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Todd Babcock

Babcock, Todd Michael Levy S3/Paradise Lost
Mina Badie Badie, Mina Penny S4/Common Ground

Adrienne Barbeau

Barbeau, Adrienne Mother Morehouse S4/Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?
Gillian Barber Barber, Gillian Nicole Mitchell S2/Gillian of the Spirits
Lester Barrie Barrie, Lester Elston Diggs S3/Double Cross
S3/The Dream Masters
S3/Desert Storm
S3/Murder Most Foul
S3/The Breeder
Gabrielle Beimford Beimford, Gabrielle Nurse S3/The Prince of Slides
Marshall Bell Bell, Marshall Vortak (Volsang's Leader) S5/The Great Work
Julie Benz Benz, Julie Jenny Michener S3/Electric Twister Acid Test
Angela Bettis Bettis, Angela Jill S5/New Gods for Old
David Birney Birney, David Cadmus S4/Prophets and Loss
Bill Blair Blair, Bill Kromagg Soldier
S5/The Unstuck Man
S5/Applied Physics
S5/Eye of the Storm
Bopper the Golden Retriever Bopper Himself S3/The Guardian
Ben Bode Bode, Ben Prince Harold S1/Prince of Wails
Bill Bolender Bolender, Bill Franklin Michener S3/Electric Twister Acid Test
Botsford, Sara Mayor Anita Ross S1/The Weaker Sex
Katy Boyer Boyer, Katy Jane S4/Prophets and Loss
Brigid Brannagh Brannagh, Brigid Erin S3/Murder Most Foul
Jonathan Brent Brent, Jonathan Sean Carter S5/Map of the Mind

Charlie Brill

Brill, Charlie Barry Lipschitz S4/Lipschitz Live
Claude Brooks Brooks, Claude L.J. S2/El Sid
Julie Caitlin Brown Brown, Julie Caitlin Kesh (Kromagg CDR) S5/Requiem
Alex Bruhanski (Cab Driver) Bruhanski, Alex Pavel Kurlienko S1/The Pilot
S2/Into the Mystic

Tom Butler

Butler, Tom Michael Mallory S1/The Pilot
S2/Gillian of the Spirits


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