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Angela Paton

Paton, Angela Mrs. Meadows S4/The Chasm

Sandra Lee Peckinpah

Peckinpah, Sandra Bystander
S4/California Reich
S5/New Gods for Old

Jon Pennell

Pennell, Jon David Elders S2/Love Gods

Alassandra Petlin

Petlin, Alassandra The Ranger S2/In Dino Veritas

Valarie Pettiford

Pettiford, Valarie Dr. Grace Venable S4/Asylum

Gina Philips

Philips, Gina Devin S3/Desert Storm

Antoinette Picatto

Picatto, Antoinette Amy Nichols S4/The Chasm

Tom Pickett

Pickett, Tom Maurice Fish
Leroy Hopkins
S1/The King is Back
S2/Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

Eric Pierpoint

Pierpoint, Eric President Williams S5/A Current Affair

Ken Pogue

Pogue, Ken Dr. Darren Morton S1/Fever

Rose Portillo

Portillo, Rose Sister Celine S4/World Killer

David Purdham

Purdham, David Dr. Bolivar S3/Murder Most Foul


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