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Character Names



Kristoffer Tabori Tabori, Kristoffer Dr. Whelan S2/Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome
Marshall Teague Teague, Marshall Gen. Kronus (Magg)
Sheriff Redfield
S4/The Dying Fields
S4/Way Out West
S5/Heavy Metal
J. Karen Thomas Thomas, J. Karen LT. Teri Eastman S3/Exodus (Part I)

Michelle Rene Thomas

Thomas, Michelle Melinda S3/Dragonslide
Tim Thomerson Thomerson, Tim
(pictured left)
MacArthur Mallory S4/Lipschitz Live!
Chad Todhunter Todhunter, Chad Kaldeen/Jules S4/Slidecage
Mel Torme' Tormé, Mel As Himself S2/Greatfellas
Shaun Toub Toub, Shaun Kheri-Heb S3/Slide like an Egyptian

Saxon Trainor

Trainor, Saxon Officer Kelly S3/Dragonslide
Paula Trickey Trickey, Paula Nurse Lauren Perry S4/My Brother's Keeper
Conner Trineer Trinneer, Conner Samson S4/Prophets and Loss
Yee Jee Tso Tso, Yee Jee Wing S1/Pilot
Frank Turner

Turner, Frank C.

Crazy Kenny S1/The Pilot
Jim Turner Turner, Jim Michael Mallory S3/Slide like an Egyptian


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