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Stephen Macht

Macht, Stephen Kromanus (Kromagg)
S4/Commond Ground
S5/New Gods for Old

Keegan MacIntosh

MacIntosh, Keegan Jamie Hardaway S2/The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
Victoria Mahoney Mahoney, Victoria Duchess Danielle S3/The Prince of Slides
Joshua Malina Malina, Joshua Announcer S3/Rules of the Game
Michael Manasseri Manasseri, Michael Bobby Hawkes S5/A Current Affair
Mari Marrow Marrow, Mari Monique S3/Double Cross
Gregory Martin Martin, Gregory Gareth S3/Dragonslide
Sandy Martin Martin, Sandy Shirley Montana S4/Net Worth
Chase Masterson Masterson, Chase Kelly Welles S3/Season's Greedings
Hrothgar Mathews Mathews, Hrothgar Mr. Gale
S2/Into the Mystic

Chuck McCann

McCann, Chuck Captain Jack Brim S1/The King is Back

Kathleen McClellan

McClellan, Kathleen E.R.I.C.A
S3/State of the A.R.T.

Michael McCraine

McCraine, Michael Jane White S5/Map of the Mind

Jennifer McComb

McComb, Jennifer Roxanne Crane S4/Lipschitz Live!

Judith McConnell

McConnell, Judith Sylvia
S4/My Brother's Keeper
S5/To Catch a Slider

George McDaniel

McDaniel, George Governor Schick S4/California Reich

Kristi McDaniel

McDaniel, Kristi Alice S3/Paradise Lost

Duff McKagen

McKagen, Duff Harker S3/Stoker

Zoe McLellan

McLellan, Zoe Logan St. Clair S3/Double Cross

Brian McNamara

McNamara, Brian Inspector Reed S3/Murder Most Foul

Danyelle and Michelle McNeary

McNeary, Danyelle and Michelle Nadine S5/Applied Physics

Marnie McPhail

McPhail, Marnie Elizabeth Mallory S4/Genesis
S4/Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

Ron Melendez (Pictured Left)

Melendez, Ron
(pictured left)
Brock S3/Last of Eden

Paul Messinger

Messinger, Paul Priest S3/Season's Greedings

Jim Metzler

Metzler, Jim Jonathan Griffin S4/Mother and Child

Justine Miceli

Miceli, Justine Caroline Tatashore S4/Roads Taken

G. Eric Miles

Miles, G. Eric Doug S5/Applied Physics

Howard S. Miller

Miller, Howard S. Professor S5/Applied Physics

Deanna Milligan

Milligan, Deanna Gillian Mitchell S2/Gillian of the Spirits

Eddie Mills

Mills, Eddie D.E.R.I.C S3/State of the A.R.T.

Mina E. Mina

Mina, Mina E. Judge Estavez S2/As Time Goes By

Claudette Mink

Mink, Claudette Sheilah
First Mate Brice
S3/Slide Like an Egyptian
S5/Heavy Metal

Elyse Mirto

Mirto, Elyse Holly S4/The Alternateville
Katherine Moffat Moffat, Katherine Dr. Helena Malone S4/Just Say Yes
Sean Moran Moran, Sean Burger Manager S5/A Thousand Deaths
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Morgan, Jeffrey Dean Sid S2/El Sid
Bob Morrisey Morrisey, Bob Bill Pappas S4/My Brother's Keeper
Don Most Most, Don Skip Collins S3/Dead Man Sliding

Sean Moynihan

Moynihan, Sean Phillip Mallory S3/Dragonslide
Lochlyn Munro Munro, Lochlyn Billy the Kid S2/The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
Larry Musser Musser, Larry Jake the Gardner S1/The Pilot


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