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Natalie Radford

Radford, Natalie Christina Griffin S4/Mother and Child

Jeff Rector

Rector, Jeff
Rector, Jerry
Scarface Paul
S3/State of the A.R.T.

Krzysztof Reczynski

Reczynski, Krzysztof Dr. Jariabek S3/Exodus (Part I)

Arthur Reggie III

Reggie III, Arthur Rembrandt Brown Jr. S1/Summer of Love

Winston Rekert

Rekert, Winston
(pictured far left)
Gen. Thomas Beckett S5/The Return of Maggie Beckett

John Rhys-Davies

Rhys-Davies, John Professor Maximillian
P. Arturo
S1/All Episodes
S2/All Episodes
S3/All Episodes except
Sole Survivors, The Breeder, The Last of Eden, The Other Slide of Darkness, Slither, Dinoslide, Stoker, This Slide of Paradise

J. August Richards

Richards, J. August Damon S4/Just Say Yes

Lisa Rieffel

Rieffel, Lisa Deanne Bloch S3/Dead Man Sliding

Marc Riffon

Riffon, Marc
(pictured left)
Daniel S3/This Slide of Paradise

Robin Riker

Riker, Robin Sela Williams S5/A Current Affair

Jeremy Roberts

Roberts, Jeremy Beck S4/California Reich

Neil Roberts

Roberts, Neil Ted Bernsen S3/Season's Greedings

Francoise Robertson

Robertson, Francoise Alesha Avo S3/Dragonslide

Claudette Roche

Roche, Claudette Dr. Alice Ruskin S5/Map of the Mind

Marco Rodriquez

Rodriquez, Marco Escobar S5/Dust

Andrew Rolfes

Rolfes, Andrew Sargeant S3/Exodus (Part II)
Gabrielle Rose Rose, Gabrielle Christina Fox-Arturo S1/Eggheads

Franc Ross

Ross, Franc Billy T S3/The Other Slide of Paradise

Elizabeth Rossa

Rossa, Elizabeth Sharon Fletcher S5/Eye of the Storm


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