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Actor's Name

Character Names



Michael Sabatino Sabatino, Michael Derek Nichols S4/The Chasm
Paul Sand Sand, Paul Dr. Malcolm White S5/Map of the Mind

Henry G. Sanders

Sanders, Henry G. Harold S4/California Reich

William Sasso

Sasso, William Gomez Calhoun S1/Fever
S1/The King is Back
S2/Gillian of the Spirits
S2/Time and Again World
Will Schaub Schaub, Will Parker Whitmore S3/Paradise Lost
Reiner Schone Schone, Reiner Kolitar (Kromagg) S4/Slidecage
S4/Way Out West
Schrodinger Schrodinger Himself S1/Pilot
Pepe Serna Serna, Pepe Roberto S4/World Killer
Harry Shearer Shearer, Harry Voice of Day Tripper S1/Pilot
Mark A. Sheppard Sheppard, Mark A. Jack S4/Net Worth
Symba Smith Smith, Symba Officer Weber S3/The Dream Masters
Gerry South South, Gerry Kromagg S2/Invasion
Joey Stafura Stafura, Joey Clerk S4/Revelations
Maria Stanton Stanton, Maria Wade Welles S5/Requiem
Julie St. Claire St. Claire, Julie Kyra S3/Slither
Ken Steadman Steadman, Ken Cutter S3/Desert Storm

Unfortunately, Ken died during the filming from a Dune Buggy accident.

Lara Steinick Steinick, Lara Laurie Miller S3/Paradise Lost
Shane Stevens Stevens, Shane Kromagg Soldier
S5/Strangers and Comrades
S5/The Java Jive
Joel Stoffer Stoffer, Joel
(pictured left)
Kromagg Lieutenant S5/Strangers and Comrades
James Patrick Stuart Stuart, James Patrick Derek Bond S2/Obsession
Lisa Stahl Sullivan Sullivan, Lisa Stahl Monique Mansfield S5/To Catch a Slider
James Sutorius Sutorius, James Agent Fletcher Lowell S4/Just Say Yes


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