Vortex!!On a quiet residential street in San Francisco where Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) turned his basement into a scientific laboratory. While trying to create an anti-gravity machine,   Quinn discovers the
Einstein-Rosen bridge thus allowing him to "slide" to parallel dimensions of  Earth by the use of a timer.  For the past five years, the SLIDERS have slid from one parallel universe to another and explored the alternate route to personal and historical situations. Although it's always Earth and always present day, they  encounter a different scenario each time they slide into parallel dimensions. 

At the end of the third season, the SLIDERS made the final slide back to their home world, Earth Prime. In the fourth season, the SLIDERS discover that Earth Prime has been overrun by the evil Kromaggs - a warrior race from a parallel world who conquer and enslave every world they find. The secret to defeating the Kromaggs and saving Earth Prime lies in the SLIDERS ability to find Quinn's and Colin's home world.

The group of travelers is led by Quinn Mallory. After fours years of sliding and the loss of two beloved friends,  ProfessorOut of the Vortex Maximillian Arturo (John Rhys-Davies) and Wade Wells (Sabrina Lloyd),  Quinn is protective of his fellow SLIDERS. The rest of the group includes Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Clevant Derricks)-- a member of the classic R&B group "The Spinning Tops," known for crying real tears at every performance; Maggie Beckett (Kari Wuhrer), a former marine fighter pilot and intelligence officer in the U.S. Marine Corps who joined the SLIDERS after her husband was killed by the evil Colonel Rickman (Roger Daltry of the WHO) and the newest Slider, somewhat na´ve but kind-hearted Colin Mallory (Charlie O'Connell), Quinn's long lost brother (who is lost during the slide into the Season Five).

As the SLIDERS finished their fifth year of sliding through parallel dimensions of Earth, the venture of exploration was replaced with two new sliders, Mallory (Quinn mixed inside his body) played by Robert Floyd, and Diana, played by Tembi Locke, a scientist who has been experimenting with quantum theory who is determined to find a way to separate Quinn from Mallory.

Series History:

Sliders debuted on FOX on March 22, 1995 as a mid-season replacement series. After 9 episodes FOX cancelled it. However due to fans support for the show, FOX changed there minds and ordered 13 episodes for the Spring of 1996. Sliders returned March 1, 1996, with a good timeslot (Friday at 8:00pm ,The X-Files aired at 9:00pm). With good ratings FOX placed Sliders on its 1996-1997 fall lineup on the Friday 8:00pm timeslot. However FOX execs took control of the series and turned the show from a Science Fiction show to action show (commonly known to Sliders fans as the Movie rippoff season, with each epiosde being a rip off of a movie ) This led series creator Tracy Torme' and well known series co-star John Rhys-Davies to leave the series. John Rhys-Davies character Prof. Arturo was killed in the 17th episode of season 3 and Kari Wuher (Anaconda) was cast as Maggie Beckett. With the shows poor plot lines its ratings went down hill and FOX cancelled it. The 3rd season cliffhanger aired May 25, 1997 and it looked like Sliders fans would never know what would happen to the Sliders. However, again the fans where very vocal about Sliders, and the Sci-Fi Channel took notice and in June of 1997 announced Sliders would return with 22 new episodes on a new network. The series returned to the airways June 8, 1998 on the Sci-Fi Channel, to record ratings, as the Sliders season premiere became the most watched episode in Sci-Fi Channel history. The new season was however short one cast member, as Sabrina Lloyd (Wade Welles) left the series to presue other interests (currently a co-star on ABC's Sports Night). To make up for the loss, new producer and series star, Jerry O'Connell cast his real life brother, Charlie O'Connell to play his brother, Colin Mallory.

Due to its huge success, The Sci-Fi Channel renewed Sliders for a 5th season which began 11 Jun 1999 with 18 episodes. However, the 5th season was without 2 stars, Jerry and Charlie O'Connell. Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke joined as new cast members to replace the O'Connell brothers.

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