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Heather Hanson Hanson, Heather Dominique S2/Obsession
Jerry Hardin Hardin, Jerry Dr. Isaac Clark S4/Revelations
Oona Hart Hart, Oona Adra S3/The Other Slide of Darknes
Susan Haskell Haskell, Susan Susannah Morehouse S4/Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Isaac Hayes Hayes, Isaac Prime Oracle S2/Obsession

Linda Henning

Henning, Linda Mrs. Mallory S1/The Pilot
S3/The Guardian
S3/The Exodus (Part I)
S5/The Seer

Deanne Henry

Henry,Deanne Mrs. Mallory S2/Into the Mystic
S2/Post Traumatic Slide

Henry the Dog

Henry the Dog Himself S1/Luck of the Draw

Sandra Hess

Hess, Sandra Martha S4/Genesis

Jennifer Hetrick

Hetrick, Jennifer Caroline Fontaine
Claire LeBeau
S1/Last Days
S5/The Seer

Leslie Horan

Horan, Leslie Heather Hanley S3/The Guardian

Allison Hossack

Hossack, Allison Dr. Eileen Stanley S1/Fever

Frank J. Hughes

Hughes, Frank J. Hal S5/A Thousand Deaths

Carol Huston

Huston, Carol Vanessa S4/California Reich

Mark Hutter

Hutter, Mark Mr. Flint S5/A Thousand Deaths


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