and it's hard to you know ... enter somebody else's clique. You know? Plus, the role was very different from anything else I've ever played. So, it was a challenge but I got the hang of it real quick. I did a film called "Thinner" and I had to play this gypsy and I was torn between giving into the camp that the director wanted and maintaining the integrity of these real gypsys that I did research with ... I was afraid that if I didn't portray them accurately they were going to put a curse on me! And, then the accent, I didn't have any dialect coaches. I had to create this role from a place I believed in that no one else did and it was very hard."

HSHost says "Sounds very hard. I'll have to go rent it."

guest1933 asks "Has there been any movie that has changed your look at life or moved you inspirationnally?"

Kariwuhrer {action} sighs"

Kariwuhrer says "I haven't been that lucky. However, The Crossing Guard showed me that the American icons that we believe to define American cinema like Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn ... these people are no different from any of us except they have a lot more money and fame. They're insecure, crazy, have every emotion that we have. So, that grounded me a lot. I knew that I was good enough, capable enough and strong enough to be in a movie with Jack Nicholson just as easily as I could be in a movie with Joe Schmoe. It's an important revelation ... but then again, it's just a movie."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "Well, these big stars really get blown up big and so it really is a revelation."

Kariwuhrer says "I have just as much power as Jack Nicholson ... just in a different way."

bilbobaggins asks "Is it hard to do a love scene in front of the cameras?"

Kariwuhrer says "Depends on the actor you're doing it with."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

Kariwuhrer says "Actually, let me change that. Yes, it's really difficult. The older I get it's harder cause things are more focused in my life and not as whimsical. The first one was with Eric Roberts and it was horrible!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs1"

Kariwuhrer says "His wife was in the corner watching and we're naked, trying to do this scene and he looks at me and says, "Man! This really sucks, 'huh? And, I'm like, what do you mean it really sucks? What's wrong with me?!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

AllisonP27 asks "Didn't you start out doing a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial and one in which you drank orange juice?"

Kariwuhrer says "I didn't ever do a KFC commercial. However, I did do an orange juice commercial. yes, that is true."

AllisonP27 asks "Isn't your brother Chris in the entertainment industry?"

Kariwuhrer says "Oh my God! Allison who? He used to work at ICM, a talent agency. But, he is now living in Washington D.C. and is in computer website marketing. He's doing really well. He left L.A. as fast as he could."

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

DaveCrockett asks "do you know that your bio on the sliders web site says that you were picked up by the Ford agency when you were younger ?"

Kariwuhrer says "Yes. But, Ford had a TALENT division for TV commercials and TV and film."

HSHost says "Oh!"

Kariwuhrer says "I did do an ad in Australia and I was on billboards there. And, in Japan but it was just a fluke."

AllisonP27 asks "How do we find your web site?"

Kariwuhrer says "It's a really long address and I don't know it off the top of my head, but Yahoo under Kari Wuhrer or Kari Salin. That name will be gone, though!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

xciteUser asks "fifthcees: will we see you anywhere around louisiana when the time comes for your tours?"

Kariwuhrer says "You will see me in Louisiana at the end of August, beginning of September for a sci fi convention. I love Louisiana!"

HSHost says "That's where I'm from."

Kariwuhrer says "I got married therd. I love it so much. I'll be there as much as humanly possible."

ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: what will be the name of your group?"

Kariwuhrer says "Kari Wuhrer and the name of the record is called "Shiny" ... it's me as a solo artist ... I do have a great band."

bilbobaggins asks "Did you do any of your own stunts?"

Kariwuhrer says "All of my own stunts as much as possible. And, if it's not me it's a girl I work with all the time, even throughout Anaconda."

HSHost says "Great."

Dan_K asks "What was the movie you were in that you went back in time in a porsche"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "Beast Master II, baby!!!!! That was one of my first movies!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs!"

Kariwuhrer says "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!"

Kariwuhrer {action} laughs1"

HSHost {action} laughs!"

HSHost says "Yeah."

misstressformica asks "What do you find more difficult comedic or dramatic acting?"

Kariwuhrer says "Definitely comedic. There's a delicate art to comedic acting that is taking me a while to get down ... definitely."

bilbobaggins asks "Who's your favorite person to work with?"

Kariwuhrer says "Let me think .. Hmmm ... I would have to say ..."

Kariwuhrer {action} thinks about it"

Kariwuhrer says "Mmmm ... either Joe Montagna when I did "Thinner" or ... Jack ... Jack Nicholson when I did "Crossing Guard." Both were very generous, helpful, nurturing, great, great great guys."

HSHost says "Okay."

Dan_K asks "Is it hard to shoot the special effects scenes? Is there a lot of blue screen?"

Kariwuhrer says "It's really hard to shoot special effects when you have to react to something that isn't there yet. Usually you're reacting to a tennis ball. That's really hard. The good thing about that is is that the effects come in later, so the effects group has the opportunity to create the effects to match your reaction which is a good thing."

HSHost says "Yeah."

AllisonP27 asks "Would you recommend acting to others...is it worth the struggles?"

Kariwuhrer says "You know, there's the potential to make a lot of money doing this, especially for a woman even though we don't get paid as much as men in the business. There's a chance to make millions of dollars a year without a college education! So, the spectrum of potential is wide. YOu have to really really love it. If you're just in it for the money, go to college and be a doctor. 900f this business is luck. You have to love it so much that you're willing to suffer through poverty. It's taken me a long time and wise investments to be doing well."

Kariwuhrer says "I've done movies for zero money and movies for lots of money. And, I've done them for zero money AFTER the lots of money ones."

guest1938 asks "have you ever dated a musician?"

Kariwuhrer says "Once too many times! Yes. My husband who is my ... estranged husband is a musician. And, ... yeah. Successful musician is sort of an oxymoron."

Kariwuhrer {action} chuckles"

ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: what kind of music will you be doing?"

Kariwuhrer says "Um ... I like the idea of commercial or pop music but I also like music that is um ... ... very stream of consciousness .. very personl like P.J. Harvey or Tori Amos, women that write because that's what they're feeling. Hopefully, I'll get to the point where I can have some success in the music industry which is the most difficult industry there is."

AllisonP27 asks "Do you think you'll ever have kids?"

Kariwuhrer says "I really want to. I'm really hoping. If I don't find someone to have kids with , I'll definitely do it on my own."

HSHost says "We're almost done, but one more question ..."

DaveCrockett asks "what would you like to do that you have not done yet?"

Kariwuhrer says "I'd like to climb a great big mountain! Get in incredible shape and climb with an expert, maybe some place in India ... or somewhere out there. Yeah."

HSHost says "Tons of places right here to practice."

Kariwuhrer says "Yeah, I do I hike and climb, but I'd like to do it somewhere else."

HSHost says "Kari, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show!"

Kariwuhrer says "Thank you, Amy! Thank you so much!"

HSHost says "And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us tomorrow night at 7:00pm PST when our guest will be Leanza Cornett & Suzanne Whang from "New Attitudes" on Lifetime. Goodnight, everyone!"

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