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Actor's Name

Character Names



E.J. Callahan

Callahan, E. J. Clown S5/A Thousand Deaths

Veronica Cartwright (Voice)

Cartwright, Veronica Voice of Flameboy S3/The Fire Within

Diana Castle

Castle, Diana Mrs. Arturo S3/Double Cross

Gary Chalk

Chalk, Gary Lt. Graves S2/Time Again and World

Rebecca Chambers

Chambers, Rebecca Michelle S2/El Sid

Wes Charles Jr.

Charles Jr., Wes Malcolm Eastman S3/Exodus (Part I/II)

Tommy Chong

Chong, Tommy Van Elsinger S3/Stoker

Cirque Du Soleil Performers

Cirque du Soleil Perfomers Various S3/Last of Eden

Lynn Clark

Clark, Lynn Diana Sylvius S3/The Fire Within

Melinda Clarke

Clarke, Melinda Alisandra S3/This Slide of Paradise

Kristy Cohen

Cohen, Kristy Tiffany August S2/The Young and the Relentless

Kelly Connell

Connell, Kelly Thomas Beecham S4/Slidecage

Brenda Crichlow

Crichlow, Brenda Dr. Morris S2/Love Gods

Robert Cuccioli

Cuccioli, Robert Paxton S5/Heavy Metal

John David Cullum

Cullum, John David Arlo S5/Please Press One

Charles Cyphers

Cyphers, Charles Coach Almquist S1/Eggheads


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