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John Walcutt

Walcutt, John Michael Mallory S4/Genesis
S4/Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?
S4/My Brother's Keeper
Gwynyth Walsh Walsh, Gwynyth Det. LT Specateli S2/Love Gods
Zack Ward Ward, Zack Gerald Thomas S3/The Dream Masters
Todd Waring Waring, Todd Mr. Einman S5/A Thousand Deaths
Jordan Warkol Warkol, Jordan Caleb S3/Electric Twister Acid Test
Malcom-Jamal Warner Warner, Malcom-Jamal R.J. S4/My Brother's Keeper

Jennifer Warren

Warren, Jennifer Angie Morgan S5/The Java Jive
Michael Warren Warren, Michael Detective Wells S5/The Java Jive
Lee Weaver (Remmy's Father) Weaver, Lee W. Hilton Brown S2/Invasion
Kevin West West, Kevin Fred S5/A Thousand Deaths
Shane West West, Shane Kirk S4/California Reich
Tom Westbrook Westbrook, Tom Krolak (Kromagg) S4/Common Ground
Amy Wheaton Wheaton, Amy Lucy La Croix S3/The Other Slide of Darkness
Clay Wilcox Wilcox, Clay Street Preacher S5/The Unstuck Man
Allen Williams Williams, Allen Don Welles S3/Season's Greedings
Reno Wilson Wilson, Reno James S5/Please Press One
Rod Wilson Wilson, Rod The Sorcerer (Image) S2/Into the Mystic
Lance Wilson-White Wilson-White, Lance John Smith S4/The Alternateville Horror
Karen Witter Witter, Karen Pricilla Hardaway S2/The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
Kirk Woller Woller, Kirk B. R. Pvt. Bates S5/Strangers and Comrades
Gordon Woolvett Woolvett, Gordon Judge S2/The Young and the Relentless
Nicholas Worth Worth, Nicholas Magistrate S4/Slide By Wire

Kari Wuhrer

Wuhrer, Kari Maggie Beckett S3/Exodus (Part I/II)
S3/Sole Survivors
S3/The Breeder
S3/The Other Slide of

S3/This Slide of Paradise
S4/All Episodes
S5/All Episodes

Adam Wylie

Wylie, Adam Trevor S3/Murder Most Foul


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